The Anniversary: Chapter Four

<-<-The Anniversary

Chapter Four

The scent of Sookie’s arousal tickled Eric’s nose as he reached for his husband, exciting him even more. The Viking was determined to give the blonde star the show of her life before he enjoyed all that she was willing to offer. In his eyes, Sookie was beyond perfection, making him eager to touch and taste her. However, first he would enjoy his husband and be enjoyed by him. He would fuck Warlow and be fucked by him then the two of them would fuck Sookie. Eric groaned as the thought of Sookie between him and his husband filled his head.

Warlow pulled Eric toward him and crashed his lips to his in an almost violent kiss. The California King had a good idea where his husband’s mind was, and he would be lying if he said he wasn’t imagining it as well. He knew Sookie had a kinky side and loved a little rough play, so she would definitely be up for deep, double penetration. She had all but told them she was. He hadn’t told Eric yet, but Sookie would be spending the next several nights with them as well. She had to leave on Christmas Eve to spend the holidays with her family, but from now until that night she was completely theirs.

Sookie grinned wickedly while she watched the two handsome vampires in front of her kiss one another. The sight of them wrapped around each other was making her wetter by the second, and she could barely wait for them to start stripping off one another’s clothes. Her ribbon lingerie would stay on until Eric stripped it off her. She was his present after all. The gorgeous blonde licked her lips while she ran her eyes over the two vampires. Never in all her life had she seen something as hot as the two of them together. While she watched them, she wondered briefly if they might like watching her with another woman. Would it arouse them as much as watching them together aroused her? It was something she would ask them later, now all she wanted to do was to watch.

Eric growled when he felt Warlow’s teeth capture his bottom lip and tug on it. Sliding his hands around Warlow’s body, Eric grabbed his husband’s ass and squeezed it hard as he rubbed himself against him. His body was smoldering with pleasure, he felt like he had been hard for hours, and he was desperate for a little relief. Pulling back a fraction, Eric stared into the twinkling eyes of his husband as he removed his own jacket and reached for his belt, “I want your mouth on me!”

Warlow smirked at the forcefulness in Eric’s tone. He always loved it when Eric was so demanding with him. The two of them took turns being on top, both enjoying fucking and getting fucked, but when Eric was more dominate, it meant he was in for a good time. Warlow slapped Eric’s hands out of the way and unbuckled his husband’s belt. Gripping one end of it, Warlow slowly pulled on it until he completely removed it from the loops. The California King folded the belt, and then snapped the leather together, making it crack! “You know, husband, our little Hollywood Star enjoys being spanked with a belt,” he said, shooting Sookie a shameless look before turning his attention back to Eric. “I must confess, I had her in our sex room at my palace. I tied her to your bench and spanked her with a belt until her ass was nice and red.”

Eric’s eyes darkened at the confession. In his mind he visualized Sookie tied to that bench while Warlow spanked her, using his belt. He wanted to see that first-hand. He wanted to watch his husband spank Sookie with a belt, or even better, he wanted to feel her lips around his cock while Warlow spanked her. Eric ripped off his own shirt, uncaring as the buttons went flying around the room. The image of Sookie tied to his bench had destroyed what little control he had left and he needed to fuck, and be fucked.

Sookie moaned while she watched Eric rip off his shirt. He had a body most actors would kill for and she was dying to run her hands over every inch of him. She wanted to touch him, then taste him, and finally fuck him. She wanted to feel his cock in her mouth, pussy, and ass. She wasn’t teasing when she told him he could have her any way he wanted. She loved sex and wasn’t in any way ashamed of her urges. Seeing the urgent way he removed his clothing, Sookie guessed hearing the tale that Warlow had spanked her with a belt had triggered his last bit of control to shatter. She grinned when another frisky impulse popped through her mind. If hearing she enjoyed being spanked aroused him to that degree, Sookie would have to see how he reacted to watching it or spanking her himself.

Warlow chuckled as he reached for Eric’s pants, popped open the button, and lowered the zipper. He knew hearing that he had spanked Sookie would break the leash on Eric’s self-control, and he was eager to reap the rewards. Gripping the material of Eric’s pants, Warlow tugged on them, pulling them down his husband’s legs. He grinned when he saw Eric’s cock bob free and he licked his lips in excitement. He had promised Eric he would suck his cock for a solid hour, and Warlow swore before the night was over he would make good on that promise. Turning his head to the side, Warlow winked at Sookie then lowered himself to his knees before his husband, knowing she would enjoy the show.

Sookie panted as she took in the magnificent sight that was Eric’s cock. He was long, thick, and, oh, so beautiful! She looked forward to feeling it in her mouth, pussy, and ass, though first she would enjoy watching Warlow and his husband. She may have been Eric’s anniversary present, but watching the two of them fuck was her Christmas present.

Eric ran his thumb over Warlow’s lips while he stared down at his kneeling husband. He had seen Warlow in the position countless times over the centuries they had known each other. Yet, at that precise moment, Eric didn’t think he had ever been more attracted to him. It was as if a switch had been flipped inside The Viking, and the attraction he had always felt for Warlow had been magnified and suddenly become all-consuming.

Warlow gazed up at his husband, meeting his eyes and letting him see all the desire he held for him. He had wanted Eric from the moment they had first met over nine-hundred and fifty years earlier. Warlow held the friendship the two of them had built over the centuries dearly. The only people he truly cared about more were his Maker, Lilith, and his child, Salome. The elder vampire smiled at his pledged while he wrapped his hand around Eric’s cock. He pumped his cock a few times before darting his tongue out, lapping up the small bead of pre-cum that leaked from Eric. He moaned when he got his first real taste of his husband for the night.

Sookie whimpered while she watched Warlow run his tongue over Eric’s large and very impressive cock. Never in her life had she felt as turned on as she did in that moment. Her thighs were slick with arousal and she couldn’t help but rub her legs together trying to get a bit of friction. She didn’t want to touch herself, not without the two of them watching, telling her what they wanted her to do. Her first orgasm of the night belonged to them, and it would occur by their hands, mouths, or cocks.

Eric groaned when Warlow took him into his mouth. He began to gently rock his hips while he tangled his hand in his husband’s short hair. In his thousand years on the earth, Eric had never found anyone who could suck his cock as well as Warlow. He had no shame in admitting he was addicted to his husband’s mouth. Ever since that first time, the night they met, right up until then, no one had ever brought him more gratification with their mouth.

Warlow swirled his tongue over the head of Eric’s cock before taking him deeper into his mouth. He was excited at feeling his husband cum, he wanted to taste the succulent essence on his tongue, and feel it shoot down his throat. Sliding his hands behind Eric, he grabbed his partner’s ass, his fingers digging into the firm flesh, and began sliding his lips up and down Eric’s cock.

“Fuck!” Eric cursed. Tightening his grip on Warlow’s hair, Eric started to thrust his hips more forcefully, fucking his husband’s cool, wet mouth as little sparks shot through him.

Sookie tangled her hands in the sheets beside her and pulled on them while she indulged in the sight of Eric fucking his husband’s mouth. Her mouth watered while she imagined feeling his cool, hard length in her own. Sookie wasn’t sure how much more she could gaze upon until she would be compelled to touch herself. She wasn’t expecting to be as stimulated as she’d grown to be by just the sight of watching Warlow go down on Eric.

Eric turned his head to stare at his blonde-haired superstar while he fucked his husband’s mouth. The scent of her arousal was now even impossibly stronger, letting him know she reveled in what she was watching. A sinful smile curled his lips when he noticed the way she rubbed her legs together, trying to get some friction going to accelerate the speed at which her peak might draw near. Oh no, my little Star! You won’t get to cum until I allow you. Sookie was his gift therefore; he would be the one to decide how or when her orgasms were allowed. “Spread your legs,” Eric ordered his tone commanding.

Sookie trembled when the dominating tone in Eric’s voice washed over her. She loved being lorded over in the bedroom. It made her all the more responsive. She locked her eyes on Eric’s while she ever so slowly opened her legs. Her breathing was exhaled in short, sharp pants as she watched Eric drag his tempestuous gaze over her body, settling it between her legs.

“Fucking gorgeous,” Eric growled. He licked his lips while he stared at the thin, red ribbon covering her pussy. That ribbon was now thoroughly drenched enough that Eric could see her alluring thighs were just as sleek with her arousal that had poured out of her pussy, escaping to cover her those mouth-watering thighs that soon would wrap around his head, bathing him her scent and moisture. Tugging on Warlow’s hair, Eric very reluctantly pulled him off his cock, nudging his head toward Sookie. “Tell me, husband. Does she taste as delicious as she appears?”

“Oh, much better…” Warlow groaned as he took in the sight of Sookie lying on the bed with legs spread wide. “Never in my long existence have I tasted a more luscious pussy. One taste and you will be wasted for any other.”

“Is that right? Then perhaps it is time I took a taste for myself,” Taking a small step back, Eric toed off his shoes, kicking away the remnants of his pants. He sat down on the bench at the bottom of the bed to pull off his socks then turned around and climbed onto the large comfortable bed. “On your knees, Ms. Stackhouse,” he ordered with a lusty look.

Sookie arched a brow at his order, but did as instructed, twisting herself until she was on her knees. She inched toward Eric, stopping only when she was kneeling in the middle of the bed. Sookie let her eyes fall over his gorgeous body once more, taking in every inch of him. Her hands ached to reach out to touch him. She wanted to wrap her small hand around his cock, stroking him while waiting for him to shoot his cum all over her, not caring where it landed.

Raising his hand, Eric dragged a single finger over Sookie’s body, teasing her with a touch that promised untold pleasures. Eric turned his hand once he reached the apex of her thighs, sliding it between her trembling legs. He cupped her sex, feeling her heat and wetness through the thin ribbon. “I am going to taste you,” he said, his voice dark and full of promise. “I will make you cum over and over…” he rubbed his middle finger lightly over the ribbon, flooding her even more while he spoke. “I want to fuck you with my tongue until you are a boneless heap, and then I will climb up this gorgeous body to thrust my hard cock deep inside your dripping cunt. I want to make you scream yourself hoarse…” Eric smirked when he heard Sookie gasp in delight, and then he added a little pressure, touching her with firmer strokes. “I want to fuck you so hard you see stars… I plan to fill this…” Eric slid his finger under the thin strip of ribbon, pushing it into her dripping sex, “pussy with my cum…” He groaned when he felt just how tight she was around his finger, and couldn’t wait to feel her hot, wet, tight pussy grip his cock fiercely. “Then, I will flip you over to fuck your gorgeous ass…”

Another gush of arousal flowed out of Sookie as she listened to Eric speak. His words were doing all kinds of depraved things to her, and she was eager for him to follow them up with actions. She wanted everything he had promised. Raising her hands, Sookie rested them on his shoulders as she grinded herself against his hand. She needed far more than just his finger inside her. So consumed by the feel, sight, and smell of Eric, Sookie never noticed when Warlow climbed on the bed behind her. She let out a cry of surprise when she felt a pair of hands settle on her hips along with a cool, hard body press against her back. The cry of surprise turned into a long moan of satisfaction when Warlow trailed his lips over her neck and up to her ear. Sookie could feel his stiff cock against her ass, and she pushed back to make full contact with him.

Warlow met Eric’s heated look over Sookie’s shoulder and smirked at him then sucked on the lobe of Sookie’s ear. He slid his hands around her body, moving them up to cup her full, firm breasts as he swirled his tongue around the shell of her ear. “While Eric fucks your gorgeous ass, I will be fucking your sweet little pussy,” he purred while he plucked at her nipples. “Do you want that, Sookie? Do you want to feel two old powerful vampires fucking your sexy little body? Do you want our cocks in your mouth, pussy, and ass?”

“Yes!” Sookie hissed, nearly out of control with desire. In that moment, that was all she wanted. She wanted them to fuck her like only they could, hard, deep, and endlessly.

“Tell Eric what you want, my sweet girl,” Warlow ordered while he rubbed his hard length against her ass. “He likes to hear it. Tell him you want him to thrust his big, hard, cock into your tight wet pussy. Tell him all the sinful things you want him to do to you, and he will do whatever you want. Isn’t that right, Eric?”

Eric pressed his thumb to Sookie’s clit and worked another finger into her quivering pussy. He gave them a few experimental thrusts, and then he pressed down harder on her clit. “Everything and more,” he promised, grinning when he felt her jerk against him.

Sookie could barely string together a coherent thought, let alone a sentence. There was so much she wanted Eric to do to her, so much what she wanted to do to him, all that she wanted to watch him do to Warlow, and everything she wanted them both to do to her, but all her words had disappeared thanks to his touch. She was so close to cumming that she wept in disappointment when she felt Eric cease all movement of his fingers inside her.

“Tell me,” Eric demanded, growling. He needed to hear her words, to hear she wanted him as much as he wanted her. He had more than one fantasy about his blonde-haired starlet, and he was determined to make them all come true. First though, he needed her to tell him what she wanted.

Sookie’s eyes were filled with desire while she dragged her eyes up to meet Eric’s. Her body felt as if it was coiled tight and ready to explode in hedonistic pleasure. “I want your cock!” She snarled, her tone filled with aggression while she tried to regain some semblance of control in it to voice her desire aloud. “I want to feel your tongue, lips, and teeth on my pussy. I want to ride your face and cum all over it. I want you to tie me to this bed, fuck me so hard and fast, and fill me with your cum, and then I want Warlow to take your place and fuck me just as hard. I want you both to fuck me at the same time. I want your cock in my pussy while Warlow fucks my ass, and then I want Warlow to fuck my pussy while you fuck my ass. I want you to fuck me from behind while I suck Warlow’s cock…” Sookie took a deep breath as she trailed off. She had never felt so horny in all her life, and she swore if she didn’t get a little relief soon, she would go crazy. “I want it all…”

Twin groans tumbled out of Eric and Warlow’s mouths while they listened to Sookie list off all the things she wanted. They would both be more than happy to give her everything she wanted. They would make every one of her desires come true. They would fuck her until she couldn’t take anymore, and tomorrow when after the sun set, they would start over and do it all again.

Eric was the first to react. He pulled his hand out from between her legs, and before she had a chance to whine, he smashed his lips to hers in a promised-filled kiss. No more words were needed that night. The time for talking was over. It was time for action, time to get dirty and fuck like champions.


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  1. hot as hell .. even though it’s Christmas Eve and I suppose to have all pure thoughts I won’t do that 🙂 So I guess I will be ion Naughty list this year 🙂 All thanks to you 😉 But seriously thank you for such an amazing gift

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