Turning Corners

Turning Corners

Turning Corners

Sookie could barely curb rolling her eyes while she listened to Sam outline the proposed vampire buddy system. She couldn’t believe the people of Bon Temps actually thought it was a good idea, and were considering it. In her opinion, the whole thing screamed “BAD IDEA!”

Flicking her eyes to the side of the bar, Sookie snorted when she saw Bill waiting there watching as Mayor Merlotte gave his little speech. Who the hell voted for Sam anyway? Sookie questioned silently. Sure, he might know how to serve a cold beer, but he knew shit about politics. This whole stupid idea was proof of that.

“Humans need vampires,” Sam said emphatically as he eyed the town’s residents.

Yeah, like a fish needs an umbrella. Really, Sam? You, who hates vampires more than anyone is spoutin’ this shit? How much did Bill pay ya?

Moving her gaze to Bill again, Sookie shook her head as she eyed him. She knew this whole thing was his idea. Ever since Lilith had vacated the premises and left him as his old pathetic self, he had been attempting to regain his power and show himself in a benevolent light. His book was an embarrassing attempt at that… Ya weren’t a God, Bill, ya were just an asshole. How anyone believed the shit in that book Sookie could not fathom. How Bill wasn’t prosecuted for killing Governor Burrell was also a mystery to her. He had admitted in black and white that he had murdered him, so why the hell hadn’t he been arrested?

Sookie, along with most people in Bon Temps, had read the book, and she hadn’t been at all surprised to read of Bill taking the credit for everything that had gone right. Whereas his typical disposition had him taking none of the blame or responsibility for all the things that had gone wrong. He had taken all the credit for rescuing the vampires from the human injustices of Vamp Camp, though of course there was no mention of the fact that he had waited for several days, despite having had Warlow’s blood by then, or how it had been his radical initiative in the first place to destroy the TruBlood factories.

No, Bill had ignored all his failings and laid the blame elsewhere. Sookie wasn’t completely sure what had happened at Vamp Camp and how they had all been rescued, but after speaking to both Violet and Willa, Sookie knew Bill was not the hero as he had painted himself. Despite what his book claimed, Bill was not the Messiah, and he most certainly was not a God.

‘I sacrificed myself and let the vampires falsely imprisoned by the Governor of Louisiana nourish themselves on me to the point of being debilitated. In my heart, I knew what was right and what was wrong, and what was happening within those walls was wrong. Only I had the power to save my brothers and sisters, and I never thought twice in relation to it. I risked my own life for theirs…’

Sookie shook her head as she recalled an actual passage from Bill’s not-so-bestselling book. What a crock of shit! If ya thought for one minute they would’ve drained ya of Lilith’s powers you would’ve left them all to burn. Ya sacrificed yaself? I guess His Royal Godliness was too important to open a fuckin’ door and let them step into the corridor where no sunlight could reach them. You never believed for one second there was any danger to ya, did ya, Bill? From what Willa told me, Eric had pretty much liberated Vamp Camp before ya even arrived.


Sookie felt a stab in her heart at the thought of her Viking Vampire. As regrets went, Eric was Sookie’s most significant. Oh, she had never regretted becoming involved with him. Those few days when it had only been the two of them were some of the happiest days of her life. She had never been as happy since that time, though she had once again foolishly allowed blood and the words of a ghost cloud her mind, causing her to walk away from the only man who had ever truly understood and loved her just for her.

I hope wherever ya are, you’re happy, Eric, Sookie thought, blinking back her tears. Ya deserve to find some peace at last… Gazing at the seat next to hers, Sookie grimaced when her eyes landed on the brown-haired, baby vampire. I hope ya get in touch with Willa soon. She needs her Maker.

“… I have been working diligently with members of the vampire community,” Sam continued, drawing Sookie’s attention back to the meeting. “We have concluded that the vampire buddy system is our most logical option to combat the infestation of Hep V…”

Vampire community? Sookie snorted at Sam’s wording. The only vampire ya’ve been talkin’ to is Bill fuckin’ Compton; despite what he thinks, he ain’t a fuckin’ community.

“… So for the good of our town, I am implementing the plan effective immediately. All healthy adults will be paired with a healthy vampire. The human will supply the vampire with blood, and, in exchange, the vampire will protect the human…”

“What the fuck?!” Sookie exclaimed while she rose to her feet. “You just expect us all to go along with this ‘plan?’”

“Sookie,” Sam began astonished that she of all people was speaking out against it.

“Ya ever thought some of us might not want to be chew toys for vampires?” Sookie argued, interrupting him. “Ya can’t make us feed vampires if it’s not our choice.”

“Actually, in these circumstances we can,” Sam replied. Straightening his shoulders, he attempted to make himself appear larger while he glared down at the telepathic blonde. “As Mayor of Bon Temps, it’s my duty to see to the safety and welfare of everyone, vampires and humans alike. The vampire buddy system is the best way to accomplish that. Earlier today, I ratified the proposal making the vampire buddy system law in Bon Temps…”

“Ya can’t do that. Ya don’t have the power,” Sookie said, disgusted at the mere thought. Although she had no issues with a vampire buddy system in general, she had a huge problem with Sam and Bill imposing it upon everyone.

“I am the only elected official in Bon Temps,” Sam replied. “That gave me the power. The buddy system is law.”

“Unbelievable,” Sookie muttered, shaking her head. Talk about absolute power corrupting absolutely. “Okay then, how ya decidin’ who pairs up with whom? I mean, are we humans just gonna line up against the bar so the vampires can inspect us to make sure we’re good stock, or would they prefer to see us in a more free range settin’? Maybe walkin’ ’round outside…”

“Sookie, you are being childish,” Bill scolded, stepping toward Sam in a show of support. “The vampire buddy system is the best way to secure the safety of the people of Bon Temps. It is…”

“Yeah, well, you’ll have to excuse me if I don’t take the word of the vampire whose brilliant idea it was to blow up the TruBlood factories in the first place, only to make it less complicated for Governor Burrell and Sarah Newlin to spread the Hep V virus,” Sookie replied, happily interrupting Bill. She grinned widely when she caught the angry expression flash across his face. Yeah, no one’s supposed to know ’bout that are they, Bill. “Still, I believe we’ve got a right to know how we’re gonna be paired up.”

“It will be a lottery system,” Bill informed her through clenched teeth. He couldn’t believe she had just publicly divulged that it was his idea to bomb the TruBlood factories. Didn’t she realize the kind of trouble that could cause? Besides, he was under the influence of Lilith’s blood at the time, so as far as he was concerned he wasn’t responsible for those actions. “The pairings will be completely random and done via computer…”

“I’m sure,” Sookie snorted. “Yeah. I’m just gonna go on the record here and say I bet I know just who I’ll be randomly paired with…”

“As the humans say, it will be the luck of the draw,” Bill replied, interrupting Sookie before she could continue. He didn’t want her questioning anything more regarding the way the pairings would be decided. He didn’t need to bring any unwanted scrutiny to the program he had developed for the buddy system.

“So when I’m paired with you I guess I should act surprised, huh?” Sookie questioned. She knew full well that would be exactly the case. Her name and Bill’s would be paired completely randomly. “This is ridiculous. You’re forcin’ us to do somethin’ we don’t wanna do, and what about the vampires and humans who’re already involved?” She flicked a finger to Violet and Jason. “Ya gonna force them to feed on other people as well? This is bullshit, and I don’t want no part of it!”

“You don’t have a choice!” Sam replied, losing his temper at Sookie’s continued attempts to undermine his decision to implement the system. “You…”

“Ya see, that’s exactly where ya’re wrong,” Sookie said, interrupting him. “I do have a choice, and I’m tellin’ ya, I ain’t fuckin’ doin’ it. I ain’t bein’ bullied into feedin’ a vampire I don’t wanna, and if any vampire tries to feed off of me without my permission…” She looked straight into Bill’s eyes as she added, “and I do mean any,” she emphasized the word, making sure he knew she was talking to him. “I’ll light that fucker up like it’s the Fourth of July!” She shot Bill and Sam one last contemptuous look before turning on her heels and storming out of the bar.

Sookie was just a few feet outside the door when she sensed a dozen voids approaching from the main road. Oh great, that’s all we need. She wasn’t sure how, but Sookie could tell the vampires who were approaching were infected with Hep V. It was almost as if the virus had mutated the vampires so much that Sookie could tap into their minds. She couldn’t hear them, thankfully they were still blank to her, but they gave off a ‘ping’ for a lack of a better word, which made it easier for her to identify them.

Sookie smiled ruefully as she ducked her head back in Bellefleurs. “Excuse me, Your Majesty, but some of ya subjects are on their way and I don’t think they’re interested in signin’ up for ya buddy system,” she said her tone bordering on mocking.

Bill’s eyes widened in alarm when he realized what Sookie was saying. Bon Temps was supposed to be safe from infected vampires. He had arranged patrols and everything to make it so. He wasn’t prepared to defend against an attack so soon; he foolishly believed he would have more time. He didn’t even have his usual guards to protect him.

Sookie rolled her eyes at Bill’s wavering. For someone who was constantly crowing about once having been a God and the ruler of all vampires, he certainly sucked (no pun intended) when it came to formulating plans and actually taking charge. Then again, what did he really do while he was the all-powerful Billith? Give speeches about how powerful he was, and then try to bully others into savin’ “his brothers and sisters of the Fang.”

Sookie shook her head while she entered the bar, and locked the door behind her. She knew that wouldn’t keep the vampires out unless Hep V made them incredibly stupid, but it might give them a few extra seconds. “Okay,” she said, jumping onto a table and drawing everyone’s attention to her. “There’s a pack of infected vamps headin’ this way, and they ain’t comin’ to attend ya meetin’…”

“Oh God! What are we going to do?”

“We’re all gonna die!”

“It’s that damn Stackhouse girl’s fault!”

“Hey! I’m not the idiot who arranged a large gatherin’ in a public place knowin’ full well there’s infected vamps out there,” Sookie snapped, zeroing in on the person who was blaming her. She might have been responsible for some shitty things, but she would be damned if she would allow anyone to lay the blame at her feet for the infected vampires. She hadn’t infected them, and she sure as hell hadn’t invited them to Bon Temps for a snack. Sookie glared at the speaker, Lettie Mae, letting her see that she would no longer tolerate anymore of her bullshit!

“Shit, hookah, what we’s gonna do?” Lafayette asked, getting back to the problem at hand. As much as he loved to see Sookie put his bigoted and crazy aunt in her place, now wasn’t the time.

“Those who can are gonna fight and the rest are gonna hide,” Sookie said simply. She didn’t have a complex plan; she was doing things the simple way. Willa, Violet, and…” She smiled apologetically at a dark-haired vampire, not knowing his name.

“James,” he supplied politely.

“James,” Sookie repeated with a tiny nod of her head, “will be the front line. They’re the strongest people here… Oh, and his Royal Godliness,” she added mockingly, casting her gaze to Bill. “I’m sure he’ll be happy to do his part.” Sookie grinned at the look of indignation that flashed over Bill’s face. Yep, Bill, it’s time for you to actually get your hands dirty. “Sam, Jason, and Lafayette will be on the second line…”

“That’s it? That’s the plan?!” Arlene screeched in horror. She knew she should have said no when Sam and Bill asked if they could use the bar for the meeting. There was a perfectly good town hall for things like that.

“What else are we supposed to do?” Sookie asked in exasperation. “Ask them politely not to attack anyone here? No, we fight or we die.”

“Where are we supposed to hide?” Nicole asked curiously. She didn’t know Sookie too well, but she was happy to listen to her if it meant she might be able to protect herself and unborn child. No one else was doing anything, and at least the blonde appeared to look as if she knew what she was doing.

“The storage rooms, the walk-in freezer, or the bathroom,” Sookie replied, listing a few of the places. “Anywhere without a window so they can’t try to pull ya out. If it was possible for you to get there, I might have suggested Sam’s trailer out back because the vamps wouldn’t be able to enter it without an invitation. The infected vampires will have to come through us to get into the bar, and we’ll just have to make it as hard as possible for them…”

“You gonna fight wid us, Sook?” Lafayette asked not quite sure if he wanted her there or not. He knew of all the mortals there that she had the best chance of killing one of the infected vamps with her microwave fingers, but he sure didn’t like the thought of her being in danger.

“I am…”

“I’m not sure that is a wise decision,” Bill said, cutting her off. He wasn’t happy that Sookie had dismissed his vampire buddy system, humiliating him. A great deal of work had gone into the program. Besides, he was the King of Louisiana; no one was aware that The Authority had stripped him of the monarchy, so as far as he was concerned he remained in charge, and he should be the one giving orders. “The fight will be dangerous, and no one will be able to protect you…”

“Protect me?” Sookie snorted. She wasn’t surprised that it was Bill who, yet again, was the one objecting to her participation in the fight. He never really saw her for who she was; in his mind she was a helpless damsel in distress who needed protecting. “Out of everyone here, who was it that put a three-thousand-year-old vampire on his ass?” She raised her hand as she added, “Oh yeah, that’d be me.”

“Well, I never put one on their ass. I did, however, kill one,” a cool voice cut in and drew everyone’s attention.

Sookie’s head snapped up at the sound of the familiar voice. A huge smile spread across her face when her eyes landed on a very healthy-looking Eric Northman. “Eric!” Sookie cried, jumping off the table and crossing the bar to him. She threw herself into his arms before she even realized what she was doing. She was beyond happy to see him.

Eric was more than a little surprised by the greeting. He was half-expecting tense silences and accusing looks, but he definitely was not complaining. Having Sookie in his arms again felt so right. He didn’t care what anyone else felt or thought; the blonde telepath belonged with him. He was only half a man without her; she had shown him what it was to love someone unconditionally.

“Here we go again,” Pam snarked, standing beside her Maker watching the danger whore cling to him. She wasn’t happy being back in Louisiana, she had never wanted to step foot in the Godforsaken state again. She hated the place as in her eyes it had caused them nothing but trouble. If they had never been forced to settle in Shreveport, Eric would have never met Sookie fucking Stackhouse, and he would have never turned Willa Burrell.

“Oh, get the fuck over yourself, Pam,” Sookie snapped when she lifted her head off Eric’s chest. She glared at the snarky blonde vampire, allowing her see that she wasn’t going to put up with anymore of her bullshit any longer.

Pam arched a brow and stared at Sookie. She was rather taken back by the attitude rolling off the little Fae telepath. Pam always knew Sookie could be mouthy, but it typically came out only when she was backed into a corner.

Eric chuckled and dropped a kiss on the top of Sookie’s head. He had missed his little spitfire more than he ever thought possible. He cursed himself a fool for having stayed away for so long. He knew he had to heal after being burnt to a crisp on that mountaintop, but he had been healed for several months now, and he should have returned. He had let Pam monopolize his time and keep him away from Louisiana out of guilt and gratitude. She had found him at his worst and nursed him back to health. She hadn’t wanted to return to the state, so he had acquiesced to her desire for several months. Nevertheless, Pam wasn’t his only child, and, despite how badly he had treated her ever since turning her; Eric knew he had to return and make things right with Willa. She needed her Maker far more than Pam. Willa was still a baby in vampire terms while Pam was an adult. Pam could survive on her own, but Willa needed his guidance.

Eric wrapped an arm around Sookie’s shoulders and held her to his side while he sought out his youngest child. He could tell she was in the bar, not only could he feel her, but her scent was all over. He felt a wave of shame wash over him when his gaze settled on her and he saw she was wearing a Bellefleur’s uniform. He had turned her, destroyed everything she knew, and then abandoned her with no thought of how she would support herself. His youngest child had been forced to take a job waiting tables while he had been living it up in Europe, buying Pam anything she desired because he thought he owed her. The only child he owed anything was Willa, and Eric was determined to make things right between them.

“Willa,” he said softly, trying to convey his regret in a single word. “If you will give me a second chance, I want to be the kind of Maker you deserve.” He knew it would take much more to make things right between them, but it was a good place to start.

Pam scoffed at Eric’s remarks. As far as she was concerned, Willa should just be grateful to have Eric as her Maker; there was no need for her to give him a second chance. Eric was the Maker, and Willa was the child, that simply meant she did as he commanded.

Stepping forward, Willa looked to Sookie for guidance. The small blonde had become the only person whom Willa could count on over the previous six months, and she trusted her more than anyone else in the bar. Everyone else seemed to have their own agenda when it came to her Maker.

Bill bad-mouthed Eric at every opportunity, consistently painting The Viking in the worst possible light while trying to make himself look perfect. Shortly after Eric had left, Bill had gone on quite the tirade about the former Sheriff, criticizing Eric for abandoning his child so soon after having turned her. Bill had only stopped and shut up when Sookie reminded Bill how he had abandoned Jessica and dumped her on Eric and Pam after he had turned her.

Tara had just been as bad; she had ranted and raved about Eric, blaming him for everything that had gone wrong. Tara had been filled with anger and hatred, directing all of it at the absent Eric. She was furious that Sookie and Willa wouldn’t join her in her hatred for The Viking. The angry young vampire had taken off about a week after Pam had abandoned her, and they hadn’t heard from her ever since.

Sookie was the only one who had been honest with Willa regarding Eric. She never painted him to be a knight in shining armor, but neither had she painted him to be a monster. Sookie had shared her own feelings toward Eric with Willa as well as the mistakes she made. She had done her best to try to help Willa better understand her Maker. Sookie hadn’t made excuses for Eric abandoning Willa, but she had attempted to make the baby vampire to see things from Eric’s point of view. He had lost so much so quickly and was more than likely reeling from it all.

Sookie inclined her head a fraction, silently telling Willa it was okay. The baby vampire was almost like a sister to her, and Sookie wanted nothing more than to see her reunite with her Maker. She knew how lost Willa had been without Eric. Sookie had tried to do everything she could by teaching her all she knew about the Supernatural world, but she wasn’t a vampire. She didn’t understand bloodlust or what it felt like to crave blood. There was only so much she could do for Willa. The baby vampire needed another vampire to teach her, and there was only a small pool of options in Bon Temps.

There was Jessica, who had about as much control as a sex addict at an orgy; Violet, who, despite dating her brother Jason, Sookie didn’t trust in the least; lastly there was Bill. Sookie would have sooner resurrected Russell Edgington and had him train Willa than allow Bill anywhere near Eric’s youngest progeny. No, the only one Willa needed was Eric.

Eric felt warmth spread through him when he saw Willa look to Sookie for guidance. He was happy the two of them had managed to form a friendship in his absence. It was clear that his youngest child not only liked but respected Sookie, and Eric couldn’t have been more pleased. He only wished Pam would put aside her jealousy to get to know Sookie as well because despite what his eldest child may have wanted, Sookie was going nowhere. He had foolishly walked away from her before, but no more. He was back for good, and he intended to win back his bonded. Although given the way she was leaning into him, Eric doubted it would be much of a fight.

Closing the gap between them, Willa allowed Eric to pull her into a one-armed embrace. She felt contentment settle over her while she relaxed against him. She hadn’t realized up until that point just how empty she felt inside, it was as though a part of her had been missing and she was suddenly whole again.

Bill glared at Eric, hatred burning brightly in his eyes. He loathed seeing Sookie in The Viking’s arms. Bill had never given up his ridiculous claim or notion that Sookie belonged to him. He knew he had damaged their relationship during his time as Billith, but he certainly couldn’t be held accountable for that. He had been possessed by the first vampire. Sookie should understand that and forgive him, just as he had forgiven her for fucking Warlow. He had graciously been willing to overlook her indiscretions; the least she could do was accept that he wasn’t to blame for his actions. He had gone to more than great lengths to ingratiate himself back into her life; the vampire buddy system being just one of the things he had planned. He refused to let Eric come swooping in and ruin it all. Sookie was His!

“I hate to breakup your little reunion,” he said with a sneer, contempt dripping from his tongue. “But there is a swarm of infected vampires about to attack…”

Sookie’s eyes widened as she was brought back to the moment, remembering the group of vamps that were about to descend on Bellefleur’s. She had forgotten all about them in her joy at Eric’s return. Sookie brows knitted when she realized the vampires should have attacked by then. Dropping her shields, she cast out a net, trying to locate the vampires to see how far away they were. “Oh,” she whispered in shock when she realized she couldn’t find them. She could sense the vampires in the bar, but the vampires that had been about to descend on the bar were gone. She pushed her telepathy as far as she could just to ascertain they weren’t just further away.

Eric grinned at Sookie well aware of what she had just realized. He winked at his little fairy before turning his attention to the former Confederate soldier. Eric could almost feel the hate radiating off of Bill, and he knew without anyone having to tell him his return had fucked up at least one of Bill’s plans. It didn’t take a genius to know that whatever Bill had been planning involved Sookie in some way. Sorry, Billy Boy, but your days of manipulating my Lover are over. You will never hurt her again.

Eric had heard from one of his contacts in Louisiana that Bill was back to his old, pathetic self. Lilith had left the building and taken all her abilities with her. “I already took care of them,” Eric said, delighting in the rage that flashed over Bill’s face. “I’m not going to let anyone ruin my reunion with my girls…”

Sookie gasped at Eric’s words and she turned in his arms. “Are you okay?” She asked, casting her eyes over him and looking for any sigh of injury. The thought that he might have been hurt brought tears to her eyes, and she ran her hands over his chest, searching for anything her eyes couldn’t see.

“I am fine, min älskade,” Eric assured her, taking her hands in his and bringing them to his lips placing a soft kiss upon them. “The infected vampires were only infants and no challenge to us.”

Leaning into Eric, Sookie wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him. She took comfort in his arms, loving the feel of them around her. She couldn’t believe she had ever been so stupid as to walk away from him. Well, never again! She was right where she wanted to be, no one and nothing was ever going to make her change her mind this time. It may have taken her a while to admit it, but she loved Eric. He was the vampire; no, he was the man who owned her heart.

“Y’all kilt ‘dem all?” Lafayette said, directing the question to Pam. There was no way in hell he was going to interrupt Eric when he had Sookie in his arms.

Pam nodded at the flamboyant man. “All without breaking a nail,” she drawled. She couldn’t say she was happy to see Sookie in her Maker’s arms, but even she had to admit, albeit reluctantly, that Eric was happy with the blonde in his life. He had been fucking miserable over the past six months. Pam had originally attributed it to Nora’s death, but seeing how happy he now was by being in Sookie’s presence, she would admit a larger part of his unhappiness had been due to missing the telepath. While they would never be best friends, Pam would, for Eric’s sake, attempt to get along with Sookie.

“Then I thinks dis be da first time I’s eva bin happy ta sees ya’ll,” Lafayette replied. He was deliberately overlooking the time he saw her after Tara had been shot. That night still held too many painful memories for him.

Bill bristled at the news that Eric and Pam had killed the infected vampires. He had been hoping to use them to whittle his way back into Sookie’s life. The Hep V vampires’ presence may have taken him by surprise, but he had quickly devised a plan to use them to his advantage. He was so certain they would have been attracted to Sookie’s scent that he could have used the opportunity to his advantage, gaining the chance to have been her knight in shining armor once again; perhaps even using it to get some of his blood back into her. Trust Eric to fuck everything up for him! At least he still had the vampire buddy system. Despite what Sookie said, she would be taking part in it. Mayor Merlotte had made it the law in Bon Temps, so she would have to obey! They could sanction her if she didn’t comply and force her cooperation.

“Then perhaps we can return to our meeting,” Bill said. “Mayor Merlotte and I can finish outlining the new buddy system.”

“Yeah, you do that, Bill,” Sookie snorted. Six months without having vampire blood shoved down her throat had gone a long way in helping Sookie to clear her mind. She had no idea what she had ever seen in Bill. Sure, he was handsome in a way, but he sure as hell didn’t get her heart racing, and he was so boring and outdated! He acted like someone’s grandfather! “Ya can still keep my name out of it. I ain’t interested in bein’ your personal juice box.”

“You don’t have a choice, cher,” Sam stated before Bill had a chance. He wasn’t all too thrilled to see Sookie wrapped around Eric either. He would much rather have her with Bill if she had to be with a vampire. “It’s mandatory in Bon Temps, it’s the law.”

Eric arched a brow as he understood what they were discussing. He didn’t need anyone to tell him to figure out the obvious, knowing the vampire buddy system was all Bill’s idea. It had Compton’s name written all over it. It was also obvious to Eric that it was just another ploy on Bill’s part to get his fangs back into Sookie. “It might be the law in Bon Temps, but it is against the State laws written when vampires first revealed themselves,” he said. “Feeding on a human without their permission is also against vampire law since the Revelation…”

“Things have changed since then,” Bill replied stiffly, hating to defend his plan, especially to Eric. “The outbreak of Hep V has made it necessary for a vampire buddy system to be implemented. It’s the only way to ensure no other vampire is infected. Mayor Merlotte and I worked tirelessly to come up with a workable system, and as he said it’s now the law in Bon Temps.”

“Oh for…” Sookie released an exasperated sigh as she trailed off. She was past being fed up with the crap Sam and Bill were spewing. She didn’t care what they said; she wasn’t taking part in it. The only vampire she would feed was Eric, and that would be by her choice. “It’s the law in Bon Temps…”

“Yes,” Bill replied smugly, thinking she was finally going to agree. He could hardly wait to get his fangs into her again.

“Okay. I guess that means I’m movin’ to Shreveport,” Sookie shrugged.

“What?! Sookie, no, you can’t!” Bill exclaimed as his eyes widened in alarm. She couldn’t leave! Sam had no jurisdiction over Shreveport. They couldn’t make her take part in the buddy system if she didn’t live in Bon Temps.

“Course I can,” Sookie replied with a smile. “I’m sure I can find a job there…”

“We could use a new manager at the club,” Pam suggested helpfully, loving the sight of Bill flapping about as all his hard work came undone around him. Pam couldn’t help but be impressed by Sookie as the blonde destroyed all Bill’s plans.

“Thanks,” Sookie replied with a nod, not letting Pam see her surprise. Pam offering her a job was the last thing Sookie had expected. “I’ll have to find somewhere to live…”

“You are more than welcome to stay with me, Lover,” Eric offered with a smirk. Oh, Billy, you have no idea how badly you have fucked up. Eric would love nothing more than to have Sookie in his home. She was the only woman, outside of his children, that he wanted there.

“Really?” Sookie questioned, seeing Eric nod his head and she threw herself into his arms once more. “If I move in you may never get rid of me,” she warned teasingly.

“That is fine as I have no intention of letting you go,” Eric replied completely serious. There was no way in hell he would be letting her go if she moved in with him. He knew they still had plenty to discuss, but he was determined to keep her with him. He had waited far too long for her to let her go again.

Sookie pulled Eric’s head down and pressed her lips to his in a short, but passion-filled kiss. “I guess I’m movin’ in,” she smiled. Turning around, she faced the many people in the bar again. She could hear the disapproval of many of them, but she was beyond caring. Their opinions meant nothing to her. She wouldn’t live her life the way they deemed suitable. At least Lafayette and Jason were happy for her.

Sookie laughed softly when she saw the twin looks of horror on Bill and Sam’s faces. She could tell they were both gearing up for an argument, but she was done listening. Slipping her hand into Eric’s, Sookie led him to the exit, leaving a shocked Bill and Sam behind. “I suppose I should thank ya both,” she said, pausing by the door and turning her head to face Bill and Sam, taking them by surprise. “Your stupid little law has finally given me the push I needed to get out of this place… So thanks!”

Sookie felt as if she had turned a corner in her life when she stepped out of the bar. She had put her old life to rest, and as she looked up into the eyes of the man she loved, she knew she was more than ready to begin her new one with Eric.

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  2. This is a delightful story. I love a Sookie who isn’t befuddled by Bill’s blood. Didn’t think much of Sam in this story either. I also love that Eric isn’t infected. And Pam offered Sookie a job. Excellent.

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  3. loved it! So much sanity in this one-shot….. Yes, a possibly glamored Sam going along with Bill’s insanity. Heh, you confederate asshole, put that in your pipe and smoke it! Looks like Eric and Willa are re-connecting int their maker/child relationship, Pam is thawing out and Sookie is moving to Shreveport –happy day! Love the re-write!

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  4. Awesome!!This Sookie is truly a spitfire and a hell of a women. I absolutely love Eric too, he wasn’t going to sit back and not be with the woman he loves. Not,to mention I liked Willa and Sookie being friends and Eric stepping up as a maker. I felt like in season five and season six of TB , they did just about anything they could to discredit Eric .This definitely feels more like the real Eric and Sookie. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I loved it! Take that Sam and Bill. If anybody was paying attention they’d see that Sam and Bill were freaking out when Sookie took the chance to get out of danger. If the buddy system was supposed to help, why didn’t Sookie want to do it? No one commented when Sookie said it was Beehl’s fault the True blood factories were bombed either. That whole town is stupid and stuck in the 50s.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. that was one way to Fuck up their plan of the buddy system. it was great that Eric did not come back infected and squashed Billy Boy like a knat…he came for Sookie but he also came for Willa who needs him immensely…. thank you for re-writing this .. i loved it. KY

    Liked by 1 person

  7. So much better than the Season 6 finale… the worst of the finales of TB (even than the series finale) with Sookie reduced to a mini-Maxine with that horrid outfit and on jackass Alcide’s arm… And Eric idiotically used for shock value to burn him on snow mountain top… Arrrggggh….
    Thank you for fixing that travesty!!! I particularly liked that you gave Sookie a brain and a loud mouth to resist the imbecility of the Sam-Bill partnership… Yay!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. loved it. I recently became a reader of season 5 and 6 of fics because of you. I think you have good stories going on. and I wanted also to congratulate you on your wordpress site. It is very clear and the font you are using is very easy to read with. Thank you for sharing your stories. cheers.


  9. Like Bill and Sam’s plan was not transparent. Really glad that Sookie had not had any vamp blood in 6 months. It is like ….WOW I CAN SEE……. Always love Eric. ( I got this hot hot hot picture of AS in pink lycra legging and a pink Fangtasia tank on my desk top……I mean really hot as ERIC NORTHMAN.


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  12. They’re all even better second time round! This was one of my favourite fixings to season 7 – especially as it fixed it before True Blood fucked it up!


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