Masque of the Red Death: Chapter One

Behind the Public Masks

Masque of the Red DeathChapter One


Eric let out a sigh of frustration as he checked his messages. The sun hadn’t been set for an hour yet and he had already received five messages from Pam. Her possessive behavior was starting to become worrisome. Her constant need to know where he was, what he was doing, and whom he was with was bordering on the obsessive. He had never regretted turning Pam, but lately he had started to question the wisdom of not being more strict with her. Pam’s selfish and often childish behavior had caused him more trouble over the last hundred years. As far as Pam knew, she was responsible for him having to pledge to Freyda and become Regent of Illinois. She thought she was to blame for him having to spend a hundred years in a marriage not of his choosing; though instead of being contrite and apologizing, she had been bitter and selfish, again only caring about how it affected her. She had raved for hours about how Freyda was taking her Maker away from her. She hadn’t given much consideration to what Eric might have suffered, only concerned about her.

Eric knew he was too easy on Pam. He had spoiled her over the years, but then again, he had spoiled his eldest child who was both well behaved and respectful. Eric realized he should have been more strict with Pam, giving her proper punishments when she was bad. His soft-spoken approach with her hadn’t done him any favors. Taking away her credit cards and clothes were a poor punishment for a vampire, and meant little. He should have taken a paddle to her backside when she acted out and embarrassed herself, the Queen, and him. There had been only one time in their hundred year history that he had given her a physical punishment, and that had been when he had uncovered her plot to kill Freyda. She couldn’t even say she was doing it for him. Her plotting and plans had been entirely selfish. She hadn’t plotted to kill his wife in an attempt to release him from their marriage. No, she had plotted to kill Freyda so she could become Queen and have him as her husband as well as her Maker.

Flashback: 1921

The servants and guards of the palace scattered like leaves in the wind as Eric stormed down the hallway. Anger radiated from his body as he made his way to the quarters his brattish child had been assigned. In the fifteen plus years since he had turned her, Eric had never been as furious with Pam as he was right then. She was lucky she hadn’t been in his presence when he discovered her little plot or she wouldn’t have gotten out with her life. He would have killed her on the spot without a second’s hesitation. How she thought her plan would have worked or she would have gotten away with it, Eric didn’t know. One thing he did know, however; Pam was in for the punishment of a lifetime. He wouldn’t sit back and allow her treacherous behavior to go unpunished. He couldn’t dismiss it nor take the blame for her as he had in the past, and he didn’t want to. This time she had gone much too far and would have to suffer the consequences of her actions.

Reaching the door to her quarters, he growled as he heard the sounds of sex coming from inside. She had set the Queen up to be killed and was getting her pussy eaten while she waited. Eric didn’t bother to knock; he reared back and kicked in the door, sending it flying off its hinges. Burning anger rose inside him as he saw Pam lying on her back, her white silk nightie bunched around her waist while one of Freyda’s favorite pets kneeled between her legs, eating her out. The spoiled brat had learned nothing from her last major fuck up, one that he had to step in and smooth over. At that moment, Eric was regretting stopping Freyda from killing her. It might have saved him a great deal of trouble.

Striding toward the bed, Eric grabbed the young brunette woman up off her knees and instructed her to get out before turning his ire on Pam. The bitch didn’t even have the audacity to look troubled. She was practically giddy with anticipation.

“If you wanted to join us, you simply had to ask,” Pam purred as she eye-fucked her Maker. Pam would’ve loved nothing more than for him to join them. It had been over a year since they had engaged in anything sexually together, and that had just been a threesome where he hadn’t even touched her. No, Pam thought dejectedly, remembering how she had lured him with a threesome with a gorgeous redhead only for him to fuck the woman, but not her. Two years, Pam deduced, scowling. It had been two long fucking years since Eric, her Maker had touched her sexually… and then he had only fingered her during a threesome. Although, Pam wasn’t sure it could be considered a threesome when only Eric had sex with the woman. She had watched them fuck for hours, and other than the quick finger fuck he had given her in the beginning, neither of them had touched her.

Shaking off the bitter memories, Pam smiled up at Eric. That was then, this was now. Before long she would have her Maker back. He would be all hers again. She felt arousal shoot through her at the thought. Soon the Queen would be dead, and they would be fucking for hours. Pam couldn’t wait. Bette, the woman she had glamoured, would soon stake the bitch Queen, and she would assume her rightful place back at Eric’s side; only this time she would be his Queen and wife.

So lost in her little fantasy, Pam never noticed the look of fury in Eric’s eyes. A cry of shock spilled from her lips as she felt Eric’s hand twist painfully in her hair. “Eric?!” Pam cried, her eyes widening as she finally noticed the expression on his face. “What…” The rest of the words died on her lips as she was hauled unceremoniously out of the bed and dragged toward the destroyed door.

“Do not pollute the air with your wretched voice, Pamela!” Eric growled as he dragged her out of her room and down the almost empty hallway. It took nine hundred years of restraint to keep him from ripping off her head.

For once in her life, Pam did as she was told and remained quiet while Eric dragged her through Freyda’s palace. Fear built up inside her as he took her to a part of the palace she had only ever visited once before… The dungeon.

Years before, Pam had found herself locked in the dungeon awaiting her fate. She had killed Freyda’s favorite pet in jealous rage, and that, along with some other things, had contributed to her being locked up. It was only Eric’s intervention that had held the Queen back from sending her to her final death. Although, Pam recalled bitterly, it had led to Eric marrying the bitch queen. In Pam’s mind, she had done no wrong. The pet was only human and she had attempted to entice her Maker away from her. Pam wouldn’t have been surprised if Freyda hadn’t set the whole thing up just to get Eric for herself.

Pushing the door to the dungeon open, Eric threw his selfish child inside, brushing off her cries as she tumbled to the floor. He eyed her with thinly veiled contempt as he paced back and forth. His anger was at a boiling point and he feared if she opened her wretched mouth, he would send her to her final death without a care. It was only knowing that her little plot didn’t work and Freyda was still among the undead that stayed his hand.

For the first time since they had met, Pam felt real fear as she gazed upon her Maker. She had no idea what was going on, or why he was angry with her, but she didn’t like it. Not once did she consider it might be because of her plot to kill the Queen. In her arrogance, Pam never even contemplated that she might be found out. As far as she was concerned, she was too smart for that. It was one of the reasons Eric turned her. In Pam’s mind, Eric saw her intelligence and strength and knew she was the perfect woman for him.

Pausing mid step, Eric let his head fall back as he closed his eyes. He could feel Freyda getting closer, and knew it would soon be time for Pam to face her punishment. He remembered the last time Pam was locked up in the dungeon and waiting for punishment, but unlike that time, this time there would be no smoke and mirrors. He would not step in at the last minute to try and stop her punishment. He and Freyda would not come up with the elaborate ruse of making Pam believe she was responsible for his pledging to the Queen. This time, she would suffer the consequences of her actions. This time, he would dole out the punishment. He would hold the whip. Eric couldn’t let her crimes go unpunished this time because Pam hadn’t just tried to have his Queen and wife killed. No. She had attempted to kill his child as well.

Eric eyed his youngest child with thinly veiled disgust as the door to the dungeon swung open and Freyda walked through in all her glory. Eric saw the moment Pam realized what had happened flash across her face and it took all his restraint to keep from lashing out and striking her.

“As you can see, Pamela, your plan has failed,” Freyda said coolly as she closed the dungeon door, leaving just the three of them in the room. The room was lit by a series of torches and their shadows flickered on the wall, making the room seem all the more eerie.

Pam flicked her gaze from Eric to Freyda, and then back again. True fear showed in her eyes and she realized just how fucked she really was. She had never seen Eric look so angry and she knew that anger was directed at her. “Eric… Master…” She cried, trying desperately to appeal to his feelings for her.

“Be quiet!” Eric snapped. The last thing he wanted was to hear her childish cries and pleas for help. Even if he wanted to help her, there was nothing he could have done. She had tried to have her Queen killed and been caught. If Freyda wanted, she could take her life as punishment. As he looked at his eldest child, Eric knew she wouldn’t do that. Unlike Pam, Freyda wouldn’t do anything that would cause him pain. Freyda loved him unconditionally. She never tried to lay claim to him like Pam, and it was for that reason he had given her the right to claim him as her husband.

Stepping further in the room, Freyda sneered at Pam. She would have liked nothing more than to have sent the brattish vampire to her True Death, but she knew that would only hurt their Maker, and Freyda would sooner silver herself than do that. She knew Pam would continue to be a problem and one day she would bite off more than she could chew, but even knowing that she couldn’t bring herself to hurt Eric and call for Pam’s True Death. That didn’t mean she wouldn’t make her childish sister suffer for her actions. Thirteen years ago, Pam had killed her beloved pet Cara in a jealous rage because Eric had dared to show an interest in her, and that very evening she had glamoured another one of her pets into trying to stake her. Her actions couldn’t go unpunished.

“Normally, I would ask my prisoners why they committed the crime they did,” Freyda began, her voice low as she circled Pam. “I do not have to ask you that question as I already know the answer. You did it because you are a spoiled, selfish brat who thinks of no one but yourself. You are jealous of me…” Freyda grinned when she heard Pam let out a noise of disagreement. “You are jealous of me because I am where you want to be… In Eric’s bed.” Stopping in front of Pam, Freyda leaned down, twisted her hand in Pam’s hair, and yanked her to her feet. “Eric is my husband. My lover. Some nights he fucks me from dusk to dawn. You may be his child, Pamela, but I am his wife… I am his Queen…” I am his child, was left unsaid, but both Eric and Freyda thought it. “Nothing you can do will change that. My death would not have made you Queen and Eric’s wife. The contract I have with my Regent states in case of my death, he will take my State, but he is not allowed another Queen or wife. He will never marry you… In fact…” Freyda smiled wickedly as she thought up a suitable, long-lasting punishment for Pam. That punishment would come after the physical punishment though.

Before Pam knew what was happening, Freyda had her chained in the center of the dungeon. “Master, please,” she begged as she saw the Queen pick up a whip studded with silver balls. “I’m sorry. Don’t let her…”

Stalking forward, Eric gripped Pam by her jaw and forced her to look directly at him. “You conspired to kill my wife and Queen and you dare plead with me for mercy?” he growled. “I am ashamed to call you my child. However, fear not, child, my wife will not lay the whip upon your flesh…” A look of disgust flashed across Eric’s face as he saw a smug look enter Pam’s eyes, and it was clear to him that she thought she was going to go unpunished. “That responsibility is mine. I will wield the whip…”

“What? No! You can’t,” Pam cried when she saw Freyda hand the whip to Eric and then take a step back.

“I can and I will,” Eric replied as he tested the whip. Moving behind her, Eric gripped the fabric of her nightgown and yanked it down, tearing it from her body. He stripped her naked in the middle of the dungeon.

Gripping the whip tightly, Eric took a step back and swung it a few times before bringing it down hard on her back. He lashed at her pale skin, holding back none of his strength. Eric ignored her cries of pain as he ripped her back, buttocks, and legs apart with the whip. Blood covered her back and Eric nodded in approval before walking around her so he could start on her front. He shut their bond down tightly as he raised the whip again and whipped her breasts, stomach, and thighs. By the time he was finished, Pam was screaming in pain and covered in blood.

Throwing the whip to the side, Eric grabbed Pam’s jaw and made her look at him. “If you ever try to kill my Queen and wife again, I will kill you,” he threatened, deadly serious. He gave Pam a look of disgust before releasing his grip of her and storming out of the dungeon.

Freyda grinned when she saw Eric storm out. She knew he was just outside in the hallway, but he was giving her the time and opportunity to drive the message home. As Pam’s Queen it was not only her right, but her duty as well. Sauntering toward the strung up brat, Freyda lifted her hand and grabbed Pam’s chin, forcing her to look at her. “Your Maker does good work, doesn’t he, Pamela?” She said mockingly as she made a show of running her eyes over Pam’s abused body. “He has such a gift. I’m going to enjoy that gift now…” She let out a soft laugh as she saw the look of hatred in Pam’s eyes. “Oh yes, my dear, while you hang around in here, I am going to go and fuck your Maker. I am going to ride him to sunrise. However, before I go, I wish to impart a little warning on you. I know my Regent has warned you that if you ever attempt to kill me again, he will kill you. But just in case you think he is joking, or he wouldn’t really kill his child, I will offer you another incentive to remain a good little girl. If you attempt to kill me or have me killed again, I will add ten years to the contract I have with my Regent. Any and every attempt your foolish little mind cooks up and you try to implement will add ten years of servitude to the pledging contract. In addition to that I have also decided upon a suitable punishment for your treasonous actions here tonight.” Moving her hand to Pam’s hair, Freyda twisted her fingers in the dirty blonde locks and yanked Pam’s head back. “As Queen of Illinois and pledged wife of Eric the North Man, I am forbidding any sexual relationship between him and Pamela Ravenscroft for the duration of our marriage…”

“No!” Pam screamed. “You can’t do that. I’m his…”

The rest of her words were cut off when Freyda reared back and slapped her as hard as she could. “Being Eric’s child does not mean you can do as you like without consequence. This is the consequence of your actions. Grow up, Pamela!” Freyda snarled before turning on her heel and storming out.

End Flashback

That may have been the last time Pam had tried to kill Freyda, but it hadn’t made her grow up any. She still sulked around the palace like a spoiled brat who had lost her favorite toy. She didn’t care that her behavior reflected badly on him. She was too consumed by her own selfish beliefs to care about anyone else. She had tried numerous times to break Freyda’s order by coming onto him. She had tried to prove that Freyda couldn’t stand between their desires for one another. Much to Pam’s chagrin, she had been rebuffed every time, often in a humiliating fashion. She had blamed Freyda every time, but what she failed to realize was that Eric had no desire to fuck her. He didn’t want her in that way any longer. Even if Freyda hadn’t forbidden it, he still wouldn’t have fucked her.

Pam hated that Eric continued to fuck Freyda whenever he wanted and not just for their yearly re-consummation. Eric grinned as he recalled the tantrum Pam threw when he and Freyda announced that they would re-consummate their marriage in public the year following Pam’s attempt to kill the Queen. Now every time Pam would act up and try and come between them again, they would throw a big party for their anniversary and fuck in the middle of the ballroom so everyone could watch.

Eric groaned as his phone beeped, signaling that he had received another message. He shook his head as he read the latest message from Pam. This time in addition to demanding to know where he was, what he was doing, and whom he was doing it with, she also wanted to know why she couldn’t have gone with him.

Where am I? Away. What am I doing? Business. Who am I with? Eric grinned as he thought up a reply that would surely make her angry. Salome. If there was one vampire Pam hated more than Freyda, it was the biblical whore. The one time they had met, Salome had strung her up by her ankles for an insult and then invited Eric to join her in an orgy. Why couldn’t you come with me? I didn’t want you with me. Eric chuckled as he hit send and sent the message to Pam. He knew she would rant and rave at him once he returned to Illinois, but he couldn’t find it in him to care. He turned his phone off before she had a chance to reply. He had better things to do than sit around in his hotel room and exchange text messages with his obsessive child. He needed to feed, and there was a buxom blonde he had noticed the night before in the hotel vampire dining room that he was aching to sink his fangs into… as well as other things.


Entering the vampire dining room, Eric cast his gaze over the room, noting all the vampires who were there and the donors that were feeding them. He smirked when he saw the vampire who had been tailing him since he passed through Louisiana sitting in a darkened corner enjoying a donor. From the glimpse he got of the woman, Eric realized it was the woman who worked the front desk, and he wondered briefly if the young vampire was attempting to gain his hotel information and make a move on him.

Good luck with that, Eric snorted silently as he took a seat on a sofa in a corner. Finding out what room Eric Northman was staying in would do him no good, as Eric Northman wasn’t staying at that hotel. Leif Ericson was. Regardless of the name he had used to book the hotel room, Eric was far from unprotected during his stay. He was more than capable of protecting himself at night, and during the day he had guards assigned to protect the room. Being Regent of Illinois did have many benefits.

Eric waved off a redheaded donor who approached him, dismissing her completely. He was after a blonde… One blonde in particular.

It was just a few short minutes later when the blonde in question came sauntering in the room. Eric growled as he let his eyes fall over her. In a sea of mediocre, she stood out like a goddess from up high. She had a body made for sin, and Eric felt like sinning. Crooking a finger at her, Eric beckoned her over and patted the seat next to him. “Good evening,” he purred, sex dripping off his tongue.

“Good evenin’, sir,” she drawled as she sat down next to him and crossed her legs, letting her sinfully short red dress slide up her thigh, revealing more of her tanned flesh.

Eric groaned, dragging his heated gaze up her leg. His fingers itched to reach out and touch her skin, wanting to know if it was as soft as it looked. Licking his lips, he moved his gaze up, taking in her ample bosom straining against the thin material of her dress, until he reached her eyes. Eric swore if he still breathed his breath would be caught in his throat right about then. In all his thousand years walking the earth, Eric didn’t think he had ever seen a pair of more beautiful eyes. She had the eyes of an old soul, full of wisdom that her young years could not have afforded her. They seemed endless to him, and he found himself falling in them.

As he cast his gaze over her, Eric was surprised to see no signs of a vampire bite. Her flesh was smooth and without blemish. There was not a single bite mark on her tanned body that he could see; given the dress she was wearing, he could see a lot. In addition to that, there was something else he couldn’t see… Fear. There wasn’t an ounce of fear on her face. Normally, it didn’t matter if they were employed to feed vampires, or offered themselves as a meal and entertainment, there was always a hint of fear in the human. Yet as he stared at the gorgeous blonde beside him, Eric realized she wasn’t scared in the slightest. She had met his gaze head on, something many vampires couldn’t even do.

“What is your name?” Eric asked. He didn’t usually ask. He didn’t care. Humans were nothing more than blood bags he could feed and fuck, but there was something about her that drew him in. He wanted to know her name, so he knew what to shout when he came inside her.

“Scarlet,” Sookie replied, giving the name she used for her job. She kept her eyes locked on his as she crossed her legs and leaned back slightly. She was getting pretty good at reading the vampires who came to the hotel, and she could usually discern what kind of woman they liked. She might not have been able to read their minds, but she could read their bodies. She knew when one wanted someone submissive, she knew when they wanted a quick snack, and she knew when they wanted a challenge. However, looking at the blond God sitting beside her, Sookie realized he just wanted her. There was a heat to his gaze that she hadn’t seen in the eyes of any other vampire. He was practically devouring her with his eyes, and she felt it right down to her core.

“Mmm, Scarlet,” Eric purred as he leaned in closer to her. Taking her hand, he lifted it to his mouth and placed a soft kiss on the back of it before turning it over and running his nose over her wrist, scenting her. Her scent was intoxicating and he couldn’t wait to see if her blood was equally as delicious. “Tell me, Scarlet, do you like working here?”

Sookie licked her lips as she gazed back at him, her eyes drinking him in. “If I say no, you will call me a liar. If I say yes, you will call me a fool,” she replied. “So I will just say it has its moments.”

Eric laughed at her reply, charmed by her candor. He was used to people telling him what they thought he wanted to hear. There weren’t many people who were honest with him when they spoke. In fact, Eric could only think of five different people, all vampires, who were not only honest with him, but saw him as more than some larger than life vampire. His Maker Godric, his eldest child and wife Freyda, his vampire sister Nora, his oldest and closest friend Warlow, and his friend’s child and the Queen of New York Salome.

For someone who was over a thousand years old, having only five people whom he could call ‘friend’ was kind of sad. He couldn’t count his youngest child in that category. Pam would never be his friend, not like his eldest, Freyda. His eldest child was someone he trusted unreservedly. She had been a loyal child, and he loved her for it. It was not a love he could share with Pam. Her selfishness tempered that love. He would never tell her everything for the simple reason he couldn’t trust her. Godric, Freyda, Nora, Warlow, and Salome were the only ones he trusted.

However, as he looked at the stunning blonde before him, Eric sensed if he let himself, he could trust her. There was something about her that called to him. He had never felt such a strong feeling before. He had felt kinship and lust, need and apathy. He had experienced every emotion there was more than once, but never in his thousand years had he ever felt them so strongly about one person.

Leaning into her, Eric ran his eyes over her again before burying his face in the crook of her neck. He growled against her neck, making her squirm as arousal flooded her body. Eric’s eyes rolled in the back of his head at the smell and he felt his cock harden in his pants. “I just want to bite, fuck, and rub myself all over you,” Eric confessed.

Sookie panted as his words caused another shot of arousal to shoot through her. She squeezed her legs together, trying to stave off her arousal as she canted her head to the side, giving Eric better access. “Bl…blood,” she stammered, her body aflame with desire. “Just… a blood… donor.”

Eric made a noise of acknowledgement, but made no attempt to move. Rubbing his face against her neck, Eric darted his tongue out and ran it over her smooth flesh. If he thought she smelled good, it was nothing compared to her taste… And he hadn’t tasted her properly yet. But, oh how he wanted to. He wanted the taste of her blood in his mouth, and pussy on his lips. He needed to touch her, to taste her, to have her.

Placing his hand on her leg, Eric slowly slid it upward, his fingers exploring her flesh. He grinned against her neck when he felt her spread her legs slightly, giving him access to what he was craving. Eric’s eyes widened in surprise and he cursed when he realized she wasn’t wearing any panties. She was bare, hot, and very, very wet. Eric teased her with a finger, brushing it lightly over her clit as he sank his fangs into her neck. The second her blood touched his tongue Eric was lost. He knew nothing would ever taste as good ever again, and he needed more.

Pulling back, Eric sealed the wound and licked his lips. He kept his eyes on hers as he pressed his fingers to her more firmly. “I want everything you have to offer,” he growled.

“I…I’m… Just a bl… Blood donor,” Sookie panted as she gripped the edge of the sofa.

Leaning in closer to her again, Eric put his lips to her ear, “I want more. I need more. And you do too. Yield to me.” Pulling back slightly, Eric could see the desire in her eyes, feel it on his fingers, and he knew she wanted it as badly as him. “I want to touch you, taste you, and fuck you. I want to feel…” Eric cupped her sex with his hand, “this wrapped around my cock. Give me your body and blood tonight. I will give you five thousand dollars…”

Five thousand dollars… Sookie knew it would take her months to make that kind of money just working the lounge. She didn’t make much more at the hotel than she did when she was working at Merlotte’s. She made enough to survive, but given how Adele had medical bills piling up and Hadley was too lazy to get off her ass and get a job, it wasn’t enough. Five thousand dollars in one night would go a long way in easing the financial burden that seemed to rest on her shoulders.

“Okay,” Sookie replied, not a hint of shame in her voice as she agreed. She knew a lot of people might shame her for agreeing, they would call her every name under the sun but those people didn’t have to walk a mile in her shoes. They didn’t live her life, they didn’t have her problems, and they sure as hell didn’t offer her any help. So those people could go and fuck themselves. Staring into Eric’s eyes, Sookie nodded in agreement. “Okay,” she repeated. “I’m all yours for the night. Meet me in your room in twenty minutes.”

Eric grinned wolfishly as he slipped his hand out from between her legs. He kept his eyes on hers as he brought his fingers to his lips and sucked them into his mouth. He made a show of sucking them clean, savoring her taste. She tasted better than he imagined and he couldn’t wait to bury his face between her legs. Rising to his feet, Eric stood in front of her and adjusted himself, letting her get a glimpse of what was in her future. “Twenty minutes,” he agreed before strolling out the lounge.


Present Day

“That was the longest twenty minutes of my life,” Sookie said, recalling the night that changed her life forever. It may have been her first meeting with Warlow that cemented that change, but it was Eric who started the ball rolling. Warlow had told her what she was, but Eric showed her what she could be. He had given her the courage to do what was necessary to start her life up again. It may have happened in an unconventional way, but he started her on the path.
“It felt like an eternity to me as well,” Eric admitted. He could recall that night with perfect clarity as well as the nights that followed. The memories of those nights had brought him pleasure repeatedly over the years that followed. Cupping her face in his hands, Eric stroked his thumbs over her cheek. “After those few nights I could never get you out of my head,” he confessed, drinking in her features. He couldn’t believe after six years she was right here in front of him. After he had reluctantly left her back in Louisiana, Eric had done everything in his power to try and forget the woman who had ensnared him with her sinful kisses, supple flesh, and tight heat. He had fallen back on old habits and tried to fuck her out of his system. In the weeks, months, and years that followed, Eric suspected he had fucked every fangbanger and donor in the state of Illinois, not to mention all the women he had met and seduced at bars, clubs, and business meetings. Some nights he had been taking four or five women a night just in an attempt to forget about his blonde-haired vixen. The only woman he hadn’t touched was Pam, much to her chagrin. Freyda had been the one to take the brunt of his frustration, not that she had complained. In the six months that followed his return to Illinois, there hadn’t been a single night he hadn’t taken his wife in one way or another.

It was only after Eric fucked both the wife and daughter of the Governor of Illinois and almost ruined a deal Freyda was trying complete, did she say something. She didn’t mind letting Eric use her body for his lust and frustration; in fact, she kind of liked it. What wasn’t there to like about rising most nights to a Viking primed and ready to pillage, or ending most nights with him buried balls-deep inside of you? Freyda certainly had no complaints. However, when Eric fucked the wife of the Governor at a fundraiser they had attended together, and then a few hours later, deflowered their eighteen year old daughter, Freyda started to object. Eric’s actions could have cost her a multi-million dollar investment, and she wasn’t happy. She had told her Maker, pledged, and Regent to stop fucking around, literally in one sense, and do something. If after two years his mind was still consumed with the thought of his little hellcat, he should go back and get her. Freyda had screamed at him to stop acting like a love sick fool and be a fucking Viking.

As he stared at her, Eric wondered if she ever knew he had gone back for her. It might have taken him two years, but he had gone back to that hotel, hoping to find his hellcat again. Unfortunately for Eric, by the time he had returned Sookie had already quit, and there had been no record of her at the hotel. No amount of searching or threatening could help him find her, and he had returned to Illinois dejected, cursing himself for waiting so long. He had travelled to Louisiana a few times over the last several years, and each time he had looked for his blonde-haired beauty, always without luck. It was on his last trip eighteen months earlier that he had come across Willa and taken her as a pet.

Look how well that turned out, he snorted. The woman had gone from sweet and kind to obsessed and bitchy in the space of two months. When he had first met her, Willa had been working as a waitress after being disowned by her parents. Eric had enjoyed her company and offered to pay for her to go back to college in exchange for her blood, body, and said company. Willa had jumped at the chance, wanting to go back to college and finish her education. It was a shame she had dropped out a few months after enrolling.

“I tried,” Eric continued, chuckling ruefully. “Did I ever try, but I never could. You got under my skin, Miss Stackhouse. You got in my blood.” Leaning forward, Eric rested his forehead against hers. “Thinking about you became an annoying habit, but one I never wanted to be free of.”

“I thought of you, too,” Sookie confessed. How could she have not thought about him? Not only did he change her life, he also gave her the most intense pleasure she had ever had. No one had ever measured up to her blond god. She wouldn’t lie and say she hadn’t enjoyed sex since him; she had. She had enjoyed it often and with many different partners, but no one had ever taken her to the heights of pleasure that Eric had. “I’d see somethin’ that reminded me of ya, and I’d be back in that hotel room, naked with my legs spread wide.”

Eric groaned as he pictured just that and he felt his pants tighten uncomfortably. He would have loved nothing more than to make the image come to life. He wanted her naked, on her back, with her legs spread wide in his bed… Or on that bench, he wasn’t fussy. Unfortunately for both of them they had a party they had to get back to. He was the guest of honor, while she was working. “I intend to have you that way again soon,” Eric growled. Running his eyes over her body, Eric licked his lips as he imagined all the ways he would take her as soon as he had the chance.

“Promise?” Sookie replied with a saucy grin.

“I guarantee it,” Eric said as he pulled back and dropped his hands to her legs. “And in case you forgot, I always deliver.” He kept his eyes on hers as he moved his hands up her legs and slipped them under her dress. He pouted playfully as his fingers brushed against her panties. “I prefer you without,” he added cheekily.

Arching a brow, Sookie smirked at him as she raised her hips slightly and lifted herself off the seat. “Then remove them,” she replied challengingly.

Eric smirked as he hooked his fingers into her boy shorts and slowly tugged them down her shapely legs. Once they were around her ankles, he lifted her feet, one foot at a time and picked her panties up. His eyes never left hers as he brought the red lace to his nose and inhaled her scent.

Sookie moaned as she watched him. She clenched her legs as she felt arousal flood her body. Her breath came out in short, sharp pants as she felt Eric put his hands on her legs again. She could feel the softness of her boy shorts brushing against her legs as he put pressure on them to spread them open.

Eric licked his lips as he dropped his gaze to her spread legs. His eyes drank her in, memorizing every little detail. “Lean back,” he ordered, lifting his gaze to her face quickly before dropping back down. He could almost taste her on his tongue; he couldn’t wait to sample her delicious flavor again.

Sookie smiled naughtily before leaning back on the bench, resting on her elbows. She spread her legs further, letting Eric get a better look. Some women might have been embarrassed to bare themselves in such a way, especially in a place anyone could walk in, but not her. She loved the naughtiness of it. The thought that they might get caught just turned her on more.

Eric shoved her boy shorts in his pocket quickly before lowering his head and burying his face in her crotch. Her smell was intoxicating and he couldn’t wait to taste her. He had waited far too long to have her again. Darting his tongue out, Eric lapped at her sex, groaning at her flavor. She tasted even better than he remembered. Putting one of her legs over his shoulder, Eric was just about to slide a finger in her dripping sex when he heard the sound of heels on the pathway leading to the gazebo.

“Is this one of the special services you provide…”


33 thoughts on “Masque of the Red Death: Chapter One

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