Behind The Public Masks: Chapter Nine


Behind the Public Masks 1

Chapter Nine

After extensive security checks, Sookie, Desmond, and her Were guard, Jake Purifoy, were escorted into a large room with a conference table in the center.

“Her Majesty will be with you shortly,” a stocky young man said before excusing himself.

Pulling out a chair, Sookie sat down at the table placing a small notebook and pen on it before casting her eyes around the room. “Security is certainly tight ’round here,” she remarked. She was quite impressed with the Security rules and staff the Queen of Illinois employed. Over the years, she had done some events for a few vampires that hadn’t taken security nearly half as seriously as Sookie believed they should. They had foolishly believed as vampires they were at the top of the food chain and didn’t have to worry about possible attacks. Sookie knew before long their arrogance would be their downfall and they would be meeting the true death.

“I believe that is in no small way due to the Regent of Illinois,” Desmond said as he took a seat beside Sookie and pulled the contract from his briefcase.

Sookie nodded as she listened to Desmond carefully. Although she had never met the Regent, Sookie had heard a few stories about him over the years, and about the Queen. Vampires loved to gossip, and Sookie was always willing to listen. It was one of the ways in which Only at Night had so quickly climbed to the top. The little tidbits of information others discarded, Sookie soaked up and made them work to her advantage.

They had barely been waiting five minutes when the door to room opened and William T. Compton, a middle-aged human lawyer, and the Queen of Illinois came waltzing through. “I apologize for keeping you waiting,” Freyda said as she stopped at the table and pulled out her own chair. “I had a last minute call I had to take.”

Sookie almost did a double take as she laid eyes for the first time on the Queen of Illinois. She wasn’t what she was expecting. From the way Bill talked about her as well as the few glimpses she’d seen in Willa’s mind, Sookie was half expecting an aloof and haughty vampire dripping in diamonds while wearing her crown at all times. Instead, she was looking at an attractive and young-appearing woman who radiated warmth in a way she had never before seen a vampire behave. Freyda reminded Sookie of a starlet from the Golden Age of Hollywood.



“It’s fine, Your Majesty,” Sookie said as she rose to her feet and offered the Illinois Queen a curtsy of respect. “We weren’t waitin‘ long.” Once Freyda had taken her seat, Sookie sat down again, placed a hand on the table, and waited for Desmond to begin.

“Due to a recent event Only at Night has made some minor changes to the basics of all contracts…” Desmond began, outlining the new clauses. He explained the clauses and defined what they meant to those present. “While the new clauses will now be standard in all Only at Night contracts, this contract…” Desmond patted the contract on the table as he spoke, “is the first contract that actually contains it although it won’t affect the services provided. Ms Stackhouse and her partners realize they are springing the new clauses on you and as a show of good faith they are offering you, the Queen of Illinois, a five percent discount…”

“Five percent?” Bill scoffed, cutting off the daemon lawyer. He leaned forward in his chair and placed his hands on the table. He had been listening intently to Desmond explain the new clauses and while he knew they really had no bearing on the work Only at Night would do for his Queen as they were more of an insurance for them, he realized this gave him an opportunity to impress his Queen by negotiating for a higher discount. “That hardly seems fair. These clauses are last minute additions to the contract and ones My Queen, the dazzling and gracious Queen Freyda was unaware of until this evening. Given Only at Night’s exorbitant charges, five percent seems paltry in comparison. It seems to me these new clauses are in breach of the original contract and My Queen, the captivating and sophisticated Queen Freyda, need not accept nor agree to these outlandish revisions.” Bill puffed out his chest as he continued trying to impress His Queen while attempting to tweak the alterations of the contract in order to bargain for the best possible deal. “In the interest of fairness, I believe a twenty-five percent discount would be more than gracious for my most precious monarch… and that is still more costly than what Extremely Elegant Events would charge…” He wore his smug smile as he saw Sookie raise an eyebrow at the mention of EEE. Gotcha! he thought. “Yes, in the best interest of my Queen, the magnanimous and extraordinary Queen Freyda, I researched all parties involved in the event organizing industry, and I was surprised to find that Extremely Elegant Events would offer the same services at half the cost…”

“Perhaps at half the cost, but certainly not the same services,” Sookie interrupted, abruptly cutting him off dead in his train of thought. “Extremely Elegant Events doesn’t have access to the same things Only at Night has. They would never be able to offer Illinois half of what we are offering. You may consider our prices exorbitant, but it’s simply because we are the best and we offer nothin’ but the best. If your Queen decides our prices are too high and chooses to go with the inferior Extremely Elegant Events then that is her choice. I will wish her all the best as I did for the King of Nebraska,” Sookie smiled at Bill as she leaned back in her chair. “You’re correct in your assumptions that Her Majesty doesn’t have to agree to the new clauses…” She suppressed rolling her eyes as she noticed Bill’s smug facial expression… Oh, how I’m gonna enjoy wipin’ away that look, “Again, it’s her prerogative. However, unlike you claimed the new clauses are not a breach of contract,” before sliding the contract over to him in front of Desmond. Sookie lifted it to wave before their negotiating party, “as the contract hasn’t yet been signed. That is why we are here tonight.” Sookie barely contained her laughter as Bill’s self-righteous smile all but disappeared.

“YYes, but…” Bill stuttered, unable to believe he had forgotten this little fact. “The Queen…”

“Is sitting at this table and has no issue with what Ms Stackhouse and her lawyer are saying,” Freyda cut in having heard enough from Bill. She was accustomed to Bill’s over-tiresome attempts to impress her, and, admittedly, she was at times flattered and amused by it, but there were times when his attempts did benefit her. It was abundantly clear to see he was far beyond his depth that night. Freyda was also quite angry that he had taken it upon himself to make inquiries with Extremely Elegant Events. She had made it quite clear from the start that she wanted Only at Night to be the company organizing her party. Russell Edgington raved about them as did Sophie-Anne Leclerq. This party was very important to her and she wanted nothing but the best, regardless of their costs. Only at Night was the best.

Freyda shot Bill a withering look before returning her gaze to Sookie. She smiled sweetly and sincerely at the telepathic part-faery. “I apologize for Bill’s behavior, Ms Stackhouse,” she said softly. “I have no interest whatsoever in having Extremely Elegant Events organize my party. To be perfectly and frankly honest, I find their owner to be rather boorish.”

Havin’ had the unfortunate pleasure of meetin’ John Quinn, I’d have to agree with you,” Sookie replied with a small laugh. “Again, Your Majesty, no apologies are needed. Mr. Compton isn’t the first person to try and renegotiate a contract and I doubt he will be the last…” Pausing for a second, Sookie let her lip curl into a smile as she took a little breath. “Moreover, if he had tried that after the contract had been signed, the new clauses would’ve been in effect and I would’ve had grounds to terminate the contract and claim half of the fee.”

Bill blanched at her words and was suddenly very grateful he had spoken up sooner rather than later as he was originally planning. He could’ve lost His Queen’s approval of the Only at Night services, thus earning her ire. He winced slightly imagining just what his punishment could have been. His Queen, while both honorable and compassionate also had a vicious and inventive side. She could punish those who displeased and betrayed her as compared to none other… Well, maybe much the same as one other; the Regent. He was unrivaled when it came to doling out punishment. Bill was sure the Regent would have loved to get his hands on him. The Regent absolutely despised Bill and he made no secret of it. He enjoyed tormenting the younger vampire at every opportunity.

Sookie stared at Bill for a few seconds before handing the contract back to Desmond, nodding her head and silently telling him to continue. She couldn’t say she was too surprised that Bill had objected to the new clauses; he seemed eerily the same as the other kinds of vampire who would object to most things. He probably objects while gettin’ a blowjob.

“If Mr. Compton has no more objections may I continue?” Desmond asked, his tone bordering on ridicule.

“By all means, Mr. Cataliades,” Freyda replied, her lips curling with amusement as she listened to Bill rant over his indignations. “If he interrupts us again, I will personally gag him,” she threatened, flicking her eyes over to the wide-eyed younger vampire.

“Thank you, Your Majesty,” Desmond said, inclining his head and giving her a small nod. “The contract is…” Desmond outlined the contract in detail, making sure there were no misunderstandings. Freyda listened to Desmond explain the contract, nodding her head at certain parts while asking questions in others making sure she understood the full gist. “Ms Stackhouse will be organizing the event personally and will be in charge of everything pertaining to the contract, employees, supplies, etc., etc.” Desmond waved his hand as he spoke.

Sookie placed her hand on Desmond’s arm to get his attention and to let him know she wished to speak. “Without meanin’ to sound disrespectful, there is something I wish to make clear from the start,” Sookie said, flicking her eyes from Freyda to Bill. “As I mentioned to Mr. Compton last Tuesday, my employees and I will be treated with nothin’ but the utmost respect. While we are all here, they will not be bullied or bossed around by anyone. In addition, I cannot stress strongly enough that the employees I will be bringing in to organize your party, Your Majesty, are not donors. Any attempt to feed on them without their express consent or permission will be considered a breach of contract; the same also applies to glamourin’ them.” Sookie held up a hand as she eyed Bill, effectively silencing him before he could chance to object. “Trust me, Mr. Compton, I know when someone has been glamoured; it is one of my many gifts.” Returning her gaze to Freyda, Sookie adopted a softer look as she smiled at the Queen. “Now, while I understand the importance, need, and seriousness of security, please know that my staff will go nowhere they are not permitted. Also, to your ease mind, I want to confirm that all the employees of Only at Night are under a gag ordera magical gag order. Their silence is guaranteed.”

Freyda nodded as she listened to Sookie. Security was one of the things she was most concerned about when planning the party, and she had heard that Only at Night took it very seriously. It was one of the reasons she wanted them to plan her party instead of Extremely Elegant Events. Quinn had no honor and would sell a monarch out in seconds if it was to his benefit. It was one of the reasons few monarchs would no longer hire him and his company. Two takeovers were due in part to his betrayals. Just as she was certain Sookie had done with her, Freyda had researched Only at Night and its owners thoroughly before she had even instructed Bill to request an appointment with them. Everything she had learned of the company only made her all the more appreciative.

“That is fine,” she confirmed with finality. “I think we both can appreciate the significance and importance of security. There will be few places you and your staff won’t be able to go during the day and you will never be unaccompanied at night. I understand you have your own security detail as well.”

“We do,” Sookie replied with a nod. “Only at Night’s Head of Security is a Were as well as former U.S. Marine. We have a number of Weres handling our security issues, such as Jake here,” Sookie smiled at Jake as she flicked a finger toward him. “Jake is my guard here tonight. We also have a few vampires working for us in a security capacity. We do understand the protocol involved, and the fact that not all monarchs are pleased with us bringin’ outside vampires into their territories. Our vampire security is one usually decided on case-by-case discretion.”

“I respect that,” Freyda replied, impressed by their security force. “Once the contract is signed, I will be happy to have you talk with my Head of Security so the two of are able to review the details that you all deem necessary. I must insist that any security personnel, other than your personal guard, that you deem necessary to bring into my Queendom be run by me first.”

“That’s not a problem,” Sookie said, making a note. “Jake will be in charge of Security for Only at Night for this event and he will liaise with your Security personnel. I will personally see to plannin’ your event; however, there will be times that I will be unavailable during the day due to the duties I have elsewhere within the company. During those times, my assistant, Maria-Star Cooper, will take my place and be in charge. I will be here the day and night before the event and the day and night of the event to see that no issues come up, but just in case…” Sookie went on to explain the services she would provide and the work Only at Night would do. She explained everything in great detail, making sure there was nothing left unsaid.

Once they had reviewed everything Desmond handed a pen to Sookie and the young woman signed her original contract on behalf of Only at Night before sliding it across to Freyda and her lawyer. Sookie waited patiently as the two of them went over it themselves before the Queen picked up her pen and quickly signed it before dismissing her lawyer.

Taking the contract from the Queen, Desmond quickly reviewed both originals, making sure everything was signed, dated, and legal before sliding the forms into his briefcase. “You will both have your originals and your copies before sunrise,” he promised. Pushing his chair back, Desmond stood up and gave the Queen a nod of respect as he added, “Now if you’ll excuse me, Your Majesty, I will leave you and Ms Stackhouse to your planning.” He placed a hand on Sookie’s shoulder and gave it a small squeeze before making his way toward the doors.

“Your lawyer isn’t staying?” Bill sneered, contempt dripping from his lips…

“Why would he?” Sookie replied with an arch of her brow. “He’s a lawyer, not an event planner. Desmond doesn’t care about color schemes and themes.”

“Bill, stop trying to antagonize Ms Stackhouse,” Freyda chided, her tone firm as she sent a fierce glare at the uppity young vampire. “I would hate to have to send you to my Regent for punishment.”

Bill snapped his mouth shut in the face of trip to see the Regent. He still hadn’t forgotten the last punishment he received. The pain of being lashed with a silver whip he could have taken, but the added punishment of having to watch while the Regent fucked His beloved Queen, the glorious and sweet Freyda, from behind as if she was an animal had really hurt him. To see His Queen debased in such a way was far worse than any silver.

Sookie chuckled as she watched Freyda put Bill in his place; it was obvious to her whatever affection Bill held for the Queen wasn’t returned. Sookie had noticed Freyda rolling her eyes a few times as Bill sung her praises. It seemed that Queen Freyda was not one for pointless flattery; Sookie could respect that as she was the same way. Flattery would get you nowhere with her, she preferred honesty. That honesty was proof of one of the reasons she’d taken Jackson to her bed rather than Alcide.

Well, not my bed. No one gets in there. However, his bed…

“Please, Your Majesty, call me Sookie.”

“Then I must insist that you call me Freyda,” she replied with a warm smile.

Bill choked as he heard his Queen tell the undeserving bloodbag to call her by her first name, and his eyes widened in surprise. As far as he knew no one other than the Regent called the Queen by her first name, at least not to her face, not even the Regent’s child was permitted to call her Freyda.

“Thank you, Freyda,” Sookie replied. “Now, unless you’re all too busy this evenin’, perhaps we could get down some basics for your party. You can tell me what you envision and I can take some notes and visit the room or rooms you wish to hold it in…”

“I can do all that, my Queen,” Bill said, seeing a chance to show His Queen his usefulness. “It’d be my honor to show Sookie…”

“Ms Stackhouse,” Sookie and Freyda corrected at the same time.

Freyda let out a soft laugh as she turned her head and stared at Bill. “Sookie hasn’t yet given you permission to address her so informally,” she chided. “Really, Bill, I would think that as a Southern gentleman you would understand the impropriety.”

“My apologies, Ms Stackhouse,” Bill said through clenched teeth. He couldn’t believe His Queen, the spectacular and stylish Freyda would criticize him in front of a bloodbag. That was something the Regent would do, and had done. The Regent took great pleasure in belittling him in front of lowly humans. He got off on seeing him humiliated. It’s because he’s jealous, Bill told himself. He knows my beloved Queen prefers me to him. Willa too. She loves sucking my cock; practically begs for it. Belittling me is the only way he can feel important. “I meant no disrespect,” he continued. “However, as I was saying, I can show Ms Stackhouse the banquet hall and tell her what you desire, Your Majesty. There’s no need for you to trouble yourself with something so trivial…”

Trivial?” Sookie repeated in a hushed whisper, as she angled her head toward Jake. “It’s the Queen’s party.”

Freyda smirked as she heard Sookie whisper to her Were guard; from the playful smile on Sookie’s face, Freyda was positive that Sookie knew they could hear them and was just tormenting Bill. The Regent would just love you, she thought as she wiped the smirk off her face. “There is nothing trivial about my party, Bill,” she replied. “Unfortunately, I do have an appointment later on this evening. However, I can spare the next forty minutes to an hour going over some details before showing you the banquet hall, Sookie. Will that be enough for you to get started?”

“That will be fine,” Sookie assured her with a smile. “Would it be possible to take some pictures of the hall for referencin’ purposes?”

“I don’t think that will be a problem,” Freyda answered. “I’m sure you will understand that we will have to view the pictures before you leave.”

“Of course,” Sookie nodded.

“Good,” Freyda said before turning her attention to Bill and adopting her royal smile. “Bill, go and find Pam to inform her she is required here immediately.”

“Of course, My Queen,” Bill replied stiffly, not happy in the slightest that he was being dismissed from His Queen’s side to find the ungrateful and bitter bitch. Rising to his feet, he bowed to Freyda before spinning on his heels and walking out.

“No offense, Your Majesty, but I get a real Glenn Close, ‘Fatal Attraction’ vibe from him,” Sookie said with a mock shudder.

A tinkling laugh spilled from Freyda’s lips and she shook under the weight of her laughter. “Bill is rather harmless,” she said once she had composed herself. “Well, as harmless as a vampire can be. He can be extremely annoying, and his delusions of grandeur are most amusing at times, but he is loyal.”

“That’s definitely a plus,” Sookie replied, a thoughtful look on her face. In her time in the supernatural world, she had seen how quickly some vampires turned on others. “May I ask, Freyda, is it true that you ended up with Mr. Compton ‘cause you lost a bet with Sophie-Anne?” Seeing Freyda’s look of shock, Sookie let out a laugh before she added, “I make it a habit to research all my new clients. I don’t like goin’ in blind to a meetin’”

Freyda nodded her head in approval. “A wise habit. You remind me of someone very dear to me, Sookie, and believe me when I say that is a great compliment.” Freyda smiled wistfully as she thought of her Regent. Yes, I am sure he would just love you. “To answer your question… Yes. I did end up with Bill because I lost a bet to Louisiana’s Queen.” Freyda pouted as she recalled the gleeful Sophie-Anne informing her that she had to take Bill back with her to Illinois. The bet had only fed Bill’s delusions when it came to his belief that Freyda held any feelings for him. The Illinois Queen was regretful about that, but she didn’t dare to tell him the truth. She just couldn’t really tell him that twenty years ago his former Queen Sophie-Anne had challenged her to procure the procurer. Freyda had bet Sophie-Anne that it couldn’t be done and that he would see through it. How was she supposed to know that Bill would have his head turned by some cheap flattery and a flashing of some flesh? She had only had to fuck him once before he was professing his undying love to her.

And that was one time too many, Freyda thought. She should have refused Sophie-Anne’s bet, she knew that, but the two of them had been making silly bets with each other for centuries. If she was completely honest, she thought Bill kind of deserved it. He had tricked countless men and women into falling in love with him over the years in his role of procurer; it was time he got a taste of his own medicine. Even if he doesn’t know. “Although it’s not widely known,” Freyda added, giving Sookie a pointed look. “At least I didn’t think it was…”

“Your secret is safe with me,” Sookie assured her. “I still don’t think it is. I just know someone who’s very skilled at discoverin’ these things. Nothin’ is beyond their reach.”

“You have managed to amass quite a network of contacts in such a short time. It’s very impressive,” Freyda replied. “You’re quite famous in the Southern states and that fame is spreading outwards. I find myself both intrigued and impressed, Sookie. Believe me when I tell you that doesn’t happen very often. I must confess I look forward to seeing your work and, hopefully, I will get to know you a little better while you organize my party.”

Sookie fought a smile as she wondered just how much of her Freyda wanted to get to know. While she enjoyed sex with vampires, those services weren’t included in the contract… At least not in the one Illinois had signed. Those services were now decided upon by her discretion and she was not included. Those days were behind her. She wouldn’t deny she found Freyda attractive and in different circumstances, she might have even entertained a quick tumble with her, but for the next month, Freyda was technically her employer, and Sookie didn’t mix business with pleasure. The pleasure always came after the business.

“If Lady Luck is smilin’ on you, I’m sure you will,” Sookie flirted. She may not mix business with pleasure anymore, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t flirt. The telepath was a natural flirt and loved doing it. She smiled at Freyda as she pulled her notebook closer to her. “Do you have time to answer a few questions about your party, Freyda?”

“I do,” Freyda replied, returning Sookie’s smile.

“Great! What’s the occasion?” Sookie asked as she picked up her pen and held it over her notebook.

“”It’s my wedding anniversary,” Freyda answered as she leaned back in her chair.

“Congratulations,” Sookie replied as she jotted it down. “Which anniversary will you be celebratin’?”

“Our hundredth…”

Sookie frowned at the answer and looked up. “Your hundredth?” she repeated, the words coming out like a question. “Forgive me, Freyda, but I was under the impression vampires marriages only lasted a hundred years.”

“They do,” Freyda replied, a small smile curling her lips in the face of Sookie’s confusion. “I only pledged for a hundred years myself…”

“Oh,” Sookie mumbled in confusion. “Are you and your husband plannin’ on repledgin’?” Sookie was genuinely curious. It didn’t matter to her one way or another, but a possible repledging could mean more business for her if she impressed Illinois with her services.

“Oh no,” Freyda dismissed the idea with a laugh. “Neither of us have any intention of repledging. We are both happy to go our separate ways. While my Regent and I hold a great affection for one another, we have no desire to extend our union. The marriage will officially end on the 22nd of July. The party on the 21st is a thank you to my pledged. I wish to show him my gratitude and continued respect.”

Sookie nodded her head as she listened to Freyda explain. She could understand that and if truth be told, her respect for the Illinois Queen rose slightly at her reason for the party. Sookie had organized a few pledgings and all but one had been purely political. Other than their Majesties, Russell Edgington and Bartlett Crowe pledging, no sincere emotion had been involved in them, or at least none that could be noticed. Sookie was quite sure the Queen of Iowa hated her pledged husband, the King of Tennessee. She wouldn’t be a bit surprised if that marriage didn’t end in murder.

“I see,” Sookie said after a brief pause. “I apologize if my questions seem intrusive. They will help me plan the best party possible for you… and I’m nosy.”

“Oh, you’re delightful,” Freyda beamed. She was finding herself quite taken by the attractive blonde. It had been quite a while since anyone talked to her as just a woman and not kissed her ass as a Queen. Her Regent was really the only person in Illinois who saw past the crown and treated her as a person.

Sookie smiled as she made some more notes. “Please tell me if there’s anythinspecific that you desire for your party?”

Before Freyda had a chance to reply the door swung open and a haughty looking blonde came waltzing through followed by a vexed looking Bill.

I guess this is Pam.

“You called, Your Majesty?” Pam sneered as she eyed her Queen with contempt.

“Sookie, this is Pamela Ravenscroft, my Regent’s annoying brat of a child,” Freyda said, ignoring the look Pam was giving her. After a century, she was accustomed to Pam’s horrific behavior and hadn’t risen to her attempts to bait her for decades. “Pamela, this is Ms Sookie Stackhouse. Sookie is one of the owners of Only at Night.”

“Sookie?!” Pam scoffed as she judgmentally ran her eyes over Sookie. “What kind of name is Sookie?”

“One that you don’t have permission to use,” Sookie replied coolly. “You can call me Ms Stackhouse.” She had dealt with her fair share of Pams over the years and wouldn’t let her get to her in any way.

Pam’s eyes blazed in anger as she stared at the insolent bloodbag. It had been bad enough that she’d been forced to remain in this Godforsaken state with this bitch of a queen who had stolen her maker, but she’d be damned if she let a mortal speak to her in such a manner.

She sneered as she dragged her eyes over Sookie, “This backwater trash is one of the owners of Only at Night?” she snorted. Making a show of breathing in the scents of the room, Pam smirked as she added, “She smells like Were and cum.”

“That’s probably ‘cause I fucked a Were earlier,” Sookie replied unfazed. Meeting the terribly behaved vampire’s gaze, Sookie snorted at her ‘I’m better than you’ look on her face. “Now, if you’re done showin’ your ass to everyone here, let’s get down to business… Oh, and for the record,” she added as she turned her gaze to Freyda, “it’s that kinda behavior that I won’t tolerate against my staff. She talks to any of my employees like that and I will cancel the contract and claim half the fee. Keep her on a leash, Freyda.”

“What?! A leash?!” Pam shrieked, her fangs snapping down at the insult.

“Pamela, enough!” Freyda snapped, rising from her chair and staring down the younger vampire. “I will not have you and your childish ways ruining this party. Your behavior disrespects me, my Queendom, your Maker, and now Ms Stackhouse. I am telling you now it will not be tolerated a second longer. I am Queen here and what I say goes. You will show Ms Stackhouse and all her employees the respect they deserve; failure to do so will result in punishment.”

Seeing Pam roll her eyes at her threat had Freyda seeing red and before anyone knew what was happening, Freyda leaped at Pam and wrapped her hand around her throat. Lifting her into the air, Freyda slammed Pam down hard on the table and leaned over her. “Listen to me, you whiny, spoiled, and insolent little brat,” she hissed, getting in Pam’s face. “I am your Queen and you will do as I say. Don’t even thinking about trying to use your Maker as your way to get out of this. I will remind you that he cannot stop me from punishing you if I so desire. I could peel your skin off and drop you in a vat of vinegar, and your Maker, my Regent would not be able to stop me. If I wanted I could keep you here in my Queendom even after he leaves…” Freyda grinned as she saw the look of fear flash across Pam’s face and she let out a cruel laugh. “Yes, so unless you want to spend the next five years in silver chains locked in my basement while your Maker goes on his merry way, I suggest you grow the fuck up and show Ms Stackhouse the respect she deserves.” She didn’t give Pam a chance to reply before she pulled herself back and threw the annoying vampire across the room.

Pasting on a smile, Freyda smoothed a hand over her dress before turning back to face Sookie. “I am sorry you had to witness that, Sookie,” she said sweetly. “Despite her age, Pamela still acts like a childish bitch at times. I also apologize that you will unfortunately have to work with her in organizing this party. However, if she gives you any trouble, please tell me. I will have her strung up in silver and hung from the chandelier in the hallway.”

Sookie exchanged a look with Jake at Freyda’s sudden change in temperament; she could see the amusement and caution in his eyes, and she was sure it was reflected in her own. She often wondered if vampires were bipolar. Sophie-Anne was another Queen, who could go from calm to homicidal in about three seconds. “I appreciate that, Freyda,” she replied. “Hopefully it won’t come to that.”

“Of course. The Regent was quite upset last time I did it to her,” Freyda remarked offhandedly. “Now,” she clapped her hands as she spun around, “let me show you the banquet hall!”

Definitely bipolar, Sookie thought as she stood up and followed the Queen.


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  8. this Fredya i can handle, she may be bi-polar but she is well intention-ed. Now Pam damn, she started off on the wrong fang and she is gonna get in big trouble. Bill is still a douche….looking forward to turning the page. KY


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