Torn to Shreds Chapter Eleven

Earlier that Day

Sookie groaned as she drifted back into awareness; slowing opening her eyes, she blinked at the harsh lights above her. Dragging herself into a sitting position, she rested her back against the cold wall and closed her eyes as she tried to shake off the cobwebs. Taking a deep breath, she searched her memories for what had happened. She remembered being at the bar, she had an early morning delivery and she was just restocking the bar when… “Ahhh!” she groaned as she recalled the events. She had been attacked by four werewolves; she had killed one and injured another to the point she doubted he’d ever be able to have children, or get an erection for that matter, before the other two had subdued her. Eric was never gonna let her hear the end of this.

Opening her eyes, Sookie took in her surroundings. “Definitely a prisoner,” she whispered as she ran her eyes over the bare room. It couldn’t have been more than eight by eight feet in size with no furniture, no windows, just four walls and a heavy looking steel door. Resting her head against the wall, Sookie sighed as she dropped her shields, scanning her surroundings. She wasn’t surprised to hear everyone thinking in English, having already guessed where she was.

Guess I’ll be meeting the new wife soon.

Sookie scanned through the minds of everyone in the house as she waited to be let out of her cell. In the past, she had tried to stay out of everyone’s minds, trying to respect their privacy. Now, however, she knew better. She skipped from one human to the next, learning all she could from the dozen or so humans in the building. She was surprised to discover that none of them seemed to know she was there, but she filed that little snippet away for later as she set about getting a decent layout of the place where she was being held. She also confirmed she was in Oklahoma, at the palace of Freyda.

At least I didn’t have to pay the airfare.

Leaving her shields down, Sookie closed her eyes again as she just listened. She could tell it was getting close to sunset by the increase in activity, and she began to prepare herself for what was about to happen. As she waited, she started to count how many times she had been kidnapped; she got up to four when she had to chuckle.

Most people would be freaking out if they were kidnapped, but me, I try to work out how many times this makes.

It was a few hours later when she sensed a void approaching her cell; she made no attempt to get up as the door swung open. “I was starting to think you’d all forgot about me,” she said as she stared at the vampire by the open door. She recognized the vampire from the mind of Marcus as the one Freyda had made suck him off; from talking to Eric she knew who she was and why Freyda had sent her after her.

“The Queen will see you now,” Marietta said.

“Fine, show her in then,” Sookie replied smirking.

“Get up,” Marietta ordered.

“Okay,” Sookie said, sighing as she slowly climbed to her feet. She waved towards the door, “lead the way.”

Marietta glared at Sookie before leading her out the cell. Gripping her arm tightly she dragged Sookie through the palace, careful to make sure no one saw them as she lead her towards Freyda’s chambers. Knocking on the heavy wooden door, Marietta waited for her invitation to enter.

Sookie rolled her eyes at Freyda making them wait. She could hear her behind the door, and she could hear the thoughts of a donor as she fed and pleasured the Queen.

It was nearly twenty minutes later when Freyda bid them entry, dismissing the donor as the two of them entered. A quick dip into the donor’s mind as she left told Sookie she had been heavily glamoured. She wasn’t even aware Sookie was in the room.

“Your majesty,” Marietta greeted bowing before her Queen. She yanked on Sookie’s arm, digging her nails into her flesh. “Bow before your Queen.”

“I would, but Sophie-Anne met the true death a long time ago. She isn’t my Queen,” Sookie hissed.

“Marietta that will be all,” Freyda said. “You have done me proud, child. I lift your punishment. Go enjoy yourself a donor.”

“Yes, my Queen; thank you my Queen,” Marietta gushed as she backed out the room leaving Sookie alone with Freyda.

The two of them stared at each other, neither willing to look away as they sized each other up.

“So you’re what all the fuss is about,” Freyda said breaking the silence. “Frankly, I’m not impressed.”

Sookie chuckled as she remembered another Queen saying something similar to her years ago. Although as far as she could tell, Freyda had none of the style or class Sophie-Anne had. Sookie ran her eyes over Freyda in a degrading manner, “Funny, I was just about to say the same thing about you.”

“You know who I am?” Freyda asked, glaring at her.

“I know what you are,” Sookie replied.

“Eric’s wife,” Freyda crooned smugly.

“The sad little Queen, who had to make a deal with his maker before she could even get Eric look at her. It’s quite pathetic really, but I can understand why you did. Eric is one of a kind. Who wouldn’t want him? It’s a shame you’re not his type. My Eric…”

“He is not yours,” Freyda snarled cutting her off. “He’s mine, my husband…”

“But not by choice,” Sookie interrupted. “You had to force him into it. When Eric married me it was because he wanted to, because he loved me. You may be married to him, but he’ll never be yours and you know it. He’s mine; he’s always been mine and always will be. I’m the one he loves and doesn’t that just kill you.”

“You insolent little blood bag,” Freyda spat as she backhanded Sookie splitting her lip open. “How dare you talk to me like that? I am a Queen.”

“But you’re not my Queen,” Sookie replied, repeating her earlier words as she wiped away the blood. “And from what I’ve heard you’re a rather poor Queen.”

“I am a great Queen.”

“You really are quite deluded aren’t you?” Sookie said with mock concern. “Next you’ll be telling me that Eric really loves you.”

Freyda glared at Sookie hatred burning brightly in her eyes. In her two centuries as a vampire, she had never hated someone more. She wanted to tear her apart, make her scream and cry and beg for mercy. She wanted to destroy her, to break her down until she was nothing. She wanted her to suffer. Freyda had spent most of the last year planning, waiting for this moment. She had thought about it so often, the moment she would have Sookie Stackhouse in front of her. She wanted to know what made her so special that Eric loved her. She wanted to punish her for that, for having his love, when the queen only had his scorn. Eric was supposed to have forgotten about Sookie by now; he was supposed to have realized that she was the better woman for him. She hated Sookie for it, for having his love. She hated that despite her best efforts, she couldn’t break the hold the younger woman had on Eric.

As she stared at her, Freyda wondered what it was about her that Eric loved. She didn’t see what was so special. Freyda didn’t think she was that pretty, believing herself to be far more beautiful. She couldn’t understand why Eric preferred Sookie to her. As far as Freyda was concerned, she was prettier, clever, more successful, and more sophisticated. She was everything Sookie wasn’t. She was certainly more cunning; she had proven that by having Sookie kidnapped and flown back to Oklahoma. Freyda smiled as she thought of how she managed it all. After months of searching without any luck, she had some dropped in her lap. She had received an anonymous message telling her that Eric was aware of her search for Sookie and was looking for her himself. At first she had been furious, not only that he knew, knowing that meant she had a spy in her midst, but that he was actually looking for her himself. She knew he was doing it because he wanted to protect Sookie from her. He wasn’t supposed to know until it was too late for him to do anything about it. The message she received had been brief but to the point. It had contained the name of someone Eric had hired to find her with the news that he was close to finding her. It also stated that he could be easily bought for the right price.

Freyda had quickly ordered Marietta to find the man and bring him to her. The message that he could be easily bought had proven to be true; for the price of a hundred-fifty thousand dollars and seven nights in her bed, he had agreed to betray Eric and work for her. As a bonus, she had ordered Marietta to suck him off every night. Freyda had been ecstatic when Marcus had contacted Marietta with the news he had found Sookie. Her joy at the news had quickly diminished when she had heard Eric had left Louisiana for parts unknown. While others hadn’t known where he was going, Freyda had. She knew where he was going and why. She hadn’t hesitated to send Marietta to go and get the girl for her, but her child had quickly reported back that she couldn’t get close to her. Eric and his child were with her every night; there would have been no way for her to get to Sookie without Eric and Pam knowing about it. Realizing she had to take her during the day while Eric and Pam were down, Freyda had hired some werewolves from the local pack. They had always been willing to do any job, no matter how unsavory for the right price, a price Freyda was more than willing to pay.

The four of them had managed to subdue Sookie and get her back to Oklahoma without detection. Although Freyda had been disconcerted to hear that Sookie had killed one and seriously injured another before they had managed to knock her out, from what she had heard about the girl she couldn’t say she was too surprised that she had tried to defend herself, but that no longer mattered. She had the girl now and by now Eric no doubt would be on his way back. Freyda smiled devilishly at the thought. She couldn’t wait to see his face when he realized she now held all the power. He wouldn’t humiliate her again. He would do what she wanted if he didn’t want to see Sookie hurt. She would make him pay for the years of humiliation he had heaped upon her, and she would make Sookie pay for having his heart. It would start tonight. It seemed fitting that in a few short hours it would be their anniversary. Eric would soon find out this anniversary would be different from every other; tonight she called the shots. Freyda was determined to enjoy this one. She would make Eric worship her body for hours. He would bring her to completion, numerous times with his hands and mouth before she would make him make love to her, and she would make Sookie watch it all. She would tie his whore to a chair and make her watch him fuck her.

Or, I’ll tie her to the bed and we can fuck on her, Freyda thought cruelly.

“Whatever you’re planning, it ain’t gonna work,” Sookie said, bringing Freyda back into the now.

“It already has,” Freyda replied arrogantly. “I have you and soon Eric will be here and…”

“Let me guess,” Sookie interrupted. “You’ll threaten my life to get him to do whatever you want. If that’s your big plan, it sucks and it definitely won’t work.”

“Everyone knows you’re Eric’s biggest weakness; he’ll do anything to keep you safe,” Freyda retorted angrily not liking having her plan called into question.

“I might be Eric’s biggest weakness, but I’m also his greatest strength,” Sookie said with conviction. “He will do anything to keep me safe including killing for me. If you honestly think Eric is going to bow down to you then you’re an even bigger fool than I thought.”

“He won’t have a choice,” Freyda snarled. “If he doesn’t want to see you hurt, he’ll do as I say. He’s not going to risk his precious Sookie.”

“You can’t honestly believe that,” Sookie scoffed. “What, you think you’ll threaten me, and Eric will just drop to his knees and do anything you say?”

“Yes. He’ll finally start acting like the husband, he should have been from the start. He won’t have a choice; I’ll make him sorry for all the disrespect he has shown me. I will humiliate him like he has done me. I’ll make you watch while he fucks me. I’ll make him watch while I fuck you. He’ll be powerless to stop me.”

“You’re crazy; do you know that?” Sookie asked eyeing her carefully.

“No, I am not!” Freyda screeched.

“Yeah, you are. Crazy and stupid. I mean Pam told me you were, but I thought she had to be exaggerating. But obviously she wasn’t,” Sookie said. “Crazy and stupid; that’s not a good combination.”

“How dare you speak of me like that!” Freyda shouted.

“I’m only speaking the truth,” Sookie defended. “I mean, you must be stupid if you think your idiotic plan will work,” Sookie’s voice dropped her tone becoming serious as a hard look entered her eyes. “Eric will kill you before you even open your mouth. You’ll just be a nasty stain on the carpet. You won’t make me watch while you fuck him, but me and my Eric will fuck on your remains.”

“You will not touch him,” Freyda snarled. “I won’t allow it.”

“You won’t be able to stop it,” Sookie said. “Just like you couldn’t stop it last week when Eric made love to me.”

“No,” Freyda screeched. “Eric is mine. It is not allowed. You can’t touch him.”

“But I did. I did a lot more than just touch him,” Sookie taunted. “I made him scream my name, just as he made me scream his, but I’m sure you know what that’s like. . . . Oh wait, you don’t,” she laughed mockingly. “Eric told me all about your wedding night. He told me he preferred to be chained naked in silver than touch you. Your wedding night was so different from ours. I mean, Eric made love to me for hours and he fed me his blood. You didn’t even get a minute with him. It’s quite sad really, but then I don’t suppose you’ll have to worry about that much longer; you’ll be out of his life soon.”

“I’ll never be out of his life. He is mine, my husband.”

“Not for much longer. I’m back now, and I’m reclaiming what’s mine. And Eric is mine,” Sookie said firmly.

“No!” Freyda screeched her anger and hatred meshing together. The knowledge that Eric had been with Sookie caused something inside her to snap. She had suffered through thirteen years of humiliation and disrespect, but now he had gone too far. All her careful planning went out the window as she launched herself at Sookie.

Anticipating the attack, Sookie spun on her heels just as Freyda reached her. Grabbing her by the back of the neck, she used Freyda’s own momentum against her and threw her across the room, crashing her into the wall. Crouching down in an attacking position, Sookie eyed the vampire Queen as she climbed to her feet, smirking at the look of hatred on her face.

“I will kill you,” Freyda swore glaring daggers at her.

“I think you’ll find that’s easier said than done,” Sookie retorted.

“I’ll strip the flesh from your bones. I’ll eat your heart,” Freyda threatened as she advanced on Sookie. “I’ll…”

“Die,” Sookie interrupted. “You’ll die. You’ll meet the true death here tonight.”

“You think you can kill me?” Freyda scoffed. “I’m a vampire, you are…”

“Something you’ve never faced before,” Sookie said, cutting her off again, “and by my hands or Eric’s, you will die tonight.”

“I will kill you and then I will make my husband pay for his transgressions,” Freyda swore.

“You’ll never touch him again,” Sookie said firmly.

“You think you can stop me?” Freyda asked laughing.

“I know I can,” Sookie replied before leaping at her.

The sudden attack took Freyda by surprise and she could do little to defend herself. Sookie’s knee connected with her stomach before she even saw her move, the blow causing her to double over. Freyda lashed out at Sookie but got nothing but air. Her eyes widened as she realized Sookie was moving faster than a human should be able.

“What are you?” She growled as her fangs snapped down.

Tilting her head back, Sookie smirked at Freyda, “Something new.” She purred as a set of fangs slid down into place.

Freyda took a step back in shock as she eyed Sookie, “You’re a vampire.”

“Don’t be stupid,” Sookie chided. “I have a heartbeat and your pet wolves took me in the daytime. I was starting to think they were never going to attack me.”

“You knew who they were? Why they were there?”

“Of course,” Sookie replied like it was the most obvious thing in the word.

“Then why? How?” Freyda said, struggling to understand.

“Well, you went to all the trouble of arranging it, it seemed rude to refuse,” Sookie replied.

A look of disbelief swept across Freyda face as she realized she had been played. The werewolves who had subdued and kidnapped Sookie had been allowed to take her. Sookie knew whom they were working for all along and why.

“Finally getting it are we?” Sookie said smirking.

“You set all this up,” Freyda accused.

“No, I just took advantage of your stupidity,” Sookie retorted. “You should’ve left me alone. It could’ve all be avoided if you had, but I suppose I should thank you; you have brought me and Eric back together.”

“Not for long,” Freyda snarled flying at Sookie. She crashed into her, sending them both tumbling to the floor. She straddled Sookie’s hips as her hands went to her head, intending to snap her neck.

Sookie bucked her hips causing Freyda to stumble, and letting the telepath get her hands between them; she shoved Freyda back, sending her flying across the room. Jumping to her feet, Sookie charged at Freyda. Years of pent up anger and hatred fueled her attack. Tackling Freyda to the ground, she pinned her body to the floor and rained down blow after blow on her breaking Freyda’s jaw and her own hand in the process. Sookie let the pain wash over her as she continued to punish the vampire Queen who had stole her husband.

Freyda tried desperately to protect herself from the flurry of blows, but she was unprepared for such a vicious attack. She had foolishly underestimated Sookie, believing her to be just another weak human. However, it was clear to her now that Sookie was anything but weak, nor was she human; she was something much, much, more, but what Freyda didn’t know. Freyda clawed at Sookie, scratching anything she could reach as she tried to shake her off.

Sookie was lost to the blood lust as she continued to hit Freyda. She could hear Freyda’s bones breaking beneath her fists; the sound of her pain-filled moans filling the room. Grabbing her by the hair, Sookie yanked Freyda to her feet and threw her on the bed. She stalked towards her, murderous intentions reflected in her eyes. Reaching the bed, Sookie broke one of the bedposts off, her eyes fixed on the bloody and battered Queen the entire time.

Freyda stared at Sookie as she drew nearer, fear clear in her eyes. She couldn’t believe what had happened. It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. Sookie was supposed to be the one broken, bloodied, and cowering away from her, not the other way round. Eric was supposed to see the pitiful condition she was in and agree to do anything his queen desired to prevent it happening again.

“Any last words?” Sookie asked as she climbed on the bed and straddled Freyda’s chest.

“You won’t keep him.” Freyda snarled repeating the words Appius’ spoke the night he met the true death.

“Oh, but I will.”

“He’ll be blamed for my death,” Freyda spat. “He’ll be sentenced to the true death. All you’ll do is confirm his death.”

“But your majesty,” Sookie mocked. “Eric is currently thousands of miles away somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. There is no way he could’ve killed you, and everyone knows Eric wouldn’t be stupid enough to have killed you on the night he’s supposed to meet you.”

Freyda’s eyes widened as the truth of what Sookie said hit her. It would be easy for Eric to prove he wasn’t in Oklahoma or even the country when she met the final death and Sookie was right that no one would believe Eric would kill her on their anniversary. Freyda deliberately had Sookie kidnapped and flown over during the day so Eric couldn’t help her and she would have a few hours to play with her first, but that had backfired royally. In her desire to hurt Eric, she had given him the perfect alibi.

Refusing to give up, Freyda tried to throw Sookie off her. She bucked her hips in the same way Sookie had in an attempt to dislodge her.

“Ah-ha,” Sookie said as she head butted Freyda hard, smashing her nose. She pinned the vampire’s arms above her head. “That was naughty,” she chided before burying her fangs into her neck; she pulled hard on the wound ignoring Freyda’s struggles.

In a last ditch attempt to save herself, Freyda used the bond she had with Marietta to call her child to her.

Sitting up, Sookie smirked down at Freyda her mouth all bloody. “Nice try,” she said, knowing full well what she had done, “but not good enough. Say hello to Appius for me,” she added as she brought the broken bedpost down hard piercing Freyda’s flesh and driving it deep into her heart. Sookie jumped off Freyda as her body began to collapse on itself, blood spewing from her mouth as she began to flake away.

Why can’t they all die like they do on Buffy? Sookie thought as she tried to wipe away the splatters of blood that had landed on her, noticing her bloody hands for the first time. “Oh God!”

Her attention was drawn to a void moving at alarming speed towards her. Grabbing the bloody stake, Sookie ran to the door and waited. It was only second later that Marietta came speeding through the door. Not hesitating for a second, Sookie thrust the stake hard into Marietta’s chest. “Sorry,” she whispered.

A look of shock registered on Marietta’s face before her body began collapsing on itself, and she followed her maker into the true death.

Taking a step back, Sookie surveyed the carnage she had caused. She felt a tinge of guilt as she stared at Marietta’s remains, but quickly reminded herself that it was them or her, and she had decided a long time ago she would always choose herself. Closing her eyes, Sookie took a deep breath and scanned the building. She located where everyone was and set about finding a way out. With a bit of luck, she would be far away before anyone discovered their Queen was finally dead.


13 thoughts on “Torn to Shreds Chapter Eleven



  2. Amazing –seems like Sookie has become an amalgem of several different supes in order to protect herself. Way to go girl! Protect what is yours! I’m so glad she declared that to Eric. Now….how much hot water is Eric in? Hmmm….
    lovin’ this story! I wonder if Eric now knows his wife is fangy :-=



  3. Thanks fuck Sookie got to play with her at little fist. She deserved to work some of that anger off on her. Delusional cunt is what freyda was.
    Sookie has fangs…oooh I can’t wait for Eric to see them. He’s going to cum in his pants. Hehehe


  4. That was fun! But what is Sookie is she a fairy/human/vampire now I wonder did the cluviel dor do this or did a vamp try to turn her. Interesting very interesting.


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