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AMOIFNMQVV TTS Banner by EricIzMineBehind the Public Masks 1Sex_on_fire_bannerLong Hard Road Out of HellSomewhere Down the RoadThe Long and Winding RoadBless the Broken RoadFurther On Up The RoadSin BG

Hopeless copy

LtVnThe Anniversary

17 thoughts on “Completed Stories

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  2. Just left a comment at the end of M of I. Forgot to ask if any of your stories are a sequel to that one. Is there any order you recommend reading the stories? I have read some a while ago but don’t seem to notice a pattern. Thanks for all the fun. xx


  3. Just been re-reading your awesome stories and I noticed that Immortal Love is no longer listed…Will you be returning to that story?
    Thanks for sharing your creative talent you truly are a wonderful storyteller πŸ™‚


  4. I’ve finally read everything you’ve written and I must say that except for EIM you are my favorite fic writer. You have the imagination to write so many stories without repeating yourself. Good skills with lemons and battles and a healthy send of humor. Thank you for your gifts to us.

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  5. Have always been a fan of your stories. I have one on PDF only, Immortal Love that I absolutely adore, just finished re-reading again. Since it was written so long ago, I assume you have no interest in finishing now. It was wonderful and if you ever decide to return to it, I’m sure the response would be very positive.


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