Masque of the Red Death: Chapter Three

<<<Masque of the Red Death

Chapter Three

“What?!” Pam shrieked and pushed her way to the front. She had been happy to hang around in the back of the room while Her Maker and the cunt Queen fucked. She didn’t need to see that; she had gotten more than an eyeful over the last hundred years, but hearing that bitch call Her Maker ‘Master’ wasn’t something she could ignore.

Sookie winced when she heard Pam’s shrill cry; it sounded like nails on a chalkboard, and from the look on the selfish vampire’s face it was only going to get worse. The blonde-haired vampire looked homicidal while she stalked toward the couple, and Sookie suspected the night would end in bloodshed. Shame. I was hopin’ it’d end in a cumplosion.

She had big plans for the rest of the night, plans she suspected were about to go out the window thanks to Freyda letting the proverbial cat out of the bag. Eric’s the Queen’s Maker, Sookie mused. Certainly explains why she’s so good at eatin’ pussy. And I was so hopin’ for a little of that myself. Sookie let out a sigh of frustration as she realized that probably wouldn’t happen now, at least not that night. Sookie doubted Pam would act like a mature adult and accept the news. She’s gonna throw a tantrum

“Your Maker?!” Pam snarled glaring at the naked pair. There was no way in Hell she was letting that go. Eric was Her Maker, not Freyda’s. The Queen wasn’t supposed to have a hold on him any longer. With the marriage over, they were supposed to go their separate ways and Pam was supposed to have him back to herself. She had always known Eric had another child, but that child was not supposed to be Freyda. She was supposed to be out of their lives for good! “What does she mean…?”

“I would think it is self-explanatory,” a cool voice stated. “However, seeing that you’re too stupid to comprehend it, please allow me to explain it to you.”

Pam felt a feeling of dread well up in her when she heard that voice and she turned around slowly to face the speaker. A look of real fear entered her eyes as they landed on the vampire who had spoken.

“Aren’t you going to say hello, Pamela?”

“Hello, Nora,” Pam replied meekly, averting her eyes. In her hundred plus years as a vampire, Pam had met a number of the Undead, many of them older than her, but there had ever only been one she truly feared and that was Nora Gainesborough, her Maker’s vampire sister. Nora was the vampire who had broken every bone in her body and laughed while she did it, all with Eric’s approval.

New Nora

Nora smirked at Pam before turning her gaze to her brother and niece. She licked her lips while she ran her eyes over their naked bodies, lingering on Eric’s semi-hard cock. “I believe you outdid yourself this year, brother,” she said mischievously. “You really did go out with a bang. That would’ve been a hard act to top.”

Eric chuckled at her words and stalked forward. “You know me, sister, I always aim to please,” he said before tangling his hand in her hair and pulling her to him, crashing their lips together. He plundered her mouth, tasting the faint flavor of cum on her tongue before pulling back.

Sookie wasn’t sure if she was jealous or turned on as she watched Eric swoop down and kiss the masked vampire who had shut Pam up. She was impressed that the woman, Nora, her mind supplied helpfully and that name rang a bell, managed to stop Pam from throwing a tantrum. She had to admit that she was stunning in her floor-length black strapless dress, and there was something oddly familiar about her. Sookie was sure she knew her; she just couldn’t place her. She might have been able to if she could have gotten a better look at her. If it would have been any other night, she might’ve been tempted to entice her with a tumble, but it wasn’t any other night, and she wanted Eric’s lips on hers… And not just the ones on her face.

Eric smirked when he noticed the glazed look in Nora’s eyes. It was obvious to him what she wanted, and he would be lying if he said he wasn’t tempted. The two of them always had a great time when they were together. They could fuck for hours both together and with other people, and it had been almost seven years since they were able to enjoy a good ol’ fashioned fuckfest. Unfortunately for his sister, he had a prior engagement, one he wasn’t going to miss or pass up for anything or anyone.

“That you do, Eric,” Nora purred, her tone dripping with sex. “You never had any complaints… Well, except from dear Pamela.” Nora chuckled as she eyed the nervous-looking vampire. She often wondered what her brother saw in the former whore that had made him turn her. Nora couldn’t see anything worthwhile. She had no problem with what Pam did as a human; hell, she had been a whore herself in her human life. A higher caliber one than Pam, but a whore nonetheless. Not that high; you did service both Godric and Eric at the same time before Godric turned you, a little voice reminded her. Unlike Pam, Nora wasn’t ashamed of where she came from and what she was. She was a whore and a damn good one. She might have had a good mind for politics, but it was what was between her legs that opened many of the doors for her. She had fucked her way to a high position in the vampire hierarchy, but her intelligence and cunning had kept her there.

“Perhaps you can keep Pam company and explain a few things to her,” Eric replied. He grinned when he saw her confused look.

“You want me to spend time with Pam?” Nora asked in disbelief. That was usually the last thing any of them wanted. On every other occasion, barring the five years Pam had spent in her care; they had been kept apart whenever they were in the same state. It was usually the safest thing to do. Nora wouldn’t put up with Pam’s bullshit, and the selfish vampire often ended up a bloody mess. Nora couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed at the request. She was hoping to spend some quality time with Eric and Freyda, quality meaning naked and fucking.

“I do,” Eric said. Turning his head, Eric searched out Sookie through the crowd, happy to see she was still standing where she was while she watched him fuck Freyda. “I have plans,” he added as he leered at Sookie. “Plans I do not want Pam to interrupt.”

Nora smirked as she followed Eric’s line of sight and saw Sookie standing at the head of the bench on which Eric and Freyda had been fucking. Darting out her tongue, Nora flicked it over her lips while she eyed the blonde hybrid. She certainly couldn’t fault her brother’s taste. She has a body made for sin, Nora mused. While she stared at the blonde, a memory clicked into place and she laughed softly. Oh yes, a body made for sin and a pussy that tastes like Heaven. Nora couldn’t blame Eric for wanting to spend time with the delectable Ms. Stackhouse instead of her. Nora would have given up a tumble with her brother if it meant she could have gotten between Sookie’s tanned thighs again. She might have only ever spent one night with the blonde, but it had been a night to remember.

“I wouldn’t want to be interrupted either,” Nora agreed, turning her gaze back to her brother. “I’ll be happy to keep dear ol’ Pamela company while you…” Nora trailed off as she flicked her gaze back to Sookie. “See to your plans.”

“What? No!” Pam cried, finding her voice and objecting to the idea. The last thing she wanted to do was spend time with Nora. She wanted to get out of there, out of the state, and far away from Freyda. “Eric, I want…”

“It wasn’t a request, Pam,” Nora cut in before the blonde brat could continue. “Your Maker and sister are busy, so that leaves you to keep me company. We can have a girl’s night in.” Nora grinned maniacally, enjoying Pam’s look of dismay. Neither of us is getting Eric tonight.

“But…” Pam broke off and let out a cry when Nora reached forward and twisted her hand in Pam’s hair before dragging her toward the door.

Freyda chuckled as she heard Nora tell Pam they could have a slumber party. “Nora always did know how to make an exit.”

Eric grinned as he watched his sister drag Pam out of the hall. It was a shame she hadn’t been able to spend more time with them over the years. Pam always behaved when Nora was around. Unfortunately, Nora’s role as the spokesvampire for the AVL took up a great deal of her time and had her traveling all over the world. Vampires coming out of the coffin had gone much smoother thanks to Nora being the vampire representative. She had appeared considerably more approachable than the vampire originally chosen to be the face of vampires. Nora used her pretty face to appeal to the masses. Eric hated to think what could have happened if Nan Flanagan had been the spokesvampire as originally planned; nothing good he suspected. It was most opportune Nan had an unfortunate accident and lost her arm before the reveal had taken place… An accident he was sure his sister had nothing to do with.

“I should probably make sure Pam knows not to interrupt me,” Eric said thoughtfully as he listened to his child whine while Nora dragged her down the hallway. He wouldn’t put it past Pam to try and interrupt his plans with Sookie if given the chance. Eric was determined that no one and nothing would come between his and Sookie’s reunion that night. He had waited six long years to have her beneath him again and he swore he wouldn’t tolerate any disruptions. With a plan in mind, Eric crossed the short distance to where Sookie stood. He smirked when he saw her eyes run over him and lick her lips while she eyed his rapidly hardening cock. “It will be all yours later, Lover,” he purred as he took her hand and brought it to his lips.

Sookie moaned low in her throat as she felt Eric’s tongue dart out and taste her flesh. “I must congratulate you on such an impressive display,” Sookie replied as she stepped closer to him. She could feel the eyes of many of the guests in the room on her judging her, but she didn’t care what they thought. She hadn’t made it to where she was by wasting her time worrying about what others thought. “It was very arousing…”

Eric’s eyes darkened at her words, understanding her perfectly. She wasn’t the only one turned on by what she saw, but she was the only one he cared about. Tugging on her hand, Eric pulled her closer to him pressing his fully hard cock against her belly. “It gets even better,” he promised as he snaked a hand behind her and grabbed her ass. He groaned when he felt her firm flesh and he swore his cock grew even harder as he remembered how she had let him take her anal virginity six years go. As he squeezed her ass, he wondered if she would let him fuck her there again. From his chat with Freyda a few nights earlier, Eric knew Sookie had fucked Freyda’s ass with her fingers, so there was a strong possibility she would. He couldn’t wait to find out, but first he had to deal with his bratty child. “I am going to fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk straight,” he growled in her ear. “I am going to leave you a boneless mess covered in my cum…”

Sookie shuddered at his words and she felt her pussy throb in anticipation. She was desperate to feel his big, hard cock inside her. She needed to be fucked and fucked hard before she exploded. “Fuck, yes,” she hissed, squeezing her legs together.

Eric smirked as the scent of her arousal tickled his nose. He wanted nothing more than to drop to his knees and lick her sweet little pussy right there in the middle of the room while everyone watched. He wanted to make her beg and scream for more. He wanted to feel her on his fingers, on his lips, and on his cock. “I am going to fuck you until sunrise,” he swore, dropping a kiss to Sookie’s shoulders before pulling back. As much as he hated to leave her right then, he knew he had to make sure Pam stayed away from him for the rest of the night… and maybe the next night as well. “Unfortunately before I can visit Valhalla between your thighs, I must experience Hell and deal with my spoiled child,” he told Sookie apologetically. “I will not be long, Lover.”

Sookie whimpered as she stared at him, and it took all her strength to stop her from tackling him to the floor and riding him for everyone to see. She couldn’t remember a time when she had been more stimulated. She nodded at Eric, not trusting her voice to not say something wholly inappropriate. She clenched her hands at her side while she watched Eric back away and stroll out of the room completely naked. God, he’s got a gorgeous ass. I just wanna bite it!

Freyda chuckled while she watched Sookie watch Eric stroll out of the room. From the way the young blonde was devouring Her Maker with her eyes, Freyda suspected Eric was in for the ride of his long life. Freyda might have only spent several very enjoyable hours with the hybrid, but it was more than enough time to realize just how amazing Sookie was when it came to sex. The woman was sin incarnate. The Queen was almost jealous that Eric would soon get to experience the pleasure that lay between Sookie’s thighs.

You are a very lucky man, Eric, Freyda thought while she made her way to the flushed-looking blonde. She smiled at Sookie when she stopped in front of her. “I must thank you for organizing such a wonderful party here tonight, my dear,” she said sincerely. “I hope I will be able to employ Only at Night again in the future. Now I understand you have plans for the rest of the evening, so perhaps now would be a good time to settle the final bill. I can leave word for Eric to join us in my office once he’s done dealing with Pamela.”

“That’d be fine,” Sookie replied grateful that she had a reason to leave the room. She worried that she and Eric would put on an after show for the guests if he returned and found her there. Sookie didn’t mind having sex in front of people, she had done that many times over the years, but she didn’t want the likes of Bill Compton watching her and Eric fuck. Her body was not for his eyes. “Only at Night would be happy to organize any future parties you might have, time permittin’ of course. I can truthfully say I’ve enjoyed organizin’ your party. It’s been a real pleasure.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” Freyda purred, recalling their tumble in her office. Hiring Only at Night had been one of her better decisions of late. She waited for Sookie to tell Jake she was leaving to deal with the bill before escorting her back to her office.


Eric caught up with Nora and Pam just as his sister was dragging Pam in her room. He ignored Pam’s hopeful look when she saw him. He wasn’t there to save her from his sister; he was there to make sure she didn’t interrupt him. He wasn’t in the mood for her to act up and embarrass both herself and him. He would be having a long talk with her about her behavior and how it was time she grew up.

Stepping in the room behind Nora, Eric stood back and watched while his sister restrained his child. Guess I won’t need to issue her a command to stay here now, Eric thought. He knew Nora well enough to know she wouldn’t hurt Pam unless she was provoked, and he was sure Pam had learned not to do that by now. Eric chuckled while he watched Nora chain Pam to the bed with leather padded silver chains. The restraints were actually Pam’s; she used them to play with her meals and fuck buddies. From the look on her face, Eric guessed no one had ever used them on her.

“I thought you had plans, brother,” Nora said when she stood up and turned to face him. She arched a brow as she took in his still naked form. She licked her lips as she eyed his hard cock and felt her pussy clench while she imagined him thrusting it into her roughly. God, she loved it when he took her hard. No one ever fucked her as hard or as good as her brother… Not that she would ever tell any of her other vampire lovers that. “I wouldn’t keep the delectable Ms. Stackhouse waiting if I was you…” Nora grinned when she saw the look of surprise flash across Eric’s face as she mentioned Sookie’s name. “Oh yes, brother, we are old friends

“Eric,” Pam whined, interrupting them before he had a chance to reply to Nora. She couldn’t believe he was just standing there letting Nora treat her this way. She should have been his priority, not Nora, not that cunt Queen, and definitely not that blonde whore. He should have been there for her. He should have been explaining what Freyda meant when she called him Master. Pam didn’t care what Freyda or Nora said; Eric wasn’t Freyda’s Maker. She wouldn’t accept that. Freyda should have been out of their lives forever at last. Eric was supposed to be hers again, they should have been on their way out of Illinois, and making up for the time Freyda had stolen from them.

“Be quiet, Pam!” Eric said shooting her a look of contempt. She was over a hundred-years-old and still acted like a child. He knew it was partly because of him, but no more. He would no longer tolerate her childish tantrums. Whether she liked it or not, she would soon be going out on her own. It was beyond time she stood on her own two feet. “Your behavior over the last hundred years has been beyond childish. You have embarrassed me countless times with your selfish, spiteful ways, and it ends now. I will put up with your childishness no longer. Now, I have plans tonight that I do not want you to disrupt because you think you should come first. It is time you grew up, Pamela!”

Blood tears pooled in Pam’s eyes at the harsh way in which Eric spoke. She couldn’t believe he was speaking to her in such a manner. She was his little girl. She did come first! It wasn’t fair she was being punished just because Eric wanted to get his dick wet in the blonde slut.

Eric shot Pam one last look before grabbing Nora by the arm and dragging her out of the room. He pushed her in one of the rooms Freyda had assigned for vampire guests and shut the door before slamming her up against it. “How do you know Sookie?” He asked, his voice coming out as a growl.

“Like I said, brother, we are old friends,” Nora purred, teasing Eric with knowledge he didn’t have. The two of them had shared countless men and women in all the years they had known one another, and not once had she ever seen him react to a woman in such a way. So she wanted to play a little and see how far she could push him.

“Nora!” Eric growled, tightening his hold on her arms and pushing her harder against the door. Now was not a good time to play with him. He wanted to know how his sister knew his Hellcat and how well.

“We met around two years ago and spent one very enjoyable night together,” Nora said, moaning as she thought about some of the things they had done that night. “I tell you, brother, it was a night to remember. The things she can do with her tongue…” Nora shivered while she recalled the feeling of Sookie’s warm tongue gliding through her dripping sex and lashing at her clit. “She had me cumming so hard against her mouth…”

Eric groaned as he imagined Nora lying flat on her back while his blonde Hellcat licked her pussy. He could almost hear the sounds Nora made while his mind conjured up one filthy image after another. Eric didn’t know if he should be jealous that Nora had fucked Sookie or aroused. The way his cock was twitching, Eric realized his body knew what to think. He was so hard it hurt. His cock felt like a lead weight and he desperately needed to sink it in a nice, tight pussy.

Nora grinned when she felt Eric’s erection poke her; she hitched her legs up around his waist and ground herself against him. She hissed out a sound of pleasure when Eric’s cock brushed against her drenched sex. “You should have seen it, brother. Mmm, it’s making me wet just thinking about it,” Nora moaned. “You should have seen how I fucked her with the strap on I had modeled after your cock…” She whimpered as she bucked her hips. “I had her on all fours for an hour, fucking her with that hard, plastic cock…”

Eric’s eyes darkened as he stared at his vampire sister, and he couldn’t help but push his cock against her wet panties. He knew the strap on she was referring to because he had been the inspiration for it. He had let Nora take a cast of his cock so she could make it. He always got a thrill out of knowing his cock was pleasing her when he wasn’t even with her. Now knowing that she had used it to fuck his Hellcat was driving him crazy. He could see Sookie on all fours while Nora fucked her with Eric Junior as she called it. It might have been six years since he last set eyes on Sookie, but his cock had still brought her pleasure. Before he knew what he was doing, Eric slid his hand between Nora’s legs, brushed her panties aside, and pushed two fingers deeply inside her dripping pussy. He grinned darkly when he felt her tight sheath flutter around his digits. “Did you have fun?” He growled, holding his fingers still inside her. “Did you enjoy fucking my Hellcat with my cock? Did you make…” Eric trailed off as he felt lust travel through the bond he shared with his children. He let out a curse as the lust increased in intensity and he realized from which child it was coming.


His eldest was having herself a good time and unless he was mistaken she was with His Hellcat! Eric groaned when he felt what Freyda was feeling and he remembered the conversation he had with Sookie earlier in the evening…

“You can watch me, if I can watch you

A wicked smile lit up Eric’s face when he realized what was happening. Sookie had watched him, and now it was his time to watch her. She was fucking his child, waiting for him to come and watch them. Eric chuckled before crushing his lips to Nora’s; he plundered her mouth while he gave her pussy a few thrusts of his fingers. “As you said, sister, I have plans,” he said smugly as he pulled his fingers out of her, yanked her away from the door, and sped away.


Eric laughed hearing Nora scream the word at him as he sped toward Freyda’s office. His sister was a good fuck, but she wasn’t worth passing up seeing his Hellcat and child fuck. Nothing was worth that.


20 thoughts on “Masque of the Red Death: Chapter Three

  1. Pam is such a dumb twat — she is really a thick-headed bitch did she actually think that Eric was going to leave with her and the two of them would live happily ever after with Eric never fucking someone else. I thought it was so cute of Sookie to feel disappointed at the announcement — She knew Pam would throw a fit and she would not get any Eric that night — Happy that Nora showed up and is going to keep Pam away from the lovers. The Supe world is really small Can’t wait for Sookie to find out that Eric and Warlow know each other 🙂

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  2. Oh dear God! I love this story and am so looking forward to the next chapter!!!! Love that Nora can handle Pam and can’t wait for Pam to get a damn wake up call! Such a bitchy brat!

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  3. Pammy pammy pammy, you spoiled little princess. I feel sorry for Aunty Nora, especially now she been left high and dry AND has to deal with you!

    Hmmmmmm. Eric is about to get an eye full.

    Please tell me Bill fainted onto a tooth pick!


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