Wild and Wicked

Wild and Wicked

Wild and Wicked

There was a swagger to Eric’s step as he walked into his best friend’s bedroom. Every inch of his body radiated smugness and he couldn’t wait to share with Ben why he was feeling that way. He had never felt happier… Well, that wasn’t the entire truth. He had felt happier about an hour earlier… Much, much happier. Eric smirked at Ben while he kicked off his sneakers and dropped down on the bed beside him. “So…” He began, drawing the single word out as he put his hands behind his head and relaxed on the bed. “Guess who just got their dick sucked…” Eric laughed when he saw Ben’s eyes widen in surprise.

“No way!” Ben exclaimed, staring at his best friend. “How? When? Who?” He rattled the questions off in quick succession while he propped himself up on one elbow beside Eric. “What was it like?” Ben was more than curious, not yet having experienced it for himself. He might have dated a bit, but none of his girlfriends had sucked him off. He had received a few hand jobs by a few of his girlfriends as well as from Eric. The two of them had been having jerking parties for a couple of years, and would often jerk off the other. However, that was a private thing between the two of them. Ben was sure if their football buddies ever found out, they would call them fags and label them as gay, but neither Ben nor Eric thought of themselves that way. They were just really close friends who enjoyed jerking off. So what did it matter if Eric would sometimes stroke Ben’s cock or vice versa? It didn’t change who they were.

Eric smirked smugly as he thought about the blowjob he had received earlier. “When? About an hour ago,” he replied, preparing to tell Ben all the details. The two of them told each other everything. There was nothing they wouldn’t share. Ben told Eric how Violet Mazurski had given him a hand job on their first date, and Eric told Ben how he had fingered Isabel Beaumont behind the bleachers at school after football practice. Eric and Ben had enjoyed a good jerking party when Eric told his friend how he made Isabel cum. “Who?” Eric paused, deliberately stretching the silence as Ben waited with baited breath for the answer. “Claudette Crane!”

“Fuck off, no way… Claudette?” Ben blurted out as he sat up on the bed. “She’s a senior, and…” He held his hands in front of his chest, inferring that she was stacked in the chest department. Ben had popped more than one woody watching Claudette during cheerleading practice. “How did it happen? I thought she was dating that dick Herveaux.”

“She is, but he fucked off to Penn State this year, didn’t he?” Eric replied with a half shrug. “Rumor has it he’s been fucking around up there. Anyway, who cares? She sucked my dick,” Eric grabbed his crotch as he spoke, squeezing his dick. “And…” He smirked while he sat up on the bed and leaned back against the headboard. “Flashed me her breasts…”

“And?” Ben questioned, wanting to know the thing that most of the boys on the football team wanted to know.

“Totally real,” Eric said smugly. “Isabel’s full of shit. Claudette doesn’t stuff her bra. Believe me; I got a real close look at them, and a good feel too,” Eric mimicked coping a feel, showing Ben how he touched Claudette.

“How the fuck did this happen?” Ben asked, dying to know. Eric and Claudette didn’t usually move in the same circles with Eric being a junior and Claudette being a senior. As far as Ben knew, the only time they interacted was during football matches.

“Well, I was just…”

Several Hours Earlier…

 Eric threw his sports bag over his shoulder as he walked out of the locker room. He swore Coach Mott was trying to kill him with all the extra practice he was making him do. None of the rest of the team had to run an extra five laps after practice. Okay, so none of the others had mouthed off to the assistant coach and called him a fucktard, but Eric was only being truthful. Assistant Coach Madden was a fucking idiot and should have been fired years ago. He knew shit about football and it was rumored he only kept his job because he was fucking someone on the Board of School Directors.

Eric had only taken a few steps outside the locker room when the sound of sniffling drew his attention and he snapped his head around to see from where it was coming. He let out a groan when his eyes landed on the clearly distressed Claudette Crane. He was no good with crying girls, and he was considering turning around and leaving her to it when the image of his mom flashed through his mind. Eric knew if his mom, Pamela Northman, found out he ignored a crying girl she would give him hell. She was always trying to make him act more sensitively… I’m a fucking guy. What the fuck do I care about being sensitive? That shit’s for pansies. Still, his mom would probably ground his ass if he ignored Claudette. And… Claudette was fucking hot! She was the head cheerleader and had a rack that made him drool. He could put up with her crying as long as he could sneak a peek at her breasts when she wasn’t looking. 

Blowing out a breath, Eric turned around and made his way a few feet down the hallway toward the crying brunette. “Claudette?” He said, trying to keep his voice light as not to startle her. “Are you okay?” He asked as he stopped by what he realized was her locker. He wrinkled his nose as he saw the picture of Claudette and her boyfriend, Alcide Herveaux, taped to the inside of her locker. What the fuck does she see in that meathead? Everyone knows he’s a fucking dick. 

Claudette blinked back her tears and hastily wiped at her face as she turned to face Eric. She thought everyone had already left and she was alone. She didn’t want anyone to see her crying, least of all her cheerleading friends. They might have been popular and peppy, but they could also be cruel and vicious as hell. Claudette knew for a fact her second in command, Luna Garza, would use her little breakdown to her advantage if she could. Luna had been eyeing the head cheerleader position since the beginning of school and Claudette refused to give it up for the bitchy brunette. She worked her ass off to get where she was. She might not have been as smart as her sister, Claudine, but she was damn talented when it came to cheerleading. She was athletic, limber, and could rile a crowd like no one else. “Oh, hi, Eric,” Claudette replied, faking a cheerful tone. “Yeah, I’m fine. I was just…” She trailed off as she burst into tears again. 

Eric shuffled uncomfortably while he watched Claudette cry. He was sure he should try and comfort her in someway, but he didn’t have a clue as to how. Every time he had been around a crying woman someone else had always taken care of her. His dad took care of his mom, his mom took care of his little sister, and a bottle of Johnny Walker took care of his grandma. He wracked his brain for what to do as he stared at Claudette. “What’s wrong?” He asked, not entirely sure he wanted to know, but he thought she couldn’t cry if she was talking… Or at least he hoped she couldn’t.

“Nothing,” Claudette hiccupped before throwing herself at Eric, wrapping her arms around him and crying into his chest. “I’m fine.” 

Eric stiffened when he felt Claudette press herself against him and he willed his body not to react as he hesitantly lifted his arms and wrapped them loosely around her, trying to give her comfort. “Where’s ya sister?” He asked, hoping that Claudine would magically appear and take the crying Claudette away… Or press her ample cleavage to his back. Now’s not the time to be thinking about a Crane sandwich, Eric chided himself half-heartedly.

“Claudine’s taking part in the debate with Jefferson High at their school tonight,” Claudette answered, her voice muffled by his chest, not that it would have mattered if she were there. Claudine had already told her sister she didn’t have time for her silly little problems. All Claudine cared about was padding her file as much as possible to appear attractive to all the different colleges where she was applying. The younger of the Crane triplets had her future all planned out and she wouldn’t let her sister’s heartbreak stand in her way of getting what she wanted. 

Eric frowned as he realized Claudine wouldn’t magically appear and see to the upset Claudette. He patted Claudette on the back like he had seen his mother do when his little sister Nora was upset, hoping it would have the same affect on the brunette who was still crying into his chest. “Do you need a lift home?” He asked once the silence between them grew uncomfortable. He suspected that if Claudine had already left she had taken the car the Crane sisters shared, leaving Claudette to walk home. He thought it rather selfish of Claudine. It was a school debate she was taking part in so it wasn’t as if she needed the car to get there. The school always made sure their students got to and from their matches, be it academic or sports. 

“Yes,” Claudette whispered as he lifted her head and took a step back. Claudine had taken off with their car after their final lesson, despite knowing Claudette had cheerleader practice after school. Claudine could have gotten a lift home with their brother Claude, but in her usual, ‘everything is about me’ attitude, Claudine hadn’t bothered to think about Claudette’s need to get home once her practice was over. 

Eric nodded as he pushed his sports bag strap up his shoulder. He wouldn’t be going too far out of his way by taking Claudette home, and then he could go see Ben on his way back and maybe stay at the Warlow’s for dinner. Mab was a far better cook than his mom and didn’t try to feed her family healthy shit all the time. Reaching into Claudette’s locker before she shut it, Eric grabbed a pair of sunglasses and handed them to her. “So no one knows ya’ve been crying,” he said with a small smile. He knew how bitchy some of the members of the cheering squad could be. His on again-off again girlfriend, Isabel, was one of the bitchiest. She was always spreading shit about the other girls from Claudette stuffing her bra to Rikki Naylor fucking the basketball team. Isabel was a complete bitch and Eric only put up with her because she would jerk him off and let him finger her… Then again, he knew he wasn’t the only one she was jerking off. Isabel might not have known he was aware, but he knew she was messing around with Andre Paul. Eric couldn’t say he was bothered by it; he and Isabel weren’t exclusive and they had been off again since before school started.

Claudette smiled through her tears and she took the sunglasses and slipped them on. She was grateful he had thought of it as in the state she was in it had never entered her mind. “Thank you,” she whispered while she shut and locked up her locker. Picking up her pink sports bag, Claudette slipped it over her shoulder and gave Eric a tiny smile before making her way down the hallway.

Eric took a second to check out Claudette’s ass before following her, catching her up in three easy strides. The two of them walked to his car in silence, neither of them knowing what to say. They couldn’t say they were friends, or even knew much about the other. Eric knew Claudette was the head cheerleader and dating the douchebag Alcide Herveaux, but that was about all he knew. He only knew where she lived due to Ben living on two streets away. He had passed the Crane home countless times when he was going to see his best friend.

Once they reached his car, Eric let Claudette put her bag in the trunk before tossing his in and moving to the driver’s side. Climbing in behind the wheel, Eric leaned over and opened the passenger’s side door for Claudette letting her in. He whispered a silent thank you to his Dad while he watched Claudette climb in the car, her skirt riding up and flashing him a bit of leg. His Mom might have balked at the thought of buying her eldest son a car when he turned sixteen, arguing no one drove in New York, but for once his father, Appius, had put his foot down and bought Eric a car. Appius had told his wife that getting a car when you turned sixteen was a tradition in his family and he wasn’t going to break it because she disapproved. 

Eric waited until Claudette had belted up before starting the car and pulling out of the school parking lot. “What were you crying about?” He asked once they were on the road. He knew he was probably being rude by asking, at least that’s what, Pam, his mom would tell him, but he didn’t care. He was helping her out by driving her home, so he had the right to be nosy. 

“Oh, it was… Nothing… Just something stupid,” Claudette replied, blinking back tears as she thought about what had made her so upset to begin with. Her lip wobbled while she thought about what she had heard earlier that day. “Eric, do you think I’m pretty?” She asked her voice lacking her usually infused confidence. 

“Yes,” Eric answered truthfully, shooting a quick glance at her. 

“Really?” Claudette questioned unsure if he whether or not he was being honest.

“Yes. You’re the prettiest girl in school, Claudette,” Eric replied, being as polite as possible. He didn’t think she would appreciate it if he told her he had had more than one wet dream about her, and often jacked off while thinking about her. “Everyone thinks so.” 

Claudette smiled prettily at Eric. “Thank you.” Her confidence had taken a knock earlier in the day by the news she had received, and she had begun to doubt her attractiveness. She knew she would never be as pretty as her mother. Claudia Crane had been a model during her earlier years, her face was pasted all over loads of billboards over the years. Everyone loved her mother, and Claudette looked up to the woman. “So you don’t think I’m plain looking?” She asked, gnawing at her plump bottom lip.

“I think you’re fucking gorgeous,” Eric replied bluntly unsure why she was even asking. Nearly every guy at school thought she was drop dead gorgeous. The locker room talk about her told him that, not to mention all the jerking parties he and Ben had while looking at her picture. “All the guys on the football team are always saying how hot you are.” 

Claudette nodded but said nothing. She wasn’t sure if she believed him as Alcide used to be on the football team. He used to be the captain and he certainly didn’t think she was the prettiest girl any more. Claudette’s bottom lip wobbled while she thought of her boyfriend. She loved him or at least thought she did, but things had been different since he had gone off to Penn State. They didn’t see each other as often as they used to, and lately they didn’t even talk to each other as much. Alcide was always busy with one thing or another. He doesn’t have time for me anymore… Eric pulling up outside her house jolted Claudette from her thoughts and she gave him a small smile when she unbuckled her seat belt and opened the door. “Do you want to come in for a drink before you go?”

“Sure,” Eric replied, not really thinking about it. He had already let his mom know he would be home late due to his extra practice, so a few more minutes wouldn’t matter. Besides, he was kind of hoping Mrs. Crane was home. Like everyone else, Eric knew she used to be a model and wanted to get a closer look at her. He could use some new spanking material. Unbuckling his seatbelt, Eric opened his car door, climbed out, and made his way to the back of his car. He opened the trunk and handed Claudette her bag before following her into the house. It was the first time he had ever been in the house and he took a quick look round while he followed Claudette into the kitchen. “Where is everyone?” He asked as he took the can of soda she offered him.

“Mom and Dad are at Claudine’s debate and Claude has drama club,” Claudette answered as she grabbed a bottle of water and took a sip. “They won’t be back until later. They usually take Claudine out to eat after her debates.” Pushing herself off the counter, Claudette grabbed her bag off the kitchen table and moved toward the door. “Ya want a tour?” 

Eric didn’t have a chance to reply before Claudette was walking away and pointing out the various rooms. Eric nodded as he followed her. The house was much like the one Ben’s parents owned, only a little larger. Eric’s eyes widened slightly as Claudette lead him upstairs as she continued her tour.

“That’s Claudine’s room,” Claudette added, pointing it out, “that one’s Claude. There’s the bathroom, and this one’s mine,” she said as she opened her bedroom door and stepped inside.

Eric swallowed hard as he stepped in the room. He cast his eyes over the room taking everything in. His eyes lingered on the double bed by the far wall with a light purple comforter with pink flowers covering it. He willed himself to stay calm as the image of Claudette in her skimpy cheerleader’s uniform lying on the bed filled his head. “It’s nice,” he said, his voice hoarse.

“Thanks,” Claudette said as she dropped her bag on the floor and perched herself on the end of her bed. As she stared at Eric, her insecurities came flooding back and she twisted her fingers in her bed covers. “Do you really think I’m pretty?” She had never really been insecure about her looks before, but the news that her boyfriend had been seen out with another girl had been a blow to her confidence. Her older cousin who went to Penn State had sent her a picture of the girl Alcide had been seen with, and Claudette thought she was gorgeous with her flaming red head and porcelain skin.

“Yes,” Eric answered with a touch of exasperation leaking through his tone at her continual need for reassurance. If he thought it would make her believe him he would tell her she made him hard… and show her. “You’re so hot that all the boys want you and all the girls want to be you. What’s with all the questions anyway?” He asked, wondering what had made her question her appeal. She usually strutted around as if she owned the place, teasing all the boys with her flirtatious smiles. 

Grabbing her cell phone, Claudette opened up the message the contained the picture of the redhead and handed it to Eric. She wasn’t sure why she trusted Eric enough to show him the picture of the girl that her boyfriend was supposedly been messing around with. Maybe she just wanted someone to tell her the girl wasn’t as pretty as she thought and Eric was the only person there. 

Taking the phone, Eric looked at the picture, and his eyebrows rose when he saw who was standing beside the girl, and he started to get an inkling about what was wrong with Claudette. Alcide fucking Herveaux… I always knew he was a douchebag. “She looks like a painted hooker,” Eric said when he tossed the phone back to Claudette. He had heard his Dad use that phrase when his Mom caught him looking at another woman and it always seemed to work for him. Eric thought the girl in the picture was hot, but he wasn’t going to tell Claudette that. Although, in his opinion, he didn’t think she was as pretty as Claudette. 

Claudette giggled as she set her phone down on the bed. That was what she wanted to hear; she wanted to be told she was prettier than the redhead. “So you think I’m prettier than her? Why? How am I prettier?” 

“You’re so much hotter than her,” Eric replied with a grin. “She’s got funny eyes, and your smile is much prettier…”

“You don’t think she’s got better tits than me?” Claudette asked, cutting him off while she pushed her shoulders back and thrust her chest out. “She had to be a D cup.” 

Eric couldn’t hold back a groan as his eyes were drawn to Claudette’s chest. She had the biggest tits in school, and that included the teachers. “She probably stuffs her bra,” he said, his voice husky. “Yours are much better.”

“Yeah? I don’t know,” Claudette replied thoughtfully as she grabbed her phone and checked the picture again. “They look kinda perky, and you can see her nipples through her shirt. Mine are a bit weird…” Claudette pulled her cheerleader top off as she spoke, revealing her bare breasts to an aroused-looking Eric. “See, they’re big and a funny color. Her breasts might be firmer, too. What d’ya think?” 

“Oh fuck,” Eric mumbled while he watched Claudette cup her breasts. You have got to be kidding me. Doesn’t she know what she’s doing to me? Eric thought as he felt his cock stiffen. There was no way she could miss the tent forming in his pants. ‘I… er…” Eric trailed off as Claudette stood up and moved closer to him. 

“D’ya think my tits are firm, Eric?” Claudette asked deadly serious as she took his hands and placed them on her bare breasts. 

Eric swore he was about to cum in his pants as he squeezed her breasts. He thought she had the firmest breasts he had ever felt. Not that he had felt many, just Isabel’s and Maria-Star’s. Isabel was practically flat chested and didn’t have much for him to feel, Maria-Star, on the other hand, had a nice pair, but they were nothing compared to Claudette’s. “Very firm,” Eric croaked.

Claudette beamed up at Eric. His words boosting her confidence. It was nice to know that at least one guy liked her tits. Alcide used to like them; then Alcide used to like everything about her. They used to be hot and heavy, but now he never had time for her and on the rare times they were together he always seemed disinterested in her. Sure, he didn’t mind letting her get him off, but not even that was the same. The last time they were together he almost seemed bored by the blowjob she gave him. Claudette bit her lip as a host of unhappy thoughts ran through her head. Were her skills below par? Had Alcide had new experiences that made him realize Claudette wasn’t as good or as pleasing as he once believed? Was the redhead better when it came to the sexual arts? Was that why Alcide wasn’t interested in her any longer? It had to be; that was the only explanation that made any sense to Claudette. It had to be her oral skills that were letting her down. 

Eric couldn’t believe Claudette hadn’t backed up yet and was still letting him touch her breasts. He had no idea what was going on, but he was determined to make the most of it. He squeezed them gently while rubbing his fingers over her nipples making them harden. Herveaux was a fucking idiot in Eric’s opinion. He had a girlfriend like Claudette who was hot as Hell with an amazing rack and he was fucking around with a skanky redhead.

“Maybe she’s better than me at the sex stuff,” Claudette said, blurting out the thought that was plaguing her. “D’ya think that could be it, Eric? Alcide didn’t seem too interested in letting me suck his dick when he came home a couple of weekends ago.”

Eric practically swallowed his tongue when he heard her words. She had to be fucking with him. Why else would she being saying those kind of things to him? It wasn’t like they were close, or even friends. “I…em…don’t know,” Eric stuttered. “I’m sure you’re good at that stuff. You might just need a bit more practice. It’s like Coach always says, practices makes perfect.” Practice makes perfect?! You fucking idiot, Eric. You sound like Coach Mott during drills. 

Claudette’s eyes lit up at Eric’s words and an idea began to form in her mind. Practice… that was what she needed. She needed to improve her skills so she could knock Alcide’s socks off again. “That’s it!” Claudette cried as she jumped up and down, making her breasts bounce. “I just need some practice. Thank you, Eric!” she added, throwing her luscious body into his arms and hugging him.

Eric groaned when he felt Claudette’s bare breasts press against his T-Shirt covered chest. He was convinced he was about to embarrass himself, but he honestly didn’t care. He had a half-naked head cheerleader in his arms. He was sure she could feel his erection and was just waiting for her to jump back and call him a pervert. However, Eric was shocked when instead Claudette started to rub up against him.

“Eric,” Claudette said her voice coming out as a purr. “Can… Will you help me practice?” Pulling back slightly, Claudette peered up at Eric while she moved one of her hands to the front of his pants. “I’d be ever so grateful,” she added hurriedly as she noticed the shocked look on his face. “Can I practice my skills on you?” 

I’m dead… He had to have died and gone to Heaven. It was the only explanation that made any sense to Eric. It was the only possible reason he could come up with for Claudette asking him if she could suck his dick. “Okay,” he croaked with a nod of his head. He probably should have done the right thing and said no, but there was no way in Hell he was going to pass up the opportunity to have Claudette’s mouth on him. She was his number one spank bank fantasy girl.

Claudette smiled up at Eric before dropping to her knees and reaching for the button on his jeans. Popping the button, Claudette lowered his zipper before tugging on his pants, pulling them and his boxers down. Her eyes widened slightly when she got an up close and personal look at Eric’s impressive erection. He was bigger and thicker than Alcide and Claudette believed he would be the perfect practice buddy.

Eric prayed he wouldn’t embarrass himself by cumming before she even touched him. He clenched his hands at his side when he felt the pretty brunette wrap her dainty hand around his cock and start to stroke it gently. Eric swore nothing had ever felt better than Claudette’s soft hand in his cock… Well, maybe Ben’s hand, he corrected. He has… All thought left his mind when he felt Claudette wrap her lips around the head of his cock. “Ahhh!” Eric cried and bucked his hips forward. Holy shit! This is really happening. Claudette Crane is sucking my fucking dick! This is the best day ever! Eric might have imagined getting his dick sucked hundreds of times, but he had no real idea what it would actually feel like. It was nothing like he ever imagined… It was so much better!

Claudette wrapped her hand around the base of Eric’s cock and stroked him softly while she sucked on his head. She was rather surprised that Eric’s dick felt different in her mouth than Alcide’s. In her naivety, she had expected all cocks to feel the same. Eric’s cock was much thicker and it made taking him into her mouth a little trickier as she fought the urge to gag. 

Eric was lost in the pleasure of Claudette’s mouth. His body reacted on instinct and he started to thrust his hips forward, forcing more of his cock into her mouth. He knew he wouldn’t last much longer, but he honestly didn’t care. Claudette’s mouth on his cock was the best feeling in the world.

Salvia spilled from Claudette’s lips as she gagged and sputtered all over Eric’s cock, and she sucked in a breath through her nose. From the sounds Eric was making, Claudette assumed he was enjoying himself and she sucked harder, determined to improve her skills. She didn’t want to lose Alcide, so if practicing on Eric was what it took to keep him, then that is what she would do. 

“Oh God!” Eric moaned, rocking his hips forward. He could feel tingles building at the base of his spine and he knew he was close to cumming. He wasn’t sure what the proper etiquette was when a girl gave you a blowjob. Was he supposed to warn her? Pull out? Unfortunately for Eric, he didn’t have a chance to do either. His hips jerked forward and he let out a strangled cry as he came, shooting his seed into her mouth… 

“You came in her mouth?!” Ben exclaimed when he flopped back down on the bed beside Eric. The story had made him hard and he rubbed his cock through his basketball shorts as he added, “Did she spit or swallow?”

“She swallowed,” Eric replied smugly. Sinking down until he was lying next to Ben again, Eric rolled to his side, propped himself up on an elbow. “She swallowed my fucking cum!” He knocked Ben’s hand away before slipping his own into his best friend’s shorts.

“What did it feel like?” Ben asked, lifting his hips to push his shorts and boxers down.

“It was kinda sloppy,” Eric answered while he wrapped his hand around Ben’s cock and stroked him. “She slobbered all over me… But it was the best blowjob ever! Claudette fucking Crane sucked my cock! It’s the best feeling ever.” Eric twisted his wrist and added a little more pressure with each downward stroke.

“Fuck!” Ben grunted, raising his hips and fucking Eric’s hand. Closing his eyes, he imagined the scene Eric had just painted while he let his best friend jerk him off. He could picture Claudette half-naked on her knees with Eric’s cock in her mouth. Ben wasn’t sure who he was more jealous of… Eric for having Claudette suck his dick or Claudette for sucking Eric’s dick.

“I told her she can practice on me anytime she wants,” Eric said as he increased his speed. “We have another practice session this weekend after the game.” Eric smirked when he saw Ben’s eyes flutter shut, and, before his friend had a chance to react, Eric leaned over him and wrapped his lips around Ben’s cock.

“Shit!” Ben cursed, his eyes flying open and zeroing in on Eric. He couldn’t believe his best friend was sucking his dick, but he sure as hell wasn’t complaining. Eric was right… It was the best feeling ever!

Eric had no idea what he was doing, so he tried to mimic what Claudette had done to him. He sucked on Ben’s head as he stroked the base with his hand. Eric wasn’t sure how his skills measured up, but he was sure as Claudette could practice on him, he could practice on Ben.

“Yes!” Ben moaned. He clutched at his sheets as he lifted his hips off the bed. He knew his body well enough to know when he was about to cum and he tried to force out a warning to his friend. “Eric, I… I’m…”

Eric flicked his eyes up to Ben before sucking harder on his cock. He knew what his best friend was trying to tell him and Eric didn’t want to pull back. He was curious as to what it tasted like. Claudette had swallowed his cum, so he could at least do the same for Ben.

Ben bit his lip to keep from shouting as he came, spilling his seed into Eric’s mouth. He sagged back against the bed and breathed deeply, trying to get his pounding heart under control. He was kinda surprised when he saw Eric swallow his cum. “What’s it taste like?”

“Salty,” Eric replied as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand before moving to lean against the headboard again. “Was it good?”

“Fuck, yeah!” Ben nodded while pulling up his shorts. “But why…?”

“I wanted you to know what it felt like,” Eric shrugged. “And I didn’t want your first one to be sloppy like mine. If feels fucking great though, don’t it?”

“Best feeling in the world,” Ben agreed with a grin.  

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  1. Goddamn! It was kind of adorable to imagine them as sweet high schoolers exploring each other’s bodies. Oh, god, does that make me a pervert!? LOL Well done, thanks for writing fearlessly!

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