Real Life Post: The Bupa Great Manchester Run!

Every year  Manchester holds The Bupa Great Manchester Run. It’s a 10K run through Manchester and this year my nephew is running in it in memory of his Nan, my Mum, who passed away this past Monday.

He is raising money for the Stroke Association. It is his way of saying thank you to the staff of the Acute Stroke Ward at Salford Royal Hospital. That was the hospital and ward my mum was at/on in the final days of her life, and the care they gave her was exceptional. They went above and beyond in their duties, looking after not only my Mum, but her family as well.

Now please don’t think I am trying to pressure or guilt anyone into sponsoring him/donating, but if you can we will be eternally grateful. You don’t have to give a lot, 50p would be fine.

Donate Here

Thank you.

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