Greetings, all.

I’m sorry, I don’t have a new chapter for you all just yet. I am, however, in need of your assistance. It was brought to my attention earlier tonight that the smut from my story Forever in a Night has been copied and posted on by someone else.

Some of you will probably be familiar with the author No MA Allowed. She recently tried to get a number of stories pulled from for adult content. Now it seems she is stealing other people’s work. 

If you could all go and report the story link: as plagiarised, I would be grateful. Please do not leave any nasty messages to the author. By all means tell her she stole the story, but please do not insult or belittle her, as I believe that is the kind of attention she is craving, and we do not need to sink to her level.

Thank you.

Queen of Area Five

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    Plagiarism is happening again! This time to Queen Of Area 5!

    Please, report the story to the admins at as ‘not the property of the uploading Author’. For some reason they don’t label it as plagiarism, which is against the law, but they force us to label our stories *shrug*.

    Please, help us put this person, and others, out of the plagiarizing business so our stories will be safe!

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  2. So she has a new tactic, does she? By plagiarizing others’ work, she would then be calling attention to / directing the powers that be to your story which she wants removed for having smut. Evil little bitch.

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  3. All three ‘stories’ by this user are copy-pasted directly from other authors (DirtyLemons & RealJena in addition to QA5) then posted on FF under a K rating (presumably to make some sort of point though the original stories are on WP so the point is a bit pointless…)…. so feel free to report all three so the author can’t keep doing this. With some luck the account may get suspended as clearly s/he is up to no good with her mockery and plagiarism.

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  5. I am so sorry this is happening to you sweetie. You do not deserve this. No one deserves to have their hard work copied and posed as someone else’s. I have reported the stories and the author to and gave them the proper origins of the stories, authors, and websites [with links].
    Is there anything else I can do?
    Would love to help as much as possible.

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    Using the power of the Internet to bully those we don’t agree with happens. It is unfortunate as it impacts all of us. The plagiarist mentioned in this email started by harassing and threatening writers. Now she is copying and posting other writers stories under her/his name. A sad state of affairs. As the Queen suggests- report to the admins. I will not engage with this person in any way. It only feeds whatever issue he/she is grinding. As always- thank you for reading our work.

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  7. Hi, i checked out her stuff and even my daughter was looking into it. We both agree that she has stolen some of your material, {a lot in my books}, and she has from other authors as well. i notice one of these reviews mentions anothe author realJenna, not sure of how its written, but Kaitlyn recognized the name and checked it out. she has stolen from her as well and my dear girl has reviewed or PM’d them. i do not get to read as much as i would lie, but from what little i have read, from various writers, you are all very creative people and have a wondeful imagination and an art for bringing it to life for us to read and involve ourselves in as we go through each chapter.


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    Yep, the witch hunting is back on… But it’s getting worse now, since to propagate their agenda they (I don’t know how many of them there is so…) now copy past the works of other authors!
    This No MA Allowed has a list of authors that she targets as being ‘offenders’. You’ll probably recognize some name:
    Brainmates Collaboration
    Chanel Addict: My Fictional Musings
    Ericizmine (this one made me wanna scream)
    Ericsminion aka AllAboutEric
    Jan of Arc
    Meridiean: Addicted to Godric…
    Missy Dee
    Queen of Area 5
    So, if you have the time, go and report this No MA Allowed.

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    I checked out the page on and all three stories posted (so far) have been copied/plagiarized. From what it seems, one of the writers’ stories was only originally posted on a WP site, so it appears none of us are safe. The listing she gives in her bio has the names of many of our beloved writers and the hateful title she gives EIM brought tears of anger to my eyes. Please report her stories. I anticipate we will see many more stories copied before she is finished. To those who have already been plagiarized, I’m truly sorry this has happened to you. Please don’t let this discourage you. The fandom supports, appreciates and loves you and your work. ~kinnik

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  10. Ugh, what a pathetic piece of pissy pubic lint – this is the LAST thing you needed! Reported, naturally.

    Why can’t we have some peace in our little fanfic world? Why must there always be something going on? I’m sorry this was done to you, sweetie. The main thing – among many others – that I like about posting pretty much anywhere other than on FF is that with the other places we don’t have to deal with pubic lint like this little snot, but unfortunately the plagiarism aspect will always be a suck-ass possibility. Hope you can get some rest tonight.

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  11. I just went and reported on both your story and realjeanas being plagiarized by this person. I also reported her slur to EricIzMine on her “list” and asked that they remove it as it’s hurtful to her family and friends!!

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  12. So sorry this is happening to you. I reported it. Sorry this person is trying to create chaos for such hardworking, wonderful writers, such as yourself. Just know your stories are so greatly appreciated by many. Best,

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  13. I reported her as soon as I saw your post earlier and tried to copy the below but for some reason WP wouldn’t let me. *sigh*

    I love how she writes the names of all the ‘smut’ writers. makes it easy to fine authors i might like. maybe i should thank her…..


    This person has deliberately created an account for the sole purpose of harassing, abusing, bullying and intimidating long-time users and posters of this site. She (or he) has deliberately stolen work from other authors in an attempt to have them banned, or even herself banned, as proof of her vendetta.

    I ask that you please remove this user and revise your policy re abuse and harassment. Individuals such as this have been deliberately targeting writers for several years now and their tactics have been extremely hurtful, detrimental to health and mental well-being and is down-right despicable.

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  14. There is something fishy up with this no ma site. The original person trolling and reporting people did not have their name in all caps. This new person who is plagiarizing I think is a new account maybe. I wondered if it was someone, as in one of us, that created this account to make fun of that person as others called for last week. I knew that I’d read the stories posted before on sites here which is why I followed that person. I thought maybe it was someone making fun of the troll and posting their own explicit content under that name but apparently not. The energy spent on things like this are exorbitant but plagiarism should never be tolerated. I will report it if it is not someone doing it as a joke.

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  15. I refuse to give this mentally unstable chick the satisfaction of letting her know how much I am discussed and downright livid with the vile matter she conducts herself.
    So here is what I said to her in a spirit of “Why can’t we All Just get along for F sake?”

    I don’t know you personally, however your recent actions scream a Call for Help imho.
    First you acted like a Bully demanding that people comply to the ff rules of ratings.
    Even if you are legally right, your approach was very aggressive and more so done in extremely disrespectful way.
    That being said, you then do the exact thing you commanded of others to cease part take.
    Whatever your reasons are, they are yours and yours only. But to the outsider, like me, it looks as if you are seeking attention.
    At the end of the day none of the aforementioned really matters.
    What that does matter is, you are posting work that does not belong to you claiming it as your own.
    That is blatant plagiarism and you don’t need ff rules to tell you how morally wrong and illegal stealing is.
    It baffles me as to why you are so hell bent on causing so much disturbance in a fandom you clearly what to be apart of.
    Just a friendly advice here, but really it’s a very basic concept: treat others as you want to be treated.

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    • Hey everyone,

      Great work guys. We are showing our support 100% and reporting the person.

      Reading the profile, which is full of contradictions and hypocrisy, they are clearly doing this to antagonize and use these excerpts to prove her argument. They are copying the chapters as a way of demonstrating how the stories break the rules. However, many of the authors, such as you, and Dirty Lemons do not post on their. So what is the point of using chapters from your work? It does not make sense. Unless the person is trying to eradicate all MA stories, not just from but in relation to TV shows, books and films etc?

      I want to clarify that I am NOT supporting the person[s]. I am trying to see if there are other ways we can stop this and prevent it from targeting other writers.

      Blocking and banning will only do so much, it gets their attention, but I suspect they can always open or create another account. Something must be done. If the person is following writers or their accounts, and it is shown, can you block them?

      The person wants our attention, and has clearly got it. What do they intend to do now though? What else can we do that will be effective? We need to think not just of the here and now, but the long term too. We have to stop this.

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  16. This poster is a troll, plain and simple. All they want is attention. That’s why they posted that hateful comment about Ericizmine.

    Report them to for plagairism (which isn’t technically illegal, but it is morally wrong and breaks their TOS).

    Report them for using the wrong ratings.

    Interact with them as little as possible.

    Note: Afaik the plagairism didn’t start until it was mentioned over on ficlit’s WP. Be aware they may be following comments on WP.

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  17. I am sorry you are at the center of such unpleasantness. It seems particularly pointless as you do not post on the site they claim to be crusading for. I reported the plagiarism as well as the fact that the story is posted at an inappropriate rating. I also left the following review.

    “kuriouskat chapter 1 . 3m ago
    I do not pretend to understand the psychosis that has led you to take such action, but I can not fail to comment on such hypocrisy. You claim to be opposed to the disregard you believe others have shown for the rules governing this site, but you have broken far more of those rules than the ones you are accusing. Has it occurs to you that by posting plagiarized material at a lower rating you expose this material that you find so objectionable to an inappropriate and unsuspecting audience. In your “fight” you have not just become one of the monsters you believe you are battling, you have surpassed them.”

    There are two other stories posted on the account that appear to be the same sort of thing. I hope this situation will be cleared up quickly.

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  18. This chick seems to know a lot about our fandom…what is that about? Has she been with us all along, or has been binge researching? If that is the case…what is THAT about? Weird.

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  19. A snippet of Pussy Wars by kjwrit has been posted as well as two others that I definitely have read but can’t say for sure which story or author they are from. I am thinking it could be a Dirty Lemons story. Anyways I reported to the powers that be again, and I hope something will be done.


  20. I don’t know why, but I felt compelled to send this to you. It’s a link (at the bottom) to a story about a woman, also an author, who was hounded by a particularly vicious troll and eventually decided to confront him. The final straw, for her, was this troll’s attacks on her deceased father–not completely unlike how your plagiarizer wrote an ugly little comment about EricIzMine in his/her bio (which includes a McCarthy-sequel hit list of perceived offending authors.)

    The article was compelling and offered some interesting insights of both the offending and offended parties. I don’t think I’ll ever really understand why someone chooses to deliberately attack another person without cause or provocation. I understand even less the desire to be deliberately cruel and inflammatory simply to quench…what? A need to be noticed, a desire to incite, or (maybe this is worst of all) no real reason whatsoever.

    I’m sorry excerpts of your work, and the works of a few others, have been stolen. That’s bad enough. For it to be used to fuel this person’s agenda is both unusually spiteful and, in my opinion, counterintuitive. If the mature content is truly his/her issue, why put it out there again? Why put a spotlight on it? Why pour gasoline on a hornets nest? I suppose, if you’re really lucky, you might get rid of some of the hornets. But more than likely, you’ll end up both burned and stung.

    In the words of the woman who wrote the article:

    “This story isn’t prescriptive. It doesn’t mean that anyone is obliged to forgive people who abuse them, or even that I plan on being cordial and compassionate to every teenage boy who tells me I’m too fat to get raped (sorry in advance, boys: I still bite). But, for me, it’s changed the timbre of my online interactions – with, for instance, the guy who responded to my radio story by calling my dad a “faggot”. It’s hard to feel hurt or frightened when you’re flooded with pity. And that, in turn, has made it easier for me to keep talking in the face of a mob roaring for my silence. Keep screaming, trolls. I see you.”

    Whether it be thieves, trolls, or both, I hope you keep talking in the face of the roaring mob.

    All my best, Gretchen

    Link to the article, if you feel like checking it out:

    Sent from my iPhone >


  21. Hey there, just thought you would like to know they have removed the stories, and the nasty comment after Angela’s pen name, as of half an hour ago. I was one of your readers who reported this person. I was particularly incensed by the nasty comment, and sent a very long, and detailed complaint, to explain the upset, and offense caused to all of us. Hope this is the last of their crap, but realise it probably isn’t.


  22. the little troll changed her profile with a list of writers of this fandom who ‘break’the rules


    • We have made some breakthrough! Great job!!!!!!!
      The person has amended their profile, and has removed the terrible comment about that dear writer, who is sadly no longer with us. We are getting our messages across!
      However, two postings are up, and there is no reference to whose stories the excerpts are from
      I think what we are doing is fan[g]tastic, and we need to keep it up Clearly, amending the profile is getting the person to admit their guilt to a degree. We need to keep the pressure on,
      We cant stop, we must continue. Not only will we stop this troll, but hopefully prevent future ones. Also, our support is showing those that we rule and they suck!..


  23. Have just noticed that the troll is no longer following MA NOT ALLOWED. Instead, the favourite authors being followed by the troll include people who have made reviews. I wonder if the person is reading and following this site, and trying to gain advantage?
    Nevertheless, we must stand firm and be vigilant. Also, any one the troll is following, let us know if the person sends any comments or personal messages to you ok? Not only do we support writers, but also ourselves. We are a great community, who can make a difference. Lets collectively kick the troll’s butt!


  24. the forum she posted on is called Peace Treaty and her posted is listed under fanfiction authors complaint thread. she listed five of the users she has on profile. if anyone has the real fics she has stolen let me know so i can have proof for the report groups that she is a troll . you can pm on the site my pen name is witchruler


  25. yes you i need the name of two real fics that no ma stole and posted yesterday as her own so i can show the report groups that no ma is a troll


  26. I have the link that Molly has been talking about:

    2 hours ago, they posted this:
    I would like for you all to look into these rule breakers. They post lots of smut and claim to have the right to do so. I posted some of my own as a mockery and they all ganged up on me, very hypercritical.

    5851450 – Chapter 4

    10779371 – Chapter 21

    6019280 – She has a list of smut writers she follows

    8519278- Very explicit sex in the story, she hides it well in the chapters.

    6731270- Most of this story is explicit smut as well as all of her work.

    I have the rest of them listed on my profile.

    The following was then written by the Moderator:

    Alisi Thorndyke
    Hi NO MA and thanks for bringing this to my attention. 🙂

    I will certainly forward this to the right source so the issue can be handled! 🙂

    Thanks once again for bringing this to my attention. 🙂

    Alisi Thorndyke 🙂

    I love the review afterwards.

    Ok guys, lets help Molly


      • She’s a liar is what she is. She claims she posted the stories to show everyone what we write and how we break the rules of, yet I don’t post on there. The story of mine she copied has never been on

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      • something i point out in my comment above hers:

        NO MA ALLOWED created their account for the sole purpose of abusing, harassing and trolling writers on this forum. She has researched the writers listed on her profile through their WORDPRESS sites and then come here to attempt to have them banned.

        The excerpts she has posted as ‘hers’ were reported for plagiarism as she has lifted these directly from the work of other authors.

        She made an extremely tasteless and hurtful remark about a now deceased member of the fanfiction community which also got her reported.

        This individual is the hypocrite as her name states no ma allowed and yet she posts ma? She trolls ma? She is obviously very familiar with the writers she is now targeting and we believe she was once a member of the community she is now so obviously attacking.


  27. How ridiculous

    About 3 minutes ago, NO MA ALLOWED wrote on the forum:

    As you can see they have no problem breaking the rules and have admitted to doing so for years. They also have no problem ganging up on me for pointing them out too. They were sending me hateful emails well before I posted there smut for all to see. I turned off my PM so that they would post there vitriol for all to see..

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  28. On the plus side the three stories reported yesterday were deleted (YAY) but there are two new ones plagiarised from Kjwrit and MissusT….

    I think the best option is to continue to report them (I just did that for both) and I have also sent emails to the Admins asking to remove the user who is blatantly plagiarising other works. Especially after today she so clearly admits doing so in the ‘description’ of her ‘stories’.

    TO: (not sure if this is the right email, is the only one I could find)
    SUBJECT: More infringement by same User – Please remove User 7306876 for posting plagiarized content

    Dear FF admins,

    Thank you for removing the three stories plagiarised by User 7306876 yesterday.

    Unfortunately the user has responded to this by posting two new plagiarised stories so could you please suspend her/his account?

    User 7306876’s ‘story’ MA is a NO-NO is copied from WP site multi-chapter story Leap of Faith

    User 7306876’s ‘story’ NO MORE SVMTB SMUT is copied from WP site story Love Story

    This user is not only stealing material from others but obviously posting only extracts that she considers explicit and then posting them with a K rating which is obviously against the guidelines. She acknowledges she knows she is violating the guidelines so perhaps she can be just removed completely?

    Any valid argument this person may have had is totally invalidated by the tactics used where she is plagiarising other people’s work.

    Many thanks


    Begin forwarded message:

    From: Jane Ludo
    Subject: Please remove User 7306876 for posting plagiarized content
    Date: 1 December 2015 10:57:39 GMT

    Dear FF admins,

    Please remove User 7306876 for posting plagiarized content. That is all she is posting. Her three stories although marked K rating are M or MA rating and she is purposefully undermarking them to make some sort of point. Moreover she is plagiarizing this content from WordPress sites that are appropriately marked as only suitable for adults.

    I have already submitted (as many other outraged readers and authors) an abuse for each story so it would be great if prompt action could be taken. In case you need it again:

    User 7306876’s story ERIC OHHH YAAAA! is copied from WP site’s story Little Red Wagon
    User 7306876’s story Viking Eric and Fae Sookie is copied from WP site’s story Between the Sheets
    User 7306876’s story CAN’t get ENOUGH of that VIKING stuff is copied from WP site’s story Forever in a Night

    To add to this disgraceful actions, this user has also listed authors on her profile as a way to ‘shame’ (under the thinly disguised veil of praise) authors and has been awful enough to list one author who sadly passed away at a very young age with the words ‘Ericizmine RIP you dead smutty bitch!’

    Please remove from FF someone who is not just violating a number of rules inc. stealing original content from the rightful owners which is in essence plagiarism but also being a horrid human being.

    Thank you

    RedJane12 (User 4214972)


  29. Because the poor thing has no life…at all…whatsoever…in any capacity?

    Her justification and actions not only don’t match but also just aren’t logical. If her main whine is that someone is breaking the rules, it doesn’t make sense for her to go and break the rules herself to ostensibly “prove her point”. She should have reported that which has mentally disturbed her and then gotten on with her life – and she wouldn’t have created an entirely new account solely to harass, bitch, complain, and whine about it…especially when M-rated fics *can* have sex in them…

    She also wouldn’t plagiarize badly cherry-picked sections of works by real writers if she were so seethingly “concerned” about people following the (her) “rules”.

    Well, not unless she’s a mentally disturbed hypocrite anyway.

    Another logic fallacy she seems determined to live is that she’s, what, plagiarizing material that not only isn’t on FF but has never been on there in the first place? How does that prove ANY point other than that she’s mentally misaligned?

    Sadly it seems that her entire world view is narrowed down to the point that she obsesses – literally obsesses – over sexually-related material in a distinctly adult fandom on…a fanfic site. It seems that the entire purpose for her existence is the policing of…a fanfic site. Geezle-beezle but I don’t want to interact with this dripping piece of crotch lint for fear of being the puff of unicorn fart that dramatically pushes her over some dramatic edge…


  30. oh my god look at what the bitch did she changing words in both fics to hide that she is stealing them. are both still the ones she stole love story and leap of faith


  31. ladies: i ended up in a conversation with a thread moderator in regards to why i am calling this individual out in public. she write the following:

    Having read your explanation fully, I completely understand why you voiced your concern over the matter and that’s perfectly ok. 🙂

    However, I did talk to Cats and he gave me the following link to report plagiarized works when they are found:

    The group deals with matters of stolen works quickly and swiftly. 🙂 You can report the user and your matter will be handled without a delay. 🙂

    Now if you go under a thread in my forum named: The True meaning of Cyberbullying, you will find very helpful information about what steps you can take when dealing with a cyberbully. 🙂 Very accurate information as I update it when new information becomes available about the subject. 🙂

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    • In another sick twist by this individual, she has now kept the two stories (which the admins have failed to delete) but exchanged the text from tumblr site that is not specifically SVM/TB fanfic (or not that I can see, frankly it is a abit to graphic for my taste) but is an adult content site with very very graphic photos and gifs (you’ve been warned much of it is pornographic) called

      I have reported this to FF but will try that forum too. This is getting beyond the pale….


  32. she removed the smut and post a note stated she removed it. and wants others do the same to their fics. but watch her post copied fics later on today again. i swear she dose it on purpose just hide from the site


    • Confirmed – I called her on the smut she posts on the Report & Eliminate Forum and I was told to remove my smut… Hard to do since I have yet to write any…


  33. Hey guys,
    So, I have been in touch with several people, MODS, and high up people on fanfiction and wordpress. It seems our comments, protests and concerns have hit them big time! We are overloading their systems! WOO! Great job!
    I have been told that they are aware of the situation, and looking into this.
    However, each writer that has been listed on NO MA’s profile, and writers whose work has been plagiarized MUST contact fanfiction, and use the links that others have posted on here.
    It is now in the hands of the writers.
    We have brought this to the attention at the top, but now, the writers need to write their points, and we have won.
    Well done guys, each comment on here, fanfiction and on other sites has shown loyalty, support, and proves what a great community of friends, writers, readers and reviewers we all are, and can make a difference.

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  34. i just contacted ficlit78 to let her know what to do is there anyone else you guys want to contact i can also post sisterofbattle’s comment on a forum i help run to let others know what to do.


  35. Hey everyone,

    I have been ill recently, and just seen the latest news. ‘No more SVMTB Smut’ the second story, which keeps changing its title, story and premise is completely different. The person is now writing expressing their views, but in the voice or persona as Eric.

    Dont you see, we have won? She has not plagiarized this story as far as I am aware, but if anyone can check, it would be great. If she has plagiarized, the next step is to inform the original writer, and then the story will have to be removed, or NO MA will post a different thing.

    For the other story, again, the original writer has to contact fanfiction.

    I have been urging several of our favourite writers to stay on fanfiction and not let NO MA win or use their leaving to strengthen her position.


  36. Wishing you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS

    On NO MA ALLOWED, the following was left, as a review. Please read it.

    Admin Zack chapter 1 . 9h ago
    It would be advisable for you to remove your account right now before you get your self into serious trouble. I have been informed of the situation involving your steeling of stories, and falsely reporting your fellow writers.

    I am aware that there is No MA allowed on this site. But, we do not bother our selves with it as we pick our battles. There is far worse things people could be doing other then posting explicit content.
    Some users do in fact loose the story if the MA is too graphic. But others we do not bother as it is no concern of ours what people read.

    Added to the fact that teenagers today are having sex and then they choose to read such details on the internet.

    Makes me laugh how they complain about MA stories when they probably have a nude poster hanging from the ceiling of their room while they report MA content.

    The rules are clear about how you are to be treating your fellow writers, with respect.

    Normally I would not be posting on here, but you have ignored all other attempts of communication.

    I am giving you 24 hours to delete your account. Or I will. And I, along with the rest of the Administrators of the site can locate your IP address and block you from recreating any new accounts on this site.

    Thank You.


  37. well it seem now everyone on no ma list that still have fics on has been add once again to a report group by another user. again someone with no life


  38. no ma has two defenders who have told her should press charges kjwrit for writing the no ma fic and me for posting updates on her troll actives on a forum


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