Sin: Chapter Five


Sin BG

Chapter Five

“This is the effect your wicked ways have on those around you,” Bill said while he waved his arms around with a dramatic flourish, making their surroundings change. A haughty look spread across his face as he prepared to shame Eric. The whore before he might have failed, but Bill swore he wouldn’t. After all, he was William Thomas Compton, beloved husband and father, Civil War Hero, and the epitome of morality; if one overlooked his years as a vampire. “Look upon your shame, Eric Northman,” Bill cried theatrically. “This is what your deviancy has wrought…”

Eric closed his eyes and counted to ten while Bill continued to shame him. Eric didn’t think it was possible to kill a ghost, but he swore if Bill didn’t stop with the melodrama, he would give it his best shot. Opening his eyes, Eric let out an unneeded breath as he waited for Bill to shut up. Eric wondered how someone with such an important mission could be so fucking clueless.

“… You caused this. You turned her from the path of the righteousness and onto the path of sin,” Bill continued, stabbing his finger toward the large bed in the middle of the room. “You corrupted an innocent and…” He trailed off and frowned as he finally looked at the bed himself and saw a woman resting instead of fucking as he expected. “I must have gotten the wrong room,” he added, his voice barely a whisper in his embarrassment. Bill waved his arms around again and nodded as the room flittered out of view and was replaced with another. He let out a cry of victory when he saw a brown-haired woman lying in the middle of a bed dressed only in her underwear. His victory quickly gave way to dismay when he realized like the last woman this one was just resting as well.

What the hell is going on? I’m supposed to show Northman how his deviant lifestyle affects others, but so far all I’ve shown him his two women resting. Did I get the room wrong again?

Waving his arms around for a third time, Bill sent a silent prayer up to his boss that the third time would be the charm. He pouted as once again the room changed around them and they were greeted with a resting woman. “Why are they resting?” Bill asked sulkily. This was not going the way he had expected.

“Probably because it is daytime and they are vampires,” Eric said with a snort. “I realize you were a below par vampire, Bill, but surely even you knew that vampires are forced to rest while the sun is out.” Eric chuckled at the put upon look on Bill’s face. The last time he had seen that particular look would have been the night the Civil War vampire walked in on him fucking Lorena. As he stared at Bill, Eric wondered why Lorena never staked the idiot herself. He knew from their encounters Lorena held little but scorn for her child. She found him weak and pathetic. The crazy bitch should have done us all a favor and staked the fucker. 

“Although, really, if your big plan was to show me how my actions have corrupted Willa, Nora, and Salome, then you would have been wasting your time,” Eric continued, imparting a bit of wisdom on the ghost vampire. “As I told the whore before you, Willa’s sexual proclivities are her own choice. She does want she wants. Nora was a whore before I even met her. She was a royal concubine. As for Salome, well, she is one of the most famous whores in the world and older than me. I had no part in the life she led before I was even born. Salome is a whore of biblical proportions.”

Bill spluttered as he tried to think of a way to refute Eric’s words. It was all Eric’s fault; it had to be! Bill didn’t care how, but he had to find a way to blame Eric for everything. So what if Salome had been a whore a thousand years before Eric was even born, it still had to be Eric’s fault somehow. Bill refused to believe anything else. Fate made her a whore because of Eric. It knew their paths would cross; Bill nodded as he decided that was the reason. It made sense to him; therefore, it must be true.

“It’s not just their lives you have effected,” Bill said, adopting a pompous tone as he fooled himself into believing he had the upper hand. “Your poisonous and wicked ways have infected scores of innocent lives. You have doomed those who should work along the righteous path to lives of sin.”

“Well, I am sure if you asked them, they would tell you their lives are happier for it,” Eric retorted. “They would get down on their knees and thank me.”

“They would curse your name and want retribution,” Bill said firmly, believing everything he said. Unlike Pam, Bill really believed in what he was doing. He thought of it as a sacred honor. He was just sorry it was wasted on Eric. In Bill’s opinion, Eric was unworthy of the honor they were bestowing upon him. However, it wasn’t his place to question the wisdom of The Powers That Be. They wanted Eric off the path, so that is what he would do. “It’s not only those currently in your life that you have effected. There are those who are influenced by you without having met you…”

“Are you seriously trying to blame for the actions of people I have never even met?” Eric asked incredulously. He had been blamed for many things in his long life, and, truthfully, most of that blame was well placed, but he couldn’t be expected to be responsible for the actions of people he had no contact with. “I have no control over the lives of people I don’t know…”

“That is where you’re wrong,” Bill interrupted. “You’re responsible for the sinful behavior that is taking place right now.” He smiled smugly, realizing he finally knew something Eric didn’t. He was finally in charge. “I will show you the effect your deviant behavior has…” He repeated his earlier words as he waved his arms around again, finally knowing where he was going. “Look upon your shame, Eric Northman…”

The fairies of Sin

Stepping inside the Queen’s office, Claudine stepped up to the large red velvet sofa and curtsied before the ruling Queen of Fae, Mab Brigant. She waited to be acknowledged before straightening up and placing her hands behind her back. 

“Claudine,” Mab greeted coolly, despite Claudine being her favorite. The Fae Queen was what no one would call a warm woman. She was cold and hard, but duty had made her that way. She didn’t have the luxury to enjoy the follies of youth was she was younger. She had been groomed from a very young age so she could fit her royal role.

“You wished to see me, My Queen?” Claudine asked her tone soft while she gazed upon her beloved monarch. 

“I did,” Queen Mab replied as she gestured to the seat beside her, instructing her most faithful servant to sit down. “As you aware, the Head of the Vampire Authority has finally…” You could hear the distaste rolling off her tongue while she voiced her disapproval at being made to wait. “… agreed to meet with us. The meeting is set for tonight…”

“Fae… We are in Fae,” Eric remarked with wonder as he recognized The Fairy Queen. He had no idea who the brunette was with her, but he honestly didn’t care. He was in the Fae realm. It was a shame he was there with Bill “The Bore” Compton and unable to smell the air or taste the blood running through the veins of the fairies. Still, it was a remarkable thing. No vampire had ever stepped foot in the Fae realm, yet there he was. “Why did you bring me here?”

“Watch and learn,” Bill replied haughtily. “You will finally see how you corrupt all those around you…” 

“Forgive me questioning you, My Queen, but are you sure it is a wise?” Claudine asked, addressing her with the deference due. “I don’t wish to question your decision, Your Majesty, but Eric Northman’s reputation precedes him. He’s considered somewhat of a legend among the Supernatural…”

“He is arrogant and vicious. He is the epitome of a vampire, ruthless and bloodthirsty. He would not think twice before draining every fairy dry if he could,” Queen Mab replied, her tone deathly serious. She knew not only of Eric’s reputation, but Eric himself. She had met the Viking shortly before she took the throne of Fae, and she knew everything that was said about him was true. Mab had seen him decimate an entire army and then fuck in the blood of his victims. He was an animal. “However, he is also loyal… Or as loyal as a bloodsucker can be. If he agrees to my proposal, it will only benefit us. It is imperative that he agrees. As much as I hate to admit it, we need the vampires help if we are going to defeat Niall once and for all. Niall is proving to be quite the thorn in my side of late; he is gaining ground in his desire to take my throne everyday. However, even the great Niall Brigant…” Derision dripped from her tongue as she spoke of her brother-in-law and biggest threat to her rule of Fae. “could not defeat an army of vampires… And that is what we will have if we manage to secure this union. Northman is The Head of The Authority; he holds power over every vampire. With him as our ally, Niall would be defeated with ease…”

Eric arched a brow as he listened to the Fae Queen speak, finally understanding her continued requests for a meeting. She had been sending royal couriers to The Authority Headquarters for close to a year, requesting an audience with him. He finally agreed to meet with her just so he could put a stop to her request. Eric had no real interest to meet with her, but she had been relentless. However, after hearing what she wanted, Eric had to say she would be sorely disappointed by the outcome of the meeting. He had no intention of helping her with her little power dispute. Who ruled over Fae was of no concern to him. He held no vested interest in who sat on the throne. Fairies and vampire stayed away from each other, or rather, fairies stayed away from vampires. Vampire loved fairies, or their blood at least.

“Forgive my skepticism, My Queen, but I cannot see the vampire agreeing to the proposal,” Claudine said, lowering her head in submission as she voiced her opinion. “Vampires care little for our plights. They’re selfish and cruel, Eric Northman more so than anyone else. Aiding us is not something I see him doing, at least not with anything being in it for him.”

“That is why I intend to give him additional incentives,” Queen Mab replied, her lips curling into a devious smile. “As you said, Claudine, the vampire’s reputation precedes him. He is known to be a lover of the sins of the flesh. He is how do you say… A whore! I intend to sweeten the pot as the humans say,” she sneered the word. “Tell me, my dear Claudine, what do you think a vampire would give to have a pure-blooded virgin fae courtesan?”

Claudine’s eyes widened at what the Queen was saying. “I believe most would give their fangs to just be in the presences of one,” she said, beginning to believe in her Queen’s plan. There was no way a vampire would pass up the chance to have an unsullied fairy. 

“As do I,” Queen Mab nodded. “Now Northman is no ordinary vampire…” 

“She has got that right,” Eric said cockily. There was nothing ordinary about him. Eric smirked as he thought about what Queen Mab was going to offer him. A virgin fairy… his fangs throbbed at the mere thought. It had been centuries since he last had a fairy, but in all his thousand years he had never had a virgin fairy. Eric felt his cock stiffen while he imagined sinking into the faceless fairy and making her bleed.

“Deviate,” Bill sneered contemptuously when he noticed Eric’s erection.

“If you had a cock it would be hard as well,” Eric retorted without shame when he dropped his gaze to the stump that was Bill’s cock. Eric chuckled while he remembered Salome telling him how she had cut off Bill’s cock and fed it to him.

Bill glared at Eric, but said nothing. There was no point denying it as even Bill knew it was true. He might have been a believer of his mission, but he still remembered what it was like to be a vampire, and the thought of a virgin fairy was arousing.

“… And I believe it will take more than just a pure in blood and body fairy for him to agree to my proposal,” Queen Mab continued, letting Claudine in on her plan. “So that is why in addition to everything else I shall offer him, I shall also gift him a mól. The half-breed is no longer of use to us. She is trained in the sexual arts and would make a fine gift to a vampire. Unlike the sweet Claudia, the vampire will not have to take it easy on the mól. He will have a lady and a whore…” 

That sounded good to Eric. It was his favorite combination. A lady he could teach about the pleasures of the flesh, and a whore with whom he could experience them. 

“Do you see the effect you have on those you haven’t even met yet?” Bill asked. “Your deviant lifestyle has far reaching consequences that span different realms. This…” Bill pointed a finger at Queen Mab and Claudine, “is the consequence of your behavior…”

“Yes, I see it, and if we are done here I would like to get back to Headquarters so I can soon experience it,” Eric replied. “I have a meeting I do not want to miss…” Eric smirked at the disbelieving look on Bill’s face. If Bill thought showing him the Fae Queen talking about offering him a pure-bloodied fairy virgin was going to turn him off his deviant path, he was a bigger idiot than Eric originally thought. “You didn’t honestly think this would work, did you?” Eric voiced his thought. “You wanted to show me how I influence everyone, well, congratulations, you succeeded. Nevertheless, while my reputation might have influenced them, it was still their choice. I am a firm believer in the freedom of choice. I am free to choose my path, just as they are free to choose theirs…”

“Not everyone has that freedom,” Bill said, cutting Eric off. “What was just said here was Queen Mab’s choice, but I wonder if the lady and the whore would agree with her. They’re being prostituted due to your reputation. Let’s look upon their faces…” Bill lifted his hands up and waved them around again, changing the scene around them. A smug look spread across his face as a lavish looking bedroom replaced the Queen’s office. He really liked having the power to transport them to other places with a wave of his arms. Bill let out a huff of frustration when he noticed a stunning brunette lying on the bed fast asleep. Really, does everyone sleep during the day these days?

Eric licked his lips as he stared at the sleeping brunette. She was certainly beautiful, if not a little on the thin side. He preferred something to grab onto when he pounded into a woman. From the look of the bedroom, Eric guessed the woman was the lady. Unlike the whore he had in his office earlier, this was a woman he could have on his arm at functions. Eric decided he would happily take her on as a courtesan.

“This is no good,” Bill moaned. His brow furrowed in annoyance as he noticed the way Eric was looking at the fairy. Doesn’t he have any shame? He’s supposed to be disgusted by what he had learned by now, not undressing the fairy with his eyes. This will not do! Waving his hands around one more time, Bill changed their surroundings before Eric had a chance to object. He let out a small cry of happiness when they found themselves in the stables where a small group of fairies had gathered.

Eric’s eyes widened when they landed on a buxom blonde in the center of one of the stalls. She was completely naked except for a leather collar around her throat identifying her as a mól. Her wrists were bound together with silk rope and stretched above her head, hooked to one of the large wooden beams. If Eric thought the other woman was beautiful, this one could only be classed as gorgeous. She had a body made for sin with her full breasts, round hips, and juicy ass. However, as amazing as he thought her body was, it was her eyes that drew Eric in. They shone with life much like his own. The Fae might call her mól, but Eric would call her kindred. Eric fought to keep his fangs in his gums when he saw a dark-haired fae male stepped out of the group…

“You have been a very naughty mól, Sookie,” the man said while he picked up a leather-riding crop and moved toward the blonde. He grinned when he saw the defiant look in her eyes as she stared back at him. Oh how, he adored her. If she would have been a lady of standing instead of a mól, he might have considered asking permission to court her. Unfortunately, she was just a mól, good for what lay between her legs and little else. Luckily for him, what lay between her legs was heavenly. He had spent many a happy night between her thighs… as had many of the other fae. She was a favorite among the fae guard. 

Lifting the riding crop, he slid it down her body, dragging it over her hard nipples, making her bite the inside of her cheek to keep from moaning. He had spent enough time with her to know she enjoyed that kind of treatment. Sookie liked it when it hurt. Preston wasn’t sure if it was because she was punishing herself for enjoying her life as a mól, or if she actually enjoyed pain. Whatever her reason, Preston didn’t care. He liked hurting her as much as she enjoyed being hurt. “You disrespected your Master and ignored his orders…” 

Sookie rolled her eyes as she listened to Preston announce her crimes to the crowd. The fairy was a complete prick with a superiority complex. Just because his father was once the consort to Queen Mab, Preston believed he had a higher standing than he did. The idiotic fairy was overstating his importance and her disrespect to his eager audience. If he had half a brain he would realize Sookie hadn’t disrespected her Master because she didn’t actually belong to just one. Unlike many of the other mól’s, Sookie didn’t belong to one household, she belonged to the monarchy itself. The crown owned her and had owned her since she was a child and had been taken away from her human family. She had been raised as a mól, taught how to please a man or woman as soon as she was old enough. It was the only life she knew, and, despite having to put up with pricks like Preston Pardole and his friends, she did like it. She was content with her life, and even Preston had his positive side. He might have been dumber than a post and had a Godlike complex, but he could fuck well and he knew how to wield a whip. 

“… And for your crimes, I have no choice but to punish you,” Preston continued while he dragged the riding crop lower and slid it between Sookie’s legs. He could smell her arousal and knew if he checked she would be soaking wet. The mól really was a whore. He tapped the end of the leather riding crop against her clit, increasing his strength with each swat. 

Sookie gasped when she felt the cool leather slap against her clit and she couldn’t help but buck her hips as delicious feeling pain shot through her. She was so close to cumming and she wanted nothing more than for him to strike her harder. God she loved pain, it turned her on like nothing else. Most of the fairies were such pussies, reluctant to actually hurt her in the way she wanted, and even Preston held back with her, though he didn’t mind taking a whip to her when she was bad. 

Preston grinned when he saw Sookie spread her legs further, knowing she wanted him to hit her harder. He gave her clit one sharp smack with the crop before stepping back and walking around her. “Your punishment is five swats of your backside with a belt,” Preston said after he threw the crop he was holding to the side, unbuckled his leather belt, and pulled it out of the loops on his pants. Folding the belt in half, Preston snapped the leather together, making it crack. “Count,” he instructed the crowd who had moved closer as he laid the stiff leather over Sookie’s bare ass. 


Eric’s fangs snapped down into place while he watched the pathetic-looking fairy whip Sookie with his belt. From Queen Mab’s words earlier, Eric had realized that the woman was the mól who was going to be offered him; therefore, she couldn’t belong to the dark-haired fairy. He was not her master, so he had no right to punish her as he was.


Bill sneered at Eric as he turned his gaze from the fairies. “This is the consequence of your reputation,” he said, squaring his shoulders. “That poor, poor woman is to be your whore. Do you think she chose that? Do you think she enjoys that? If she could, she would tell them to stop…”


From the look on her face and juices running down her thighs, Eric guessed she fucking loved it!


“She is getting off on it,” Eric replied. It was obvious to everyone but Bill that she was enjoying every second of her punishment. “The life that poor woman is living has nothing to do with me. I had no part in this. I am not responsible for the actions of others.”

Sookie cried out as Preston’s belt hit her ass for the fifth time. It felt like her ass was on fire and she was sure it would be bright red and would no doubt bruise, but God did she love it! She loved the pain, it turned her on and made her feel alive. Sookie could feel an ache between her legs and she was desperate to feel a cock inside her. The spanking had taken her to the edge and now she needed to be thrown over. 

Preston licked his lips as he threw his belt to the side and eyed her bright red ass. He could see her inner thighs glistening with her juices and felt his cock harden. He quickly undid his pants and pushed them down his legs and stepped up behind her. She deserves a reward for taking her punishment so well… 

“AHHH!” Sookie screamed when she felt Preston enter her hard from behind. A flood of arousal flowed out of her as she came right away and the pleasure of his thrusts meshed with the pain of his hips slapping against her abused ass. 

Preston slammed into her hard, fucking her with everything he had while the rest of the fae looked on… 

Eric sank his fangs into his lip while he watched them fuck. Right then he wanted nothing more than to be where the fairy was, buried inside the warm cunt of the blonde. It should have been his cock that was making her scream in pleasure.

Bill smirked when he saw the look on Eric’s face, believing he was finally making him see. The scene before them was disgusting and it was all because of The Viking… Well, technically, it had nothing to do with him, it would have happened regardless of Eric, but Eric needed to see the next not-so-innocent woman he would corrupt if he didn’t get off the path. It was imperative that he did get off the path. The meeting between The Viking and Queen Mab couldn’t go ahead. Their paths could not cross.

“Look upon your shame, Eric Northman,” Bill said, pointing to the fucking Sookie and Preston before waving his arms and changing their surroundings for the last time.

Eric barely noticed when they landed back in his bedroom, his mind was too consumed with images of that dirty fairy taking the blonde from behind.

“You have seen the past, and now you have seen the present,” Bill continued, dropping his haughty tone as he eyed Eric. He was convinced he had broken through and Eric was now thinking about it all. “All is left to see if the future. The Ghost of Fornication Future will visit you this day and show you what your future holds if you don’t alter your wicked ways now…”

Eric was left with nothing but his thoughts while Bill faded from view. Two down, one to go…


14 thoughts on “Sin: Chapter Five

  1. wow Sookie and Preston!
    Eric is longing for Sookie…he sure isn’t showing any remorse at all!
    No Bill didn’t convince Eric…onto ghost n°3


  2. Actually I hate what the fairies did to Sookie, I mean for her whole life. Poor thing. On the other hand, she and Eric might be good for each other. Bill is pathetic.


  3. Such a pathetic ghost is Bill, but I shouldn’t expect anything different since he can’t change who he is or was. Eric seems to have seen his match and can’t wait to meet with Mab!!! LOL All Bill did was excite the Viking! Can’t wait for next update!


  4. I guess Niall is going down. And not in as pleasnt a way as Sookie and Eric will lol. I think Bill is helping Mab to seal the deal 😜

    Lmao at everyone sleeping.

    Hmm Sookie seems like Erics perfect match. Not to mention she will likely have a lot of fun with Willa, as Eric watches.

    Can’t wait!


  5. Thanks for the early chapter. Loved how Bill can’t even do this job well. Even though she does love it, I hate to see Sookie as a masochistic whore. Some spanking and a little bondage is hot, being chained in a stable stall and enjoying being beaten with a belt just makes me sad. I hope Eric will treat her with more respect than just a whore.


  6. Bill definitely has first class tickets on the loser train. What a tool. Sookie sounds like more than enough to put eric through his paces. But repent? Not seeing it yet!!


  7. Ok, Bill really is delusional – exactly what remorse does he think Eric is going to feel when he’s just shown him a tasty menu?! Those 2 chapters were brilliant – I love to laugh at Bill’s expense! Looks like Eric is about to meet his match.

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