Do I Hate Women?

Strange title, right? Believe me, I know.

First things though. I know you are all patiently waiting for some updates, and I apologise for how long it’s taking me. Work has been extremely busy this year. For those who aren’t aware, I work at a cinema, and we have had some blockbusters out this year. It’s been pretty much nonstop since April. Things are getting a bit quieter now though, so I should be able to get some writing done. I have been doing a little. As I mentioned before I’m rewriting Lifting the Veil. I’m adding more depth to it, new scenes, expanding characters, etc. I’ve rewritten the first three chapters and so far I’ve added around three thousand words to it, so who knows how much I’ll add by time I’ve finished. There is roughly two or three chapters left of Masque of the Red Death before we move onto the final part of the series. I’m going to try and get that finished first.

Now, onto the title. I received a review on AO3 this morning asking me that very question. I’ll give the reviewer credit for signing in and putting their name to the review, but still… Do I hate women? As a woman myself, I can state categorically that I do not hate women. I mean, I hate everyone regardless of gender.

This is the review I got for A Marriage of Inconvenience…
I’m just wondering if you hate women? Every female perspective that’s not sookie is some kind of caricature of a petty, spiteful, jealous, shallow bitch and it’s exhausting
I understand the wonders of wish fulfilment in fiction and thoroughly stan it, but literally every other female character is more shallow than a puddle and overflowing with violent envy at sookie. Even Pam, who is arguably the second best developed female perspective is painted as this entitled spoilt brat who despite having some kind of positive relationship with sookie has this juxtaposing envy and level of dislike for her. I’m wondering why you feel the need to write every women as an immediate enemy of your main character, and why can’t she have any fulfilling or healthy female friendships or encounters- every woman she meets wants to fuck her husband and immediately insults, degrades and disrespects sookie in their brain it’s real bad, man. I hope you’re thinking abo this coz it’s some yikes shit like, please review how you approach life? Your opinions on women maybe ? Critically reflect this please.
This is a fun story I like the premise and the characters are a lot more fun & lighthearted than the og but the fact that every woman we encounter is just instantly some kind of vindictive jealous cruel bitch is exhausting and p toxic

The review itself doesn’t bother me, it’s the bit where I’m asked to review how I approach my life. My writing in no way reflects how I live my life.

So what do you think? Do I hate women? 😂

23 thoughts on “Do I Hate Women?

  1. I’m sorry but they can get over themselves. We all know you hate everyone 😋😋 Just kidding. It’s a bit of light-hearted entertainment and I think the reviewer is reading too much into it. Lighten up. It’s just a story, not a disposition on your female empowerment rhetoric. I just love it because it bags Bill all the time *shrug* 😈

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  2. On the bright side, at least your writing attracts people with somewhat of a brain. The review was well thought out, but seriously, who reads that much into a fan-fiction story? It’s not like as readers we are expected to give a scholastic opinion on the text.

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  3. The fact that they took the time out of their day to make baseless accusations on a persons character based off of fictional writing astounds me. If you dislike things don’t read them. I’m always excited to see posts from you and I’m always up for a new chapter. It’s things like this that stop me from writing anything for fan fiction.

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  4. I don’t think you hate women based on the stories you have written. You do unfortunately seem to have attracted a very opinionated and self righteous reader who believes she has some God given authority to make comments about your personal life. Telling her to “F” off would not be ladylike (but hey, since you don’t like women), however it just seems to be the appropriate response. Have a great day !!

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  5. I’m seriously laughing my ass off at this review & the entire situation. Honestly, who has time for this shit and frankly, who cares? You’re a helluva writer, so shake this one off, laugh, and keep going.

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  6. Hahahahaha
    This looks like high school. What poet thoght when he wrote that snow covered trees. And answer for an A was that he was extrimly sad.
    People see what they want to see not what is in front them. So do not care about them. Write us our stories so we can rest with good and funy stories.
    I hardly can wait any update.

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  7. I am with all the above comment. I myself think that you are doing a great job with your writing. You take what little time you have for yourself and put these stories out for all of us to enjoy. There are some out there that take it personally. If they stop and think about it, would they want other women after their drop dead (LOL) hunky hansom husband, I think not. You just keep going with what you feel and see how your stories are suppose to go. Looking for new updates and re-write of stories. Thank you


    • I LMAO at some people because if they don’t like it, they should write a story that has strong female relationships with Sookie themselves. You keep doing what you’re doing because in my book you rock! You may not like anyone but I think many love you!

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  8. Absolutely not! You write the characters the way they just seem to beg to be written. I loved this particular story and go back and read it all the time. I assuming this person has not read your other stories because this is not an accurate reflection of your work. You keep on doing exactly what your doing because I have loved everything you have written.

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  9. Oh, FFS! This is escapist reading! I love your stories and I have/had a job during the time reading your stories that I dealt with legal issues day in and day out. Fanfic writing was my safety valve (and I just loved the characters!). If you look at CH books, it’s only from one female character’s perspective. We know little about Gran because she died early in the series; Tara was a background character only and that really leaves Pam –she “grew” as an ally of Sookie. BUT… took most of your characters from TB –where we have “Shallow Pam”, “Hateful Tara” and so forth –it was the series writers of TB that are to blame/credit for the female character template –you merely expanded on it and to a degree, mocked it….

    Don’t worry –I’m currently re-reading all your stories as well as Answer To The Master and fervently waiting for any/all updates….
    Best! Pat

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    • I agree with the previous posts, the base characters you are working on are all bitches. Everything Nicole said above is right, although I think she’s forgetting that Arlene eventually conspired to get her killed in the books, it was TB Arlene that turned out nice 🙂
      So yeah. She may have seen an underlying theme, but it was a theme set up by CH, you have simply expanded on it as a fanfic author, and so what! Steven King is apparently a very nice man, not a sociopath….

      Keep doing what u r doing. Be Steven King and write what you want to write. Your life and how you live it doesn’t need to come into the fun fantasy land of fiction!

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  10. I disagree with the reviewer. You shouldn’t have to justify your writing and spill about your personal life. Lots of people write about abusive situations and relationships but that doesn’t necessarily mean that is a reflection of their lives. It’s called fiction for a reason.
    A Marriage of Inconvenience is still one of my all time faves! Can’t wait to read your new updates😃😃

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  11. I think that they haven’t reflected on the original relationships your stories are based off of. In the books, every single relationship Sookie has is toxic; she’s never seen a healthy one. She and Pam eventually become allies but only for the sake of Eric. Arlene used her, Tara didn’t accept her and repeatedly tells her to stick with her own kind, assuming she is human. Sam uses her, Jason uses her, every employee at Merlotte’s uses her. She doesn’t have a single true friend in the books. Eric is literally the only one who tells her any form of the truth and even he needs work on communication. In the shows, it’s the same thing although Arlene treats her like a friend eventually but really, Sookie is still an employee and given no raise. Arlene only starts talking to her again once she starts dating, Keith is it?
    I love your writing. I find it incredibly truthful. Having grown up in a small town, with a single mother, I grew up with ‘friends’ but now that I am an adult, I have One best female friend. People in small towns are judgey and vindictive. I’ve found that generally, people want to see you fall so they can feel better about themselves. Humans are a cruel species that hide behind a veneer of civility. Basically every other relationship with women is catty and even though my husband is not a super model, 5x hottest man in a country…I’ve had supposed friends make passes at him in graduate school or ‘fish’ to see if he was open to anything. There are generally two type of women that attend higher education, those that seek to find a husband and those that seek an education.

    Keep up the great work and thanks for writing. Also, thanks for taking the time to read your reviews and actually think about them.

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  12. Well, if someone thought you were writing a true story or an original work opposed to a work of fan- fiction… I thought you were basing Sookie’s character off the Sookie in The Sookie Stackhouse novels and Alan Ball’s True Blood. All Sookies involved experienced various forms of hate and you didn’t deter from the character’s plot. I guess if someone hadn’t read the books or watched the show would assume something similar. To make such a rude personal comment was a bit much though. But she liked the story, so there’s that😰


  13. i honestly didn’t see that in your story but who am i to say… i am just a fanfic reader and writer what the hell do i know. anyway,I guess the reviewer never read the books because Sookie was all over the place and on TB well you thought she was growing a pair and then BAM back to being an idiot … i know my opinion doesn’t always count so much but its my opinion … i would have told the reviewer to stop reading , its my story and i will write however the damn i want to… besides i love your stories keep writing KY

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    • I really can’t say anything that hasn’t already been posted. But just for the record, no, I don’t think you hate women. I love your writing and everything about your stories and cannot wait to see what you post next!


  14. Different topic..Are you the author of Immortal Love? vampqueenv and queenof areafive come up as linked, that’s why I ask. If it is you, wanted to say how much I loved what you wrote, even though it was not finished. I have the 15 chapters you wrote saved in a pdf file and just re-read it again. Just as good now as when I read it the first time.


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