Do I Hate Women?

Strange title, right? Believe me, I know.

First things though. I know you are all patiently waiting for some updates, and I apologise for how long it’s taking me. Work has been extremely busy this year. For those who aren’t aware, I work at a cinema, and we have had some blockbusters out this year. It’s been pretty much nonstop since April. Things are getting a bit quieter now though, so I should be able to get some writing done. I have been doing a little. As I mentioned before I’m rewriting Lifting the Veil. I’m adding more depth to it, new scenes, expanding characters, etc. I’ve rewritten the first three chapters and so far I’ve added around three thousand words to it, so who knows how much I’ll add by time I’ve finished. There is roughly two or three chapters left of Masque of the Red Death before we move onto the final part of the series. I’m going to try and get that finished first.

Now, onto the title. I received a review on AO3 this morning asking me that very question. I’ll give the reviewer credit for signing in and putting their name to the review, but still… Do I hate women? As a woman myself, I can state categorically that I do not hate women. I mean, I hate everyone regardless of gender.

This is the review I got for A Marriage of Inconvenience…
I’m just wondering if you hate women? Every female perspective that’s not sookie is some kind of caricature of a petty, spiteful, jealous, shallow bitch and it’s exhausting
I understand the wonders of wish fulfilment in fiction and thoroughly stan it, but literally every other female character is more shallow than a puddle and overflowing with violent envy at sookie. Even Pam, who is arguably the second best developed female perspective is painted as this entitled spoilt brat who despite having some kind of positive relationship with sookie has this juxtaposing envy and level of dislike for her. I’m wondering why you feel the need to write every women as an immediate enemy of your main character, and why can’t she have any fulfilling or healthy female friendships or encounters- every woman she meets wants to fuck her husband and immediately insults, degrades and disrespects sookie in their brain it’s real bad, man. I hope you’re thinking abo this coz it’s some yikes shit like, please review how you approach life? Your opinions on women maybe ? Critically reflect this please.
This is a fun story I like the premise and the characters are a lot more fun & lighthearted than the og but the fact that every woman we encounter is just instantly some kind of vindictive jealous cruel bitch is exhausting and p toxic

The review itself doesn’t bother me, it’s the bit where I’m asked to review how I approach my life. My writing in no way reflects how I live my life.

So what do you think? Do I hate women? 😂

I’m Still Here!

Hey, guys,

I know it’s been a while, a really long while, and I’m sorry about that. I have been so busy at work, it’s been crazy. I wish I could say it’s going to get better, but we are heading into a busy season, so things are going to get hectic.

However, I can finally say I have got the urge to write again. I have a few days off coming up and I’m going to try and get back behind my computer. I am going to try and finish up one of my works in progress. Tell me which you would like to see completed first…

Veiled Blood

Masque of the Red Death

Road Not Taken

Ride the Lightning.

I also have a few more stories that I’ve started, but not posted yet. One of them is set in the Veil Verse. Also, I’ve been hooked on The Walking Dead lately and have a few ideas for fics for that as well.

I am hoping to start posting regularly in the New Year again. At least one update a week.

Until next time,

Queen of Area Five

Veiled Blood Update

Veiled Blood

Greetings, all!

I am sorry I haven’t updated in awhile. It has been one thing after another here lately. I wish I could promise you regular updates from here on out, but unfortunately, I can’t. I am going to be quite busy for the rest of the month. I promise I will update again when I am able.

I would also like to thank everyone who nominated me in the You Want Blood Awards. I was so touched that you thought my stories were worth the high praise.

Thank you to Ms Buffy as well for her editing work.

One final thing before we get to the chapter. I have dusted off my old Harry Potter fandom stories and will be posting them here as soon as I get them all polished up. I hope I have some Harry Potter fans amongst my readers.

Now, on with the show…

Veiled Blood: Chapter Eleven

Masque of the Red Death Update

Masque of the Red Death

Yes, you read that right. A Masque of the Red Death update!

I’m sorry it has taken me so long to update this story. My muse just would not cooperate with me on it. I have tried numerous times since I last updated to write a chapter for this and the most I got was a few paragraphs. I finally had a breakthrough last week, and here were are.

I’m happy to say I’ve not been completely idle since I last update a story on here. I have been busy writing. I have written eight chapters for the Doctor Who story I meant last time. Ms Buffy says they are good, and I’ll take her word for it. I am also almost finished with the next chapter of Ride the Lightning.

A big thank you to Ms Buffy for her editing work as always.

Now, on to what you have been waiting for…

Masque of the Red Death: Chapter Ten

Veiled Blood Update

Veiled Blood

I’m not dead!

Greetings, all.

I’m so sorry for the long wait between chapters. My muse up and left shortly after Christmas and she’s only just returned. I’m thanking Doctor Who for her return. I read a few fics, watched a few episodes, and my muse came running back and demanding attention. Which basically means, I’m working on a Doctor Who story as well as my ongoing TB/SVM ones. I hope I have some Doctor Who fans among my readers.

As always, a big thank you to MsBuffy for her editing work.

Now, on with the show…

Veiled Blood: Chapter Nine


New Story: The Anniversary

The AnniversaryThe Anniversary 

Title: The Anniversary
Rating: NC17
Summary: Every year on their anniversary, Eric and Warlow compete to see who can give the best present. As they celebrate their fiftieth, Warlow pulls out all the stops and presents Eric with the ultimate anniversary gift.
Warnings: Smut, Slash, Torture, Threesome… You know, my usual stuff.
AN: First up as always, a big thank you to my wonderful beta MsBuffy. Not only does she edit all my work, she also offers me ideas and encourages my deviancy. Many of my new ideas come from conversations I have with her.

There are five chapters of The Anniversary and I will be updating daily, posting the last on Christmas morning. Although, originally this was only supposed to be a one-shot, but it got away from me. I have to confess a lot of the dirty stuff in this story was a result of She Who Will Not Be Named over on FF.Net. She got her knickers in a twist over mature content, plaraigised me, and has been a general annoyance. So, even though I don’t post over there, and haven’t in over a year, I thought, you know what… I’ll give you something to really complain about.

This story is minimum plot, maximum smut.


The Anniversary: Chapter One