Sin: Chapter One

Sin BG

Chapter One

Eric grunted when the bleached-blonde on her knees before him sucked his dick more deeply into her mouth. He had to admit that while she wasn’t much to look at; she could definitely suck cock. He might have to see if he could find a place for her in his harem. He definitely couldn’t have her on his arm while attending the many parties he was forced to go to as the Head of The Authority; she was far too unattractive for that, though he could certainly have her waiting in his limo for when the party was over. He always needed some ‘stress relief’ after those things.

Tangling his hand in her hair, Eric pushed her head down forcing her to take more of him into her mouth. “Suck it harder,” he ordered, holding her head down until she did as he said. He moaned when he felt his cock hit the back of her throat. “That’s it. Worship my fucking cock…”

The bleached-blonde gagged around his dick and salvia spilled from her lips. She was beginning to feel rather lightheaded, but she didn’t stop. She sucked in a breath before again sucking him as far as she could into her mouth. There was no way in hell she was stopping. It was Eric fucking Northman’s huge cock she was sucking. He was the hottest, sexiest fucking vampire in all of the U.S. You just didn’t say no to him, at least not if you had a brain. He was a fucking sex God. She had been desperately waiting and wanting to chance to pleasure him for ages, and now that she had it, she wasn’t going to embarrass herself by passing out… Well, not until she had been thoroughly fucked.

Fisting his other hand in her hair, Eric forced her mouth up and down on his cock. He loved playing with his ‘entertainment.’ He needed to know how sturdy they were, what they could and couldn’t take. He never hurt them. Well, not too much… He took his gratification from them and made sure he gave them theirs, but he never did anything without their consent. He might have been a bastard, but he wasn’t a rapist. If they said stop, he stopped.

Eric grunted as he felt his climax building, and he pushed her head down as far as she could go while he thrust his hips up. “Fuck!” He cursed while he came; shooting his cool semen into her mouth and making her swallow it all before he let her go. “An eight,” he shrugged, turning his attention to his child sitting in the corner. He grinned when he watched her make a note of it. He never expected her to take to the vampire life so effortlessly. Or rather, he never anticipated her to take to the deviancy so quickly, but she had and he fucking loved it!

His little Willa had been a virgin when he met her five years earlier… An hour after meeting her she hadn’t been. Eric smirked when he recalled taking her virginity in her bed while her father, the then-Governor of Louisiana held an anti-vampire meeting downstairs. That had been a good night. While Governor Burrell held a meeting in his living room, spouting about his hatred for vampires, Eric had been upstairs in his only child’s bedroom fucking her. When he had finished, he had taken her with him and turned her, fucking her again before he did, and after she rose. He hadn’t been looking to make another child at that point; he was still recovering from the nightmare of his first attempt at being a Maker, but he couldn’t have been more satisfied that he had. His little Willa had taken to vampire life like a duck to water. The rating system for donors had been her idea. Only having the most talented donors with the tastiest blood seemed like a sensible idea to her.

Pushing the woman back, Eric rose to his feet, pushed his jeans down his legs and kicked them off. He arched a brow as he stared down at the donor, wondering what the fuck she was waiting for. “Bend over the desk,” he ordered, his tone coming out gruff. He flashed Willa a smug look while the donor quickly scrambled to her feet and practically threw herself over his desk.

Moving behind her, Eric ripped off the belt-sized skirt she wore as well as the bright pink thong. He shoved his hand between her legs and checked to see if her pussy was hot, wet, and ready for him. Satisfied she was ready; Eric wrapped a hand around his cock, lined himself up, grabbed her hips, and he plunged the head of his cock inside her pussy. He dug his nails into her bony body as he surged forward, burying himself inside her with one hard thrust.

Eric shook his head in disappointment. “Three,” he said. Pulling back until just the tip of his member remained inside, Eric again surged forward and slammed into her with a hard and powerful force. His hips slapped against hers over and over as he tried to take a small sliver of satisfaction from her body.

“Oh God! Yes!” The homely woman screamed out in ecstasy.

At least one of us is enjoying ourselves, Eric thought. He tried changing positions, laying her over his desk and throwing her legs over his shoulders. Still, no matter what the position he tried, he couldn’t find any real pleasure in the abysmal whore. “It’s no good,” he groaned while he pulled out of her, making her cry out in dismay.

“Problem?” Willa asked as she rose from her seat in the corner and moved toward his desk.

“Yes,” Eric replied as he dropped down in his chair behind the desk. “She’s looser than a two dollar whore. It was like fucking the Grand Canyon. I like a tight pussy.” Eric frowned when he looked down at his hard cock, jutting out proudly. If there was one thing he hated it was loose donors. He was exceptionally well-endowed in the size department and for a pussy to feel loose to him meant it had to have been ridden more times than a roller coaster. “I need to feel a tight cunt around my cock.”

Willa laughed softly when she stopped in front of his chair. Casting her gaze over the pouting donor, Willa rolled her eyes at the woman and flicked a finger at her. “Go and wait on the sofa.” She didn’t bother to wait to see if she would do as ordered; they always did. Turning her attention back to her Maker, Willa grinned naughtily while she reached under her simple black skirt and hooked her fingers in her panties. “They can’t all be virgins, Master,” she purred as she shimmied her hips and pulled off her underwear. Climbing onto his lap, she rested her knees either side of his legs as she yanked up her skirt. “They can’t all be as tight as me…” She slid down on him while she spoke, taking his cock deeply into her tight, wet cunt.

“Fuck!” Eric grunted, grabbing her hips and holding her still. Eric had to pat himself on the back for turning a recently deflowered virgin. She would be tight for eternity. The only thing tighter than her pussy was her ass, and Lord, did he enjoy fucking there! He could always count on his little Willa to give him what he wanted when no one else could. She really was the perfect child. She wasn’t clingy like his first child, and never tried to force the horrifying concept of monogamy on him. Eric shuddered as he thought about her. She had been a good fuck for a couple of months, but he had quickly got bored of her. He would have to send his sister another thank you for taking care of her for him.

Raising his hands, Eric grabbed her plain white shirt and ripped it open, sending the buttons flying. He grinned when he saw she wasn’t wearing a bra, and cupped her breasts in his large hands. She might not have the biggest tits he had ever seen, but they were definitely firm and perky, and he could easily thrust his dick between them if he wanted.

“That’s the idea, Sire,” Willa replied cheekily while she squeezed her muscles around his cock. “Oh Fuck…”

Eric grit his teeth at the feeling of her tight pussy all around him. This was what he wanted, needed. A pussy that gripped him tight like a vise; not one that could take two cocks without having to stretch. Eric pinched her nipples, making them harden before ducking his head and capturing one in his mouth. He sucked on it roughly, flicking it with his tongue before biting down on it hard. He grinned around her nipple when he heard Willa let out a hoarse cry and felt her pussy flood with arousal. His little Willa was quite the masochist when it came to sins of the flesh. She loved a bit of pain with her pleasure. Eric had spent many a happy night in his dungeon with her indulging her desires.

Moving his hand to her ass, Eric dug his fingers into her firm flesh squeezing before lifting a hand and bringing it down sharply, spanking her. “Ride me,” he commanded.

Never one to refuse her Maker, Willa gripped the back of his chair and lifted her hips. She waited until just the tip of his cock was still inside her before slamming herself down with great force on him. She knew her Maker better than almost anyone and she knew what he liked. She knew if he took you to his office, he wanted a quick hard fuck. He didn’t want soft touches; he wanted flesh slapping, hard fucking.

Eric grabbed her ass with bruising force and raised his hips, driving into her hard each time while she slammed down just as fiercely on him. He watched her breasts bouncing in front of his face while they fucked as hard and fast as only two vampires could. There were no whispers of love, nor terms of endearment. Their relationship wasn’t like that. There was love between them, but it wasn’t a romantic love. They just loved fucking each other. She was his child, the child he wanted, the child he was proud of.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Willa chanted while she rode him hard. In the five years she had been a vampire, Willa had never found anyone half as good at fucking as her Maker. He was a fucking Sex God. She wondered how she gotten so lucky to have him as her Maker… Oh that’s right. Cause my father was a fucking prick. At least Truman Burrell had done one good thing… He had pissed Eric off so much that the Viking had tracked him down and thoroughly corrupted his little girl.

Eric grunted as he felt her sopping wet pussy slide up and down his rock solid cock. She was so tight and so wet. Wrapping one of his arms around her waist, Eric pulled her closer to him while he moved his other hand to her hair and twisted her brown locks around it. He tightened his grip on her hair nearly to the point of pain and he raised his hips as he brutally pounded into her.

“Cum!” He ordered, fucking her at a relentless pace. He could hear the blonde-haired donor whimpering behind them and he smirked. If she would have been tighter she could have received the same treatment she was now getting off on. “Cum on my cock, min prinsessa.”

Willa let out a flurry of curses as she felt the coils in her stomach snap and send her flying head first into her orgasm. She screamed her Maker’s name as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her.

Eric hissed when he felt her cum, her pussy constricting painfully around his cock. Moving his hands to her hips, he pulled her down on him as hard as he thrust upward. “Fuck!” He roared, uncaring of who heard them. Everyone who worked in The Authority Headquarters had seen him fucking at one point or another. He wasn’t shy and never cared where he took his sexual pleasure. Eric pounded into her so hard and so fast as he felt the tingles that signalled his own release building at the base of his spine.

Willa dug her nails into Eric’s shoulders while he continued to thrust into her roughly. God, she loved fucking him! He was an animal in or out of the sack. She felt his dick swell inside her and his grip on her hips grew painful.

“YES!” Eric shouted when he came, filling her with cum. He jerked his hips a few more times while riding out his orgasm before sagging back in his chair. He smirked at his child as she climbed off his lap and straightened her skirt, covering up herself.

Willa ran a hand through her hair, trying to tame it before pulling the edges of her torn shirt together and tying them together as best she could. “So what about Ginger?” She asked as she bent down and picked up her panties.

“Who?” Eric replied as he stood up and reached for his jeans.

“The donor,” Willa clarified, nodding her head at the bleached blonde who had passed out from watching them fuck.

“Right. Offer her a position on the donor staff,” Eric said, pulling his jeans on and fastening them up. “She is a gifted cocksucker.”

“Okay,” Willa replied, picking up her iPad and making a note of everything. It surprised some people how they could go from fucking to talking business so seamlessly, but it was just how they were. Neither of them saw the point of wasting time exchanging small talk. They fucked and moved on. “Will that be all for the night?”

Eric paused as he thought about it. He knew he had reports to go over and some more Authority-related work to do. Despite what some people thought, he didn’t spend all his time engaging in unbridled fucking. Some nights all he managed was a quick feed and fuck. His position as Head of the Authority took up a great deal of his time and was hard work. Eric frowned while he tried to think of when the last time he engaged in a good ol’ fashioned fuckfest.

April… He realized with a start. It was after we finally got the VRA passed. We celebrated with an orgy. That was far too long ago for his liking. Eight months ago. That won’t do.

“Yes,” Eric replied finally, deciding to take the night off and have some fun instead. It was Christmas after all. He deserved a break. “Inform the staff I am taking the rest of the night off; then afterward arrange for at least half a dozen donors to join me in the playroom. You know what I like…”

“Natural and tight,” Willa said cheekily, interrupting him.

Eric chuckled at her words, knowing he couldn’t refute them. That was exactly how he liked them. He preferred his donors to be real and not stuffed with silicon. “After you have arranged that, take the rest of the night off yourself,” he said.

“Thank you,” Willa replied while she made her way over to Ginger who was still out cold. She shook her head as she stared down at her. “I can’t believe she passed out from just watching us fuck.”

“It is a first for me,” Eric said, smirking. “They usually pass out while I’m fucking them.”

“If you can make me pass out while fucking you then I’ll be impressed.” Willa chuckled as she bent down and lightly slapped the woman on the cheek. “Wakey, wakey,” she said in a singsong tone.

“What?” Ginger said groggily. She smiled stupidly when she saw Eric standing behind Willa. “Was it good for you?”

“Deal with her,” Eric said, shaking his head as he made his way to the door. “Have the donors in the playroom in twenty minutes,” he ordered before opening the door and heading out.


Twenty minutes later found Eric leaning against the headboard of a California king size bed, completely naked. He had taken a quick shower while he waited for his child to pick out his fun for the night. While he waited he tried to guess which of the many donors he had on staff she would choose.

She will definitely pick Amy… Probably Jessica as well. Karen and Summer…

A knock on the door interrupted his mental musings and Eric grinned rakishly as he prepared to welcome his entertainment for the night. “Come in.”

A frown marred his features when the door was pushed open and a familiar looking blonde stepped through. He knew he recognized her; he was just having trouble placing her at that moment. He knew she wasn’t one of the donors, that much was obvious from the prudish way she was dressed. Most of the donors wore next to nothing while they were in the compound.

The woman stood at the foot of the bed, crossed her arms over her chest, and stared at Eric in disgust. “You have no shame,” she hissed.

Eric arched a brow at her words. Running his eyes over her, he tried to place her wanting to know where he knew her from. Her hair was perfectly coiffed and make-up expertly applied. The dress she wore left everything to the imagination with its high neck, long skirt, and loose fit.

“I have never found anything to be ashamed about,” Eric retorted. “Who are you? How did you get in here?” Eric asked as he rose from the bed and moved toward her.

“You don’t remember me?” She replied turning her nose up at him. “It’s not surprising. I was just one woman in a long line you corrupted with your deviant ways.”

While he stared at her, a memory jumped to the front of Eric’s mind. He could see the blonde before him on all fours while he pounded into her from behind. As quickly as that memory came, it went and another took its place; a news report announcing the death of one Sarah Newlin-Burrell. “You are dead,” he said, finally realizing who she was. She was the former Governor’s deceased wife and Willa’s stepmother. Although, he wasn’t sure how she could be standing before him if she was dead. She didn’t smell like a vampire.

“So are you, heathen!” Sarah spat. “Unlike you, I was not condemned to walk the earth as a soulless creature for all of eternity. I was rewarded and shown the light. I saw the errors of my ways and repented and now, vampire, I bring a warning to you… On this most sacred of nights you will be visited by three ghosts from your past. They will expose your deviant behavior and offer you the chance to repent and change your wicked ways. If you do not listen, you will suffer for all of eternity. Heed my warning, Eric Northman…”

“What the fuck is this? A Christmas Carol?” Eric snorted, interrupting her. “Do I look like Ebenezer Scrooge?”

“This is no joke,” Sarah whined petulantly as she stomped her foot. “You have corrupted too many innocents. If you do not change your promiscuous ways you will suffer the consequences. Change your ways, Eric Northman…”

“Right,” Eric said looking at her like she was crazy. He was a vampire. Vampirism and sex went together like lube and anal. “I will be visited by three ghosts who will expose my deviant behavior. Why they are exposing it to me I don’t know; I’m already aware of it, but understood.” Eric nodded as if it made sense. Did I feed from an infected donor? Am I hallucinating? This is beyond fucked up. 

Eyeing the late Mrs. Newlin-Burrell again, Eric smirked as he took her in. “If these ghosts aren’t going to show up until later, how about you suck my cock while I wait?” He chuckled when he saw her let out a huff of indignation.

“I saw the light and now abstain from the sins of the flesh,” Sarah replied haughtily. Taking a step back, she slowly walked toward the door. “Heed my warning, Eric Northman, and turn away from this sinful path you’re on. You will suffer for eternity if you do not.”

Eric shook his head while he watched her walk through the door. She’s fucking insane. Four years ago the whore was bouncing on my cock and screaming for more. He made a note to check on the security before putting the whole thing out of his head. He had better things to do, like enjoying the donors who were walking through the door.

Amy, Jessica, Karen, Summer, Lydia, Candice, and Michelle. He grinned while he eyed the almost naked women. Willa, you have certainly chosen well. Crooking a finger, he beckoned them forward and ordered Amy to her knees to suck him, putting all thoughts of Sarah and her warning out of his head.


18 thoughts on “Sin: Chapter One

  1. Takes a moment to shudder at the thought of Eric with Sarah. Coz Ewwwwwww lol

    LMAO at poor Ginger passing out while watching, at least she didn’t scream hysterically.

    An eternal Anal virgin, who also has a just twice – forever tight pussy, and likes it occasionally rough. Eric really has found the perfect child 🙂 And the thought of Eric deflowering the Governors daughter under his roof, while he was there spewing anti vamp crap? Freaking Perfect!

    No Pam? Either with Nora or dead by Noras hand. Guess we’ll find out soon.

    Deviant Eric is hot hot hot!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my goodness, eight months since his last orgy? The horror! 😉 He certainly has a lot of changes to make if he’s going to get with Sookie! Looking forward to the transformation. I also wonder what the consequences would be if he didn’t change. Great idea!


  3. OMG love no shame Eric! Except he should be ashamed to have done Sarah, shudders! Can’t wait to see who visits him and what he is shown. This will be a great read!


  4. Well, so good so far.

    The donors are willing and Eric provides a much needed servicing. Sounds like win-win!
    Definitely can’t see any reason to change his ways at this point.


  5. I’ve been seeing your updates and I’m glad I finally got the chance to sit down and read it. I’m not sure what I was expecting but you shocked me with Eric’s behavior! I love it! I’m so excited to see who the three ghosts will be!


  6. Oh there is something about asshole Eric that always tweaks my attention. And Eric a la Christmas Carol? Cute! I was never find of the Willa/Eric arc but in this case (head of the Authority, he’s a total jerk) makes sense. Poor Ginger. That gal never wins! Fun start


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