Lifting the Veil: Chapter Eighteen


LtVnChapter Eighteen

Pam rolled her eyes as Tara glared at her from across the bar. With no other choice, Pam had agreed to face her responsibilities as a Maker and teach Tara what it meant to be a vampire. The blonde vampire definitely wasn’t at all happy with its implications. After she had turned Tara, she never for one minute considered having to care for and watch over her. She was far too selfish to be a Maker, and she knew it. However, she knew regardless of what she originally believed, she didn’t have a choice, but come Hell or high-water, Pam was determined to do it to the best of her abilities. Of course, she wished she had a less hostile child to begin with. Tara had been awake less than an hour and, as far as Pam was concerned, that was fifty-minutes too long. Pam had no idea how Sookie had managed to be friends with Tara for so long.

“Until it’s safe for you to be on your own, you will work at Fangtasia,” Pam said, breaking the silence that had descended upon them. “You can tend the bar…”

“I ain’t workin’ ‘ere,” Tara spat, eyeing her Maker with pure hatred. She didn’t care what Sookie, Eric, or Pam said; she wasn’t staying there. As soon as the opportunity presented itself, Tara was determined to run away and head back to New Orleans. She was sure she could disappear in the city. She didn’t need anyone to teach her or tell her what to do. She had taken care of herself since she was a child. She was fine on her own.

Pam let out a huff and rubbed her head with her hand. She was so far out of her depths, and she didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t rely on Eric to help her out; he had made it perfectly clear that he wasn’t going to clean up her mess. She was a Maker now, and that meant she had to be independent. “You…” Pam began when the front door of the bar swung open and banged hard against the wall. “What the…” She trailed off as a body came flying down the corridor and landed roughly on the dance floor. Pam’s eyes widened in surprise as she watched Sookie stroll calmly into the bar.

“Is Eric around?” Sookie asked.

“No, he left just after sunset, said he had some business to see to,” Pam replied, slightly shocked at what she was seeing. Her gaze was drawn to the crumpled form which she now realized was Bill Compton. “What happened to him?” She asked as she took in his many injuries; he looked fucking awful, and, unless her eyes were deceiving her, the right side of his head was completely caved in.

“I dropped him,” Sookie replied, casting Bill a quick glance. It had been twenty-eight years since she last flew, so she couldn’t be held accountable for getting overexcited and forgetting she was holding Bill. At least that was the excuse she was using.

“You dropped him?” Pam repeated a hint of mirth tinting her tone.

“Yeah,” Sookie nodded while she walked toward the still unconscious Bill in the middle of the dance floor. “Halfway between Bon Temps and Shreveport. I would’ve tried to catch him, but,” she shrugged, “where’s the fun in that?”

Pam couldn’t hide her smile at Sookie’s words. That was something she would have loved to have seen. She had hated Bill since he killed some of her girls at the brothel back in 1905. She wished she could have dropped him from a considerable height and watch him fall.

Sookie flashed Pam a quick smile before turning her gaze to Tara. She chuckled when she noticed the familiar look of anger of her former friend’s face. The more things change, the more they remain the same. “I have to admit, I’m surprised to still see her here,” Sookie said, directing her words to Pam.

“I didn’t have a choice,” Pam replied, folding her arms over her chest and glaring at Sookie. “Eric told me I either take responsibility for her or spend the next twenty-five years chained in silver and buried six feet under.”

Sookie’s eyebrow rose as she heard Eric’s ultimatum to Pam. She had to hand it to Eric; he knew how to handle his child. He was definitely a welcome part of her bloodline. He deserved his place among the Bloodline of Lilith. Flicking her eyes between Pam and Tara, Sookie snorted when she saw the glare Tara was sending her way. “I would have picked the silver,” Sookie said, grinning at the look of disbelief that spread across Tara’s face.

“What did you say?” Tara snarled as she stood up and took a step forward.

“I said, I would have rather spent twenty-five years chained in silver and buried six feet under than rise one night with you as my child,” Sookie answered, enunciating her words. “Now, be a good girl and sit down.”

Pam looked on in fascination as Sookie stared down her old friend. The century-old blonde wasn’t sure what to think of the ‘new’ Sookie. There was a strength to the telepath that Pam had never before seen, and the aura around her said she was ancient, but Pam wasn’t sure how that could be. Up until a few night ago Sookie was still very much alive. Regardless of what she understood, Pam knew there was more to Sookie than met the eye.

Sookie stared at Tara unblinkingly, letting the baby vampire know who the superior vampire was. The return of her old memories had helped Sookie put so much into perspective, and she would now wage her fortune on the fact that Tara wouldn’t do anything. The angry young woman was well known for running off her mouth and generally being a bitch to everyone around her, but she rarely backed up her words with any actions. The moment someone stood up to her, she backed down. She was the classic bully.

Tara glared at the blonde, trying to intimidate her. She couldn’t believe Sookie could be so selfish, especially after everything she had done. She should have been begging Tara for forgiveness, not barking orders at her. Tara wanted to attack her former best friend and rip out her throat; she wanted to make her hurt, but the memory of how easily Sookie had overpowered her in the cell at The Authority Headquarters played over in her mind and Tara knew she was no match for her. She settled for shooting Sookie a hateful look before reluctantly retaking her seat.

Sookie shook her head while Tara did as she expected. “Lafayette’s fine, by the way; he’s worried about you, but otherwise good,” she said.

“Why the fuck should I care ‘bout him?” Tara snarled. “It’s cause of him I’m stuck like this.”

“After that you wonder why I would choose spending years in silver over you?” Sookie replied, disgust dripping from her tongue. She couldn’t believe she was ever friends with someone so bitter and selfish. “Now shut up and let the adults talk,” Sookie turned her gaze to Bill, not sparing Tara another glance. “Jesus, Bill, how long are you going to be unconscious? I only dropped you about a hundred feet.” She let out a sigh of displeasure before stepping toward the bar and eyeing the Tru Blood on display. “Does any vampire actually, willingly, drink that shit? It tastes worse than Were blood!”

“A few,” Pam replied with distaste. “Those who claim they’re mainstreaming…”

“Ah, like our good former King,” Sookie snorted. Now that she was back to her old self, Sookie understood Eric and Pam’s disbelief when they heard Bill was mainstreaming. Anyone who knew his history wouldn’t have believed it either. Bill was the poster boy for anti-mainstreaming. “Only an idiot would choose to drink that shit over the real stuff.”

“An idiot, indeed,” Pam agreed, shooting her child an unhappy look. They had already butted heads over the need to feed.

Sookie arched a brow as she followed Pam’s gaze. “She giving you trouble already?” She asked.

Pam paused while she debated whether to answer Sookie. She knew she was out of her depths when it came to Tara and she could use some advice, but she wasn’t sure if she wanted to confide in Sookie. The two of them were nowhere near friends. Pam wasn’t good at asking for help outside of Eric, and he had made it clear he wasn’t interested in helping her. On the other hand, if Sookie was really the Child of Lilith, then she was a Maker herself and might be able to impart some wisdom upon her.

“She’s refusing to feed from a donor,” Pam said after thinking it over. She figured she had nothing to lose at that point, and maybe Sookie would be able to help. “I tried to explain the dangers, but…”

“I ain’t feedin’ from a human like a monster,” Tara snarled, interrupting them. She didn’t care what anyone said; there was no way in Hell she was going to bite a human and take their blood!

“She’ll have to at some point,” Sookie replied, ignoring Tara. She refused to get into another fight with the bitter vampire. “She’ll have to learn.”

“She claims she’ll only drink Tru Blood,” Pam said with a touch of exasperation. She knew it wasn’t possible for a vampire to survive solely on synthetic blood. “I could command her…”

“It’d do more harm than good,” Sookie replied, stopping Pam with a shake of her head. “It would teach her nothing and just give her more reason to bitch. Commanding her wouldn’t teach her restraint.”

“So what do I do?” Pam asked perplexed.

“Nothing,” Sookie replied with a shrug. She cast Pam a quick look before turning around and facing Tara again. She blanked her face of all emotion as she stared at her. “Do nothing…”

Tara grinned at Sookie’s words thinking she had gotten her own way. It’s ‘bout time she realized she can’t force me to do anythin’ I don’t wanna do.

“Let her drink nothing but Tru Blood and let her hunger grow,” Sookie continued, not taking her eyes off Tara. “Let it consume her until all she can think about is the pain in her stomach, all she can feel is the burn in her throat. Let her lose herself to the hunger until she can take no more and attacks the first human she sees. Just stand back and watch while she drains one human after another, and know why she is doing this is not because she’s a vampire and vampires are monsters. No, know it’s because she is too selfish, too narrow minded, and stubborn to accept that you understand what it means to be a vampire better than her.”

Tara swallowed hard as Sookie’s words played over in her head. She tried to tell herself she would never drain a human. She wasn’t a killer, but she couldn’t say it with conviction.

“Once she does that,” Sookie persisted. “When she is covered in the blood of her victims, when she cries out in horror at what she’s done… Kill her!” Sookie turned her head and met Pam’s wide-eyed gaze. “Rip off her fucking head and put the rest of us out of our misery!”

Pam stood still in shock. Of all the things she was expecting to hear, that had been the absolute last. Never in her wildest imagination did she ever expect to hear anything like that. It was in that moment Pam realized when it came to Sookie, all the rules had changed. She was no longer tender-hearted and easily manipulated. She was strong and ruthless. She was…

The Child of Lilith, Pam thought, accepting what Bill had refused to recognize. She wasn’t sure how, but she had no doubt in her mind that Sookie was the Child of Lilith.

Tara found herself speechless as she stared at Sookie. She wasn’t sure what the Hell had happened, but she knew the woman standing across the bar wasn’t the same woman who was her best friend only a few nights previous. That Sookie wouldn’t have said what she just did. She would have understood that Tara didn’t want to feed from humans.

Pam was just about to reply when the door swung open again, and the sound of her Maker reached her ears. She wrinkled her nose in disgust as she scented who was with him. I’ll never get the scent of Were out of the bar now.

“You should leave Sookie out of this,” Alcide growled while he followed Eric into the bar. He wasn’t happy that he was being dragged into vampire shit and if he had his way he would make sure Sookie was far away this time too. She didn’t need to face the danger of Russell Edgington again.

“Sookie is a part of this whether you like it or not,” Eric replied, grinning as he caught the scent of Sookie in the bar. He had been looking forward to seeing her since he had risen and was happy to realize he wouldn’t have to travel out to Bon Temps.

“Sookie doesn’t want anything to do with your vampire shit,” Alcide snarled, not noticing that Sookie was in the bar. “She wants out!”

“Bit late for that now,” Sookie said, surprising the Were. She grinned at the shocked look on his face. “Hello, Alcide.”

Alcide was startled at Sookie’s appearance. His eyes widened as he ran his eyes over her, noticing the dried blood on her shirt and paleness to her skin. “Sookie, what are…” He trailed off when the scent of vampire registered with him, and his eyes flashed yellow as he realized what it meant. “No. It can’t… You can’t… Oh, Sookie, what happened?”

“Got bit,” Sookie deadpanned.

Eric chuckled at Sookie’s explanation. The more time he spent around the new-old Sookie, the more he realized she was still his Sookie. It was just as she’d said, she was just more now. The woman he fell in love with was still there, she was just worldlier now. She was stronger, faster, and more capable. She was Sookie.

A snarl tore from Alcide’s lips as he snapped his head around and glared at Eric. “Did you do this? Did you turn her into a bloodsucker?” He could feel the wolf inside him, clawing to get out, and rip apart the vampire that he believed had ruined Sookie. “Couldn’t you accept she didn’t want you, so you had to ruin her…”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake,” Sookie groused, rolling her eyes. “Why do you blame Eric for everything? He didn’t make your father gamble away money he didn’t have, he didn’t get Debbie hooked on V, and he definitely didn’t do this to me…”

“Then who did?” Alcide asked, cutting her off and ignoring her words about his father and Debbie. Blaming Eric and, vampires in general, was much easier than accepting Jackson and Debbie were to blame for his troubles. “Who turned you into something you never wanted?”

“Who said I didn’t want it?” Sookie retorted. “I never told you I didn’t want to be a vampire. You just assumed I didn’t, due to your own prejudice. I wanted this, I asked for it. No one ruined me, and that is all you need to know… Oh, and, for the record, I never stopped wanting Eric.” Sookie winked at Eric as she spoke, making him grin. She was just about to speak again when she paused and turned her attention to Tara. Sookie’s eyes narrowed as she eyed her; she could almost see the vindictiveness rolling off her and she knew, given the chance, what Tara was going to do. “Pam,” Sookie said, moving her gaze to the blonde-haired vampire. “Command her to keep her mouth shut.”

Pam’s gaze snapped to Tara; she could see the intent to cause trouble in her child’s eyes. While Tara didn’t know many secrets when it came to all of them, she did know one, and it was one that could cause them some trouble.

Tara bristled and threw a dirty look at Sookie. There was no way in Hell they could make her shut her mouth. She had something to say and the right audience to hear it. Alcide had the right to know how Sookie had murdered his ex-girlfriend. He should know how Sookie had blown off Debbie’s head. “You can’t…”

“Tara, as your Maker, I command you to remain silent,” Pam said before the bitter baby vampire had a chance to finish and start any trouble.

Tara’s eyes widened comically as she tried to speak and found she couldn’t. She could open and close her mouth, but no sound would come out. She glared daggers at her Maker, furious that she dared mistreat her in such a way.

Alcide flicked his eyes between Sookie and Tara, unable to believe what he was seeing. Both Sookie and Tara were vampires, and apparently Pam was Tara’s Maker. How had everything gone to Hell so fast? More importantly, why was Pam taking orders from Sookie?

Eric smirked while he watched Alcide try to make sense of it all. He knew no matter what the Were envisioned, it would come nowhere close to the truth. Weres may have known about Lilith and heard the stories of Eve, but to them, they were just stories. Never in a million years would Alcide ever connect Sookie with the Child of the Lilith. It would be beyond the scope of his imagination.


The pitiful groan broke some of the tension in the bar, and Sookie smirked as she stepped away from the bar and moved toward Bill. “Looks like Sleeping Beauty is finally waking up,” she said with a chuckle.

“What happened to him?” Alcide asked, noticing Bill for the first time. He couldn’t say he was sorry to see the Civil War vampire in such condition. If there was one vampire who deserved to suffer it was Bill.

“He had a little accident,” Sookie replied. “Later, he will have a much larger one, but until then,” she flicked her gaze to Eric as she added, “do you have somewhere I can stash him?” She knew he did, but she wanted a chance to speak with Eric alone.

“The basement,” Eric answered, wondering what Bill had done that caused his little accident. Last night they were planning on Bill being part of the hunt for Russell, but it seemed that plan was now out the window.

“Lead the way,” Sookie said while she reached down, grabbed Bill’s leg, and started to drag him across the dance floor.

Alcide shook his head while Sookie dragged Bill by his leg and followed Eric into the back. He had no idea what was going on, or who Sookie even was. She wasn’t the sweet, yet naïve woman he knew just a few days earlier. “What the fuck is going on?!” he spat.

Sookie chuckled when she heard Alcide’s question. It was a question she was expecting to hear more and more over the coming nights. However, she would be more inclined to answer the questions from her family, they deserved an explanation.

Opening the door to the basement, Eric waved a hand, inviting Sookie to go through first. He hadn’t forgotten the last time he had taken her into the basement and he felt a surge of remorse rise up in him. He had chained up Sookie like a common criminal and used her, all because he acted without thought and killed Talbot before having a plan in place.

Sookie gave Eric a small nod as she stepped into the basement. She wrinkled her nose at the dark, damp chamber. It definitely wasn’t her favorite place. She had a few unhappy memories in relation to that basement. She cracked her neck before she yanked on Bill’s leg and sent him flying down the stairs and crashing into the wall at the bottom.

Eric smirked while he followed Sookie down the stairs. He was curious to know what Bill had done to warrant such treatment. He was sure it was something awful and very much deserving. “Do you want to chain him up?”

“Yes,” Sookie replied while she looked around the basement. She had never really paid attention to the place before, something else always drawing her attention away. Be it Lafayette or her chained to the wheel, or Eric’s very naked body, that memory would have been good if it wasn’t for the Estonian slut chained up naked behind him. Yvetta had definitely spoiled that night for Sookie.

“So what did Billy Boy do to piss you off so much?” Eric asked as he hefted Bill up in the air and chained him to the wheel.

“He paid a human to break into my house and try to kidnap me during the day,” Sookie explained. She told Eric everything that happened and what Bill had planned while she strolled around the basement.


Sookie spun around when she heard Bill scream out in pain. She couldn’t hold back her smile as she took in the sight before her. Blood was pouring from Bill crotch. “Yes, he was playing with that when I got there,” she said, flicking her finger at the disintegrating stump that was Bill’s cock on the floor.

Blood dropped from Eric’s fingers while he eyed Bill with unrivaled hatred, and he fought the urge to rip off his head. To know that Bill had arranged to have Sookie kidnapped and raped just so he could play the hero caused anger like he had never felt before well up inside him. He didn’t know how Bill could claim to love Sookie and still do something like that.

Sensing his bloodlust, Sookie stroked a hand over Eric’s chest and tried to calm him. As much as she wanted Bill to die for all that he had done, she didn’t want it to be quick and relatively painless. She wanted to see her family dish out his punishment first.

Pushing herself up onto her tiptoes, Sookie brushed her lips across Eric’s softly and ran her hands over his arms. She smiled against his lips as she felt them meld against hers.

Eric gripped Sookie’s hips and pulled her tighter to him as he deepened the kiss, sweeping his tongue into her mouth. He groaned as he felt her tongue tangle with his. How he ever thought he could walk away from her, he didn’t know. He was addicted to her kisses, to her touch.

Sookie bit down on Eric’s bottom lip and tugged on it gently while she slid a hand between them. She grinned up naughtily at him while she rubbed a hand over the front of his jeans and squeezed his cock.

Eric was taken by surprise at her brazenness, not expecting her to initiate anything sexual in front of Bill. He may not have expected it, but he sure as Hell wasn’t going to complain. It was one of his biggest fantasies when it came to the blonde. Eric smirked as Sookie unbuckled his belt. His cock pressed painfully against the zipper of his jeans and he couldn’t wait for her to release him.

Sookie winked at Eric and slowly undid his jeans, popping open the button and lowering the zipper. She licked her lips as she pushed his jeans down and watched his cock spring free. Sookie gave Eric a saucy look before dropping to her knees and taking him into her mouth. She gripped his hips and swallowed around his cock, taking him deeply into her mouth.

Eric smirked at Bill before dropping his head back. He moaned as Sookie’s tongue did all kinds of wicked things to him. In Eric’s mind, Sookie was a goddess on her knees. The pleasure she gave him was second to none and he enjoyed every second of it.

Bill yanked viciously on his chain, the silver tearing into his wrists as he watched his Sookie suck Eric’s cock. His blood boiled and he snarled at them, throwing out ridiculous threats. If it wasn’t bad enough that she fucked Eric while he was in the bar, she had to go and fuck him while he was in the room! Bill swore he wouldn’t let them get away with it. He would find a way to make them both pay.

Sookie used every trick she knew to bring Eric to a quick release, swallowing his cum as he climaxed. Rising to her feet, Sookie eyefucked Eric as she reached for the hem of her shirt, pulled it up, lifted it over her head and tossed it to the side.

Eric growled when he saw Sookie wasn’t wearing a bra and he cupped her breasts, squeezing them, and rubbing his thumbs over her nipples. He grinned when he saw them harden, and then he ducked his head, sucking one into his mouth, and nipping at it with his teeth.

Sookie moaned and threaded her fingers in Eric’s hair, holding his head to her breast. She loved it when he sucked on her nipples and felt more of her arousal flood her panties. “Oh God!”

Eric sucked hard on her nipple while he moved his hands to the waist of her jeans and ripped them apart, ripping her panties off at the same time. He groaned as he slipped a hand between her legs and felt the wetness awaiting him. She was practically dripping over his fingers and he knew she was more than ready to take him.

Sookie yanked on Eric’s hair, pulling his head away from her breast. Lust radiated from her, and she crushed her lips to his in a bruising kiss before pulling back and turning around. She smirked at the look of unadulterated hatred on Bill’s face while she stood before him, naked, except for her boots. Keeping her eyes on his, Sookie licked her lips before lowering herself to the floor and getting on all fours. “Eric…”

Eric palmed his cock as he ran his eyes over Sookie’s naked body. He had never seen a more perfect woman in his long existence. Eric pulled his t-shirt over his head before winking at the furious-looking Bill, and then dropping to his knees behind Sookie. He lined up his cock and gripped her hips. Lifting his head, he stared into Bill’s eyes as he thrust forward and buried himself inside Sookie’s welcoming body.



A wave of revulsion washed over Alcide as Sookie’s cries of pleasure traveled through the club. He couldn’t believe she was letting Eric fuck her in the basement, knowing full well he was in the bar. He couldn’t believe she would debase herself in such a way.


Alcide felt sick when he heard Sookie’s pleas. He always thought she was a good girl, a little stupid, but good at heart. He could’ve overlooked her involvement with vampires, knowing it wouldn’t have lasted forever, but now she was a vampire herself. She was ruined.

“Oh God! Yes… Fuck me!”

Grabbing a glass off the bar top, Alcide hurled it across the bar before storming out the door. There was no way in Hell he was going to stay there and listen to Sookie act like a whore for Northman! To Hell with them all! They could find Russell Edgington without him.


Sookie screamed out in ecstasy while Eric pounded into her at vampire speed. She had forgotten how good it felt to be fucked like a vampire. Her human body wouldn’t have been able to handle the forcefulness of Eric’s thrusts, but her vampire body could, and she fucking loved it! She loved being fucked hard and fast!

Eric tightened his grip on Sookie’s hips as he slammed into her. The feel of her pussy fluttering around his cock was driving him wild and he grunted as he increased the force of his thrusts. He couldn’t be soft even if he tried. His bloodlust was high, and he needed to let out his vampire.

“Fuck… Fuck… Fuck…” Sookie chanted, losing herself to the pleasure Eric was giving her. She no longer cared about Bill being there and watching them. She wasn’t lying when she told him Eric was a better lover than him and now he could see it with his own two eyes.

Bill dropped his head down and went limp in his chains as Sookie’s cries of pleasure rang in his ears. He had never, not once, ever heard her cry out like that when she was with him, and he hated it. How can she whore herself out to Eric like that? She’s nothing but a dirty slut! 

The force of her release slammed into her and Sookie let out a deafening scream as she broke apart, cumming powerfully. “YES!”

Eric grit his teeth as he felt Sookie tighten almost painfully around his cock. Never in his thousand years had he ever found someone who fit him better, and Eric swore he would never let her go. “Fuck,” he grunted as he thrust into her over and over, searching for his own release. “Yes!” He shouted as he felt his balls tighten and he pulled Sookie back against him as she surged forward, burying himself as far as he could inside her. “Sookie!” He roared as he came, shooting his cum into her convulsing pussy.

“Mmm… I needed that,” Sookie moaned with a giggle as she sat up on her knees and pressed her back against Eric’s chest.

“So did I,” Eric chuckled as he wrapped his arms around her from behind. He dropped a kiss on her shoulder before reluctantly letting her go and standing up. As much as he wanted, he knew they couldn’t stay down in the basement fucking.

Standing up, Sookie stretched before bending over, picking up Eric’s discarded t-shirt, and pulling it on. She ran a hand through her tangled locks and turned to face Eric. She pouted playfully as she watched him pull his jeans on and zip them up. “I suppose we should get to work,” she said rather reluctantly.

Eric nodded, reached for her hand, led her up the stairs, and back into the bar. “Pam, get Sookie some clothes to wear,” he said, casting a quick glance at his child. He was happy that she decided to take responsibility for Tara, but things were still far from right between them. Pam’s actions over the coming weeks and months would determine how things played out.

“I guess Alcide left,” Sookie said when she noticed the absence of the Were.

“He stormed out while you were busy,” Pam informed them before speeding into the back to grab a pair of her leather pants and a Fangtasia tank top. “He didn’t appreciate the show,” she added while she handed Sookie the clothes.

“I don’t think Bill did either,” Sookie snorted as she stripped off Eric’s t-shirt and pulled on the leather pants and tank top.

“It doesn’t matter,” Eric said. “We don’t need him.”

“We don’t?” Sookie questioned curiously. She was under the impression they needed Alcide’s help to find Russell. It was one of his guys who was guarding the site where Russell was buried. They needed Alcide to bring the guy to them so they could question him.

“No,” Eric replied with a grin. “As I know where Russell is…”


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