Fool No More: Chapter Thirteen

Sookie moaned into Eric’s mouth as she tangled her hands in his hair. She tugged on it lightly, and she rocked her hips against his. Heat spread through her, and desire pooled between her legs as her body reacted to him.

Sliding his hands down her body, Eric gripped her hips and pulled her more firmly against him. Breaking the kiss, he kissed his way down her neck, his lips, teasing and nipping at her sensitive flesh. He longed to drop his fangs and get his first real taste of her, but he knew now was not the time. He wanted to show Sookie he was more than a set of fangs. He wanted to show her it was more than just her blood, he desired, more than just her body. He wanted all of her, the good and the bad, the light and the dark. Eric wanted it all. He wanted the woman, the telepath, and the Soul Seer. He wanted Sookie Stackhouse.

Moans of pleasure spilled from Sookie’s lips as she felt the obvious evidence of Eric’s desire between her legs. She rocked her hips more forcibly against him. Resting her forehead against his, Sookie stared deeply into his eyes as she exposed her soul to him. She let him see it all, holding nothing back and showing him the darkness that resided inside her.

Eric’s eyes widened in wonder as he saw the ribbons of her soul. He had no idea how he could see it or how he even knew what it was he was seeing, but there was no doubt in his mind that he was seeing Sookie’s soul. He marvelled at the beauty as he saw the white and pink ribbons twist and twirl as they danced together. He could see the darkness as well, and he feared for Sookie because of it, but he knew deep down inside that she was strong enough to control the darkness inside her. She wouldn’t succumb to it.

“How?” Eric asked, his voice low as if he was afraid he might destroy the peace that had settled over them. “Your soul, how am I seeing it?”

Cupping his face, Sookie brushed her lips over his in a soft kiss. “Because I’m showing it to you,” she whispered.

“But, how? Is this one of your new abilities? Can you show everyone your soul?” Eric questioned.

“No,” Sookie replied with a small smile as she stroked a finger over his brow. “Not everyone.”

“I don’t understand,” Eric admitted, showing no shame for his confession.

“Do you trust me?” Sookie asked.

“Yes,” Eric replied automatically, not even having to think about it.

“Then close your eyes,” Sookie said softly.

Eric stared at her for a second before doing as she asked. Closing his eyes, he relaxed in her presence, surrendering himself to her and making himself vulnerable.

Sookie smiled as she let her power wash over her. The markings on her skin reappeared as her eyes bled blue. She ran her fingers over his face and asked, “What do you see?”

Eric’s lips curled into a smile as the ribbons reappeared and danced behind his closed lids; their colors were both vibrant and beautiful. He watched as they twisted together. “Your soul,” he whispered, his voice once again filled with awe.

“Eric,” Sookie said softly as she leaned in even closer and put her lips to his ear, “that’s not my soul.”

“What?” Eric asked as his eyes snapped open. They widened slightly as he took in her vivid blue eyes and markings. Lifting a hand, he reached out and traced over the markings with his finger. He could feel a hum of energy as he ghosted his finger over the markings surrounding her eyes. He felt it travel through him as he moved his finger lower, down her nose, over her jaw, and across her shoulders. “Do they go all the way down?” he questioned, smirking playfully as he saw the markings disappear into the top of her silk red dress.

“They do,” Sookie replied with a shy smile.

“They are beautiful,” Eric said sincerely. Bringing his eyes back to meet hers, “Whose soul was that?” he asked, although he suspected he already knew the answer. He just needed Sookie to confirm it.

“Yours, Eric. That was your soul,” Sookie told him, confirming his thoughts.

Picturing the ribbons of his soul again, Eric smiled slightly. “It was identical to yours,” he said, anxious to know what that meant.

“It was,” Sookie agreed. “You’re probably wondering what that means…” she trailed off as she let out a small laugh. “Actually, you probably suspect you already know what it means.”

“Soul mates,” Eric said simply. Eric was well aware of notion soul mates, but never put much stock into it, believing the idea to be preposterous, but as he stared at Sookie, he started to wonder if it was true. If soul mates really existed. There was no denying their souls were identical, and he couldn’t think of another reason to explain it.

Pulling back her power, Sookie took Eric’s hands in her own and held them to her chest. “Two halves of a soul, only made whole when they find their mate.”

“Is that what this is? Is that what we are?” Eric asked.

“No, we are much more than just soul mates,” Sookie told him as she brought their hands to her lips. “Our souls are identical in every way, every blemish, every dark spot, every moment of suffering.”

“I am not sure I understand,” Eric confessed. “Is that not what a soul mate is?”

“No, soul mates each have half of the others soul, but their lives affect their souls,” Sookie replied. Seeing the confused look on Eric’s face, she took a deep breath and she tried to think of a different way to explain it. It had taken her over a year to understand it herself, and she had some of the best teachers around. “The way we live our lives colors our souls, and our actions leave marks on them. Take Appius for example; his soul is dark and jagged. The evil actions he has committed have damaged it irreparably; there is no light to it, only darkness.”

Letting go of his hands, Sookie waved hers around as she added. “Somewhere out there is his other half, the half that will make his whole. Now, unless the person holding it has lived the exact same life as Appius, and has done the exact same things, that soul would not be identical. That half of the soul is shaped by the life that person has lead, and while they would fit together and become whole, they wouldn’t be identical.”

Eric nodded as he began to understand what she was saying. “So why are our souls identical?” he asked.

“Because we are not two halves of a soul, we are one soul,” Sookie answered, a smile lighting up her face. “Eric, we share a soul. We are not soul mates. We are bound; we are fated.”

Eric stared at Sookie, shock clear in his eyes. Soul mates, he knew of, even if he never really believed it, but what Sookie was telling him was new to him, and he didn’t know what to make of it. Oh, he knew all about fate, but he always believed he made his own. He was a firm believer in free will.

“You don’t believe in fate,” Sookie said, seemingly reading his thoughts.

“I believe in free will,” Eric replied truthfully as he continued to try and wrap his head around everything.

“So do I,” Sookie admitted, taking him by surprise. Wrapping her arms around herself, Sookie shuffled backwards slightly so she was perched on his knees. “Pythia tells me this is my destiny. She says that I was born to do this, to sit on the Council, and to one-day rule. And to a certain degree I agree with her. I was born for this, but I also chose to do it. I live my life how I want to, not how fate has decreed. Pythia continues to tell me I keep pissing fate off.” Sookie let out a laugh as she recalled some of the things the Ancient Pythoness told her. “She tells me the visions she’s sees of me keep changing because I refuse to follow fate’s path. But she did tell me in all her visions, there is one constant. In every vision she’s had, I have had one great love. She would never tell me who this great love was; she just told me that when the time was right I would know.”

“And did you?” Eric asked, his voice hoarse with emotion. “Do you?”

“I do, Sookie replied softly. “I’ve known for quite a while now. I knew even before…”

“Before what?” Eric asked once Sookie trailed off.

“Before I even knew we shared a soul,” Sookie finished. “Fate or destiny doesn’t control my feelings. I want you because it is what I want; it has nothing to do with fate.”

Taking her face in his hands, Eric yanked her forward and crashed his lips to hers. He hadn’t realized it until he heard Sookie say it, but Eric needed to hear Sookie admit she wanted him for him, and not because fate or destiny. Just as Eric wanted Sookie for Sookie, she wanted Eric for Eric.

Fisting his hands in her hair, Eric tilted her head back as he took control of the kiss. His tongue, sweeping along her lips, begged for entrance, which she readily gave. Eric groaned into her mouth as their tongues twisted together.

Flames of desire licked at their skin as their bodies prepared themselves for the ancient dance. Heat pooled in Sookie’s core as Eric’s erection strained against his pants. Sookie ran her hands over Eric’s shoulders and down his chest, the thin material of his shirt annoying her and keeping Sookie from what she truly desired. Not wanting to waste any more time, Sookie grabbed hold of Eric shirt and ripped it open.

A growl tore from Eric’s lips as Sookie tore the fabric to access his body more easily. He swore his cock got even harder at Sookie’s eagerness. Thrusting his hips up, Eric smirked at the gasp of pleasure Sookie gave.

Wrapping his arms around her, Eric stood up carefully while holding Sookie tightly in his arms. “Bed,” he growled as Sookie pressed her lips to his neck. He grunted as he carried her towards the king-sized bed, the feeling of her teeth nibbling on his neck driving him wild. Throwing her on the bed, Eric smiled as he heard her giggle. He silently thanked her for making Appius release all of his commands on him.

Sookie lay back on the bed, her chest heaving as she eyed Eric standing by the foot of the bed. His blonde hair was all tussled from where she had run her hands through it, his blue eyes were darkening the more he stared at her, and his pale chest was just begging for her touch.

Stripping off his shirt, Eric unbuckled his pants and pushed them down his legs before kicking them away. He smirked as he saw Sookie’s eyes widen as she took in his naked form. Climbing onto the bed, Eric crawled up her body until they were face to face. Smiling at her gently, Eric lowered his head and brushed his lips over hers. Settling between her legs, Eric rocked his hips against her as he began to place open mouth kisses on her neck.

“Oh God!” Sookie moaned as she arched her back offering herself to him. This was what she wanted, what she needed, what she craved. For two long years she dreamt about Eric. In the beginning she didn’t know whom she was dreaming of; his face was always concealed in shadows. They would spend hours together in her dreams; she opened her heart to her dream lover and slowly fell in love with him. At the start, Sookie had thought they were just that, dreams. But the more she dreamed, the more she began to suspect it was real. He was real and the moment she accepted it was real, she knew who he was. She knew it was Eric.

Sliding the straps of her dress off her shoulders, Eric dragged it down her body, his desire for her growing stronger with each piece of skin he revealed. Pulling the dress off her, Eric threw it behind him as he sat up on his knees. He ran his eyes over her; he had seen her in similar states of undress before, Mississippi sprang to mind, but this time it was different, and they were different. They were both there, no outside factors driving their actions, no heartbreak or person to find. There was no doubt in either of their minds. They both wanted this one hundred percent.

“You are so beautiful,” Eric whispered as he slid his hands up her legs.

The coolness of his touch caused Sookie to gasp; her lips parted as her tongue darted out to wet her them. Sookie twisted her fingers into the sheets beneath her as she watched Eric hook his fingers into the waistband of her panties. Lifting her hips, she let Eric slide her panties down her legs. There was no shyness or hesitation in her eyes as she stared up at Eric, only desire.

Eric smirked as he gazed down at Sookie; her red satin bra was the only piece of clothing still on her body. “That has got to go,” he growled as he ran his fingers over the scalloped edge of the bra. Pulling Sookie up, Eric slid his hands behind her and unhooked it with practiced ease. “You have the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen,” he told her as he threw the bra to the side.

Cupping her breasts, Eric rubbed his thumbs over her hard nipples, a grin tugging at his lips as he heard the little sighs of pleasure coming from Sookie. Pushing her flat on the bed, Eric braced himself over her as he ducked his head and flicked out his tongue.

“Ooh!” Sookie cried out as she threaded her fingers into his hair. The feeling of his mouth on her breast was turning her on even more. She hooked her leg over his hip and thrust up against him with a desperate need.

Eric growled against her breast, the scent of her arousal growing stronger with each swipe of his tongue. Sucking her nipple into his mouth, Eric nipped at it with his teeth as he rocked his hips into hers, moans of pleasure spilling from her lips at his delicious torment. Releasing her nipple, Eric placed a single kiss on it before moving to her other breast and giving it the same treatment.

“Eric, please,” Sookie pleaded as she threw her head back. Her breath was coming out in short pants as passion took control of her body and made her its slave.

Lifting his head, Eric caught her eyes and gave her a wicked smile before kissing his way down her body. He dipped his tongue into her belly button making her giggle. He nipped at the flesh of her stomach before moving lower. Pushing her legs apart, Eric settled between them. His nose brushed against her golden curls as he took in a deep breath, her scent filling his nose. Holding her legs apart, Eric stared at her sex before he slowly snaked out his tongue and got his first taste. He ran the flat of his tongue over her sex, his eyes practically rolling into the back of his head at her exquisite taste. Placing an arm over her stomach, Eric held her down as he lashed at her clit with his tongue; her mewls of pleasure spurred him on.

Sookie fisted her hands in his hair as she thrashed wildly beneath him, his arm the only thing keeping her body from thrusting its way into the air. She surrendered to him completely as she revelled in his touch. Cries of pleasure spilled from her lips as she felt Eric wrap his lips around her swollen clit and suck hard.

Desire flowed from her body and Eric eagerly lapped it up; her taste was now his favorite flavor. Eric scraped his teeth over her clit as he pushed a finger inside her. He growled as he felt how tight she was, and he couldn’t wait to bury his cock deep inside her and have her wrapped around him. He sucked her clit back into his mouth as he carefully worked a second finger into her.

“Oh God! Eric!” Sookie cried as she felt his fingers stretching her. It had been years since she had felt the touch of another, and she welcomed the feeling. A thought in the back of her mind reminded her that Eric had been the last man to touch her with her permission, and it felt fitting he was the one she gave her body to now. It felt right.

Eric scissored his fingers, preparing her for what was to come as he continued to torment her clit with his tongue, teeth, and lips. He growled against that bundle of nerves, sending vibrations through her as he felt her sheath begin to quiver. Curling his fingers, Eric sought out the spot he knew would drive her wild.

“Oh hell!” Sookie shouted as Eric rubbed his fingers over her g-spot. She yanked on Eric’s hair both trying to push him away and pull him closer to her sex. Her body shook as her pleasure built. Sparks went off behind her eyes as heat spread through her body. Her toes curled and her lips parted. She let out a hoarse cry.


Eric smiled smugly saw he watched Sookie cum. He stroked her through her release before slowly removing his fingers and lifting them to his lips. He kept his eyes on hers as he sucked them into his mouth.

“Mmm, delicious,” he moaned.

Crawling up her body, Eric kissed every patch of skin he could until he reached her lips. Crashing his lips to hers, Eric pushed his tongue into her mouth and shared her taste. “I need you,” he growled as he broke the kiss.

“Take me,” Sookie replied.

“Sookie, are you…” Eric started, unsure of what he was even trying to say.

Smiling up at him, Sookie lifted her hands and cupped his face. She stroked a finger over his cheek as she uttered the words she knew he needed to hear. “I’m yours.”

Eric brushed his lips over hers again, the kiss soft and sweet. Her words meant more to him than he could ever describe. She was accepting him, all of him. She was agreeing to be his when she knew what it meant. She wasn’t saying it out of fear or because she thought she needed protection. She was saying it because she meant it.

Reaching between them, Sookie wrapped her fingers around Eric’s cock and guided him to her entrance. “Yours,” she repeated.

Keeping his eyes on hers, Eric slid into her slowly, his eyes never leaving hers as he sunk into her warm depths. He gritted his teeth as he felt her stretch around him, welcoming him into her body.

Sookie let out a soft whimper as she felt Eric enter her, a moment of pain followed by the most exquisite pleasure making her back arch. She clutched at his shoulders as she lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist. A sigh escaped her lips as Eric finally buried himself completely inside her.

“This is right; this is perfect,” Eric said as he rested his forehead against her. No words spoken were ever truer to Eric in that moment. It was right, and it was perfect. It had been what he had been waiting a thousand years for. Nothing had ever felt better. This was where he belonged.

Pulling back, Eric pushed back into her again. He hissed out his pleasure as he repeated the action. He slanted his lips over hers as he made love to her, slowly, reverently. Eric worshipped Sookie with his body, exposing his heart to her, and in return she did the same.

Running her hands down his back, Sookie raised her hips, meeting Eric thrust for thrust. She squeezed her muscles around his cock; delighting in the moans of pleasure she tore from him. Sookie gave Eric everything she had, holding nothing back. Sweat glistened on her skin as her cries of pleasure filled the room.

Increasing his speed, Eric snapped his hips, a smirk curling his lips at her sharp cries. “That’s it,” he encouraged as he felt her begin to tighten around him.

“Oh God! Eric! Sookie shouted, her back arching as she felt her orgasm building. The coils in her stomach tightened as her breathing became ragged. Bliss flooded her body as she came. Her mouth opened and she let out a silent scream as she broke apart, her body swimming in a sea of pleasure.

Eric thrust hard and fast through her release as he chased his own. The image of Sookie coming apart beneath him was etched firmly onto his mind, and he didn’t think he had ever seen anything better.

“Mine,” Eric growled as he slammed into her harder, causing the headboard to bang against the wall.

“Yours,” Sookie agreed as she wrapped her arms around him.

The feeling of her surrounding him and the acceptance of her words were more than Eric could take. Throwing his head back, he let out a roar as he came. “Sookie!” he shouted as he filled her with his seed.

So lost in their passion neither of them noticed the ribbons of their soul growing stronger and brighter. The hotel shook as a magic that had lain dormant for over a millennia sprang back into existence.

A love that cannot be destroyed
A soul that will defy time
Light and dark will unite
And the future shall be born

The words echoed through the hotel, no one knowing where they came from or who spoke them.

“It has begun,” the Ancient Pythoness said.


15 thoughts on “Fool No More: Chapter Thirteen

  1. I’m fairly certain that this story is the one I am most eager to get updates on. Every chapter adds more twist, turns, and heart to the overall story. This chapter was perfect and I cannot wait for more.

    Hope you have a happy holiday season and can’t wait for New years to pass so we can read more. lol


  2. What a beautiful gift thank you and I can not wait for more they belong together Iam so glad they are .You writting is deep and wonderful .have a wonderful New Year and looking foward to much more. Thank you


  3. Excellent build up to this moment!!! Great chapter but really built on the time they’ve spent apart and the suffering they’ve gone through… Love the words at the end and most intrigued with the question of how literal the last word (born) may be….


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