A Marriage of Inconvenience: Chapter Eight

Warning: This chapter contains a rape like situation. Rape by glamour. It is nothing overly explicit, but the warning is still there.

Bill groaned as he heard someone knocking on his front door. A quick look at the antique clock on his mantel told him it was too early for Selah; she wasn’t due for another half-hour. Bill rested his head against the back of the sofa. He was in no condition to answer the door, and his body still burning with pain. He let out a pitiful whimper as he heard the door open; the last thing he wanted was company.

“Well, what do we have here,” a familiar voice called out. “Have you been a naughty boy, Bill?”

“Diane,” Bill groaned as he watched his former nest mates enter the house. “What are you doing here?”

“We heard you were in the area and thought we’d drop by and welcome you,” Malcolm said as he flicked his eyes over Bill, “but it looks like someone has given you a much more personal greeting.”

“This was all just a misunderstanding,” Bill gritted out.

“Uh huh, it looks like you pissed off the Sheriff,” Diane remarked. “Everyone here knows this,” she ran her finger over one of the many marks littering Bill’s chest, smirking at the hiss of pain he gave, “is the signature mark of his child. That bitch just loves to paint. So what did you do to piss off the Sheriff?”

“Nothing, he simply overreacted,” Bill replied.

“Northman doesn’t overreact,” Malcolm said. “We hate the bastard and his bitch child, but even we know he’s a fair Sheriff. If he did this, it’s because you broke one of his rules.”

“I was unaware that certain practices are not allowed here,” Bill said choosing his words carefully. “The rules of Area Five are very different than the rules at court.”

“Practices?” Malcolm questioned.

“The Queen is a fan of voyeurism, something it seems the Sheriff isn’t,” Bill explained.

“Voyeurism,” Diane repeated, shaking her head as what Bill meant hit her. “You spied on Northman and his wife. How fucking stupid are you?”

“You know about Sookie?” Bill said, ignoring her question/insult.

Everyone knows of that little ball of sunshine,” Malcolm leered.

“And we all know not to fuck with her,” Diane added. “Last person who tried… well the vampire before you lived long enough to regret it.”

“Northman killed a vampire because of a human?” Bill asked, his lips curling into a small smile. If Eric killed a vampire for Sookie, a human, Bill could have him brought before the Queen. Killing a vampire was always a serious thing, and killing one for a human was a punishable offense. He could have Eric punished and take Sookie from him in one swoop.

“No, Northman killed the vampire because he was stealing from him,” Diane explained. “He just made him sorry for touching Sookie first.”

“How is it you know so much about this? About Sookie?” Bill asked deflating.

“Every vampire in the Area knows about her,” Diane answered with a shrug. “A vampire as old and with the reputation of Northman’s marries a human and vampires talk.”

“No one outside of Area Five seems to know,” Bill said confused. News of Eric and Sookie’s marriage seemed to be common knowledge among the vampires of Area Five. He didn’t understand how the no one at court had heard about it.

“We don’t discuss it with outsiders,” Malcolm sneered.

“I am an outsider? The Queen is an outsider?” Bill snarled, his fangs snapping down.

“Oh, baby, put them away before you get hurt,” Diane said dismissively. “You’ve been at court too long, Bill. You’ve gone soft and forgotten how things work in the real world. That uppity bitch you call your majesty doesn’t run shit round here; Northman does. The vampires don’t talk about his blood bag out of respect and loyalty to Northman. We,” she moved her finger in a circle indicating herself, Malcolm, and Liam, “don’t say shit cause we know what’ll happen if we do.”

“The Queen would have protected you,” Bill said, “if you were loyal to her.”

“That bitch would sell out her own child if she had to. And she sure as hell ain’t a match for Northman,” Diane scoffed. “It ain’t got nothing to do with loyalty; it’s about survival. Betray Northman you die. It’s as simple as that.”

“Why are you so curious about Northman’s wife?” Malcolm asked.

“I’m not, I just find it curious that he would marry a human,” Bill said. “Northman isn’t the kind of I would expect to marry. His reputation precedes him whether ever he goes. He’s not the settling kind.”

“Whatever you’re planning, don’t,” Diane replied, seeing Bill’s words for what they were.

“I’m not planning anything,” Bill lied.

“Sure, you’re just curious,” Diane replied. “Just remember, curiosity killed the cat. Don’t do anything foolish, Bill. You won’t survive if you do.”

Bill stared at Diane, and her warning ringing in his ears. He knew she was right, but he was too far involved to back out now. His simple mission had turned into a nightmare, and it was one he wasn’t sure he would wake-up from. He needed to make plans – solid plans to procure Sookie for Sophie-Anne. Anything less than completing his goal would mean almost certain final death. He considered briefly confiding in Malcolm, Liam, and Diane to seek their help, but quickly dismissed that idea. Those three were only loyal to themselves and couldn’t be trusted. They would sell him out at the first sign of danger.

No, Bill realized. He would have to do this on his own. But, how? How was he going to get Sookie away from Eric? Her husband and his Sheriff. First thing he would have to do was heal. He was in no condition to do anything at the moment. Luckily, Selah could help with that. He could feed on her; he would glamour her into bringing some of her friends around for him to feed on as well. The more fresh blood he got, the quicker he would heal.

Bill’s lips curled into a small smile as a thought popped into his head. Blood. Or more specifically, vampire blood.

If I can get my blood into Sookie, I might be able to drive a wedge between her and Eric. But, how? She’s not just going to take it, and Eric wouldn’t allow her to. I’m going to have to get her in a situation where she can’t refuse and make sure Eric’s not around to stop me. Maybe Sophie-Anne can help me with getting Eric out of the way.

With a rough plan in mind, Bill turned his attention back to his guests. “I don’t intend to do anything stupid,” he said. “I was simply curious as to why Eric is so protective of her. Although now that I’m aware of the lengths he will go to protect her, I shall endeavor to stay away.”

Any reply any of them might have had was cut off by a knock on the front door. Raising an eyebrow, Diane smirked at Bill, “Expecting company?” she asked as she crossed the room and headed towards the front door. “What do we have here?” Bill heard her croon; he grimaced as he heard Selah’s soft voice asking about him.

He masked his face as he watched Diane lead Selah into the living room. He could smell the slight fear wafting off Selah and he knew the others could as well, and like him, they were enjoying it too.

“A friend of yours, Bill?” Malcolm asked, eyeing Selah hungrily.

“She is my companion,” Bill replied, choosing his words carefully, still hoping to be able to use Selah as part of his mainstreaming cover. “I’m afraid now is not a good time, Selah,” he added, hoping to get her to leave. “I’m unable to honor our plans for this evening. We will have to reschedule.”

“Of course, Bill,” Selah said, her voice breaking slightly as she flicked her eyes over the other three. “We can easily rearrange our plans. I can see you’re busy, so I’ll come back another time.”

Selah barely took two steps towards the door before Diane blocked her path, preventing her from leaving. “Not so fast sugar,” Diane drawled. “We haven’t been properly introduced.”

“Diane, let her go,” Bill ordered with no real force behind his words.

“I don’t think so,” Diane replied with a smirk. “She looks so fresh, and you used to love sharing your toys.”

“She’s not a fangbanger,” Bill argued weakly.

“They’re all fangbangers,” Diane scoffed. “This bitch is just like the rest, and I want a taste.”

“Me too,” Liam added as he rubbed a hand over the front of his jeans.

Bill eyed them all carefully. He was in no condition to fight any of them, and even if he was, he wouldn’t, not for a human anyway. He could deny them, but they would take her anyway he realized. He flicked his eyes to Selah and smiled slightly as he saw the fear in her eyes. Fear was always such a turn on. She knew what they wanted to do to her and was rightfully scared.

I really don’t need this now, Bill groused internally. He needed Selah for his cover. She was well known and respected in the area, things that would only benefit him. If he let Malcolm, Liam, and Diane do as they wanted he could lose that, but then again he couldn’t really stop them.

Realizing he had no choice, “Selah, come here,” Bill ordered as he held out his hand. A deceitful smile spreading across his face as he watched her rush to his side, seeking his protection. Pulling her down beside him, Bill captured her eyes and pushed his mind against hers and slipped in easily, “These are my friends, they want to get to know you better,” he added his voice low and hypnotic. “You want that, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Selah responded emotionlessly lost to Bill’s glamour.

“You want to please me,” Bill added.

“Yes,” Selah said.

“Good girl,” Bill crooned softly. “You will do anything they say. Do you understand?”


“Glamour, Bill?” Diane snorted. “You never used to be so noble.”

“She’s not a fangbanger,” Bill said, repeating his earlier words. “I’m responsible for her well being. I won’t have her hurt unnecessarily.”

“We will be sure to be gentle with her,” Malcolm chortled before turning his attention to the still glamoured brunette. “Woman, stand up,” he ordered grinning as she did as she was told. “Let’s play.”

Bill watched with barely concealed arousal as Malcolm ordered Selah to strip in the middle of the room. Not for the first time, he cursed Eric and Pam for the torture they bestowed upon him. The silver and glass preventing him from joining in on the fun. He groaned with a mixture of pleasure and pain as he watched Selah being forced to go down on Diane while Liam fucked her from behind at vampire speed. Closing his eyes, Bill rested his head against the back of the sofa and listened to the sounds around him. He could hear Selah’s small mewls of pain as Malcolm, Liam, and Diane took her any way they wanted. Behind his closed lids, he pictured another scene. He imagined Sookie in Selah’s place and him, Sophie-Anne, and Andre in Malcolm, Diane, and Liam’s.

His lips curled into a smile as he thought about the day they would make that a reality. Eric would be chained in silver in the corner and forced to watch while they violated his wife in any way they wanted. They would turn her into a whore, just like they had Hadley. It would be the ultimate torture for Eric, being made to watch while one vampire after another fucked Sookie while he was powerless to stop them. The thoughts soothed Bill, and he slipped into downtime with the sounds of Selah’s pleasure-laced-pain cries ringing in his ears.


Arriving at Fangtasia, Eric led Sookie into his office, her small hand encased securely in his as he cast his eyes over the vampires who were waiting for him in his office. Satisfied they were the ones most loyal to him and Sookie, he offered Sookie his chair behind the desk and turned to face them.

“As most of you are no doubt aware, Bill Compton has moved into my Area,” Eric said addressing his vampires, his tone firm. “Last night he was punished for breaking one of my rules. He spied on an intimate moment between myself and my wife…”

Murmurs spread through Eric’s office as the reason for Bill’s punishment became known. Eric could almost feel the anger coming off his area vampires as they realized how Bill had violated their Mistress. He smirked as he realized just how unpopular Bill had just become.

“Under the hands of Pam and Thalia,” Eric continued, “Bill let slip his real reason for returning to the Area. It seems that through her pet, Sophie-Anne has learned of Sookie and her ability…”

Growls could be heard coming from the vampires in front of Eric as the news the Queen knew about their Mistress. They all knew what that meant.

“As you have no doubt guessed,” Eric pressed on restraining his own anger, “Bill Compton has been sent to procure my wife, your Mistress, for the Queen. Sophie-Anne is now aware of my marriage to Sookie, but deems it unimportant. She wants my wife for herself. She wishes to use Sookie’s abilities to better herself. I don’t have to tell you that is never going to happen. Sookie is mine and not even the Queen will take her from me. As far as we know, Bill is unaware that he spilled the beans so to speak on his mission. Like the sniveling little idiot he is, he intends to try and follow through with his mission. He will fail. We have the advantage here in that they are unaware that we know of their plans. So we can plan accordingly. Do not let Bill or anyone else know or suspect that we know about his real reasoning for being here.

“I have Bill’s house under surveillance. We will know everything he says and does. I will know what he plans even before he has finished finalizing them. Maxwell,” Eric said, addressing a bookish vampire, “I want you to monitor the surveillance at all times during the night. I want to know everything Bill does. Indira, my wife is concerned Sophie-Anne might target her brother, Jason, in an attempt to force her to cooperate. I want you to guard him. It would hurt Sookie if anything happened to Jason.”

“I will protect him to the best of my ability,” Indira swore. “I promise you, Mistress, no harm will come to your kin.”

“Thank you, Indira,” Sookie said softly.

“Thalia, I want you to guard Sookie in the event Pam and I are unavailable,” Eric said looking at the ancient vampire. Seeing Thalia nod in agreement, Eric continued. “I am arranging for Weres to guard both Sookie and Jason during the day. Pam, contact the wolf and inform him I am calling in his debt. The rest of you stay alert; never leave your Mistress alone with Bill or any other supe you do not know.”

Nods of agreement followed Eric’s orders as the vampires of Area Five swore to protect Sookie at all costs, even from their own Queen. Sophie-Anne showed them no loyalty so in return they showed her the same. The Area Five vampires were loyal to Eric and Sookie because they were loyal to them. As they filed out of Eric’s office, each of them promised the same thing. Sophie-Anne would not get her hands on their Mistress.

“That went well,” Pam remarked as she closed the door behind the last vampire. “Sookie will be well protected. Compton won’t get anywhere near her. What do we do now?”

“You, contact the wolf and then prepare for the opening of the bar,” Eric said. “As far as anyone is concerned, it is business as usual.”

“What are you going to do?” Pam questioned, knowing her Maker was planning something.

“I am going to stack the deck even higher against Sophie-Anne,” Eric replied as he reached into one of his draws and pulled out an untraceable cell phone.

“How?” Pam asked, genuinely curious. A few short hours ago, he seemed to be in a wait-and-see mindset, and now he was taking an offensive stance against Sophie-Anne. It didn’t make sense to her, and she couldn’t help but wonder what had changed his mind.

Sensing Pam’s confusion and realizing why, Eric smiled at his child as he sat on the edge of his desk. “I am not attacking the Queen. I am just going to make it harder for her to move forward with her plans.”

“But how?” Pam asked again.

Eric said nothing as he dialed a seldom-used number, his fingers tapping on his leg as he waited for someone to answer.

“Hello,” a soft voice greeted.

“This is Eric Northman, the Sheriff of Area Five in Louisiana. I wish to speak to the Guardian.”

Pam’s head snapped up as she heard Eric’s words, a smile forming on her lips as she realized what he was planning on doing.

“One moment please,” the voice on the other end said. The words had barely reached Eric’s ear before heard the telltale sound of clicking signally the call had been transferred.

“Is this a secure line,” a voice asked, making Eric pause briefly as emotions swelled up in him. He felt Sookie place her hand on his knee and squeeze gently, offering him her support. He smiled down at his wife and sent a burst of love through their bond as a thank you.

“It is,” Eric replied.

“Good. I have been expecting your call. Hello child.”

“Godric,” Eric whispered in reverence.


9 thoughts on “A Marriage of Inconvenience: Chapter Eight

  1. Yes! Godric’s getting involved. I love him. I love stories where we get a Bill POV of him being totally off mark, spoiled, and insane, while eventually made a fool of. I want to yell to Eric to turn Sookie, but that would be entirely too easy, and make her a subject of Sophie’s. Blah, nothing’s perfect! Can’t wait for more.


  2. The one thing Alan Ball did right was create Godric. The worst thing he ever did was kill him off the show only to have him come back as a ghost, really!? thank you for giving us Godric back.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. oh i like the turn of who the Guardian is… loved the chapter and the support the area vamps will be giving them,… KY..
    BTW and i do believe its an oops, ” Bill is aware *did you mean unaware? that he spilled the beans ” i think your Beta notes were in with the story when it posted…


  4. The Guardian is Godric… Whatever the guardian is, I’m sure it doesn’t mean happy things that he is Eric’s sire! At least not for SA.. LOL

    Love that Area 5 vamps are loyal to Sookie. The disco triplets strike again lol, wonder if they’ll spill all to Eric.


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