Ride the Lightning Update

Ride the Lightning

It’s a miracle!

Two updates in one week. This time, I have a little Ride the Lightning for you. My Muse seems to be in a good mood at the moment; fingers crossed it stays that way.

A big thank you as always to MsBuffy for her editing work.

Now on with the show.

Ride the Lightning: Chapter Six

New Story: Ride the Lightning

Ride the LightningGreetings, all.

I have a brand new story here for you.

Title: Ride the Lightning
Rating: NC17
Summary: For seven long years Sookie suffered at the hands of others. Now she is free nothing will stop her from seeking her revenge.

AN: A big thank you as always to Ms Buffy for her editing work. This is going to be quite dark in places, but I will put warnings up on chapters when necessary. It will be an eventual Eric and Sookie fic, but it is a slow burn. They won’t meet and fall madly in love in one chapter. The story starts pre Revelation. I don’t have any more of this story written, so I will be posting as and when I can. 

For those waiting for the sequel to Lifting the Veil, I am happy to say I have a couple of chapters written. I am waiting until I have a few more before I start posting.  

Now on with the show…

Ride the Lightning: Prologue