A Marriage of Inconvenience: Chapter Seventeen

”What did you learn from the whore?” Eric asked as he stroked his fingers through his wife’s hair. Her very presence was soothing him.

“The usual crap,” Sookie replied as she angled her head up so she could look at his face. “She thinks she’s prettier than me, thinner, sexier, and could please you better. She’s determined to claim you for her own, and she doesn’t care about the fat wife.”

“Ignorant whore,” Eric snarled. Brushing his lips over Sookie’s, he added, “I should have left her in the trunk of my car on the highway. I could have bought a new car.”

“She ain’t worth it,” Sookie said with a shrug. “She plans to try to befriend me so she can get closer to you. And I got all that without even speaking to her.”

“You didn’t speak with her?”

“No,” Sookie replied with a shake of her head. “I knew that after punishing Pam you’d need me, and I didn’t want to be stuck with her when you did.”

“Thank you, Lover,” Eric said sincerely. It still amazed him that she knew what he needed so well. She knew he needed to talk to Pam alone, and then she knew he would need her after he was done.

“Oh, and she’s not really from Estonia,” Sookie said suddenly. “Yvetta,” she clarified, seeing his puzzled look.

“How do you know?” Eric asked. He chuckled as she raised an eyebrow. “I know, stupid question.”

“She thinks in English,” Sookie told him with a giggle. “She was thinking how men like accents.”

“I’m partial to the Bon Temps accent myself,” Eric said, waggling his eyebrows, making Sookie roll her eyes at him. “Did Sophie-Anne give her any orders?”

“She encouraged her to try and seduce you, but she hasn’t been glamoured to do so,” Sookie replied as she explained what she got from Yvetta’s head. “She was told she’d be rewarded if she did, but she hasn’t been given specific orders. Anything she does is all down to her.”

“Do you think she will be a problem?” Eric asked. He had gotten used to asking Sookie what she thought when it came to humans. He trusted her judgement and often let her deal with the workers at the bar. It wasn’t just because of her telepathy, although that was a huge benefit, he wouldn’t lie, but she was better dealing with people than he or Pam.

“Not really,” Sookie answered with a shrug. “She’ll just be like the rest of the fangbangers. Just think of her as Dawn mark two. We dealt with her okay, and Yvetta hasn’t got any reason to hang around like Dawn did; she’s not dating my brother.”

“True,” Eric agreed. “I put Thalia in charge of her, and she should keep her in line.”

“I almost feel sorry for Yvetta.” Sookie replied with a mock shudder. Turning on his lap so she was straddling him, she stroked a finger over his cheek as she asked, “Did you get everything sorted with Pam?”

“As much as I could,” Eric answered as he grabbed her hand and brought it to his lips. He kissed her fingers softly as he smiled at her. “Pam is acting like a brat. She’s sulking because I took her credit cards off her.”

“Well baby, Pam’s almost three hundred, it’s about time she started supporting herself,” Sookie said. Although she didn’t like seeing her friend punished, Sookie wasn’t too upset about Eric cutting Pam off financially. She knew a Maker had a responsibility to his or her child, but Pam was just spoiled, and it wasn’t like she didn’t have her own money. Pam owned a stake in Fangtasia, and she was quite wealthy on her own; she just chose to spend Eric’s hard-earned money.

“I know,” Eric agreed. “I should have cut her off years ago.”

“She should be fun to be around for the next few nights,” Sookie remarked. Every time Eric had taken her credit cards away from her in the past, Pam had sulked like a spoiled child.

Whatever Eric was going to say was cut off by a knock at the door. “Master,” Pam said as she pushed the door open, a contrite look on her face. “Compton is here like you ordered.”

“Send him in,” Eric replied. He made no move to get up; he was quite content where he was. Eric moved Sookie so she was once again sitting on his lap. He knew it would unnerve Bill to see Sookie in the office with them.

“Good evening, Sheriff,” Bill greeted as he entered the office. He stumbled slightly as he saw Sookie sitting on Eric’s knee. “Mrs. Northman,” he added. “I wasn’t expecting to see you here tonight.”

“Where else would I be but by my husband’s side?” Sookie questioned.

“Given the unfortunate events of last night I thought the Sheriff would have permitted you to stay at home,” Bill replied in what he thought was a smooth manner.

“I don’t tell my wife where she can and can’t go, Bill,” Eric said as he smirked up at the younger vampire.

“She should be resting,” Bill argued as he tried to manipulate Sookie into believing he was concerned about her, while insinuating that Eric wasn’t. “She was stabbed not twenty-four hours ago. You shouldn’t have dragged her here.”

“No one dragged me anywhere,” Sookie interjected before Eric had a chance to reply. “I wanted to spend time with my husband. And for the record, I am completely healed, Eric saw to that. Now would you like to argue with your Sheriff about anything else that doesn’t concern you?”

“I was simply concerned about you,” Bill replied stiffly, once again, not appreciating the way she was talking to him. He was so tempted to demand that Eric punish her for speaking to her betters in such a way.

“No you weren’t,” Sookie snorted, not bothering to hide her contempt. “Just like the other night when you were trying to discredit my husband in my eyes. I don’t know what your game is,” she added feigning ignorance, “or what you’re hoping to achieve, but I will tell you now, it won’t work. I love my husband, Mr. Compton; I trust him and nothing you say will ever change that.”

Eric sat back and watched as Sookie took Bill to task, a smirk etched firmly on his face. He kept his eyes on Bill as Sookie laid down the law to him; he could see the anger on his face, and Eric knew Bill wanted to demand that he punish her for speaking to him as she did.

“Are you going to let your pet speak to me like that?” Bill growled his anger slowly clouding his mind. His lips curled into a cruel smile as he imagined her stripped bare in the middle of the bar while Eric took a belt to her. Her cries of pain filling the room as her husband whipped her over and over, before he forced to her apologize to Bill.

“I will let my wife speak to you anyway she sees fit,” Eric replied. “I will not permit you to address my wife in such a degrading manner, however. You will address your Mistress with the respect she deserves.”

“She’s only human,” Bill argued foolishly. “She isn’t entitled to the title of Mistress.”

“She is my wife,” Eric growled. “And I am your Sheriff; that makes her your Mistress.” Lifting Sookie off his knee, Eric placed her on the sofa beside him and placed a soft kiss on her head before standing up. “Now, instead of questioning my commitment to my wife and her rightful title, how about we get down to the real reason you are here?”

“Yes, Sheriff,” Bill gritted out as he straightened his shoulders.

Moving behind his desk, Eric sat down in his chair and stared up at Bill. “Explain what happened last night,” Eric ordered.

“As I explained last night, I was visiting a friend at Merlotte’s where I witnessed the entire encounter,” Bill replied as he recounted his version of things.

“Who was the friend you were visiting?” Eric asked, even though he already knew the answer.

“Dawn Green,” Bill answered, his lips tugging into a smile as he hoped to get a reaction out of Eric and Sookie. “I believe you’re familiar with Miss Green.”

“Unfortunately. Although luckily not as much as half the vampires in my area,” Eric admitted with a nod, wiping the smile off his face. “Are you aware that your friend attacked my wife in the bathroom of Merlotte’s?”

“No, Sheriff, I was not,” Bill said, stumbling slightly over the words as he lied to his Sheriff.

If Dawn’s screwed this up I will take my belt to her, Bill swore. The stupid whore; I told her to get Sookie outside, not to attack her herself.

“I see…” Eric trailed off as he pretended to think it over. “I find it curious that my wife was attacked twice in the same night, and really within minutes of each other.”

“Sheriff, what are saying?” Bill asked, fear leaking into his voice.

“I am wondering if the two attacks were linked,” Eric replied as he toyed with Bill. “Your friend attacked my wife, and then a few minutes later Sookie was attacked again. I think I should question Miss Green; at the very least I should impress upon her how unwise it is to attack my Sookie.”

“I don’t think that will be necessary, Sheriff,” Bill said hesitantly. “I can make sure Dawn knows never do anything like that again.”

“I wasn’t asking you if it was wise, Bill,” Eric growled. “I was telling you. You are to bring Miss Green here tonight after closing.”

“Yes, Sheriff,” Bill said, realizing it was pointless to argue with Eric. The last thing he wanted was for Eric to interrogate Dawn. Bill didn’t really even want to acknowledge his association with her, but after the events of the night before he had no choice. As he thought about it, Bill wondered if he could turn it into his advantage. One thing he did know was he was going to have to glamour Dawn first. He couldn’t have her telling Eric he told her to call him if she ever saw Sookie without Eric.

“Dismissed,” Eric said as he flicked his finger at Bill. He watched as Bill scurried out of his office. “What do you think, Lover?”

“I think he was lying through his teeth,” Sookie replied as she stood up and walked towards him. She perched herself on the edge of his desk. “You know he’ll glamour her into saying whatever he wants, right?”

“I do,” Eric replied as he reached out and placed his hand on Sookie’s exposed legs. “Of course, he is not aware that you can tell when a mind’s been glamoured. I want to know what he wants us to think. I also wanted to make sure the whore knows that if she attacks you again, she will lose both her hands.”

“Now that’s the Viking I know and love,” Sookie said with a giggle. Eric threatening to maim someone no longer bothered her as it once did. Oh, she knew he was being completely serious, but she also knew it was part of him, and she accepted it a long time ago. “What’s the betting Bill glamours Dawn to throw herself at you?”

“It’s a play straight out of the Queen’s playbook, so I say it is good,” Eric replied as he pulled Sookie forward until she was straddling him. “They are quite uninventive when it comes down to it.”

“I suppose you could do better,” Sookie said as she slowly began to rock her hips against Eric.

“Of course,” Eric grunted as he gripped her hips and pulled her against him more firmly. “I claimed you once, didn’t I?”

“Aww, honey, you think you claimed me?” Sookie replied with a mock pout. “Everyone knows it was the other way around. I claimed you.”

“Oh yes, how silly of me,” Eric said with a chuckle. “I was powerless to resist you. You seduced me.”

“And don’t you forget it,” Sookie mock scolded.

“Perhaps you should remind me,” Eric challenged, a twinkle entering his eyes as he played with his wife.

“Maybe I should,” Sookie replied.

Lowering her head, Sookie brushed her lips over his, giving him a chaste kiss before climbing off his lap and dropping to her knees in front of him. She smiled up at Eric as she lifted her hands and popped the button on his jeans, Sookie kept her eyes locked on his as she slowly lowered his zipper. Reaching into his jeans, she wrapped her hand around his cock as she carefully removed him from his pants. Sookie stroked him slowly, loving the feel of him in her hands. Ducking her head, she placed a soft kiss on the head before sucking it into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head, gathering the precum that had pooled there, as she wrapped her hand around the base and stroked him. Sookie moaned around his cock, sending vibrations through him and causing Eric to buck his hips.

Eric tangled his hand in Sookie’s hair and pulled it away from her face, he watched as his cock disappeared into her warm mouth. He loved it when she used her mouth on him; no one could ever please him like she did. He guided her movements as he had learnt she liked and pushed her down on his cock a little further.

Sookie moaned around his cock again; the feeling of him, forcing her further down on his cock turned her on more. She relaxed her throat as he had taught and swallowed around him.

“Oh fuck!” Eric cursed as he felt his cock hit the back of her throat. He lifted his hips, thrusting into her mouth as she looked up at him, her eyes filled with arousal. He could feel his orgasm building, and he tightened his hold on her hair and held her against him as he came, shooting his cum into her mouth. He watched as she swallowed all he had to offer before he yanked her up and back into his lap.

Crashing his lips to hers, he swept his tongue into her mouth, uncaring about tasting himself. Pushing her dress up her legs, Eric twisted his fingers in the waistband of Sookie’s panties and tore them off. Sliding his hand between her legs, Eric toyed with her wet sex, his thumb ghosting over her clit as he pressed his fingers against her opening. Lifting his other hand, Eric yanked on the front of her dress, tearing it open, and revealed her lace-covered breasts to his eager mouth. He sucked one of her nipples into his mouth as he pushed his fingers deep inside her.

Sookie moaned as she felt his fingers enter her; she rocked her hips as she held his head to her breast. Her juices covered his fingers as he twisted them inside her.

Eric pressed his thumb to her clit as he crooked his fingers within her, searching for the spot that drove her wild. He smirked as he heard her take a ragged breath, her body coiling ready to explode in pleasure.

“Cum for me Sookie,” Eric growled as he played her body like only he knew how.

Sookie gripped the arms of his chair as she flew apart at the edges, her back arching as pleasure swept over her. “Eric!” she screamed.

Removing his fingers, Eric wrapped his arm around Sookie’s waist and lifted her up as he stood. Spinning her around, he bent her over his desk and lifted up the skirt of her dress. He slapped her ass playfully as he pushed his jeans down. Grabbing his cock, Eric pressed it against her sex and slammed into her hard, burying himself inside her in one thrust.

“Oh!” Sookie cried out as she felt his forceful entry, her nails clawing at his desk. She arched her back as she pushed back against him, silently asking for more.

Knowing what she wanted, Eric pulled back and slammed into her again hard; he set an almost an almost brutal pace as he pounded into her. He tore at her dress as he snapped his hips.

“Oh God! Eric…” Sookie screamed, her body on fire with the pleasure he was giving her.

“Touch yourself, Lover,” Eric growled as he slapped her ass playfully.

Slipping a hand between her legs, Sookie rubbed her clit as Eric continued to drive into her. She sobbed out her pleasure as her body climbed towards its release. She could feel it building, growing stronger with every thrust of Eric’s hips.

“Mine,” Eric growled as he looked down and watched his cock, covered in her juices, disappear inside her.

“Yours,” Sookie agreed as she cried out. A white heat spread over as she broke apart; his name was screamed from her lips as her body convulsed in bliss.

Gripping her hips tighter, Eric pushed into her hard as he chased his own release, his hips slapping into hers as he pulled her back against him. A tingle spread through his body as he moved faster.

“Sookie!” Eric roared as he came, filling her with his dead seed.

Flopping back into his chair, Eric pulled Sookie with him, settling her onto his lap. “I remember now. You seduced me,” he said as he pressed his lips to her head.

“Damn tooting,” Sookie breathed out as she rested against him. “You ripped my dress,” she added as she looked down.

“Sorry, Lover,” Eric replied with a chuckle. “You have got another here, though.”

“For reasons like what happened tonight,” Sookie said with a giggle. It wasn’t the first time Eric had destroyed their clothes while they were at Fangtasia, so they both had taken to keeping extras at the bar.

“You love it,” Eric growled as he nipped at her ear playfully. “Come on, Lover, let’s get cleaned up before Compton and his whore returns.”

“Carry me?” Sookie said, repeating the words she had said a thousand times to him.

“Anywhere,” Eric replied, giving his usual response.

An hour later, after having got clean, dirty again, and finally clean, Sookie stood in front of the small wardrobe that stored their spare clothes. Grabbing a pair of red lace panties, she slipped them on before taking out the matching bra. “Eric,” she called out as she fastened the bra.

“Yes, Lover?” Eric asked as he pulled on his jeans.

“Can I wear one of your dress shirts?” Sookie asked as she turned to face him.

“Of course you can,” Eric replied. “You don’t have to ask that. But are you sure that’s all you want to wear?”

“They’re comfy…” Sookie said with a shrug as she pulled a black silk shirt out of the wardrobe.

“And it will get a reaction from our unwanted guests,” Eric finished, knowing his wife all too well. She was marking her territory, so to speak, showing that she was Eric’s: his wife, his lover, his everything.

“And I’ve no doubt it’ll tick Bill off as well,” Sookie admitted with a smile. Grabbing one of his leather belts, Sookie fastened it around her waist before slipping on a pair of black-heeled sandals. “What do you think?” she asked as she spun around.

“Gorgeous,” Eric growled as he took in his wife. He had never seen anyone more beautiful than his wife, and he thanked the Gods every night that they had brought her to him.

Smoothing down the shirt, Sookie made sure it covered her completely before stepping towards Eric; she pushed herself up onto her tiptoes and brushed her lips over his lightly. “Love you,” she whispered.

“Jag älskar dig,” Eric replied, linking his fingers with hers before guiding her out the office and into the main bar. Leading her towards his booth, Eric let her slide in before sitting down beside her. His arm went around her shoulders as they waited for Bill to present Dawn to them.


11 thoughts on “A Marriage of Inconvenience: Chapter Seventeen

  1. So, asshat Bill still thinks he has a shot at getting Sookie to the Queen after seeing how “together” Eric and Sookie are? He truly is dilusional! And Yvetta —ugh, the “gift” you want to “re-gift” —with Thalia, a no bullshit vamp, overseeing her, Yvetta willl regret leaving the Queen’s side.

    Onward –you’e been an “updating wizard” lately –hope you can keep up–you’ve spoiled all your fans!


  2. Fantastic, love how everyone seems to have memory disorders, Yvetta, Dawn and Bill are all suffering. Dawn imagining events that never occured, Bill forgeting that Sookie is a telepath. Yvetta got turned down multiple times in painful and humiliating ways. He locked her in a trunk instead of looking at her. I’ll be sad when the final chapter is up,but maybe a pre-quel or sequel???


  3. Bill the idiot strikes again. Really? He thinks he can fool them?
    I. D. I. O. T. That spells Beehl.
    And we have a chance to see his idiotic attempt to glamour Dawn next chapter.


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