New Story: Of Sequins and Feathers

Of Sequins and Feathers

Greetings, all!

I am sorry I haven’t updated in a while, and I wish I could say I had an update for you now, but I don’t. Life has been busy for me of late, and it shows no sign of getting any quieter. I just started a new job, and that, of course, is taking up most of my time. I also recently started watching The Walking Dead, and it has become my new obsession. I seriously love that show and will probably, read: definitely, dipping into that fandom at some point. Maybe even a crossover.

For now, I have a new story for you. The one I wrote for the Fangbangers advent last year. Thank you as always to the lovely Ms Buffy for editing this.

Of Sequins and Feathers

Checking In!

Greetings, all.

Sorry, I don’t have any new chapters for you at the moment. I know it’s been a while since I last updated, but this time I have a good reason. As many of you know, I have been hosting a True Blood/Southern Vampire Mysteries Exchange. It’s been hard work, but very rewarding. If you haven’t checked it out yet, head over to SVM/TB Fic Exchange and see who wrote what.

I have started the next chapters of Veiled Blood, The Road Not Taken, and Ride the Lightning, so hopefully I’ll have something to you soon. I also wrote a story for the exchange, so I’ll be posting that soon as well. I have also started another Veil Verse story, Living Ain’t Killed Me Yet. I have a couple of chapters of that already written, but I’m waiting until I have more before posting. You can check out the banner and summary for that verse HERE.

I am also thinking of turning the exchange site into a prompt/challenge site that we run all year round. I’m still thinking about that though.

Queen of Area Five

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who voted for me in the You Want Blood Awards. It means a lot to me that so many of you like my stories so much that you voted for me.

Congratulations to all the other winners as well, as well as everyone who was nominated. A big thank you also goes out to 4padfoot for her hard work and dedication to the awards.

the-alan-ball-award-1st-place-lifting-the-veil-by-queen-of-area-fivethe-charlaine-harris-2nd-place-fool-no-more-by-queen-of-area-fivebest-of-the-best-2nd-place-a-marriage-of-incovenience-by-queen-of-area-fivethe-greatest-love-story-3rd-place-fool-no-more-by-queen-of-area-five mr-january-3rd-place-behind-the-public-masks-by-queen-of-area-fivethe-ericizmine-award-3rd-place-queen-of-area-five

Once again, thank you.

Queen of Area Five



News, Pimping, and All That Jazz!


Sorry, I haven’t got any more chapters/stories for you this time. This time I’m just bringing news.

First up… I have started working on Immortal Love again. When I say working on it, I mean I am rewriting the previous chapters, adding stuff, etc. I’m thinking of posting one chapter a week while I do it, the chapters will have new content, and while I do that it will also give me time to work on new chapters for the story.

Second… I’ve been thinking about running a Southern Vampire Mysteries/True Blood Fiction Exchange. I’ve set up a WordPress for it. The exchange is still in the developing stages, but I’m thinking, if all goes as planned, sign ups will start in June, and the stories will be due in by the end of August. I will have the exact dates later, but that’s the rough idea.

Check out the WordPress site and let me know if you’re interested…