6 thoughts on “The Road Not Taken Update!

      • I’m not creative enough to write out an entire story but I have ideas lol. I haven’t seen any SVM stories where Sookie has read the books ahead of time to learn from them and depending on how early she reads them she can save her aunt linda (based on Ericizmine’s Linda’s death), fintan, and of course gran and be more prepared to handle the supernatural world. She could become trained in combat and foreign languages ( I never understood why that wasn’t a priority to help with the telepathy), more confident in her abilities and herself. She could have a better relationship with gran and Jason by being more open and maybe Jason could be apart of some of the training so he isn’t so sheltered and self centered. Those are a few ideas I’ve had.


    • Thank you. Updates should resume in October. I am currently running an exchange and getting over a nasty cold, so I don’t have a lot of time or energy to write, but I promise I will get back to the story as soon as I can.


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