Behind The Public Masks: Chapter Eight


Behind the Public Masks 1

Chapter Eight

“Oh God! Fuck… Yes!” Sookie screamed, her back arching off the bed as she came. She shuddered as little tremors of pleasure shot through her and laughed happily as she stared down at the brunette between her legs. “I needed that,” she whispered as she reached out her hand to rub a finger over the wet lips of her partner.

“I’ll say; you’ve been uptight for days,” Maria-Star murmured as she kissed her way up her boss and occasional lover’s body. She flicked her tongue over Sookie’s right nipple before brushing her lips lightly over the blonde’s, giving Sookie a taste of her juices before rolling off of her and propping herself on her elbow.

“Stressed,” Sookie countered, a playful smile tugging at her lips. Maria-Star hadn’t been far off the mark though. Sookie had been uptight for the last few days. Her conversation with Warlow couldn’t have gone better. Her old friend and former lover had agreed to return to Louisiana the following month to check out Portia and Hadley. He also agreed to loan them one of his private jets for as long as Only at Night needed it, why he had more than one Sookie didn’t know. Once they had their business out of the way, the topic of conversation had turned to personal and before long the two of them were engaging in the raunchiest phone sex they had ever had…

Six days earlier

“The plane is yours as long as you need it, mo chara,” Warlow said. “I will deliver it personally next month. I can visit Earl and examine Portia and Hadley while I am there.”

“Thank you,” Sookie replied sincerely as she leaned back in her chair and kicked her feet up on her desk. “I’ll let Granddaddy Earl know. He’s been worryin‘ ’bout Portia’s and Hadley’s babies, if they have the spark or not. He’s still scared that some faeries will try and snatch them or us.”

“That will not happen,” Warlow said, his tone firm. “Mab is dead. I killed her myself. Moreover, those now in power are aware of the consequences of fucking with the Stackhouse family and by extension me. I have breached their world once; I can do it again if necessary, and you yourself have gained many allies who would happily fight for youincluding many of the Fae themselves.”

Sookie smiled as she thought about some of her Fae allies. She knew there was some faeries out there who would be happy to see her dead, but she also had those she could call ally, even a few she could call friends, Claudette for one. Despite Sookie’s dislike and distrust for Claudette’s fellow triplets, Claudine and Claude, she got on extremely well with the eldest of the Crane triplets. Claudette wasn’t as deceitful and manipulative as Claudine and she wasn’t as vain and arrogant as Claude. It seemed as if Claudette had received all the good genes, whereas her siblings got all the bad.

Sookie had even enjoyed a few dalliances with some faeries over the yearsor a few one night stands to be more precise. She had no interest in a relationship with anyone, but had a healthy appetite when it came to sex. She enjoyed sex and wasn’t ashamed to explore her sexuality in any way she wanted.

“I know,” Sookie replied softly, and she did. She knew Warlow would kill any faery who dared to target the Stackhouse family. He had already proven it. She tried to bite back a moan as she recalled the last faery who was stupid enough not to heed the ancient faery/vampire hybrid’s warning. It had been a few months after Warlow had rescued Earl from Faery and killed Mab. One of the former Queen’s most loyal subjects had decided to take revenge on the abomination that had killed his beloved Queen and set his sights on any of the Stackhouses. As luck would have it, he stumbled across Sookie, managing to track her to her house. He had attacked the youngest of the Stackhouses in hope of sending a message to Warlow through her death. However, the fool hadn’t done his homework and failed to realize that Warlow was resting in her bedroom. When he had heard the attack, Warlow had quickly sped to Sookie’s rescue and ripped the faery apart. The scent of the faery blood and violence of the fight had sent Warlow into bloodlust and he had pounced on Sookie. The two of them had proceeded to have very violent sex in the faery dust remains of the faeryand loved every minute of it.

“I know you do,” Warlow purred, his tone dropping to a husky whisper. He had heard her moan and had a good idea about just what she was remembering. He grinned as he recalled the wild, passionate sex they had that day. Sookie had ridden him like a stallion and he had fucked her like a vampire. It was one of his favorite memories. “You remember Lochlan and fucking in his remains?”

“I do,” Sookie moaned, a tingle of arousal shooting through her. She swore she could almost feel his hand in her hair, gripping it tighter as he pulled her head back while pounding into her from behind.

“Is remembering the way my cock felt inside your tight, little pussy turning you on, mo chara?” Warlow asked. “Are you wet?”

“It is… I am,” Sookie whimpered, taking her feet off the desk and squeezing her legs together in an attempt to stem her arousal. “So wet.”

“Where are you, Sookie?”

“In my office,” Sookie answered.

“Are you alone?” Warlow asked.

“No, Maria-Star is here,” Sookie replied, her eyes flicking to her open office door, half expecting to see Maria-Star in it.

Mmm,” Warlow purred as he made his way to a private room in the club he was visiting. He crooked a finger at a bevy of beauties dancing a few feet away from him and silently ordered them to follow him. “The nubile young wolf… I remember her. She felt so good wrapped around my cock…” He grinned as he heard Sookie moan. “I see you remember that as well.” He nodded his head in approval as he entered the private VIP area of the club and swept his arm out, inviting the giggly young women to enter.

“I remember everythin‘,” Sookie replied, her voice dripping with sex. She remembered every time they had sex, every time she watched him fuck someone else, and every time they had fucked someone else together. Most people would be embarrassed to do some of the things she had. However, Sookie had lost her shame and innocence a long time ago, and she lost them on her terms. She wouldn’t let anyone else tell her what to do or what not to do. She had sex with whomever she wanted, when she wanted, and she refused to let the small-minded bigots of Bon Temps make her feel guilty about it.

She knew everyone talked about her. She had overheard them countless times, both aloud and in her head. They all cursed her name and shook their fists at her trying to shame her into living the life they believed she should… or rather Adele believed she should. Sookie could count on one hand the number of people in Bon Temps who actually liked and respected her, Jason, Portia, Earl, Andy, and Terry. That was it.

The rest of them looked upon her with scorn. They mumbled words behind her back and then pretended they didn’t when she called them on it. They called her a ‘scarlet woman’ and judged her for the choices they had no idea she was even making. No one in Bon Temps really knew what she did or whom she did it with. They didn’t know she enjoyed threesomes and the occasional bondage play, but they judged her as if they did. They judged her for not living the life Adele had decided upon for her.

Shaking her head, Sookie banished away all those unpleasant thoughts as she refocused her attention on the phone call. She frowned as she heard the light beat of some music in the background. “Where are you?”

“I am at the Sanguine Club,” Warlow answered as he lounged back in one of the custom-made leather sofas. Snapping his fingers at the women, Warlow ordered them to dance for him as he ran his hungry eyes over their smooth flesh. “The Queen was gracious enough to allow me use of her VIP room for a private party…”

Gracious enough, Sookie repeated, a snort escaping her lips. What that really meant was that Warlow had either threatened the vampire Queen or fucked her into compliance. Given the fact that he was still in Estonia and no one was after his head, Sookie believed it was the latter.

“You’re not alone?” Sookie asked even though she already knew the answer. Warlow had taught her many things in the five years she had known him. He taught her how to hone and use her abilities in order for her to use them as assets. He taught her how to navigate the supernatural world. He also taught her about the excitement of voyeurism.

“No, mo chara,” Warlow replied. “I am looking at a group of how do you say it? Scantily clad women and I’m trying to decide which one I want to suck my cock first…” He laughed as he heard Sookie hiss out a breath. “Although I am sure none of them will be as good as you…” Licking his lips, Warlow eyed the buxom blonde who reminded him a little of his mo chara as he rubbed a hand over his covered cock. “It’s making me hard just thinking about it. How I wish you were here so I could feel your lips around my hard cock now… Would you like that, Sookie? Would you like to feel my cock in your warm, little mouth?”

“Yes!” Sookie hissed as she pictured just that. She could feel her panties becoming drenched and she leaned back in her chair and threw one leg over the arm and stroked a finger over her inner thigh.

“Tell me, Sookie,” Warlow growled, his fangs snapping down into place as his arousal grew. “Tell me how you would suck my cock while these women watched.”

“I…I drop to my knees in front of you and push your knees apart,” Sookie began. She put the call on speaker, knowing full well Maria-Star would hear every word. She was relieved that Lafayette and Jesus had already left for the nightalthough Tray was still somewhere in the building, she realized. “I can see how hard you are as I rub the palm of my hand over the bulge in your pants before slowly lowerin‘ the zipper…”

Curling a finger at the Sookie lookalike, Warlow beckoned her forward as he put the call on the speaker. “I want you to do everything she describes,” he said as he ran his eyes over her. Up close he could easily tell the differences between the woman and his mo chara. The lookalike’s hair was a shade darker and she was thinner than Sookie. She wasn’t as pretty in his eyes, but she did have some nice plump lips that he knew would feel great wrapped around his cock. “Will you do that for me…?”

“Yes!” The girl cried enthusiastically, not quite able to believe he had chosen her. “Sara, my name’s Sara…”

Spreading his legs, Warlow allowed the young woman to kneel between them as he lowered his zipper like Sookie had said. Leaning back, he spread his arms over the back of the sofa and watched the girl as he waited for Sookie to continue.

Sookie bit her lip as she heard Warlow talk to the young woman. Knowing someone was going to do all that she described was an empowering and arousing feeling. She leaned forward quickly and pulled the front of her dress down so she could play with her breasts. “… I pop open the button, then hook my fingers into the top of your pants and pull them down, makin‘ you lift up so I can get them off you…”

Warlow arched a brow at Sara, waiting to see if she would do as Sookie said. He grinned as Sara eagerly followed. He lifted his hips as she pulled down his pants. He smirked as he saw her eyes go wide when she got the first look at his hard cock. Take a good look, little woman; you will be worshipping it soon.

“… I know you, so I know you’re not wearin‘ any underwear,” Sookie continued; humor clear to hear in her voice. Leaning back in her chair, Sookie closed her eyes and envisioned the scene. She could see Warlow lounging back on a sofa, his pants around his ankles while some pretty young woman kneeled between his spread legs. “I wrap my hand around your cock and give it a soft stroke before lowerin‘ my head and takin‘ just the tip into my mouth…”

Sookie grinned as she heard Warlow moan and she knew the mysterious young woman had done just as she described. Lifting her hands, she cupped her breasts as she continued, “… I flick my tongue over the head, tasting the pre cum that’s leaking out before taking you deeper into my mouth…” Sookie moaned as she pinched her nipples over her silk bra. “… You feel so good in my mouth, and it makes me so wet…”

Warlow grunted as he listened to her words, and he could imagine how wet she was. He wanted to feel, needed to. He needed to feel the wetness on his fingers as he twisted them inside her. Casting his eyes over the still dancing women, Warlow zeroed in on a petite redhead and called her forward. “Strip,” he growled, grinning rakishly as she quickly complied.

Sookie’s breath sped up as she heard Warlow’s commanding tone and she knew another young woman was getting naked in front of him. “… I slip a hand between my legs and touch myself as I swallow around you, hollowin‘ my cheeks…”

Warlow groaned as he felt the warm mouth of Sara on his cock and he tangled a hand in her hair as he would if it was Sookie sucking on his cock. Patting the seat next to him, he ordered the redhead to climb on beside him, “On your knees,” he growled, nodding in approval as she did as ordered. Slipping a hand between her legs, Warlow circled her clit with the pad of his finger lightly before moving it lower and pressing it against her opening. He grinned as he felt how wet she was and quickly pushed in his middle finger into her up to the knuckle.

“… You’re so hard and thick in my mouth and I gag slightly before suckin‘ on your cock hard… Oh God!” Sookie cried out, her imagination working overtime as she spun herself up with her words. Her juices were dripping down her legs and she slid a hand between them and cupped her sex over her ruined panties.

“Are you touching yourself, mo chara?” Warlow asked, his voice coming out in a husky purr.

“Yes!” Sookie hissed, rubbing her clit over her panties.

“What are you wearing, Sookie?” Warlow asked, needing to get a visual.

Sookie's OutfitA rered dress,” Sookie moaned, as she rubbed her clit harder.

“And your underwear?” Warlow questioned as he pushed a second finger into the redhead and twisted them. He could feel her wetness dripping down his hand and he thrust his hips sending his cock deeper into Sara’s mouth.

“Black…” Sookie hissed. 

“Take them off, mo chara!” Warlow growled, his eyes darkening at the vision in his mind. “Take it all off! I want you naked except for those ridiculously high-heel shoes I’m sure you are wearing…”

Pushing her chair back, Sookie quickly stood up and reached for the zipper on her dress and pulled it down. Her eyes flicked to her open office door as she shimmied out of her dress and let it pool on the ground. Reaching behind her, Sookie unsnapped her bra, pulling it off before hooking her fingers into her soaked panties to push them over her hips and down her legs. Once she was naked except for the four inch Manolo Blahnik’s heels, Sookie retook her seat and waited.

Warlow didn’t have to ask Sookie if she had done as he had ordered. He knew his little mo chara so well that he knew she had. He grinned as he pictured her sitting naked in her office chair. “Spread your legs, Sookie,” he ordered as he continued to finger fuck the red head. “Put them over the arms of your chair…”

Sookie didn’t even hesitate as she spread her legs and hooked them over the arms of her chair. She could feel her pussy dripping with arousal, and she was sure she was making a mess, but she didn’t care. She didn’t care about anything but the fire in her belly and the ache between her legs. Bringing her hand to her lips, Sookie sucked two fingers into her mouth before dropping them between her legs. She hissed out a breath as she ran her wet fingers over her swollen lips.

“Touch yourself, mo chara,” Warlow said, his tone forceful. “Fuck that pretty pink cunt with your fingers… I want to hear you fucking yourself.”

Sookie teased herself for a few seconds before pushing two fingers inside her dripping pussy. She moaned loudly as she felt her heat surround her fingers, and she moved her other hand to her left breast. “Ooh…”

Warlow growled as he tightened his grip on Sara’s hair and pushed her down on his cock. He could hear Sookie’s fingers gliding through her wetness over the phone and it drove him wild with desire. Thrusting his fingers faster into the redhead’s cunt, Warlow scissored his fingers and he thrust his hips, fucking Sara’s face. He clenched his teeth as he felt his balls tighten and yanked on Sara’s hair, pulling her head back so he could cum on her face.

Sookie cried out in delight as she heard Warlow let out a hoarse shout and she knew he had just cum. She pinched her nipple as she thrust her fingers into herself harder, her body aching for its release. A small gasp of pleasure caught her attention and Sookie darted her eyes to the open doorway. Her lips parted and she panted hard as she saw Maria-Star standing in the doorway, a hungry look on her face and her hand down her own panties.

She kept her eyes locked on Maria-Star’s as she slid a third finger into her pussy. A moan spilled from her lips and she arched her back, pushing her chest out. “Oh God! It feels so good…”

Warlow could feel his body pulsing with energy as he listened to Sookie finger herself over the phone. His cock began to stir and he smirked as he ran his eyes over the remaining dancers, trying to decide which one he wanted next. He rubbed his thumb over the redhead’s clit as he fucked her with his fingers at vampire speed, quickly bringing her to a release. He pulled his fingers from her fluttering cunt and offered them to Sara, letting her lick them clean before pushing them both away and beckoning a busty brunette forward.


The cry from the other end of the phone startled him as his eyes snapped to the small piece of plastic. “Sookie!” He shouted; concern clear to hear in his voice. “What is it?”

“MMaMaria…” Sookie gasped as she banged her head against the back of her chair. Biting her lip, Sookie cupped her breasts as she stared down at the brown-haired Were kneeling between her legs with her head buried in her crotch.

It took Warlow a second to understand what she meant, but once he did, he let out a hearty laugh. “Is the big bad wolf eating you, mo chara?”

Moans of pleasure spilled from Sookie’s lips as Maria-Star feasted on her sex. She cried out in ecstasy as she felt the young wolf suck on her clit hard.”Yes!”

Warlow licked his lips as he imagined the taste of Sookie on them, sweet and tangy… Delicious. “How does she taste, Maria-Star?” He asked as he pulled the brunette onto his lap.

“Delicious,” Maria-Star replied, echoing his thoughts as she lifted her head slightly. She grinned wolfishly at Sookie before flattening her tongue and dragging it over her swollen and wet lips.

“Make her cum, wolf,” Warlow growled, his tone commanding. “Make my mo chara scream, beg, and cry… Twice. I want to hear her.”

“Gladly,” Maria-Star said before burying her head between Sookie’s legs and beginning to do just that.

Warlow grinned as he heard Sookie cry out, and for the hundredth time that night he wished he was there. He would’ve loved to have fucked the wolf from behind while she ate out Sookie. He would’ve spent hours fucking them both, not finishing until they were both filled with his cum and exhausted. When it came to sex, Warlow had a sex drive that was unrivaled… Almost unrivaled, he corrected himself. There was one man, one vampire who could easily match him, if not even surpass him. Warlow smirked as he recalled some of the competitions he and his cara d’aois used to get into. During the 17th century, he had bet his cara d’aois that he couldn’t fuck every whore in every brothel in the whole of France. His cara d’aois had readily accepted the challenge and the two of them had spent the better part of a year travelling the country, visiting brothels, and fucking whores. Warlow had lost the bet, but he gained many great stories to tell.

Looking at the brunette straddling him, Warlow let his eyes drink her in as he reached between her legs and ripped a hole in her panties. “Ride me,” he ordered, gritting his teeth as he felt her lowering herself onto his cock. Closing his eyes, Warlow let his head fall back against the couch as he listened to Sookie scream, beg, and cry while the young brunette rode him.

By the time the call ended, Sookie was spent. She lost count of the amount of times she came from Maria-Star’s fingers and mouth as she listened to Warlow fuck one woman after another. She barely had enough energy left to redress and drive herself home.

End Flashback

Unfortunately for the telepathic blonde that was the last bit of fun she had since that Tuesday. She had arrived in the office the following evening to be greeted by a pissed off Lafayette who was practically having a fit about some shit the King of Nebraska was trying to pull. With one week to go to his coronation, King Emmanuel Dante had decided he no longer liked the arrangements that were previously agreed upon and was trying to both redo all the planning and renegotiate their signed contract. The King had foolishly believed he could bully Only at Night into organizing his coronation at half the price previously agreed upon. Lafayette was scheduled to fly out to Nebraska and put all their planning into action that Saturday preparing for the coronation on the Wednesday. After two nights of renegotiations, Sookie had finally had enough and informed Nebraska’s King that his actions were a breach of contract and Only at Night would no longer be organizing his coronation. She had very kindly given him the number of EEE before wishing him all the best and ending their video call.

As if the stress the King of Nebraska had caused Sookie wasn’t enough, Adele had decided that she suddenly had an interest in her granddaughter’s private life, and had come to the conclusion that all the work she was doing wasn’t healthy and her youngest grandchild needed a man in her life. The elderly woman had ordered Sookie to the farmhouse and then proceeded to tell her that it was time she stopped fooling herself with her little business and settle down. Adele even picked out a man for her independent granddaughter and invited him over so they could all have a nice family dinner together. Sookie didn’t know whether to be amused or insulted when Adele had told her JB du Rone was her perfect man. In Adele’s mind the simple, but nice, JB would be perfect for Sookie. She doubted he would even notice Sookie’s little curse.

Sookie had been quick to nip the whole thing in the bud. She wasn’t interested in having a relationship with anyone. She was young, attractive, and rich. She enjoyed living her life as she did and was in no hurry to settle down. This sentiment did not go over well with her grandmother. The two of them had yet another one of their famous arguments and, once again, Adele had thrown Sookie out of the farmhouse.

“You look like you’re a million miles away,” Maria-Star said softly, pulling Sookie from her musings.

“Just a few thousand,” Sookie replied, smiling as she felt Maria-Star’s hand on her breast.

“Warlow?” Maria-Star guessed as she pinched Sookie’s nipple playfully. A smile lit up the pretty, young Were’s face as she remembered the ancient hybrid vampire. She had some very fond memories of him and always enjoyed it when he came for a visit. The faery/vampire could fuck like no other man she had ever met. Vampires and Weres didn’t usually mix, but working at Only at Night had opened Maria-Star up to a whole new world of possibilities and sexual experimentation. Before she met Sookie and went to work at Only at Night, Maria-Star had resigned herself to living her life by expectations of the Pack. She had expected to be the prized bitch of the next Packmaster challenge winner. At the time she was eighteen and a virgin; Maria-Star had prepared herself to be mounted and lose her virginity in front of the entire Pack. Meeting Sookie had changed all that, the telepathic blonde had offered her a life outside of the Pack, and she had readily taken it.

Some of the Pack members hadn’t been happy at the time, and Alcide himself had been furious, knowing he lost his chance to publicly claim her if and when he won the challenge, but Maria-Star hadn’t cared. She had been offered a new life with new possibilities and she had jumped at it. She was still a member of the Longtooth Pack, but they no longer had full control over her. She wouldn’t be anyone’s prized bitch. She had lost her virginity because she wanted to and on her own terms. She had given herself to Warlow for her first time and never regretted it.

Maria-Star felt her body react as she recalled her first time with Warlow, and she slid her hand down Sookie’s body and between her legs. “The phone call?” She continued, moaning softly as she remembered hearing Warlow’s husky voice over the phone as he ordered her to fuck his mo chara with her fingers. “That was one of the more enjoyable phone calls I’ve overheard lately…” A wicked smile spread across her face as she gazed down at Sookie. “Tray agreed. In fact, it turned him on so much that after you left, he bent me over his desk and fucked me hard.”

Sookie gasped as Maria-Star started to lightly rub her clit. “You and Tray still fuckin‘?” She asked, picturing the burly Were bending the lithe Maria-Star over his desk and pounding into her hard.

“We were,” Maria-Star answered with a sigh as she added a little more pressure to Sookie’s clit.

Were?” Sookie questioned as she placed her hand over Maria-Star’s and guided her movements.

“Yeah. Amelia…” Maria-Star sneered the name, her distaste for the other woman clear to hear, “called him Saturday night, and fucked with his head.”

“What she do?” Sookie asked as she started to move her hips.

“Told him she missed him, couldn’t stop thinking about him,” Maria-Star replied, dipping a finger lower and pushing into Sookie’s dripping pussy. “She asked if they could meet up when she got back…”

“And Tray said yes?” Sookie moaned as Maria-Star started to slowly finger fuck her.

“He did,” Maria-Star answered dejectedly. She rather liked the former U.S. Marine and would’ve been open to seeing where they could’ve gone, but the lone wolf was unfortunately still hung up on his undeserving ex, and Maria-Star wouldn’t set herself up for rejection and heartbreak. “He was so happy to hear from her that he forgot I was naked in his bed.”

“I’m sorry,” Sookie replied, feeling for the young Were. She didn’t need to be a telepath to realize that she was hurting. Sookie hated to see the unhappy look on her face and wanted to do something about it. Smiling wickedly, Sookie grabbed Maria-Star’s wrist and pulled her hand out from between her legs before quickly rolling them over so she was on top of the young Were. She pressed her lips to Maria-Star’s in a fleeting kiss. “It’s his loss,” she said before kissing her way down Maria-Star’s body. Sookie grinned at her before burying her head between Maria-Star’s legs.


Sookie nodded as she listened to her lawyer Desmond Cataliades go over the last minute adjustments to the contract. After the trouble with the King of Nebraska a few nights earlier, Sookie had asked Cataliades to tighten up the basic clauses of Only at Nights contracts. She didn’t want to have to waste time or supplies in the future fucking around with people who Darwin should’ve eliminated years ago.

“The new cancellation clause is now a standard in all contracts,” Desmond said, wrapping up his explanation.

“Thank you, Desmond,” Sookie replied, giving the daemon lawyer a smile. She quickly scanned the contract, taking it in with her own eyes before handing back to Desmond and leaning back in the comfortable car seating. Looking out of the tinted windows, Sookie smiled as she saw the some of the sights of Chicago shoot by. She wished she had time to explore the city as she had never been before. She would’ve loved to have taken in the sights and done a bit of shopping.

Business before pleasure, she told herself as she prepared to meet the Queen of Illinois.

It was nearly ten minutes later when the driver pulled up outside the gates of the Queen of Illinois’ residence, and Sookie took a deep breath as she grabbed her bag and waited for a guard to let them in.

Here we go…


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  1. I love this version if Sookie –free and does not take shit from anyone. I can guess who Warlows partner in crime is (hope I am right). Great Monday wake-up. Adele is such a nosy, bossy grandmother and it looks like Sookie is oil to her water. 🙂

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  2. I love Sookie! She takes no shit and is not ashamed of herself. Wonderful chapter. Warlow… mmm. This meeting with the Queen should be interesting. Lol! Can’t wait!!


  3. Yay for daily updates!! Like some of the other readers, I like the topsy turvy characters. A nice Portia and Andy with a mean Adele. I honestly never understood what was so great about Adele in the first place asides from the fact that she’s a cute old lady.


  4. Wow, that was fun. Now Sooke has arrived in Illinois and is about to meet some interesting new people. I do like your Warlow.


  5. oOoh Yummy Warlow Time. I love that Lala works with her. He is my fav character after E &S. Love MariaStar’s little back story. Screw Alcede. And Wow Her “Gran” is a real piece of work.

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  6. Warlow is yummy! Very nice 🙂
    Hmm I wonder who could rival his sex drive? ;p
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    • Warlow- woohoo! Very nice
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