Lifting the Veil: Chapter Seven


LtVnChapter Seven

With Eric’s hand held securely in hers, Sookie led him through the Authority compound, stopping to get a couple of bottles of blood before heading towards the conference room. “Security is really lax around here,” she complained as she made her way to a plush looking sofa. “I’m really gonna have to talk to Roman about it.” She arched a brow as she watched Eric, waiting to see what he would do, whether he would trust her or not.

Eric paused for a mere second before dropping down on the sofa opposite Sookie. Despite everything that had happened over the last few nights, Eric still, at his very core, trusted Sookie. He was still hurting over her rejection and curious about her new/old life, but he couldn’t deny nor hide his trust in her. “So why does your friend smell like my child?” He asked, getting straight down to it. He still wasn’t sure if it was completely safe to talk, but he desperately needed to know what had happened. “How did she end up here?”

“Debbie Pelt,” Sookie replied, growling slightly as she uttered the dead Were’s name. Seeing Eric arch a brow in question, Sookie let out a humorless laugh as she raked a hand through her tangled locks. “The night I…” She trailed off, the words getting stuck in her throat. The night you what, Sookie? Rejected someone you love cause ya were a coward? She scolded herself. One look at Eric told her he knew what night to which she was referring and she averted her eyes as she cleared her throat and reached for a bottle of blood. She grimaced as she took a large mouthful and had to fight the urge to spit it out. “Yuck! That tastes worse than Were blood.” She forced herself to finish it before placing the empty bottle on the table and once again meeting Eric’s amused gaze. “When I got home Debbie was in my house and she had my shotgun…”

Eric listened as Sookie explained what happened, his eyebrows rising in shock as she told him how she, human Sookie, had killed Debbie without hesitation after the Werebitch had shot Tara. Maybe this Sookie and my Sookie aren’t that different after all, he mused. He wouldn’t have thought his Sookie would’ve had it in her to kill someone who had been disarmed and was begging for her life, but she had. She had done what was necessary, but not what most people would consider right. In his eyes, she had done the right thing, but he knew most humans wouldn’t think so. He felt a stab of pain when he realized that was the fear and pain he felt from her that night. He had been so angry and hurt that he had intentionally ignored her. Fuck Sookie… He winced as he recalled saying those words to Bill and he chastised himself for it…

I could have lost her.

Pam showed up a few minutes later,” Sookie continued, telling him how Pam had shown up and Lafayette had asked her to turn Tara. “If only I’d have known then what I know now, I wouldn’t have done it…”

“So let me get this straight,” Eric said, interrupting her. His tone was deadly calm and a stark contrast to the anger brewing inside him. “Pam agreed to turn your friend on the condition you make it right between me and her and you now owe her a favor.

“Yes,” Sookie nodded as she folded her legs under her. “It was before I remembered how sacred the blood is, how special it is to be a Maker. I wouldn’t have agreed if I remembered.”

Eric clenched his fists as he listened to Sookie, his anger growing hotter by the second. Sookie may not have known how sacred the blood was at that time, but Pam did. She knew the importance of what it meant to be a Maker. It, like the blood, was sacred. Being a Maker was an honor, a privilege. It wasn’t something to take lightly, and it wasn’t something you did as a deal.

“Nevertheless, your friend is here at the Authority because Pam abandoned her once she rose,” Eric growled, his anger leaking through. “She left a newborn vampire whom she knew would be hostile with a fairy and a human.”

“Yes,” Sookie said simply.

“That lazy, selfish fucking brat!” Eric cursed in Swedish. He couldn’t believe Pam could be so selfish as to turn someone so undeserving for personal gain… No, that was a lie. He could believe it. It was typical Pam of late and he was fed up with it and with her. For the first time since he had turned her over a hundred years ago, Eric regretted it. He had always been proud of Pam. Her dedication and loyalty to him had been something in which he had taken great pride. He had never doubted her devotion to him, but now he was beginning to realize it was a double-edged sword. What he once called dedication, loyalty, and devotion were now bordering on, if not complete, obsession. She believed because she was his child she had the right to interfere in every aspect of his life and know everything about him. Her jealous and selfish behavior was growing tiresome.

Her disdain for Sookie was annoying at the worst and totally unacceptable. He was still furious over her actions at the Moon Goddess Emporium. She had disobeyed him and could have killed Sookie. Eric was aware her claims that she knew the barrier would stop the rocket were lies. He had felt them. She had wanted Sookie to die. She had claimed she was doing it to protect him, she wouldn’t let him die for Sookie, but Eric also knew that Pam was well aware that the bullets in the guns were regular bullets. She knew they wouldn’t have killed him.

Eric took some of the blame for Pam’s behavior; after all, he had let her get her own way with her selfish and spoiled ways for years, but no more. He was done pandering to her and he would no longer allow her to have a say on what he did. She was a Maker now; it was time she stood on her own two feet. He knew Pam wouldn’t be happy about it, and she would no doubt throw one of her childish tantrums, but it was about time she learned actions had consequences, and the consequences of her actions were that she now had a child to look after and support. A child who hated her and she hated.

Sookie’s eyes widened as she listened to Eric let out a string of curses in Swedish and she had to fight back a snort of laughter. Human Sookie would have argued with him and come to Pam’s defense, even though she didn’t like her, but she wouldn’t. She wouldn’t make excuses or claim it was for the best. Sookie might have had the excuse of not remembering at the time, but she would still accept a portion of the blame. Pam was completely different. She did remember. Sookie wouldn’t offer any excuses or plead for understanding from Eric as she knew if the roles had been reversed and one of her children had turned a human on a deal she would have been furious. She would have punished her child and there would have been a strong possibility she would have staked the undeserving child. Eric still had that right if he chose to exercise it.

“I never thought my child and Compton would have something in common,” Eric said after a few minutes silence.

Sookie grimaced at Eric’s words, but she couldn’t refute them. Bill had abandoned Jessica after she had first been turned… That reminds me, I need to have a word with Roman about that. Forcing children on vampires as a punishment should never happen, Sookie thought. “Then I guess we have something in common,” Sookie said, taking Eric by surprise. She let out a small laugh as she saw his confused look. “Tonight I will take Tara back to her Maker and Pam will take responsibility for her,” she explained.

Pam is going to be in for quite the shock. Eric smirked as he imagined the look on Pam’s face as Sookie returned her child to her and laid down the law. Knowing his brat they way he did, Eric knew she wouldn’t be happy about it, and she would no doubt throw a tantrum and maybe even try to bully Sookie or call in her debt… Eric frowned as he thought about that. He didn’t like the idea of Sookie being in Pam’s debt. Or rather, he didn’t like the reason she was in Pam’s debt. There should be no debt because Pam should have never turned Tara.

“From what I have seen of your friend, I don’t believe she will be happy about it either,” Eric replied, choosing to deal with the debt once he saw Pam. She wouldn’t be happy with what he was planning, but he was beyond caring. It was time she grew up and stopped relying on others to do her work for her. “From the few times I have encountered Tara, she seems very hostile to vampires and Pam in general.” For the tenth time since he found out just a short while earlier, Eric had to wonder what the hell Pam was thinking in turning Tara. The woman was filled with anger and had tried to stake him, joined a coven of anti-vampire witches, and helped them try to make all vampires in his area walk into the sun. Nothing about her said she would be a good or happy vampire.

Sookie groaned as she let her head fall back against the back of the sofa. “That’s the understatement of the century,” she said. She took in an unneeded breath and held it in, letting the useless oxygen burn her lungs before blowing it out. “I spoke to her earlier,” she continued, lifting her head and leaning forward to grab another bottle of Tru Blood. “She’s angry as hell and doing her usual thing of playing the victim and lashing out at everyone… Pam’s in for a real treat.”

Eric couldn’t help but laugh at her words, realizing the truth. His child had no idea what she had gotten herself into and it served her right for being so selfish. He found himself quite looking forward to seeing her reaction when she found out that not only would she have to look after and teach Tara how to survive as a vampire, but she would also now have to look after and support herself as well. While he would always be her Maker, she was a Maker now herself and as such, she would have led by example, just as he and his Maker had before him. Pam would never be taken seriously as a Maker or a vampire by her own child or other vampires if she continued to rely on him as she had done. It would make her look weak. A year ago, Eric had told her it was her time to become a Maker and now she had, although not in the way he hoped. She would have to rise to the challenge and prove that she could handle it. If she couldn’t he would send Tara to her final death and Pam would be punished.

He stared at Sookie as the last thought entered his head and he couldn’t help but wonder what her reaction would be if he had to destroy Tara. Would she hate him for killing her childhood friend? Or would she understand? He wasn’t sure he could take her hating him. He knew she came pretty close to hating him after the whole Russell fiasco and revealing of Bill’s true agenda…

But that was human Sookie, fairy Sookie, Eric told himself. This Sookie is… What is this Sookie? Who is she? Is she still the woman I fell in love with? Does that Sookie still exist? She looks like her, walks like her, but she’s different. She’s… She’s happier. She’s more…

“Ask me whatever it is that has you thinking so hard,” Sookie said softly, seeing the wheels turning in his mind.

“Your friend,” Eric began, trying to choose his words carefully so she didn’t fly off the handle in true Sookie fashion. “If Pam refuses to care for her, to teach her, or can’t rise to the challenge, or your friend is resistant and uncooperative then…”

“I won’t interfere,” Sookie said, guessing where he was going. She gave him a small smile, silently telling him she wasn’t angry or upset in the slightest about what he was trying to say. “Tara is Pam’s child, and Pam is yours. If Pam refuses to rise to the challenge of what being a Maker really is, or Tara continues to be an angry and bitter bitch, well… The decision is yours. I won’t argue with you or blame you for whatever it is you decide to do.” She paused for a minute as she weighed what she wanted to say next. Knowing Eric needed to know she wouldn’t hold anything against him if he staked Tara, she met his gaze unwaveringly as she added, “If the decision had been reversed and it was one of my children who turned her on a deal, I would’ve already staked her and my child would have been chained in silver for the next five years.” She kept her gaze on Eric’s as she continued, making sure he understood everything she was saying. “I understand what it means to be a Maker. It’s not something to take lightly. It’s an honor. I know that; I taught my children that, and they taught theirs, and I know they taught theirs…”

Eric was taken aback by her words, not expecting them, but he could see the truth in her eyes. She meant everything she said and he was strangely grateful and happy about it. He could’ve taken it as more proof that she wasn’t his Sookie anymore. After all, his Sookie would have never had said that and given him permission to send her friend to the true death if necessary, but he didn’t. He had once told her not to use words she didn’t understand when she asked if Godric was his Maker; now he understood she did understand what it meant to be a Maker. She understood, perhaps better than anyone else. She was a Maker herself. She knew what it meant, and she knew not everyone had what it took to survive as a vampire.

“I should’ve never asked Pam to turn her, and Pam should’ve never agreed,” Sookie continued reiterating her earlier points. “Truthfully? The only reason Tara is still alive… or undead at the moment is because of Lafayette. He’s lost enough recently; I don’t want him to suffer anymore if I can help it, but I’ve told Tara from now I’m done bailing her ass out of trouble. She’s Pam’s responsibility now, and, either Pam steps up or she doesn’t. I have more things to worry about.”

“Like Russell.”

“Ugh,” Sookie groaned, letting her head fall back against the back of the sofa again. “Like Russell, The Sanguinista Movement, and the fucking Fae. Ya know, when I did what I did, I told Roman to use my disappearance to draw The Sanguinista Movement out, make them stand by their beliefs if they’re so strong. Instead, those bastards are more hidden than ever, but still managed to seize power, and, now they’ve adopted Russell fucking Edgington as a fucking leader, made him a martyr. This whole thing stinks, and, I’m not sure whom I can trust. There’s a traitor amongst us…”

“Within The Authority?” Eric asked, seeking clarification.

“Yes. It’s the only explanation,” Sookie replied as she leaned forward. “No one outside The Authority knew you had been tasked with killing Edgington… and by the way, I gave Roman hell for that. Killing that nutjob should have never fallen to you. It should have been The Authorities’ responsibility. It was what it was created for, keeping the peace and all that shit…”

Eric opened his mouth to object, but paused as he thought over what she said. She was right. Given his history with Edgington, what The Authority knew about, and his age, killing Russell should have never been his responsibility. At least, not solely his responsibility. The Authority should have provided him with back up at the very least.

Sookie smiled sadly as she saw the look of comprehension on Eric’s face. She couldn’t help but wonder if he would blame her for it once he knew the truth. He had been targeted due to his connection to her… the one he didn’t even know about yet. “There’s a reason it was left to you,” she said softly, “but here and now is not the place to get into it.” She would tell Eric the truth, he deserved it, but she wouldn’t do it in the middle of The Authority’s headquarters. She wasn’t sure whom she could trust, and she wasn’t about to go spilling family secrets. No, there would be time for that later. Once they were all out of the building, and away from the prying eyes of the Chancellors, Sookie would tell him. She would tell them all.

Looks like it’s time for a family reunion….


43 thoughts on “Lifting the Veil: Chapter Seven

  1. So glad to see an update to this story! I completely re-read Marriage of Inconvenience over the last couple of nights, so I’ll start this one over again. I remember Bill’s comeuppance; I’ll revel in that once again 🙂


  2. Thank you for the update — I can’t wait for Pam to meet Vampire Sookie who I imagine will not put up with her crap. I am on the fence about staking Tara — but if she keeps being a bitch bye bye.


  3. Glad to see this story back on the books. I’ve enjoyed it from the very beginning.
    I DO hope Tara ends up being staked and Pam being punished!
    Eric’s right, Pam has been a spoiled brat and it’s time she shit or got off the pot (paraphrasing of course). I know she has it in her to be an awesome Maker, just look at her role model, but I don’t think Tara is it, never have thought so.
    Welcome back to one of my favorite stories :D.


    • Thank you. I’ll admit, even I don’t know which way it’ll go. I need to do a bit of brainstorming for the fic. I do know that no one will put up with Pam’s bull any longer. She’s about to meet the rest of the bloodline and she’s in for a shock.


      • I cannot wait! I’ve been waiting for forever for her to get her comeuppance!
        She’s been getting it in Answer To the Master, unfortunately real life bit one of them in the you know what so they haven’t been able to write/post in a while :(.
        Any way, LOVE Lifting the Veil, hopefully you’ll have time and the opportunity to brainstorm and write.
        Just as an FYI I’m a much better brainstormer than I am author, lol, if you need someone to bat ideas off of.


      • She’ll get it, I promise. We (SunsetQueens) have actually started writing together again and almost have the story completely written. Once we do the updates will start again.


  4. Can’t wait to see Sookie laying down the law to Pam. Hehe! I almost hope Pam doesn’t step up, because I’ve never liked Tara any way. She needs staking! I’m also looking forward to more Eric/Sookie interaction.
    Can’t wait for more 🙂


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  6. I know I should have commented on each chapter, but I wasn’t where it was a good idea. Now I’m home and I’ve run out of chapters. This story is awesome. You’ve taken the characters and the world and made it yours. I LOVE that Roman (and Dieter?) are Sookie’s children. It’s too bad that Godric is gone. I think he would have been glad that Sookie was back to her real self. I hope to see more of this story soon.


    • Thank you. I really need to get back to writing this again properly. I love the story myself. Roman is Sookie’s child, and Dieter is Roman’s. I tried to think of a way to put Godric in it, but I couldn’t. I would’ve loved for him to still be around.


  7. Glad to see this story updated. Eric has a lot to deal with trying to get his spoiled brat of a child to bare responsibility for herself, her child and her decisions. A Sookie with some sense is a breath of fresh air.


  8. I just decided to give this story a try since new Eric-Sookie stories are getting harder to come by. I really enjoyed what you have so far and am curious to see where you’re taking it.


  9. I really like this story, and I’m so glad you’ve returned to it. I hope you continue to focus on this story. It’s so different than anything else out there… that I’ve read anyway. Well done…


  10. (Sookie) She kept her gaze on Eric’s as she continued, making sure he understood everything she was saying. “I understand what it means to be a Maker. It’s not something to take lightly. It’s an honor. I know that; I taught my children that, and they taught theirs, and I KNOW they taught theirs…”
    How does she know? Why the stress on that word? Is Eric related to Sookie? Like her great-great (however many) vamp grandson?
    And then this – “He had been targeted due to his connection to her… the one he didn’t even know about yet.” Another hint about a relationship of some sort?


  11. I’ve just read this for a 2nd time – I so love Sookie’s character. Please, please update soon! I want to see how Pam & Tara deal with super Sookie! Thanks for a great story!


  12. I am mobile so please excuse any errors.
    To those asking:
    If i’m reading the lineage correctly Sookie is Roman’s maker and he was Godric’s, then Eric, Pam, Tara.
    Love this story and am rather anxious for an update.


  13. Queen of area five, not to rush but if you don’t get the next chapter on soon, I am going to have a anxiety attack. Please finish. I’ve read this three times and I am sucked in.


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