A Marriage of Inconvenience: Chapter Eleven

Eric was just about to go and find Sookie when a knock on his office door interrupted his plans. Letting out a string of curses, he glared balefully in the direction of the door. “Come in,” he barked harshly.

“Sheriff,” Maxwell greeted somewhat timidly, not wishing to be on the receiving end of his Sheriff’s temper.

Seeing the dark skinned vampire, Eric schooled his features. ”What is it Maxwell?” he asked, his tone returning to normal.

“I have been watching the surveillance footage like you requested, Sheriff,” Maxwell replied picking up confidence as he spoke. “And I believe there is something you should see and hear,” he added as he held up a small memory card. Maxwell hesitated as he went to hand the card over. “Sheriff, if I may…” he waited for Eric to give him permission to continue, “please don’t let my Mistress watch this…”

“You are asking me to hide this from my wife?” Eric said disbelief clear in his tone. It was common knowledge he kept little from his wife, and for Maxwell to ask him to keep something from Sookie caused concern to swell within him.

“No, Sheriff,” Maxwell answered as he straightened his shoulders. “I’m not asking you to hide it from my Mistress. She deserves to know what is happening, but she doesn’t need to witness what is on this card. I believe it will distress her, and I don’t want that.”

Eric regarded Maxwell carefully as his mind whirled through the possibilities of what could be on the memory card. What could Bill possibly done or said that could distress Sookie? His wife was many things, but a wilting flower was not one of them. She was stronger than some vampires in some ways.

Deciding to see for himself first, Eric took the memory card of Maxwell and slotted it into his computer. A few seconds later, the footage started playing and the sight of Bill’s living room greeted Eric; he smirked as he saw the battered condition Bill was in. Eric watched as Malcolm, Liam, and Diane entered Bill’s house, a snort escaping him at how transparent Bill was. Why the Queen thought Bill could ever steal Sookie away was beyond him. Eric shook his head as he heard the disco triplets, as Pam had taken to calling them, advise Bill to stay away from Sookie. Even those three idiots knew better than to fuck with his wife. As he watched the footage, Eric had no idea why Maxwell was so against Sookie watching it.

Sookie knew all about Malcolm, Liam, and Diane. In fact, she had met them. Eric grinned as he remembered how that meeting went. Liam had made a crude remark, so Sookie had hit him and broke his nose before Thalia had ripped his arm off. After that, the three of them knew if they upset Sookie in anyway, they would have to answer to Thalia.

Eric was just about to ask Maxwell what was so bad that he didn’t want Sookie to see when he saw a dark-haired woman enter the scene. Eric groaned as he began to put it together. He swore if they did what he thought they did, he would feed them to Thalia personally. Eric stared at the woman, her face seeming familiar to him. He knew it wasn’t anyone he had ever been with, but there was something about her that was familiar. He made a note to ask Pam if she recognized her. Pam never forgot a face.

Running a hand over his face, Eric cursed as he saw and heard Bill glamour the woman he called Selah, and that name did sound familiar, to do anything Malcolm, Liam, and Diane wanted. Eric swore he would rip the four of them apart himself. Eric was by no means innocent, but he had never abused a woman like those four were doing on screen. The word depraved came to mind as the footage played over the screen. Hitting fast forward, Eric flicked through the remaining footage, only hitting play again when Malcolm, Liam, and Diane had apparently had their fill of Selah and left. Sitting forward in his chair, Eric watched as Bill glamoured Selah again and sent her to clean up.

Eric was just about to hit stop, believing he had seen what Maxwell was referring to, when Bill picked up his phone and called the Queen. His anger spiked as he heard the cavalier way Bill spoke about Sookie.

Like that fool knows the first thing about my wife.

Eric snorted as he listened to the phone call play out. If Bill thought Sookie would believe and befriend him, Bill was a bigger fool than he had even thought. Turning off his computer, Eric sat back in his chair, his mind processing all the new detail he had learned.

So Sophie-Anne is going go call me to court and question me about my marriage. That is not unexpected and can easily be dealt with. I don’t like the idea of leaving Sookie alone, even if she will have my Area vampires here to protect her. I always feel better when she is with me. But I can’t take her with me. As plans go, it is not that bad, Eric conceded. It is just a shame you have no idea who you are dealing with, Billy. My Sookie is anything but stupid, and she sees right through you.

Turning his attention back to Maxwell, “You are right,” Eric said. “Sookie doesn’t need to see this footage. It will only distress her. You have served your Mistress well tonight, Maxwell,” he added offering the younger vampire well-deserved praise. “You have served me well.”

“Thank you, Sheriff,” Maxwell replied with a nod. “I will continue to observe Compton and inform you of any of his plans.”

“Tell Thalia I want to see her,” Eric said, his lips curling into a smile as he thought about how he was going to deal with Malcolm, Liam, and Diane.

“Sheriff,” Maxwell acknowledged as he back out of the office.

It was barely a minute later when Thalia came stomping into the office, a scowl etched firmly on her face.

“I want you to take Clancy and pick up Malcolm, Liam, and Diane,” Eric said, getting straight to the heart of the matter. “I want them chained up in the basement within in the next two hours. I don’t care what condition they are in when you bring them in, as long as they are alive, relatively speaking. They think they can flaunt my rules; I want you to show them they are wrong.”

“Yes, Sheriff,” Thalia growled, a frightening smile spreading over her face.

“Go,” Eric ordered.

Thalia was out the door and collecting Clancy before Eric even had a chance to stand up. He chuckled as he rose from his chair and walked to the door. At least something makes her happy, he thought as he made his way through the bar towards his wife who was sitting in his booth speaking on the phone. He nodded at Pam as he slipped in beside Sookie, catching the tale end of her conversation.

“Okay, Jason,” Sookie said as she shuffled closer to Eric. “Yeah, come round for lunch tomorrow. I really need to talk to you. Yep… Bye.”

“Lover,” Eric said softly pressing his lips to her head.

“You’re late,” Sookie scolded playfully.

“A thousand apologies, my Lover,” Eric replied contritely, his eyes sparkling with amusement.

Mmm, I’ll forgive you this time,” Sookie said after pretending to think it over.

“You are too kind, Lover,” Eric replied with a small laugh. Signalling a waitress, Eric called her over and ordered a True Blood and gin and tonic for Sookie. “What did Jason want?”

“I called him. I want him to come over so I can warn him about what’s going on,” Sookie explained. “If he spots a strange woman following him, he’s probably….”

“Going to try and fuck her,” Pam interrupted.

“That wasn’t exactly what I was gonna say,” Sookie countered glaring at Pam without any real heat. She knew Pam was speaking the truth, even if it was a crude way of saying it.

“But accurate,” Pam said as her lips curled into a smirk. “Your brother is a manwhore, Sookie. He’ll fuck anything in a skirt.”

“Not quite anything,” Eric cut in as he eyed Pam with amusement. “I seem to remember him turning you down repeatedly when you tried to fuck him when you first met.”

Glaring at Eric, “Because you glamoured him to,”” Pam snarled. She hadn’t forgotten the embarrassment she felt when Jason had refused her advances only to find him fucking some brunette whore an hour later.

“You keep telling yourself that,” Eric retorted as he twisted a lock of Sookie’s hair around his finger.

The truth was he hadn’t glamoured Jason to refuse Pam’s advances; he had done that all on his own. It might have had something to do with the way Sookie had explained vampire relationships to Jason. Sookie had spun it in a way that made Jason think he would soon be related to Pam when Sookie married Eric. It had been underhanded and some would say a little cruel to make him think that, but at the time both Eric and Sookie were well aware that Pam held no real affection for Jason, or Sookie at that point. She simply wanted to fuck Jason so she could fuck with Sookie. Neither Eric nor Sookie were willing to let Pam or Jason cause trouble simply because Jason couldn’t keep his dick in his pants and Pam wanted to be a spiteful bitch. That’s not to say they didn’t get some amusement out of watching Jason turn Pam down; they still laughed over Jason telling her, “This might be the south, ma’am, but there’s some things even I don’t do,” before walking away.

“You glamoured him,” Pam replied sulkily. “It’s the one way he would refuse me.”

“Eric’s only ever glamoured Jason once,” Sookie said, joining the conversation again as she snuggled into Eric’s side. “And that was to get him to stop seeing Dawn Green.”

“That whore,” Pam said, wrinkling her nose distastefully. “You should have killed her.”

“She was hardly worth it,” Eric replied dismissively. “The intellectually challenged whore foolishly believed she could use Jason to get closer to me in her pathetic attempt to seduce me. Like I would ever look twice at her when I had my lovely Sookie beside me,” Eric added as he pressed his lips to Sookie’s head.

“Smooth talker,” Sookie giggled.

“I only speak the truth, Lover,” Eric replied as he teased his fingers over her bare arm, delighting in the small shivers she gave. “Pam, I have sent Thalia and Clancy to collect some troublemakers,” he added as he continued to tease Sookie. “Make sure the basement is ready for them when they arrive.”

“Who are they bringing in?” Pam asked as she slowly rose to her feet.

“The disco triplets,” Eric replied with a smirked, feeling Sookie shiver as his fingers ghosted over the side of her breast. “Inform me when they arrive and I will let you play with them.”

“Yes, Master,” Pam purred, a shot of anticipation spreading through her at the thought of getting her hands on those three. She sped off without another word.

“Eric,” Sookie whispered as she squirmed under his attentions, arousal flooding her body.

“Yes, Lover?” Eric questioned innocently.

“Stop it,” Sookie scolded without any heat.

“Stop what?” Eric replied as he dropped his hand to her leg and started to rub circles over the inside of her thigh.

“You know what,” Sookie gritted out, her breath becoming ragged as she unconsciously parted her legs.

“You don’t mean that,” Eric said as he slipped a hand between her legs. “You like it when I touch you,” he added as he teased his fingers over her panties. He let out a groan as he felt just how turned on she was. Lowering his mouth to her ear, “You like it when I slip my fingers inside you,” he whispered low in her ear, his tongue darting out and flicking the shell of her ear. “You make such delightful noises when I fuck you with my fingers.” Eric tapped his fingers over her panties.

“Eric, please,” Sookie whimpered as she started rocking her hips slightly, moving against his hand.

Moving his hand from between her legs, Eric wrapped it around her waist and pulled her into his arms and quickly stood up. Moving at vampire speed, Eric raced from the club with Sookie in his arms and into his office. Slamming the door behind him, Eric pushed Sookie against the door and crashed his lips to hers in a bruising kiss. His tongue duelled with hers as his hands slipped under her dress and ripped her panties off.

“Fuck, Lover,” Eric groaned as his fingers stroked over her wet sex, his fingers slick with her juices as he rubbed them over her clit making her mewl in pleasure. “No one will ever get to see you like this but me.”

“Only you,” Sookie assured as she bucked against his hand. Despite his teasing in the bar, Sookie knew he wouldn’t have gone anything further. They teased each other all the time, but they never went any further than some heavy petting while in public. They would work each other up and then Eric would drag her into his soundproofed office and finish it away from the eyes of others.

“Mine,” Eric growled as he grabbed Sookie’s thighs and lifted her up. Pinning her against the door, Eric reached between them and ripped open his jeans. Wrapping his hand around his cock, Eric rubbed the head over Sookie’s swollen lips before pressing against her opening. “Look at me, Lover,” he ordered, his eyes crinkling as a smile spread across his face as Sookie stared into his eyes.

A cry of pleasure was torn from Sookie’s throat as Eric pushed forward and buried himself deep inside her with one hard thrust. Pleasure sparked through her body as she dug her nails into his back, her head slamming backwards against the door as her toes curled.

Eric held her against the door as he thrust into her hard, the sound of their fucking filling the office. He scraped his fangs over her throat as he snapped his hips, driving into her hard.

“Eric!” Sookie screamed as white-hot pleasure sparked through her. She clung to Eric desperately as she moved to meet his thrusts. Her entire body just one giant live wire of pleasure.

“MineSookie….” Eric growled as he picked up his speed. The feeling of her gripping him so tight was driving him crazy. He lapped at the small bubbles of blood that his fangs had drawn to the surface.

“Do it!” Sookie screamed as she flew higher, her body humming as she clawed for her release.

Not needing to be told twice, Eric sank his fangs into her neck, his eyes rolling into the back of his head as her blood spilled into his mouth. He slammed into her hard as her delicious blood filled him.

The feeling of Eric’s fangs sliding into her neck sent Sookie flying over the edge. Sparks flashed behind her eyes as her body convulsed. “Eric!” she yelled as she came. Burying her face in Eric’s neck, Sookie opened her mouth and bit down on his flesh. Her blunt teeth tearing into his throat made Eric roar in pleasure as he came, filling her with his dead seed as his blood flooded her mouth.

Eric held Sookie against the door as they both came down from their highs. He licked at his bite mark lazily, healing her even though he knew the blood she had just taken would do it.

Mmm,” Eric purred as he carefully set Sookie down on her feet, steadying her as she swayed slightly.

“Hey,” Sookie said goofily as she stared up at him.

Sensing her exhaustion, Eric pressed a soft kiss to Sookie’s forehead before moving them to the sofa and laying her down on it. Crouching down beside her, Eric brushed his fingers through her hair as he stared at her, a small smile curling his lips. Refastening his jeans, Eric watched as Sookie dozed softly. He reached for the blanket on the back of his sofa and smoothed down her dress before carefully covering her in the soft blanket.

It was almost twenty-minutes later when the sound of a scuffle in the hallway drew his attention away from his sleeping wife. Pressing a kiss to her head, he quickly stood up, crossed to the door, and pulled it open. He smirked darkly as he saw Thalia and Clancy dragging Malcolm, Liam, and Diane down the small hallway towards the basement.

Calling one of his vampires to him, Eric ordered the small, brown-haired vampire to guard the door to his office and make sure Sookie wasn’t disturbed. Then he followed them all down the stairs to the basement. Eric watched from the bottom step as Pam, Thalia, and Clancy chained the disco triplets in silver and hung them from the middle of the room.

“You three have been very naughty,” Eric said as he strolled towards them. “I can’t help but wonder why you think you can disregard my laws and not think I will learn of it.”

“We haven’t done anything wrong,” Malcolm snarled as he struggled weakly against the silver biting into his skin.

“No?” Eric questioned. “That is not what I heard. In fact, from what I heard you have broken one of my biggest laws.”

“You heard wrong,” Diane spoke up, grimacing in pain. “Whoever told you we disobeyed your rule was lying to you Sheriff.”

“Really?” Eric said as he circled the three of them. “I suppose I may have been misinformed,” he added, pretending to think about it. “You would have to be stupid – or maybe a more fitting word would be suicidal – to do what I heard you three did earlier.” Stopping in front of them, Eric regarded them carefully, his eyes stripping them bare and making them shift uncomfortably. “Are any of you suicidal?”

“No, Sheriff,” they said, each of them speaking over the other.

“So all of this is just a misunderstanding?” Eric remarked flicking his eyes to Pam, signalling her to get ready.

“Yes, Sheriff,” Diane said pitifully.

“So earlier this evening,” Eric started, his eyes boring into them, “the three of you didn’t rape a young woman? You didn’t degrade and abuse her?”

The three of them blanched under his anger, fear overwhelming them as they began to understand just how screwed they were.

“Sheriff, we didn’t…” Malcolm started, intending to lie his ass off.

“Do not lie to me,” Eric growled, his voice eerily calm, frightening them more than his anger. “I am aware of everything you did. I know every sick twisted thing you did to that young woman…”

“She never said no,” Liam interrupted foolishly.

“She was glamoured you poor excuse for a vampire,” Eric retorted, hardly believing his argument. “She couldn’t say no; that choice was taken away from her. If she was given the choice, she would have screamed no.”

“We never glamoured her,” Malcolm argued pathetically.

“No you didn’t,” Eric agreed. “You three were just the three who raped her. I warned you when you moved into my Area, taking the unwilling is prohibited and glamouring them to agree is also not allowed. You all knew this, and you all know the price for breaking one of my rules. So really it stands to reason that you all must be suicidal.”

“Sheriff, please,” Malcolm begged, seeing his end imminent.

“We have information for you about Bill Compton,” Diane added as she desperately sought to save her worthless life. She had loyalty to no one but herself, and she had no problem throwing Bill under a bus, believing he was the one who had told Eric about their fun with Selah. She couldn’t think of any other way the Sheriff would know. Selah certainly wasn’t in any condition to spill the beans, and even if she was, she wouldn’t know of the vampire hierarchy. It had to be Compton as far as she was concerned. Sookie intrigued Bill, and Diane believed he had told Eric what they had done to curry his favor and get closer to his wife.

“Let me guess,” Eric said as he moved in front of the dark-skinned vampire. “You are going to tell me that Compton is obsessively fixated on my wife. Maybe you are even going to tell me that he was sent by the Queen of Louisiana to procure her for what she can do.”

Eric grinned as he saw Diane’s eyes widen in shock, an amused chuckle escaping his parted lips. “But you see, I am already aware of all that, something it seems you weren’t.” Gripping her jaw hard, Eric sneered at her. “Nothing happens in my Area without me knowing about it. I know the real reason Bill is here, I know what you three did, and I know you would sell each other out in a second if you thought I would let you go.”

Taking a step back, Eric stared at them all. “You have broken my rules for the last time. Your Maker is not a concern, having met the true death decades ago. As Sheriff of Area Five, it is my decision that you all meet the true death…” Eric trailed off as he seemingly thought it over before continuing, “After you have enjoyed the hospitality of Thalia for the next two nights.” Turning to the old vampire he said, “They are all yours.”

The sounds of their screams brought a smile to Eric’s face as he ascended the stairs. He paused briefly on the top step and listened to Thalia, Clancy, and Pam ripping into the three of them before opening the door and continuing back to his office. Eric dismissed the vampire watching the door and quietly snuck in and made his way over to the still slumbering Sookie.

Stroking a finger over her cheek softly, Eric roused her from her sleep. “Lover, it is time to go home,” he said, his voice low and soothing.

“Carry me?” Sookie asked tiredly.

Getting his arms beneath her, Eric carefully lifted her into his arms. “Anywhere,” he said as he made his way out of the office and Fangtasia.


10 thoughts on “A Marriage of Inconvenience: Chapter Eleven

  1. I appreciate Eric’s disgust with seeing what happened in Bill’s house and how swiftly he dealt with it. The romantic in me liked the ending, very sweet and touching; an interesting contrast to the other elements of the chapter.


  2. You want Eric as a ally, never an enemy. Don’t mess with what is his and he’ll leave you alone. Mess with what it his….well, you pay the consequences of your stupidity.

    Wonderful chapter!


  3. Very happy the disco triplets got what was coming to them. I really liked that Eric has rules against that and dealt with it appropriately. I’m also glad that Eric knows what Bill and the queen are planning. Can’t wait for more.

    Small note: You said the office was sound proof but later had Eric go into the hall when he heard a scuffle. 🙂 I know how easy it is to overlook something like that when writing because I’ve done it too. LOL Just thought I’d mention it to help with future chapters.


    • Thanks for pointing that out. I added the bit about the sound proofing after I got it back from my beta and completely forgot about Eric hearing the scuffle. I should probably find a proof reader or something, lol.


  4. Two nights is a long time in the vamp world. Hope the disco triplets don’t get free!

    I like Maxwell.
    Bad convo coming for Sookie. But I have confidence in this new Sookies to handle it.


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