The Anniversary: Chapter Two

<-<-The Anniversary

Chapter Two

“Royalty Blended,” Warlow ordered as he took a seat at Eric’s reserved table in the VIP section of The Grange’s bar. While waiting for his order, Warlow cast his penetrating gaze over the crowd. The place was packed as usual, the rich and famous enjoying a night or two away in Las Vegas. Warlow counted at least five Hollywood stars in the bar, the newest Hollywood star was sitting not five feet away from him, sipping a tall glass of lemonade and looking out of place. Las Vegas was not exactly the kind of place for someone so sweet as Miss Janice Herveaux. On any other night, Warlow might have been inclined to invite her over to try and find out if she was as sweet as she seemed. However, there was only one thing on his mind that night… His anniversary.

Fifty years, Warlow mused. The fifty years hadn’t been without conflict, but for all the conflict, there had been triple the pleasure. Pledging to Eric had been the best thing Warlow had done since he turned Salome two thousand years earlier. His brown-haired child was his greatest achievement. She had been born for the life of a vampire. Warlow knew Salome could do anything she wanted, she could have her own Queendom if she desired it, yet his Biblical whore was happy to stay by his side and help him run California.

“Your Royalty Blended, sir,” The waitress said while she set the warmed glass of blood on the table, placing a napkin beside it. “Is there anything else I can do for you?”

There was no mistake about what she was offering, and Warlow smirked while he ran his eyes over her. She looked vaguely familiar and a memory clicked into place, reminding why as he read her name tag… Jessica. He had met Jessica during his last visit to his husband, five and a half months earlier. Jessica had been their server that night as well and when she asked if there was anything else she could do for them, Eric had answered yes, and the next thing Warlow knew Jessica had been on her knees beneath the table, sucking his cock. She had a talented mouth, but Warlow wasn’t interested in her mouth that night.

“No, that will be all,” Warlow replied, dismissing her without another glance. As he sipped on his blood, Warlow let his mind wander to the gift he had acquired Eric for their fiftieth anniversary. The vampire-fairy hybrid had really outdone himself this time. He had acquired Eric the ultimate gift, one he knew The Viking would love. There was no way in Hell Eric would be able to beat his gift! Ever since they had pledged, the two of them had been trying to outdo the other with gifts for their anniversary. Eric and Warlow had quite the competitive streak. For fifty years they had competed to gift the other the perfect present. However, on certain anniversaries, the ones the humans said were more significant, the first, fifth, tenth, twentieth, and twenty-fifth, the two of them would go far beyond their usual competition. No expense was spared in the search of the perfect gift. They had equal victories, but this year, Warlow was determined to be the victor. His gift for his husband was beyond perfect. It even beat the surprise he had given Eric on their twenty-fifth anniversary, and that had been a one of a kind surprise.


December 1990

Warlow radiated smugness as he walked through his newly renovated Los Angeles palace. It had taken a considerable amount of money, not to mention time, but it had been worth the inconvenience in Warlow’s opinion. The palace was finally perfectly suited for him. It may have taken him a while to get around to it, but he had at last designed an entire floor just for him and Eric. It seemed fitting that he had done it for their twenty-fifth anniversary. 

Twenty-five years, Warlow thought with a smile. Twenty-five years had passed since he had pledged to the King of Nevada, twenty-five years since the two of them had strengthened their Kingdoms to become practically untouchable in the vampire world. A foolish few had tried to overthrow both Warlow and Eric, but their attempts had been dealt with in the most violent of ways possible. There had been no forgiveness nor mercy. Eric and Warlow had used the scarce smidgen as messengers for the rest of the vampire world. They were a warning of the fate that awaited them if they dared to move against the combined powers of Nevada and California. 

Though none of that mattered to Warlow at that moment. His husband was due to arrive any minute, and Warlow had a big night planned. It had been a year from the time when he had last seen Eric, since their anniversary the year before. Warlow normally liked to see Eric at least several times throughout the year, but Kingdom business had kept him busy over this entire last year and he hadn’t been able to make the trip to Las Vegas to see his husband. Conversely, Eric hadn’t been able to visit Warlow in Los Angeles.  

Warlow grinned when he reached the remodeled third floor of his palace, the floor that would be just for him and Eric. The Viking had the run of his husband’s palace, and before Warlow had renovated it, Eric had own room, just as Warlow had his own room in Eric’s palace. Yet, the new floor was something extra, something special for them. Walking down the hallway, Warlow bypassed the first few doors until he reached a solid-looking wooden door stained in a dark oak. He ran his fingers over a broadsword etched into the wood of the door before reaching for the knob and opening it. The handsome vampire nodded in approval when he stepped into the room and looked around. Warlow had had some of the old rooms combined, creating one large room, which he then had decorated like a living room. Open arches led to the other side of the room, and dark, leather furniture gave it a masculine air. He would enjoy spending time with Eric there.  


Moving toward one of the large, dark, leather sofas, Warlow lowered himself onto it and waited for his husband. Normally he would have greeted Eric personally on their anniversary, but that night he had instructed his child to escort Eric to the third floor. He had a stage to set. His anniversary gift to Eric was all ready to be unwrapped and enjoyed, the new floor was just the first part. This year, Warlow had gone all out and he couldn’t wait to see Eric’s face when he realized what his husband had procured for him. 

Warlow smiled when he felt his child approaching, knowing his husband accompanied her. A puckered brow couldn’t quite replace his smile, though it was marred once he realized he couldn’t quite feel Eric as strongly as before. It had been too long, years even, since they had last exchanged blood. Their contract didn’t demand annual blood exchanges past the one that sealed their pledging, although the two of them had believed it wise to exchange blood semi-regularly to keep a low level bond between them. The ability to feel the other would only strengthen their union, making it easier for the other to come to their spouse’s aid if necessary.  

Opening the button on his suit jacket, Warlow leaned back on the sofa and crossed his legs as he waited for his husband. “Enter,” he called when he heard his child knock on the door. Salome knew to excuse herself once she had escorted Eric to the new floor, so Warlow was aware that it was only his husband who would be crossing the threshold into their new suite. “Husband,” he greeted after the door opened and Eric stepped through. Warlow grinned avidly, leering while he ran his fiery look over his husband. He really had struck gold with his pledged! Eric was fucking gorgeous and all but a God when it came to fucking. The fact that they genuinely liked each other and had been friends for over nine hundred years eclipsed whatever they had expected or had even hoped, creating everything to be exceeded when they first pledged. Warlow knew he could have never pledged to anyone save for Eric. He’d had countless offers over the centuries, but the thought of tying himself to someone for a hundred years had disturbed him intensely.   

“Warlow,” Eric purred as he closed the door. He had been looking forward to his anniversary for weeks. The last several months had been hell for the Viking, and he looked forward to releasing some pent-up lust with his husband. Eric gave Warlow a thorough eye fuck as he moved around the room and approached his husband. He had been surprised when Warlow hadn’t greeted him the way he usually did on their anniversary, but Salome had explained very quickly that her Maker had some special surprises for him, and that she was to escort him to Warlow. It didn’t take a genius to realize one of those surprises was the room, the etching on the door giving him his first clue.   

“Happy Anniversary, Eric,” Warlow said, smiling easily while he rose to his feet and closing the distance between them. Lifting his hand, he cupped Eric’s cheek and leaned in for their first of many kisses to follow that night. Warlow moaned softly when he felt his husband part his lips to deepen their kiss.  

Eric eagerly returned the kiss, sweeping his tongue into Warlow’s mouth. He had missed the feel of his husband’s body against his, and Eric swore that before the night was through he would touch, kiss, and lick every part of Warlow’s body. The Viking could barely anticipate the feel his husband’s cock inside him. “Happy Anniversary,” Eric replied after the kiss came to its natural end. 

Warlow could feel his cock stirring already, and as much as he wanted to head straight for the bedroom to fuck and to be fucked by his husband at once, he had other plans in place. Using a tremendous amount of self-restraint, Warlow forced himself to take a step back to put as much distance as he could stand between him and his husband. “As much as I would like to continue this, and believe me, I would…” Warlow reached for Eric’s hand while he spoke and pressed it to the growing bulge in his pants, letting him know just how desperately he wanted to continue. “I have a surprise or two for you first.” 

Eric squeezed Warlow’s cock, teasing them both. He wanted nothing more than to drop to his knees and suck on Warlow’s hard length, but he refrained, knowing from experience that his husband’s surprises were usually exceptional, and that he never failed to deliver. “I hope this is one of my surprises,” Eric said, increasing the pressure on Warlow’s cock slightly.  

“That is yours whenever you want it,” Warlow replied bluntly. Eric could have his husband’s cock whenever he wanted it, all he had to do was ask. “Allow me to first give you your anniversary gifts,” he added as he reluctantly removed Eric’s hand from his covered cock. “I must admit; this first gift is one for both of us. I had this floor of my palace renovated for us to enjoy together.”

Moving toward the door, Warlow silently asked Eric to accompany him so he could show him around the new floor. “As you can tell, this is the living room,” he continued before heading out the door and across the landing to another room. Opening the door, Warlow revealed a luxuriously designed master bedroom to his husband complete with en-suite bathroom. He let Eric have a quick look around the room before ushering him out and toward one of the other doors. They would have plenty of time later to explore fully, but just then, Warlow wanted to get to the rest of his surprise. For someone as old as he was, he could be incredibly impatient at times. Pausing by the first door on the landing, Warlow smirked while he prepared to show Eric one of his favorite additions to the floor. “This is my favorite room,” he told his husband as he opened the door.

Eric arched a brow when he noticed Warlow take a step to the side to motion for him to enter the room first. Stepping through the open doorway, Eric chuckled when he realized why the room was his husband’s favorite. “A sex room,” he said in awe while he ran his eyes over the room, taking in the various pieces of familiar looking furniture. It wasn’t the kind of furniture one would find in the average living room, but the items were far more pleasurable than coffee and end tables. Eric couldn’t wait to try some of them, the leather padded bench looked especially enticing.  

“Somewhere we can play,” Warlow remarked when he came up behind Eric and rested his hands on The Viking’s hips. The two of them could, and did, play wherever they wanted, but now they had a room that was designed just for their pleasure. Sliding his hand around Eric’s waist, Warlow palmed his husband’s cock over his pants while he gestured to a bench with his other hand. “Just imagine Salome bent over that, sucking my cock while you fuck her from behind…” 

Eric bucked his hips, thrusting against Warlow’s hand as he imagined just that. He could practically feel Salome, her tight, wet, and cold pussy wrapped around his cock while he watched her suck Warlow’s cock.  

Warlow smirked when Eric bucked against his hand. He had so many ideas when it came to their new room and he could barely wait to act them out. Although before they brought anyone else into the room, they would thoroughly christen it themselves. They would fuck over every inch of the room, using all the toys and furniture he had collected. “I have another gift for you, and then we can begin to enjoy our new room,” Warlow added, pulling a reluctant Eric out of their new playroom.  

Leading Eric to the far side of the landing, Warlow stopped outside the last door. The older vampire was all but vibrating in suspense while he prepared to give Eric his final gift. “I have been working on this gift for quite a while,” he expressed eagerly as he reached for the door knob. “It was much harder to get hold of than I thought it would be.”  

Eric appeared confused once Warlow opened the door to what looked like a linen closet. They may have been married for twenty-five years, but Eric hadn’t thought they were at the point in their relationship where matching ‘his and his’ towels had become adequate anniversary gifts. 

Warlow grinned smugly at Eric, almost as if he knew what his husband was thinking. Reaching for one of the shelves Warlow pulled it forward, revealing to Eric that it was on hinges with a solid-looking steel door housed behind it. He pressed his thumb to a keypad on the door and waited for the green light to flash, indicating the door was now unlocked. 

Eric chuckled heartily once he realized what Warlow had done. A secret passageway! He was curious as to where it would lead and what his husband had hidden down there. He had his own versions in Nevada, a safe place for him to rest during the day. Eric happily stepped into the closet when asked. He moved around Warlow, allowing his husband to shut the door.

“It leads down to an underground chamber,” Warlow informed Eric while he reached for the ladder attached to the wall behind the door. “Shut the door before you come down,” he added, letting go of the ladder and dropping down the chute, using his ability to fly to slow his descent so he could land safely. 

Climbing onto the ladder, Eric reached back and pulled the door shut before following his husband down the chute. Small lights lit the path at the bottom, not that either of them needed them. Eric noted three closed doors in the underground chamber. 

“That is Salome’s room,” Warlow explained, pointing to the door on the right. “That one,” he added as he gestured to the door on the left, “is my room. Moving to the room at the end of the hallway, Warlow smiled devilishly when he paused beside it. “And, this, my husband, is your anniversary present. What lies beyond this door is my gift to you…” 

Eric arched a brow while he eyed the door. For the life of him he could fathom what might be behind the door. Numerous ideas came to mind, but he dismissed each one as more ridiculous than the last. He tried to use his enhanced senses to determine to uncover what lay behind the door, but he could detect nothing. It seemed as though his husband had taken every precaution to make certain that the room was both sound and scent proof. 

There was one sure way to find out what was behind the door to discover what was his final present. Stepping forward, Eric reached for the door knob and opened the door. His eyes widened in delight when he stepped into the room and saw just what his anniversary present was that Warlow had given him. “It is just what I wanted,” he said, stepping further into the room. He grinned in satisfaction while he ran his eyes over his gift. As far as Eric was concerned, it was the ultimate anniversary gift, even better than the Corvette Warlow had given him for their fifteenth anniversary. 

In the middle of the room hung one William T. Compton. Silver manacles were attached to his wrists, pulling his arms over his head. The manacles were attached to a solid steel pole that ran the width of the room and was embedded into the wall. Compton was completely naked save for a silver cross that hung around his neck and was seared into his chest.

An assortment of torture tools lay around the room, and Eric couldn’t wait to use them on the deceitful vampire. For years, Eric had wanted little more than to get his hands on Bill. Ever since their pledging, Bill had had it out for Eric and Warlow. He had conspired with many to try to overthrow the two Kings and seize their thrones in some misguided notion of morality. He had never approved of their union therefore; it was wrong and he had to right it. Bill had only survived as long as he had because he was a coward who ran and hid when heads started rolling. 

“That is not the only gift, Eric,” Warlow said as he stepped up behind his husband. “I arranged an extra special surprise to go along with your gift.” 

“What…” Eric began, but abruptly stopped when he caught movement behind Bill. For the second time in as many minutes, Eric’s eyes widened, but this time in surprise when a stunning, dark-haired, woman walked toward him. “Lilith,” Eric whispered, looking at his husband’s Maker with something akin to wonder.

In the nine hundred plus years he had known Warlow, Eric had never, not once, met his Maker. Lilith was a legend in the Supernatural world. The first vampire. The one who had started their race. The ancient beauty was so old that she didn’t even know her true age. She had faded from public view centuries before Eric had even been born. The ageless vampire preferred solitude, having grown weary of all the chaos in the world. Yet, she still kept herself abreast of what transpired in the world. She had spies in every part of the world, and it was through one of those spies that she learned of Bill Compton and the trouble he had been trying to cause her child. Lilith rarely interfered in things, supernatural politics having bored her millennia before, but every once now and then, she would step back into the world and prove why she was still considered to be the ultimate power.

“Husband of my blood,” Lilith greeted, running her eyes over Eric in a calculating manner. She nodded in approval as she raised her gaze to his eyes. She had heard many stories about Eric the Norseman, some from her child, and others from various Supes who had met Eric over the centuries. She had heard him to be a man of honor and respect. She believed him to be the perfect husband for her child.  

Warlow smiled when he sensed Lilith’s approval. He always suspected that his Maker would readily accept Eric if they ever met, but to see and feel that she had was welcoming. “My Maker has joined us here tonight to celebrate our anniversary. She wishes to join us while we torture Compton” 

“Your presence is most appreciated,” Eric said sincerely. He would happily torture Bill with the Mother of the Vampire Race. Eric was sure she could teach him a thing or two. She had been torturing people much longer than him after all.

“Although it seems like you have started without us, Lilith,” Warlow said, arching a brow as he stared at Bill, noticing the blood on his chest.  

“Mmm,” Lilith murmured when she turned to face Bill again. A look of irritation filled her eyes while she gazed at the pitiful vampire. “His ceaseless whining aggravated me, and I felt the need to inflict some pain on him in retribution for that aggravation. Regrettably, the pain only made him whine more, which only vexed me more. He is very inconsiderate.” 

“Compton always was an inconsiderate prick,” Eric snorted. “Whining and complaining is all he’s good for.” 

“Yes. I heard he complained at your pledging ceremony,” Lilith replied thoughtfully, recalling what she heard. “It really was rather rude. Perhaps, I should give him something to whine about.” A dark look entered the ancient beauty’s eyes as she stepped closer to Bill. A thousand different ideas entered her mind, showing her the different ways she could break the vampire before her. “Would you like that, youngling?” She asked, her tone taking on an almost musical quality. “Would you like me to give you a reason to whine and complain?”

Fear like he had never felt before rose up inside Bill at Lilith’s words. Like everyone else, he had heard of her, but he had foolishly dismissed the rumor that Lilith was Warlow’s Maker. He had assumed it was just Warlow trying to make himself appear more important. He most definitely didn’t want her to give him a reason to whine and complain. He wanted her to leave him alone. He didn’t believe he had done anything to warrant the torture they were all preparing to inflict upon him. So he had conspired to try to destroy the union between Eric and Warlow? He had only done that because in his heart he knew it to be wrong. They were disrespecting the sanctity of marriage with their deviant behavior. 

A chilling smile curled Lilith’s lips as an idea settled in her mind, and she took several steps back while she prepared to put it into action. Reaching behind her, Lilith grasped the zipper on her stylish white dress and pulled it down. She slowly stripped the dress off her body, revealing to the vampires in the room that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. She let the dress fall to the floor before bending down and picking it up. She folded it neatly and placed it on a chair before turning her attention to her son and son-in-law. “I hate to ruin an outfit by getting blood on it,” she explained. 

Warlow chuckled at his Maker’s words, knowing she was being truthful. Even when they used to dress in nothing but rags, she hated to get them dirty, well, dirtier than they usually were. Lilith was something of a clean freak, at least when it came to her clothing. She sure as Hell didn’t mind getting her body dirty. Deciding to follow his Maker’s lead, Warlow shucked off his jacket before unbuttoning his shirt and slipping it off his shoulders. He smirked at his husband when he noticed Eric follow suit and start to remove his own clothes. 

Lilith smiled fondly at her child before turning her full attention back to the frightened Bill. She slowly circled Bill, keeping close to him, but never quite touching him. “I must confess, I have heard your name mentioned quite a few times, youngling,” she said, making Bill preen with a deluded sense of self-importance. “I have heard a few stories by a few different sources, all of them different. However, everyone who has mentioned you has agreed on one thing… How utterly and completely pathetic you are,” she added, deflating Bill as quickly as she built him up. “Your name is spoken of with ridicule and derision. It is really rather sad. Torturing someone so pathetic almost seems like a waste of my effort. I only have to look at you to know you will break easily…” Lilith shook her head as she moved to stand in front of Bill again. “However, I am nothing if not a teacher. You will prove to be a fine canvas for me to use to impart a lesson to my child and his pledged.” 

Turning around. Lilith smiled naughtily when she noticed both Warlow and Eric had stripped off their clothes and were completely naked. She arched a brow when she saw the cock rings they both wore. “Your pledging gifts?” She inquired, having heard all about the gifts as well as the ceremony.  

“Yes,” Eric replied, standing naked in front of the Mother of the Vampire race without an ounce of shame.  

“I can see why they were the talk of the vampire world,” Lilith said cheekily while she ran her eyes over their naked forms. Stepping closer to Eric, Lilith let her eyes linger on his cock, taking a good look. “My child certainly chose well when he pledged to you,” she complimented before moving toward a table lying against the wall to her right. She picked up a pair of leather gloves, and slipped them on before turning around and facing them all again.  

“Do you know the greatest torture you can subject on to another?” She didn’t give either of them a chance to reply before she answered her own question. “One you force them to inflict upon themselves…” Picking up a strange, spring-looking, device, Lilith moved toward Bill and held up the device so he could see it. “Do you know what this is, youngling? No? Fear not, your ignorance will soon be dealt with…” She dragged the device over his chest, delighting in the sound of his flesh sizzling as the silver burned him.  

Eric moved forward and stood to the right of Lilith, and watched as she widened the spring and threaded it into Bill’s cock. He frowned when he noticed the device just seemed to hang on Bill’s cock, it’s size too wide for Compton’s flaccid member, and barely touching him.

“The pain is so much sweeter when they are the cause of it,” Lilith said, directing her words to Eric as she walked around Bill again, stopping behind him, and stroking her hand down his back.

Bill tried desperately not to move. He could feel the strange device on his cock, and, while at that moment it wasn’t touching his flesh, he knew the slightest movement would cause the silver to come into contact with his cock, burning him. He couldn’t believe what all was happening. He had been convinced he was one step ahead of Warlow and Eric since the beginning. He had planned it all so carefully! He was supposed to be the Guardian of the Authority by then, not chained in Warlow’s palace and primed to be tortured by the first vampire. Bill swore if he survived their torture, he would make them all pay dearly for their crimes. 

“Breaking a body is easy,” Lilith said almost absentmindedly as she pressed her bare breasts against Bill’s back. “Anyone can do it. Though breaking a mind takes true skill. That is the true art of torture. I could spend hours, days, months, years even breaking this youngling’s mind…” She laughed softly while she walked around Bill again and faced him. “Luckily for you, or unluckily depending on how you look at it, I do not want to waste that kind of time in your presence. I find you…” She paused as she sought the right word. “Unappealing, something with which I have no doubt many others would agree. Did your wife even find you interesting? Is that the real reason you despise Warlow and Eric? They are everything you are not… Charming, respected, honorable, loyal, loved, desired. Is that the real reason you were disgusted when you witnessed their pledging? You knew no one would ever willingly suck your cock on a stage for all to see… Did stand back and watch, all the while wishing you were in one of their places? Did you want Salome or Nora on their knees before you?” Lilith grinned when she noticed a familiar-looking emotion flash through Bill’s eyes, suddenly everything clicked into place, and she realized why Bill had been so disgusted. 

“You know, youngling, I know your Guardian,” Lilith told him, seemingly changing the subject when she stepped away from him and toward Eric and Warlow. She stood to the side of Eric, her body sideways to Bill. “She told me the most tantalizing of stories. I did not realize the importance of her story until this moment. Rosalyn told me all about my child’s pledging, how she performed the ceremony, and the fun it was. She told me how disgusted you looked when Warlow and Eric exchanged gifts, but she also mentioned as disgusted as you were, you were also aroused. She told me how your cock was hard while you watched Eric and Warlow open their robes to accept their gifts. It was that what truly disgusted you, was it not? That you enjoyed watching them get their dicks sucked. You wanted to see more. Would you have liked to taken one of their places, or would you have preferred to have been on your knees with one of their cocks in your mouth?”

“No!” Bill shouted, unable to remain silent any longer. He hadn’t enjoyed watching them getting their dicks sucked, and he sure as Hell hadn’t fantasized about being the one on his knees before them. “It was disgusting and it didn’t affect me at all. Rosalyn lied.”

“I have encountered many like you over my countless years, youngling. You mask your jealousy and envy with disgust and loathing,” Lilith replied while she rested her hand on Eric’s bare chest. “You hide behind a deluded sense of morality. No, I believe you are the one who lies. You very much enjoyed what you witnessed,” She slid her hand down Eric’s chest while she spoke, smiling when Bill’s eyes followed her hand. “I will prove it to you right here,” she added as she wrapped her small hand around Eric’s hard cock and started to stroke him. “Mmm, it is even bigger than it looks.” 

Eric smirked at the compliment and bucked his hips, thrusting his cock into her hand. Part of him couldn’t believe the first vampire was giving him a hand job, but he sure as Hell wasn’t going to complain! He wanted her to touch him, he wanted to touch her. He groaned when he felt Lilith twist her wrist, adding a bit of pressure.

“Do you enjoy watching me stroke Eric’s cock, youngling?” Lilith asked Bill tauntingly.

“No!” Bill yelled, trying to avert his eyes, but finding himself unable to look away. He couldn’t take his eyes off Lilith’s hand as she slid it over Eric’s cock. 

A soft, tinkling laugh spilled from Lilith’s lips at his reply. She knew a lie when she heard one, and William T. Compton had most definitely just lied. Still, she was only getting started. Pulling her hand away from Eric’s cock, Lilith nudged him to step forward and turn around so he stood sideways. She licked her lips while she stared down at Eric’s large and erect cock. It really was a beautiful cock. Lifting her gaze, Lilith met Eric’s lust-filled eyes before she slowly lowered herself to her knees. She smiled up at Eric then wrapping her lips around his length, she sucked it into her mouth. 

“Fuck!” Eric cursed when he felt Lilith cool mouth surround his cock. He dropped his head back and gave himself over to the feeling of the Mother of the Vampire Race sucking his cock. In that moment, nothing had ever felt better. He rested one hand on her head and started to thrust his hips, silently asking her to take more of him into her mouth. 

Warlow grinned while he watched his Maker suck his husband’s cock. It was the greatest thing he had ever seen. When he had invited Lilith to join them for their anniversary, he had been hoping she would join them fully for the night, in their bed as well as to torture Compton.  

Dragging his eyes away from his Maker and husband, Warlow moved his gaze to the whimpering Bill. His grin widened when he noticed the heated look on Compton’s face, his Maker was right. Bill did enjoy watching them, there was a look of hunger on his face as well as jealousy, and Warlow wondered whose place the pitiful vampire wanted to take. Did he want to feel Lilith’s lips around his cock? Or was it Eric’s cock he wanted to feel in his mouth? 

Bill hated that he reveled in what he was seeing. He shouldn’t have gotten pleasure from watching Eric get his dick sucked. The sight shouldn’t have caused tremors of decadence to spike through his body. It was wrong, and he didn’t want to watch, but he was powerless to look away.

Lilith scraped her teeth over Eric’s cock before swallowing around him and taking him deeper into her mouth. She was happy she had accepted her child’s invitation; a good, old-fashioned, torture session and a good fucking was just what she needed. In fact, she needed more. She needed her darling child as well. Lilith hollowed her cheeks as she pulled back, letting Eric’s cock fall from her lips. She laughed lightly at his moan of displeasure. “Fear not, Eric, we are just getting started,” she promised while she rose to her feet.  

Stepping around Eric, Lilith pulled a table away from one of the walls and positioned it in the center of the room, just a few feet from where Bill was hanging. She slid onto the table, leaned back, and spread her legs for Eric, offering herself to him. 

Eric growled when he realized what she was doing. He dropped his gaze to her dripping, wet sex and he licked his lips. The Viking wasn’t sure what he wanted more, to drop to his knees and taste her, or to thrust his cock into her and fuck her.

The decision was made for him when Lilith informed him, “I want your cock!”

Eric didn’t need to be told twice. Stepping up to the table, Eric grabbed Lilith’s firm thighs, yanked her toward him, pulling her ass off the table, and thrust his painfully hard cock into her tight, wet, pussy. Eric growled when he felt Lilith surround him so completely.

“Yes!” Lilith screamed at his forceful entry. She gripped the edge of the table hard as Eric pounded into her. It had been far too long since she had been fucked so good or so hard, and she fucking loved it! 

Warlow’s fangs snapped down while he watched his husband fuck his Maker. He wrapped his hand around his cock, stroking himself in time with Eric’s thrusts. He loved watching them fuck, they looked so fucking hot together!

Bill moaned when the scent of sex filled the air. Eric’s growls and Lilith’s cries of satisfaction were driving him absolutely crazy. He could feel his own cock stirring as he watched them, wishing he was in their place.  

“Harder!” Lilith demanded, arching her back and thrusting out her breasts. She needed to feel his cock slamming into her with more force.  

Eric grit his teeth and dug his fingers into her legs as he added more strength to his thrusts. Never had a pussy felt better around his cock. She was wet, cool, and oh, so tight! She was perfection and he could hardly wait to fill her with his cum.

“Yes, like that,” Lilith praised, feeling her pleasure mount while Eric fucked her like a champion.

Warlow walked around the table and ran his eyes over the fucking couple. He licked his lips as he stared at Eric’s cock slamming into his Maker’s cunt. “So fucking beautiful,” he growled. 

“So fucking…” Eric began but was cut off by a pain-filled scream.

“AHHHH!” Bill screamed, bloody tears pouring from his eyes while pain wracked his body. 

“What the fuck?!” Eric cursed, wondering what had caused Bill to cry out in pain when no one was touching him. 

Lilith giggled while she sat up and wrapped her legs around Eric’s waist. “As I said, the greatest torture you can subject another to is one you force them into inflict upon themselves,” she said while she gestured toward the silver spring that was wrapped around Bill’s cock. 

Dropping his gaze to where Lilith was pointing, Eric leered when he saw what she meant. The spring worked in the same way as a cock ring. The sight of them fucking had excited Bill and made him hard, making the silver spring tighten and come into contact with his flesh, causing his cock to burn. Eric felt his own cock twitch inside Lilith while he stared at Bill’s burnt length. The sight should have been a turn off, but if anything, it made Eric even harder.

“The beauty of it is that it sears into his flesh, meaning the only way to remove it, is to rip it from his cock, ripping his cock off in the process,” Lilith added gleefully. It really was one of her better inventions. “Though until that happens, his blood will keep pumping to his cock, tightening the spring as it does.”

Eric laughed as he laid Lilith back down on the table. Bill’s cries of pain were like music to his ears, they were almost as good as Lilith’s cries of pleasure. He ran his large hands over her naked body, cupping her firm breasts, and rubbing his thumbs over her nipples while he started to slide his cock in and out of her again.

“Warlow,” Lilith called out to her child, beckoning him toward her. She arched her back, her hair tumbling over the edge of the desk as she silently told him what she wanted.  

The two of them had never needed words to communicate, so without a single word, Warlow knew what to do. He moved to stand at the edge of the table where her head hung over the side and gripped his cock. He grunted in pleasure when he saw his Maker part her lips, and let him slide his cock into her welcoming mouth.

“Fuck!” Eric growled when he saw Lilith take his husband’s cock into her mouth. He slammed into her harder, grinning when felt her body jolt in response.

Bill sobbed as he watched them fuck in front of him. The pain in his cock was excruciating, yet he still couldn’t look away. Their pleasure was hurting him, both physically and mentally. He wanted desperately to be where they were, he didn’t even care whose position, he just wanted it. 

Warlow leaned over his Maker’s body as he slid his cock down her throat and reached for his husband. Resting one hand on Eric’s cheek, Warlow pulled his husband in for a steamy kiss, sweeping his tongue into Eric’s mouth when he parted his lips. He slid his other hand between his Maker’s spread legs and rubbed her clit while Eric continued to fuck her with deep and powerful thrusts. He had to admit, his and Eric’s twenty-fifth anniversary was shaping up to be their best yet… 


Warlow reached down and adjusted himself when he felt his hard length press painfully against his pants. Their twenty-fifth anniversary had been the anniversary to beat up until that point. It had been a wild night, filled with fucking and torture. Warlow, Eric, and Lilith had spent the entire night in the cell with Compton. They had taken turns torturing the pitiful vampire, inflicting unspeakable horrors on him, only stopping so they could fuck each other. Warlow had never felt anything as good as his Maker between him and his husband. There was little they hadn’t done by the time they had left that room.

Lilith had left the following night, desiring to return to her home in the French Alps. Before she left, she had enjoyed one last fuck with Warlow and Eric, and issued an invitation for them to visit her at her home whenever they liked. Warlow knew the invitation was Lilith’s way of accepting Eric given as few were ever invited to her home. Warlow and Eric had spent one more pleasure-filled night torturing Bill before they had sent him to his True Death. They had broken him completely and keeping him around any longer seemed pointless to them.

Their twenty-fifth anniversary had been the anniversary, and no other had measured up, but that night Warlow was going to change that. He had found Eric the ultimate anniversary gift. One that would never be beaten. Warlow grinned as he thought of the present and how it was wrapped. He could barely wait to watch Eric unwrap it.

Checking the time, Warlow realized Eric would soon be there, and he rose to his feet and walked around the table. He chuckled when he looked down and saw the bulge in his pants. There was no way he could hide that. Well, he could, but he wouldn’t. He enjoyed watching sweet, little things like Janice Herveaux blush when she saw it.

Heading toward the exit, Warlow paused by Janice’s table and made a show of adjusting himself. He winked at the attractive brunette and grinned when he saw her cheeks darken in a blush. Innocence could be such a turn on. Although, personally, he preferred the wilder ones. Bad girls were his thing.


30 thoughts on “The Anniversary: Chapter Two

  1. I admit it – I’ve started reading another fandom and your banner got me sucked in. Is that the ARROW on that banner? (YUMM) Cause that would be where I’ve been spending my time – reading about Olicity.

    Thanks for the Christmas gift – OH and I for one am happy you moved the tease date out. Once I had something to write for the Advent calendar, I couldn’t do both.


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  2. Delightful chapter. Though any chapter where Bill is tortured, broken and meets his true death is and excellent chapter in my mind. Appreciated you bringing Lilith in your story for some ‘family fun’. 🙂

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  3. I knew you would let me down. No toothpick for Billy Boy. Oh no, a good old mind and body breaking torture session. With Lillith in the mix! Nice 🙂

    Now back to RL and housework and cooking lol. Nice place to stop though, definitely lots of yummy images to daydream about as I get things done 😉

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