You Want the Blood Awards and News!

As some of you are now probably aware nominations for the You Want the Blood Awards are now open. Now I’m not going to beg anyone to nominate me for an award (feel free to though) but I will ask that you consider nominating Ashensunset for best beta. It’s almost two years ago now since I posted on my WordPress for a new beta and Ashensunset replied and in that time she has been a wonderful beta and friend to me… and we can’t forget co-writer. My writing has improved so much since meeting her and I’m thankful every day for it and her.

With that bit of campaigning out of the way, I will direct your attention to my news. I recently started writing a new story, and when I saw recently I mean recently. I started this past weekend and I already have two chapters written and I’m working on the third already. I won’t be posting until it’s complete, but the way I’m going that shouldn’t be too long.

It’s titled Behind the Public Masks and there is a teaser up if you’re interested.

Coming soon…

Behind the Public Mask


3 thoughts on “You Want the Blood Awards and News!”

  1. just voted…*wink-wink*…will vote again tomorrow & the next…teehee…hope you’ll win…

    smooches 🙂


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