Sin: Chapter Six


Sin BG

Chapter Six

Eric paced back and forth in his room while he waited for the third and final ghost to arrive. He was ready for all of it to be over, he had work to do, meetings to attend, and donors to fuck, so he really didn’t want to waste any more time than necessary on the trip down Deviant Lane. Nothing he had seen so far had made him believe he was responsible for every sinful thing that occurred. He wasn’t responsible for the actions of others and, despite what The Whore and The Bore believed he did take responsibility for his own actions. He owned up to his mistakes… Not that he made many. He was Eric Fucking Northman after all.

He wasn’t perfect; but then he never claimed to be. He was fallible just like everyone else, but the difference between him and the ghosts who had already visited was he never pretended to be anything than he was. Compton changed his personality and beliefs to fit in with whomever he had attached himself, while Pamela pretended to be better than those around her despite the fact that she made her living on her back. They were both hypocrites. Eric might have been a bastard, but he was an honest one. 

The rapid cooling of the room told Eric the third ghost was about to make its appearance and he paused mid-step and turned to face the front of the room. So far every ghost had appeared at the foot of his bed, so he assumed the last one would as well. As the minutes ticked by Eric grew more annoyed. He was beginning to suspect he was being made to wait on purpose, which probably meant the ghost was someone else from his past who had a grudge to hold. 

It was almost thirty minutes later when the ghost finally decided to make an appearance and Eric groaned when he saw who it was. Yes, definitely holds a grudge… Of the thousands of people from his past, they had to send the one woman he never wanted to see again. Eric had few regrets in his life, but the brown-haired beauty that stood in front of him dressed in the finest clothes money could buy was in the top five.

Sylvie Morel…

The woman he had turned and regretted. The child his sister had killed for him. He didn’t regret having her killed; he only regretted turning her in the first place. Sylvie had been a good fuck and nothing more, but he had foolishly turned her. What the fuck was I thinking? Nothing about her said she was cut out for a life as a vampire. She was clingy and restricted by human morals and beliefs. 

“Are you not going to say hello, mon amour?” Sylvie greeted; her accent deepening as she stared into the eyes of the vampire she had loved and who was responsible for her death. She had been an innocent, naïve young woman when she had met Eric and was easily seduced by his charm. She had fallen head over heels in love with him and fooled herself into believing he felt the same. Why else would he have turned her if he didn’t love her? Sex… That was why. Eric had turned her for no other reason than he thought she was a good fuck. The Viking had taken her virginity, heartbeat, and then callously thrown her away like garbage when he grew tired of her. What was worse was that he didn’t even give her the respect of ending her himself. No, his vampire sister had killed her while he fucked another woman…

There was a spring to Sylvie’s steps as she walked through The Authority’s Headquarters. She was practically skipping as she made her way to her Maker and love. When she had met Eric almost six months earlier she had no idea he was so important in the vampire world. Not that she had actually known about vampires at the time, she had been in the dark about the supernatural world. Eric hadn’t told her he was a vampire until almost two months after they had met and become a couple. Sylvie had been upset to learn he had kept such a big thing from her for so long. They were supposed to be open and honest with each other. They were supposed to have shared everything and not kept secrets. Although she had been hurt that he kept it from her for so long, she had forgiven him and jumped at the chance to become a vampire. She knew it was the only way they could stay together for eternity. She couldn’t stay a human only to grow old and die. If she did that she knew Eric would meet the sun. He wouldn’t want to live without his love, so she selflessly allowed him to turn her.

It wasn’t until after Eric had turned her did Sylvie learn about her Maker’s place in the vampire world. To say she was surprised would have been an understatement. To learn that her Maker was the Head of The Authority that controlled all vampires had been quite the shock. She had no idea that Eric held that kind of power, or that vampires even had power structures at all. Once she had let the news settle, Sylvie had been impressed that her Maker held such a high honor, and was extremely smug that the most powerful vampire in the world had chosen her. He loved her!

She wasn’t happy that his work took so much of his time, however. Some nights she didn’t even get to see him because he was so busy. She also hated that they didn’t share a room. Eric had his own suite in the compound. In fact, she had never even stepped foot inside Eric’s room; she had no idea what it looked like. When they wanted to be together it was always in her room. Eric would visit and take her to bed, but he never rested beside her. He would fuck her for hours, giving her pleasure she had only ever dreamed about… or he did. Sylvie frowned as she realized it had been almost three weeks since Eric last made love to her. Although, she wasn’t sure if their last time together could be considered as making love seeing as how he had taken her up against a wall in her room before going to attend a meeting with his second, Salome. It had been a quick fuck and nothing more.

Three weeks was far too long, it just wouldn’t do. It was time she and Eric spent some quality time together. Perhaps they could go on a date! Smiling at the thought, Sylvie headed toward her room so she could change before going to find her Maker. She hummed softly once she entered her room and quickly changed into a short black dress. She checked her make-up before turning on her heel and walking out of her room.

Sylvie pouted after she checked Eric’s office and found it empty. She could have sworn he said he had a meeting with his second and Cabinet members. It was why he couldn’t go shopping with her earlier. Where is mon amour? It was at times like these she wished she knew how to track Eric through their bond… Then again, it wouldn’t do her much good if she did know how seeing how Eric had his end closed down most of the time.

Letting out a huff of displeasure, Sylvie pushed a lock of hair out of her eyes once she realized she was going to have to find Eric the old fashioned way, by looking. She wouldn’t waste her time asking anyone because she knew they wouldn’t tell her. For some reason, no one in the building liked her. Sylvie put it down to jealousy. They were all jealous that Eric was hers. She had seen the way the other women looked at her love, not to mention some of the men. Well, they could look all they wanted, Eric was hers! He loved her!

Walking down one of the hallways, Sylvie paused when she picked up the scent of her beloved. Eric! A smile lit up her face as she raced down the unfamiliar hallway. She had been living at Headquarters for just over three months and she had never seen this part of the building before. She wondered briefly if it was the other vampires’ resting quarters before deciding she didn’t care. All she cared about was Eric, and he was nearby. So consumed with the thought that her love was close, Sylvie never paid attention to anything around her, and if she had, she might have realized what she was about to walk in on.

Reaching for the handle of the door at the end of the hallway, Sylvie turned it and swung the door open. “Mon amour!” She greeted warmly, a smile lighting up her face. The smile quickly disappeared when her eyes landed on her Maker kneeling naked on a king size bed, kissing one woman while two more sucked his cock. Red tears filled her eyes while she took in the scene before her. She couldn’t believe it. Her Eric was cheating on her with not one, or two, but three women! “Eric!” She cried, her heart breaking at the sight of them all.

Eric grunted when he heard his annoying child call his name and he broke the kiss he was sharing with his sister. Turning his gaze to Sylvie, Eric frowned when he saw the broken look on her face. What the fuck is wrong with her now? She’s always pouting over some shit. “Yes?” Eric replied while he pushed Molly’s head back down, telling her to continue. Really, just because they had been interrupted didn’t mean they had to stop. It had been several hours since he had his dick sucked and he needed a little release. 

“How could you?!” Sylvie cried. “I thought you loved me…”

“Whatever gave you a stupid idea like that?” Eric retorted, cutting her off. Seriously, the whole idea was preposterous. As if he could ever love her… He didn’t love anyone… Well, he loved his Maker, but that was it.

Sylvie stared at Eric aghast, unable to believe he could be so cruel. “You told me…”

“Like hell I did!” Eric growled as he tangled his hand in Molly’s hair and forced her mouth up and down on his cock. “I never said those words to you. I have never said those words to anyone.” 

Sylvie opened her mouth to reply, and then she paused. He hadn’t ever said those words to her, she realized. She had told him over and over that she loved him, but he had never once repeated them back to her. Still, that didn’t mean anything; he might not have told her, but he had shown her. His actions spoke louder than his words, even if his current actions left much to be desired. 

“The words don’t matter, I know you do,” Sylvie replied in denial.

“She’s rather delusional, brother,” Nora said, eyeing her brother’s child with distaste. Nora couldn’t stand the French tart. Just because Eric thought with his cock and turned the bitch, she thought she was hot stuff. She was somewhat of a laughing stock around Headquarters with her foolish belief that she and Eric were soul mates. The silly cow didn’t even know Eric had fucked Nora an hour after he had introduced her to his new child. While Sylvie had been unpacking and settling into her room, Eric had been fucking Nora through a mattress.

“Why are you doing this?” Sylvie cried, ignoring Nora. She couldn’t believe he wasn’t apologizing for being unfaithful, and was continuing to let those whores touch him. “Why are you cheating on me?”

Laughter spilled from Eric’s lips at her question. Cheating… That was a good one. He had never promised her anything and yet she still thought she had a hold over him and could dictate how he acted.

“Stop it!” Sylvie screamed when Nora joined in with the laughing. She hated to be mocked. “You promised me…”

“Nothing!” Eric growled, cutting her off. “I promised you nothing. I never promised to be faithful or love you…”

“No!” Sylvie cried, shaking her head. “If you don’t love me, then why did you turn me? You wanted us to be together for eternity.”

“I don’t want to be with you for a night,” Eric retorted uncaringly, “let alone for all eternity. As for why I turned you, simple… You were a good fuck…”

Sylvie screamed at his answer, her heart shattering into a million pieces. He couldn’t mean it, he just couldn’t. He loved her, she knew he did. Her hands curled into claws while she stared at the bed. The whores were still touching him and she hated it. Eric was hers and only hers. “Stop it!” She shouted as she lunged forward, intending to drag the bitches off of him by their skanky hair. She barely made it two feet across the room when she felt a hand wrap around her throat and lift her into the air. Sylvie glared at Nora while the older vampire held her against the wall. 

Eric shook his head while he stared at her. He cursed himself a fool for turning someone so unworthy. She was a good fuck, but that was it. She had a tight pussy but nothing else of worth, and tight pussies were easy to find. The vampire sucking his dick had one of them. Eric smirked when he looked down at his little tech geek. Yes, it was time he showed Sylvie how insignificant she really was. “Hold her there,” he instructed Nora, switching to Old Norse while he pulled Molly up off his cock. 

Nora grinned at his order and tightened her hold on the French tart. She had a good idea what her brother was going to do and she could hardly wait to see it.

Turning Molly around so she was facing Sylvie, Eric moved her so she was on her hands and knees while he slipped a hand between her legs to check her wetness. Satisfied she could take him; Eric gripped his cock and lined himself up before pushing into her. Eric grinned when he heard Sylvie let out a cry. “You are a good fuck, Sylvie, but Molly here is much better…”

Tears streamed down Sylvie’s face while she watched her love fuck another woman. She couldn’t believe he could be so cruel. He knew she loved him and he was making her watch him with others. 

Eric grunted as he pounded into Molly at vampire speed, fucking her for all he was worth. He put on a show for his child, letting her see the real him and not the one she had imagined him as. Eric pulled one release after another from the young tech geek before tossing her aside and pulling Salome under him and thrusting into her just as hard.

Sylvie’s face was streaked with blood tears as she was forced to watch while her love took turns fucking the two vampires. It felt as if she was held against the wall for hours while he gave them the pleasure that should have only been hers. 

“Nora,” Eric said when he rolled off of Salome and onto his back. “Get rid of that and come join us…”

Nora smirked wickedly as she understood her brothers order, and before Sylvie could react, Nora gripped her head in both hands and twisted it, ripping it off cleanly… 

Eric said nothing as he eyed his dead child. She was the last person he wanted to see. He knew to some the callous way he had her killed would have been considered evil, but they hadn’t had to tolerate her simpering ways. She was an embarrassment to the vampire world, and he was ashamed to have ever called her child. As far as he was concerned Willa was his only child. The bitch before him never existed.

“No,” Sylvie continued when she realized he wasn’t going to engage her in conversation. “I suppose we are far beyond simple greetings anyway. Tell me, mon amour, does your new child know of me? Did you tell her how you corrupted me and stole my virginity?”

Eric snorted at her question, stole his ass! “I only tell my litet prinsessa about the important people,” Eric replied. “She doesn’t need to know about every cheap piece of ass I fucked. And I never stole your virginity, you begged me to take it. You offered yourself to me. Don’t try to martyr yourself, Sylvie, it will not work.”

Sylvie glared at Eric as she let out a huff. She wasn’t a cheap piece of ass. She had been a lady until Eric came along and corrupted her. “You have not changed a bit. I can see why you were chosen to be visited on this most holy of nights. I fear it’s a wasted journey though. You will never change. You care for no one but yourself…”

“Not true,” Eric said, interrupting her. “I care for my Willa. I love my child.” Eric smirked when he saw anger flash through Sylvie’s eyes. It really was too easy to rile her. It was a shame she was a ghost, he wouldn’t have minded fucking her once more for old time’s sake… As long as she kept her mouth shut. “She is the perfect child. Pussy of a virgin, heart of a slut.”

“You disgust me,” Sylvie sneered, trying to hide her hurt at hearing Eric loved his new child. That was all she ever wanted, his love.

“Yet you would still love nothing more than to fuck me,” Eric retorted, flashing her a sexy grin. “You wish you could feel my body against yours, my cock inside you…”

“Stop it!” Sylvie snapped, hating that he still affected her even after she was dead. It wasn’t fair. She should have stopped loving him the moment she walked in on him with Nora, Molly, and Salome.

“Fine,” Eric replied with a shrug. There was no point in riling her if he couldn’t fuck her. “If you are here to show me my future, then let’s get on with it. I am a busy vampire.”

Sylvie couldn’t believe his arrogance. Before he had her killed she had always found it to be a turn on, but now it disgusted her. “You’re not worthy of this gift. However…” Her voice dropped to a breathy whisper as she held her arms out. “I am the Ghost of Fornication Future, and on the most holy of nights I visit you, Eric Northman, to gift you with a glimpse into your future; a future that is filled with sin and deviancy.” With a wave of her hand, the room around them changed and Eric was transported into his future. “It is time to face your future, Viking…”


23 thoughts on “Sin: Chapter Six

  1. Wow, he’s been bad from the beginning of this story, but I have to admit his treatment of Sylvie takes the cake. She didn’t do anything wrong, yet he stole everything from her…knowing exactly what he was doing and how she felt about him. This is the first chapter where I actually dislike him instead of being mostly amused. I’m anxious to see what Sylvie has to show him.


  2. Oh can’t wait to see his future and find out if there is anything that can change his attitude. Or if it even should he changed since we still don’t know what TPTB are trying to prevent


  3. Loved the twist that Sylvie was the disappointing child and this glimpse into what could have happened had Eric turned her. I do feel horrible for her though. While he may have never said he loved her, I doubt he did anything obvious to dissuade her from her beliefs. He is a cold bastard.


  4. Poor Sylvie. Eric should have been more honest with her. It makes me think Eric isn’t a very good maker. They need to learn about more than sex it seems to me. Looking forward to his future.


    • He should have been more honest with her. He was an awful maker when it came to Sylvie. He’s a lot better with Willa, but a lot of that revolves around sex. It certainly seems to be one of his highest priorities.


  5. A very nasty Eric indeed… I didn’t particularly like Sylvie on TB as she was mostly a plot device (ie a made up character to purely supply proof Sookie was nothing special to Eric and Sylvie was, in spite of the fact that she had not been mentioned before the last season, his true human love) but even she didn’t deserve this level of callousness…
    Is this story headed to Eric’s redemption or final justice?


  6. Hmmm. The other ghosts were amusing in their pathetic hypocrisy. This one……
    she fell for a bastard. I want to say that he was an honest one though, and it was her foolish fairytales that built him into something he wasn’t, however. …. As much as that is true, Eric did the wrong thing turning her, without disabusing her of her fairytale beliefs about their mutual love. He had to have realized how deluded she was before he turned her, and if he wasn’t, then that is his fault for not picking up on it.

    I don’t blame him for taking the innocence of a foolish girl. He never made promises of love, I believe that. If she built them, not his problem, until he chose to keep her. … He knowing let her live a lie. As I said, for a short time, yep it’s a bastard act, but not for forever.

    Hmm. No. I see Sylvie as his fault, either for not seeing what was happening, or for not giving her the truth and letting her decide. Either way. I don’t think she should have been turned.

    First score for TPTB

    Liked by 1 person

    • I do love your reviews. You nailed it perfectly. He made no promises, but he also knowingly and willingly kept her in the dark. He should have been more upfront with her. He did string her along and let her believe the lie. He definitely shouldn’t have turned her, and he knows that, but instead of owning up to his own mistake he blamed her for not being worthy. Which was something he should have known, and probably did, along.

      Liked by 2 people

  7. Yikes, this is certainly the ugliest version of Eric I have seen in some time. Reading this is like watching a train wreck, no matter how horrifying I just can’t turn away. I wonder if he is going to ever be redeemed. If he feels no shame for how he treated and deceived Sylvie, I’m not sure what might put a crack in that heart of his. the previous 2 ghosts were amusing, Sylvie is just sad.


  8. Ouch, now that IS callous! This person he did truly hurt and she didn’t deserve to be treated that way – maybe he does deserve the visits! I still haven’t seen Series 7 so I have no idea what Sylvie even looked like – although I am aware of who she was. I actually own all 7 series but I can’t bring myself to watch the last one other than clips on You Tube – it’s like I think if I watch the end then it’s really over! The inclusion of Sylvie was obviously a plot ploy but if the writers thought it would make his feelings for Sookie less significant they cocked up. Eric, being Eric, would have run a mile the minute he realised Sookie was getting under his skin. Plus I have no doubt he would have chosen Sookie (especially if they were in a relationship), even over Pam or he’d have found a way to save them both.

    Liked by 1 person

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