Nominations and News!

I just want to say a big… BIG… THANK YOU to everyone who nominated me in the You Want the Blood Awards. I am absolutely blown away with the nominations I and the SunsetQueens received. So once again…


A Marriage of Inconvenience was nominated for the following awards…

a-marriage-of-inconvenience-queen-of-area-five-the-charlaine-harris-award a-marriage-of-inconvenience-queen-of-area-five-silver-lining-award a-marriage-of-inconvenience-queen-of-area-five-best-of-the-best a-marriage-of-inconvenience-queen-of-area-five-the-greatest-love-story1 a-marriage-of-inconvenience-queen-of-area-five-the-viking-award a-marriage-of-inconvience-queen-of-area-five-roller-coaster-award a-marriage-of-inconvenience-sophie-anne-queen-of-area-five-frying-pan-award a-marriage-of-inconvience-bill-queen-of-area-five-frying-pan-award a-marriage-of-inconvenience-queen-of-area-five-best-of-both-worlds1



























Torn to Shreds Nomination…

torn-to-shreds-queen-of-area-five-the-charlaine-harris-award torn-to-shreds-queen-of-area-five-silver-lining-award






Lifting the Veil Nominations

lifting-the-veil-queen-of-area-five-roller-coaster-award lifting-the-veil-queen-of-area-five-the-alan-ball-award






Fool No More Nomination…








Bad Company Nomination…








Favourite Author Nomination…








And finally, my wonderful beta and friend was nominated for best beta








And now onto the news. As I mentioned before, I’m backing writing. I have started a new story (I know, I should finish the others first) and I’m happy to say it’s going extremely well. I started writing chapter seven last night. Msbuffy keeps telling me it is really good and funny and she can’t wait to get her hands on the next chapter. So I think that bodes well. 😀 I think it should be all finished by June, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Also, I know one of those banners has the wrong author name on, but that is my story and character. It was just a simple mistake.

Now, go vote…

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