First up a big thank you to Ms. Buffy and Ashensunset for betaing this. A few notes before we begin. I have brought in a few more True Blood characters. Anyone who has seen season 5 will recognise them as members of The Authority. Here they’re council members. I’m not following any of the True Blood storylines, I just wanted use some people I’m familiar with. I’m about 95% done with typing the next chapter up. That should be up next week sometime. I’m now thinking in total there should be around 30 chapters for this.

Chapter Twenty-Six

Also for those reading Lifting the Veil I have updated the teaser page. And for those of you who aren’t reading it, you should be. 😛

4 thoughts on “Update!”

  1. Thanks for updating the teaser page! I don’t normally read the teasers, however; in this case, I’m so invested in these stories I simply cannot wait to for more!


  2. When you’re finished with MOA, and I’ve finished reading MOA (which is, like, 4.3 seconds after you publish each chapter), and you’re (therefore) *also* a bit further along on Veil, that’s when I’ll dive in. I love to start off reading a story that already has at least a handful of chapters under its belt before I get started. 😀


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