New Story: Sin

Sin BG




Eric lived a life of sin and never apologized for it. But when he’s visited by Three Ghosts from his past, Eric is forced to face up to the consequences of his actions.




Lemons, Lemons, and more lemons. Bastard Eric… Seriously, he’s a right horny bastard in this. References to torture and all that nasty shit. Oh, and I totally dirty up A Christmas Carol. I should really be ashamed.


A big thank you to Ms Buffy for her beta work. This is the first of two Christmas stories. There are nine chapters in total for Sin and I will be updating every day leading up to Christmas. The last chapter will be posted on Christmas Day. This isn’t your traditional happy Christmas story. I will warn you all now there is a lot of sex, non E/S sex throughout the story. Eric is quite the bastard in the story. So if you don’t like reading him with anyone but Sookie you might want to skip this story.

Chapter One

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