PDF Copies

Here are PDF copies of my completed stories…

Sex on Fire || Here Comes Goodbye || Bad Company || Behind The Public Masks || Constructing The Mask || Torn to Shreds || Where The Wild Things Are || A Marriage of Inconvenience || Fool No More || Long Hard Road Out Of Hell || Reclaiming || Sin || Swing || Ring in the New Year || Hopeless || Lifting the Veil

11 thoughts on “PDF Copies

  1. I love when authors create custom download files for their stories, especially when they are nicer fonts, banners, layouts etc than standard download apps allow, so thank you for these, they look really nice.
    Any chance you will offer epubs as well in future ?


  2. Thankyou for providing your wonderful stories for us to download. Looking forward to being able to reread them on my e-reader. Again. Many thanks. 🙂


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  4. Wonderful story everything you write is truly great thank you for putting so much love into your stories. I was wondering anything on Immortal Love? That was truly a great love story I hope you can finish it Thank you again for your love of writing and your love of our readers



  5. Just reread A Marriage of Inconvenience. Love, love, love the relationship between Eric and Sookie in this piece. It’s one of my favorites and decided to read it again when I was feeling a bit blue. Thank you!


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