New Story: Behind The Public Masks

Behind the Public Masks 1

Behind The Public Masks




An old friendship and a chance encounter changed the fate of the Stackhouse’s forever. AU | OOC


Lemons, multiple pairings, dirty talk, alcohol and drug abuse, coarse language.

Author Note:

First up, a big thank you to msbuffy for her stellar beta work. Thank you also to gyllene for pre-reading and generally encourage me with this story. And, as always, thanks to Ashensunset for just putting up with me. I know some of you are probably going, “Another fucking story?! Finish your other ones for Christs sake.” But, you’ve gotta go where your muse wants. The good news about this story is that it’s almost complete. I only have one and a half chapters left to write. This is the first part of a series of stories in the same verse. For now, I’m calling the Mask series.

Please pay attention to those warnings above. This isn’t my normal type of story. Nor is this your typical Sookie. This Sookie is comfortable with her sexuality and herself in general. As the series progresses, you will learn more about her history and how things differ. If you only like Eric and Sookie stories, and don’t like reading them with other people, then this series is probably not for you. I will say by the time the series is done, they will be a couple, but I’m planning three parts minimum.

I will be updating this story every Monday. It’s a hangover cure for the train wreck that is True Blood!

Behind The Public Masks: Chapter One

2 thoughts on “New Story: Behind The Public Masks”

  1. Aw, thank you! I have to say that this story has been one of the greatest pleasures I’ve had in my FF editing experiences & I can’t wait for more! Her Majesty weaves another fantastic story, but heed her warnings, and get ready to have a good time!


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