You Want Blood Awards Nominations!


First up I want to thank everyone who nominated me/my stories for an award. It is very much appreciated.

My nominations are as follows…

a-marriage-of-inconvenience-qoa5-best-of-the-best behind-the-public-masks-qoa5-best-of-both-worlds behind-the-public-masks-qoa5-mr-january-award fool-no-more-qoa5-the-charlaine-harris-award fool-no-more-qoa5-the-greatest-love-story lifitng-the-veil-qoa5-the-alan-ball-award long-hard-road-out-of-hell-qoa5-tissue-kleenex-award queen-of-area-5-the-ericizmine-award

Also, my two lovely betas’ also received nominations for the Eagle Eye Award…

mistressjessica-eagle-eye-award msbuffy-eagle-eye-award

Again, thank you, all!

Queen of Area Five

17 thoughts on “You Want Blood Awards Nominations!”

  1. Congratulations! 8 Nominations!! You are THE QUEEN! I am so proud of you! You deserve each and every one of them, and more! I wish you the best of luck on the 29th! 🙂

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  2. Eric don’t send me.

    Sookie sends me to say she wants to be really happy and not remain in the places where her ‘owner’ has left ‘belonging’.

    And your stories are a good place to belong to her.


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